Top 7 Best Frozen Waffles, Ranked

While homemade waffles still taste the best — the frozen variety is a popular choice for a quick meal, thanks to Eggo. In the 1950s, the company revolutionized breakfast convenience, setting the standard for frozen waffles everywhere. Their success paved the way for many other brands to enter the market. Stroll down any frozen food aisle today — and there are dozens of brands competing for your attention. But only the best frozen waffles can even attempt to compete to the real thing!

Whether you like your waffles in the morning or breakfast for dinner, frozen waffles make it easy to whip them up in mere minutes. When determining the best frozen waffles, there are several factors to consider like taste, texture, and how the waffle looks before and after it’s toasted. We consulted 10 expert reviews to draw up a list of the best frozen waffles based on taste tests. Does Eggo still lead the way? Find out below.

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Waffle Maker
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The List: Best Frozen Waffles To Try Next

1. Annie’s Organic Homestyle

Annie's Organic Homestyle
Annie’s Organic Homestyle Frozen Blueberry Waffles (

This waffle tops our list because it combines hearty grains like rye, oats, and whole wheat with a delightful blend of flavors. According to Taste of Home, Josh Rink from their test kitchen highlights the immediate taste of sugar and vanilla in these waffles. Other testers like Sarah Tramonte note hints of maple or cinnamon that pair perfectly with syrup.

When you take these waffles from the toaster, they are beautiful enough to be on the front of a magazine. The Takeout says they are fluffy, crispy, and sweet – you won’t need syrup. Being organic only boosts their appeal.

If you love waffle cones, Food Network says you’ll love these waffles. They are thick and soft and can be eaten without a fork. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

2. Eggo Homestyle

Eggo Homestyle
Eggo Homestyle

The L’eggo My Eggo ad campaign of the ’70s still holds today. You may not want anyone to touch these babies when they come out of the toaster. “The recipe has been perfected,” according to Eat This, Not That. There are also so many different varieties, you’ll never get bored.

These waffles are perfect every time! You won’t need to keep toasting them to get them right. “One cycle on low and they were soft, fluffy and ready for eating,” according to Food Network. Add some maple syrup and you feel like a kid again!

Eggo started the frozen waffle craze and the brand continues to live up to the standard. Tasting Table loves the “great flavor” and says they have the “perfect crunch.” They also don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

3. 365 Waffles

365 Waffles
365 Homestyle Waffles

These waffles come in regular size and miniatures! Not only are the Organic Homestyle Mini Waffles mini-waffles cute, but they also get the thumbs up for “taste and texture.” Taste of Home loves the “crunchy edges and soft chewy middle.” A splash of pear juice in the batter gives these waffles enough sweetness to satisfy any sweet tooth.

If you like Eggo waffles but want a better ingredient list, these are the waffles to try. Tasting Table says the Whole Foods brand is as good as Eggo waffles with an organic twist. They are also super affordable for an organic waffle.

These are not only made with whole grains, but they’re vegan too! Mashed calls the outside of these waffles “extra flaky” and says if you’re in a Whole Foods, you need to buy them.

4. Kodiak Power Waffles

Kodiak Power Waffles
Kodiak Chocolate Chip Power Waffles

You’re not only going to get six grams of protein per waffle, but they are also going to be “fluffy and buttery.” Food Network reveals the waffles have “the right hint of sweetness” and you can easily eat them with a fork or straight out of the toaster.

These may not look the best coming out of the toaster, but Eat This, Not That believes this is the best protein-packed waffle on the market. There are several flavors to choose from, including chocolate chip.

These waffles are 100% whole grain. While they’re more expensive than other brands, The Takeout says they are well worth it. The website says they are “thick and fluffy” and don’t need any syrup or butter. That’s convincing enough for me.

5. Kashi

Kashi Seven-Grain Fluffy Crispy Waffles
Kashi Seven-Grain Fluffy Crispy Waffles (

Voted as the best vegan frozen waffles by Taste of Home, the Kashi Seven-Grain waffles have a “complex and hearty flavor.” While these waffles may not look like traditional waffles, all you have to do is take one bite and you will be transformed.

These waffles offer a good amount of dietary fiberfive grams for two waffles. Allrecipes says these have a “barely discernible sweetness” even though they have a bit more sugar than other brands. They also do a good job of holding the syrup.

Tasting Table likes the Kashi GO Protein waffles but admits they taste more like cake than waffles. The vanilla extract may be the reason. While the waffles didn’t pass the crunch test, they were recommended if you’re “in the mood for a cake-like snack” that has protein.

6. Van’s 

Van's Frozen Waffles
Van’s Frozen Waffles

If you need a low-salt waffle, this fits the bill. Allrecipes says it has “only 290 milligrams of sodium per two waffles.” But, the website says it also tastes great, with hints of cinnamon. Overall, it’s a win-win for taste and your blood pressure.

“Soft the on inside, yet crisp on the outside” is how many testers describe these waffles. According to Food Network, some were worried syrup would make the waffles soggy, but it made them crispier. Not sure how that works, but we’ll take it!

Tasting Table enjoyed the protein version of these waffles saying they offer the right amount of crunch with a hint of cinnamon. If you have food allergies, they are also dairy and egg-free. There are gluten-free varieties as well, but this isn’t one of them.

7. Great Value

Great Value Frozen Buttermilk Waffles
Great Value Frozen Buttermilk Waffles (

This staple at Walmart gets the “best budget” waffle vote from All Recipes. The website says they’re tasty and pack a “fair amount of sweetness.” The homestyle option is slightly healthier, but when eating waffles, who really cares about nutritional value when indulging in tasty waffles?

Buzzfeed agrees, giving these waffles the thumbs up for crispiness. The website says if you are “strolling through Walmart” pick up a box because they are budget-friendly and the texture is “top-notch.”

If you want a cheaper alternative to Eggo’s, give these a whirl. Eat This, Not That says they are an “Eggo Lookalike” but are a lot cheaper per box.


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