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Thirsty? Try some of the refreshing blends that combine tantalizing herbal flavors among the best Starbucks iced teas. You can customize these icy drinks with various sweeteners and milk choices to suit your taste preferences, making them a delightful and versatile choice for any tea lover. Which of the company’s iced tea beverages are tops in terms of flavor? We did the research for our list below.

Beyond being a simple beverage choice, tea has been revered for its potential health benefits. Many turn to tea for its calming properties, to soothe a sore throat, or to unwind after a bustling day. Green tea, in particular, has been hailed for its ability to boost brain function and combat obesity. Scientists now say the traditional Chinese drink could hold the key to beating cancer. According to researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, green tea may switch on a gene called p53, which blocks the development of tumors. The protein destroys damaged cells or stops them from dividing as repairs are made.

The benefits don’t end there! Another study reveals that drinking dark tea daily slashes your risk of diabetes by more than 25 percent. Plus, grabbing a cup can also help you to burn fat while you sleep, lower blood pressure, and extend how long you live. So, next time you visit Starbucks, try opting for tea to reap the rewards.

Whether you’re a seasoned tea drinker or a tentative newbie, Starbucks has crafted a blend that’s bound to tickle your taste buds. StudyFinds has curated a list of the top seven iced tea beverages that have won the hearts of many Starbucks enthusiasts. So, the next time you find yourself at the counter, don’t hesitate to dive into this tea treasure trove and discover a flavor that resonates with you. Have a favorite that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below.

The List: Best Starbucks Iced Tea, According to Reviews

1. Iced Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks iced chai tea latte is popular for its creamy, sweet flavor,” according to Coffee Geek. “The beverage is a mixture of black tea, aromatic spices, and milk. The iced chai tea latte is spiced with cloves, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon giving the drink an exotic and one unique flavor. Tea enthusiasts praise the chai tea for the balanced flavors and smooth texture derived when you combine milk and tea.”

Pure Wow says when Chai tea is cut with milk and served cold it’s “smooth and cozy with just enough spice.” The website goes on to write, “If you prefer dairy-free milk, follow assistant editor Stephanie Meraz’s lead and opt for almond milk. If it’s a boost you’re looking for, make like senior food editor Katherine Gillen and ask for a dirty chai (that’s a chai latte with a shot of espresso).”

“Oh, let me tell you about the best iced tea you’ll find at Starbucks – it’s the Iced Chai Tea Latte,” exclaims Foodie Restaurants. “People are going absolutely wild for this delectable mix of sweet and spicy flavors, blending rich chai tea with milk and ice. And you know what’s really taking the experience up a notch? Topping it off with that luscious sweet cream cold foam. Mmm, perfection!”

2. Iced Black Tea Lemonade

Coffee Affection loves the addition of lemonade to this drink to create an Arnold Palmer that doesn’t add a lot of calories and sugar. “So, if you’re looking for a nice black tea with a hint of tart lemony goodness, you’ll likely enjoy this one.”

“It’s the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up,” writes Pure Wow. “If you’re cutting back on sugar or going keto, ask for only a splash of lemonade and no classic syrup. The acidity of the lemonade will curb the earthiness of the tea, and since it’s already slightly sweetened, it won’t be too bitter without the extra syrup.”

Restaurant Clicks states, “This is essentially the Starbucks take on an Arnold Palmer, and it’s much fresher and tastier than the stuff you get in the can at the store.”

3. Peach Green Tea

“Starbucks performs best when they have minimal but carefully concocted ingredients, and the iced peach green tea emulates that,” explains Restaurant Clicks. “The green tea blend is refreshing and unique, while the peach juice is sweet and noticeable without being artificial and overpowering.”

man wearing black sweatshirt
Starbucks baristas (Photo by Asael Peña on Unsplash)

Pure Wow calls this the best iced tea. “What started out as a seasonal summer darling quickly became a menu mainstay. And it’s no surprise why: Sweet peach juice is an epic pairing for earthy green tea, complete with hints of spearmint, lemon verbena, and lemongrass. For a punch of tartness, ask for a splash of lemonade in your tea as well.”

“Peach isn’t what you’d usually think to combine with green tea, but the pair works well together since the peach adds a subtle sweet, fruity taste that complements green tea’s bitterness,” according to Whimsy and Spice.

4. Green Tea Lemonade

“This iced tea beverage is a delightful balance of herbal and sweet and will give you just enough energy to get through the second half of your day,” says Restaurant Clicks. “The iced green tea lemonade isn’t as hyper-sweet or caffeinated as sweet tea, but it satisfies that sweet cold beverage craving that always hits you on a warm day.”

Starbucks logo
Starbucks logo (Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash)

StarbMag believes, “This is an excellent balance of sweet and herbal, and it can give you the energy you need to get through the day.”

Want to put a twist on regular green tea? Coffee Affection says to consider this drink! “It is not only mixed with a splash of lemonade but also blended with lemon verbena and lemongrass for an amazing citrus taste. Add a dash of mint, and you have a truly refreshing drink!”

5. Matcha Green Tea Latte

Whimsy and Spice says, “Starbucks’ Matcha Tea Latte delivers a creamy, bitter, nutty beverage that’s also much healthier than its frappuccino counterpart.”

“One sip of the matcha green tea latte from Starbucks and you’ll be feeling refreshed and relaxed,” writes Restaurant Clicks. “It does not disappoint.”

According to StarbMag, “The iced matcha green tea latte is more popular among Starbucks customers since it is more refreshing than the hot version.”

6. Iced London Fog Tea Latte

“The cool and creamy beverage is a blend of lavender and citrus bergamot flavors, vanilla syrup, and milk, and poured over ice,” says Coffee Geek. “The lavender flavor creates a beverage with a subtle sweetness and a floral aroma. When you take the drink, you will enjoy the rich, creamy, and comforting flavor of the milk and vanilla.”

Whimsy and Spice writes, “This one tastes unique, in other words, and is perfect for you if you like the idea of black tea infused with a hint of orange. We also like the look of this beverage, which has a creamy golden color with a frothy top.”

“If you’re a fan of Earl Grey tea, you’re likely to enjoy the Starbucks Iced London Fog Tea Latte, says Geek Spin. “The latter’s base is made with Earl Grey tea, so the two drinks taste similar, but the addition of milk makes the London Fog creamier than the tea alone.”

7. Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Coffee Geeks writes, “It takes only one sip of the Starbucks iced peach green tea lemonade to discover why it’s one of the franchise’s most popular iced teas. The beverage is a combination of crispy green tea, peach juice, and tangy lemonade. You can add some liquid sugarcane for extra sweetness.”

“If you want to add more lemon flavor to your Iced Peach Green Tea, go with the Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade,” explains Coffee Affection. “It has all the same ingredients as the regular tea but adds a splash of lemonade for a more citrus taste. Luckily, it doesn’t add all the sugar and calories of other lemonade mixes.”

We Review You Chew boasts, “This sunshine in a cup is just the right mix between sweetness and tartness.”

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