What Are The Best Light Beers, According To Brew Experts?

Craving a refreshing brew on a hot day but want to keep it light? Look no further than the world of light beers! Perfect for summer gatherings, poolside relaxation, or anytime you want a crisp, easy-drinking beer, these lighter-bodied options offer a delightful balance of flavor and refreshment. From classic American lagers to innovative new styles, there’s a perfect brew out there waiting to be discovered. Let’s dive into some of the best options to quench your thirst and keep you cool! We searched for this very answer, checking out 10 websites for the five best light beers that were recommended most among beer drinkers. If we missed your favorite light brew, let us know in the comments!

The List: Best Light Beers, According To Experts

1. Coors Light

Coors Light on the beach
Coors Light on the beach (Photo by MDV Edwards on Shutterstock)

Party approved, this popular brew is the first pick by the experts. Cracking open a cold one on a scorching day? Look no further than Coors Light! This brew, as Taste of Home puts it, is the epitome of a classic light beer: golden goodness with a bubbly personality and a flavor that begs for another sip. It’s light and balanced (think 102 calories and five carbs per can), making it the perfect choice for a backyard gathering – your friends will be thanking you for having such a crowd-pleaser on hand!

It’s edge above the rest? Flavor. UPROXX conducted a blind taste test of light beers, and guess who came out on top? Coors Light! While they admit the world of light beers can be a bit, well, bland, they found Coors Light to be a refreshing exception. It edges out the competition thanks to its crispness, its ability to quench your thirst, and a touch more flavor complexity than the others. So, next time you’re looking for a light beer that’s both refreshing and slightly more interesting, grab a Coors Light – it might just become your new favorite summer staple!

2. Night Shift Brewery Nite Lite Craft Light Lager

Heres a light beer you may not have heard of, and it’s a craft beer! Move over, big brands, there’s a new light lager in town (and it’s brewed by craftspeople)! Night Shift Brewing’s Nite Lite is quickly becoming a favorite among those seeking a flavorful yet sessionable beer. Liquor.com praises it for staying the course – unlike many other craft attempts at light lagers, Nite Lite seems to be here for the long haul. Clocking in at a cool 4.3% ABV and a mere 120 calories, it’s perfect for easy drinking, without sacrificing taste.

Secret ingredient: a combination of barley and real corn. Town & Country says this winning combo delivers a light and crisp taste with a subtle touch of sweetness, replicating the refreshing qualities of big-brand light beers, but with an extra layer of deliciousness that only craft brewing can achieve. So, if you’re searching for a light lager that packs a flavor punch, Nite Lite might just be your new go-to!

3. Kona Light Blonde Ale 

So, a blonde walks into a bar… or in this case, fills your glass. But is it the right blonde? For Kona Brewing Company lovers, it just might be. Sun’s out, brews out, and Kona Light Blonde Ale is the perfect poolside companion! Mashed hails this Hawaiian brew as the epitome of a light beer – everything you want and nothing you don’t. Each can holds a mere 99 calories and four carbs, making it a guilt-free indulgence (because who needs guilt on a beach day?).

But Kona Light isn’t just about being skinny, it’s bursting with flavor too. Mashed describes it as “sipping on sunshine itself” – crisp, refreshing, with a subtle tropical twist thanks to a hint of mango. Eat This, Not That! even blind taste-tested a bunch of light beers, and guess who came out on top? Kona Light! They weren’t kidding about the sunshine flavor, though – some folks found it a bit too close to a lighter IPA, venturing away from the classic light beer taste. But hey, if you’re looking for a light option with a touch of tropical personality, Kona Light might be your new favorite summer fling!

4. Miller Lite 

Miller Lite can of beer
Miller Lite (Photo by Jeff Vanderspank on Unsplash)

This well-recognized light beer can stand up to some competition. Wide Open Eats sings the praises of Miller Lite, calling it a light beer that defies expectations. Sure, it won’t knock your socks off with hoppy bitterness like an IPA, but for a light brew, it offers a surprising depth of flavor that keeps things interesting.

And let’s face it, sometimes you just want a classic, reliable beer you know you can trust. That’s where Miller Lite comes in, according to Restaurant Clicks. They hail it as the “king” of light beers, a tried-and-true favorite that holds its own against even the most recent craft contenders. So, next time you’re in the mood for a light beer that’s both refreshing and flavorful, Miller Lite might just be the perfect choice!

5. Heineken Light

Rounding out the list of the top expert-recommended beers is Heineken Light. Craving Heineken’s crisp refreshment, but watching your waistline? Look no further than Heineken Light! Good Housekeeping says it captures all the classic Heineken goodness – clean, fruity, and a touch sweet – but in a lighter package. Fewer calories doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor, and Heineken Light proves it. They even snuck in a hint of earthiness, adding a subtle layer of sophistication without the heaviness of a regular beer.

Brew Zen Master also gives it a thumbs up for its refreshingly crisp finish and lively carbonation. They do mention Heineken Light might set you back a bit more than some domestic brews, being an import and all, but hey, sometimes a little indulgence is worth it!. 

What’s your favorite light beer? Let us know in the comments below.


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