Top 7 Best Wheat Beers, According To Brew Reviews

Wheat beer comes from the German word for witbier and it’s one of the oldest types of beer in the world. Wheat beer tends to be fairly light in color and very flavorful. It is brewed with a higher percentage of wheat in proportion to malted barley. The best wheat beers use quality ingredients and tend to look a little hazy due to the amount of yeast and the aging process of the wheat. Over the years, wheat beer has been exploding in popularity among craft beer enthusiasts in the United States. 

Wheat beer is certainly a delicious alternative to the beer we’re all accustomed to drinking. However, it’s important to know your limits as a recent study found that drinking just half a beer is enough to impair your hand-eye coordination. Researchers at NASA found that skills crucial to hand-eye coordination begin to decline after drinking just half a beer. Specifically, the research team found that a person’s ability to process visual motion is quickly compromised by alcohol. This finding means your ability to operate heavy machinery, drive a car, or pilot an aircraft or watercraft is compromised after a few sips of alcohol – including beer. 

The moral of the story is you shouldn’t drink and drive – ever. Your ability to safely drive a car isn’t the only aspect of life that drinking alcohol will impact. Another recent study found that even light drinking can contribute to type 2 diabetes and obesity. Despite long-standing theories speculating that moderate alcohol consumption may benefit health, a team working with the Endocrine Society finds people who limit themselves to just one or two drinks daily still don’t have better protection against Type 2 diabetes or obesity. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy a frothy wheat beer every once in a while and still remain relatively healthy. 

So, which wheat beers are considered the best available today? StudyFinds did some digging, consulting 10 food and beer review sites in an attempt to bring you a consensus list of the best wheat beers you can buy. Our list comprises the seven most frequently listed wheat beers from across these sites. Do you think our experts missed one of your favorite wheat beers? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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The List: Best Wheat Beers, According to Brew Experts

1. Allagash White

bottles and glass of beer on a table
Allagash White (

Allagash White is a well-known, popular craft wheat beer that is nothing short of delicious. This brew reigns supreme in the world of Belgian witbiers, boasting numerous awards and rave reviews. Hop Culture crowns it “the pinnacle of Belgian witbiers,” highlighting its impressive collection of nine gold medals and several other accolades.

Allagash Brewing is based in Portland, Maine and was founded in 1995 by Rob Tod. Allagash is committed to brewing Belgian-inspired beers that deliver an overall beer-drinking experience to its customers. Allagash White is arguably its most popular beer and for good reason. It is full of flavor and one of the most refreshing wheat beers you can find in America. Bison Brew delves into the sensory experience, describing the beer as hazy yellow with a fluffy white head, lively carbonation, and enticing aromas of pepper, clove, citrus, and lemon. The taste is equally delightful, with a soft mouthfeel balanced by the strong carbonation, keeping it refreshing and sessionable. Flavor notes of orange peel, coriander seed, and spicy Belgian yeast create a complex and satisfying experience.

Man of Many appreciates Allagash White’s unique twist on the classic Belgian witbier. They praise its light body, citrusy character, and spicy notes, achieved with a signature blend of coriander and Curaçao orange peel. They conclude by calling it “one of the most beloved wheat beers around the world,” a sentiment shared by many beer enthusiasts.

Allagash took the traditional Belgian-style wheat beer and added its unique flavor, making it a true favorite among both wheat beer and craft beer enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a refreshing wheat beer and you’re new to the genre, look no further than Allagash White. 

2. Blue Moon Belgian White

Blue Moon Belgian White
Blue Moon Belgian White (

Next up on the list of the top wheat beers is Blue Moon Belgian White. Blue Moon is another brewery that burst onto the scene a couple of decades ago, and it offers one of the best wheat beers you can find anywhere. It’s a crowd-pleaser, especially for those new to the world of craft beers. Sporked describes it as sweet, orangey, and perfect for beginners. This refreshing beer is a great choice for anyone starting their craft beer journey, especially with a garnish of orange.

Blue Moon currently offers five unique craft beers, each comes with its own distinct flavor profile. Blue Moon was first brewed in 1995 out of Sandlot Brewery in Denver, Colorado. Since then, Blue Moon has been one of the best-selling craft beers in the entire country. Wikiliq says it is light, crisp, and citrusy with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. This well-balanced beer boasts Valencia orange peel and coriander for a zesty flavor that pairs well with various dishes.

The creators of Blue Moon Belgian White decided to add a bit of sweetness to its brew with the incorporation of Valencia orange into the recipe. The introduction of the oranges was a home run for Blue Moon and the brewery hasn’t looked back since. Enjoy a Blue Moon Belgian White alongside some of your favorite summer dishes including seafood and grilled chicken. According to Wine Enthusiast, this golden ale offers a touch of haze and spice, finishing with a lingering orange peel bitterness.

3. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier
Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier (

Although most of us might not be able to accurately pronounce this brewery’s name, the wheat beer from Weihenstephaner is some of the tastiest and most popular wheat beer available on the market today. If you’re a beer lover, then you must try this delicious wheat beer. 

Weihenstephaner isn’t just any wheat beer; it’s an experience. With a near 1000-year brewing legacy, this Bavarian beauty lives up to its reputation, earning praise from beer lovers worldwide. This iconic hefeweizen is “arguably the most famous wheat beer in the world,” boasting balance, drinkability, and the quintessential wheat beer character. Expect explosive banana aromas, balanced by clove and malt, with a hazy body and a creamy white head. A true must-try for any beer enthusiast (Bison Brew).

The Weihenstephan Brewery is located in the city of Freising in Bavaria, Germany – the birthplace of beer. The story behind the Weihenstephan Brewery is remarkably unique and carries a lot of beer tradition. According to, this classic German wheat beer is “light, fruity, and fragrant,” a delightful contrast to their excellent helles lager. Weihenstephaner pairs well with food, particularly the regional Obazda cheese spread.

Calling it “the best German wheat beer,” Man of Many emphasizes its historical significance and flavor profile. This beer truly embodies what a wheat beer should be.

4. Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis (

Sierra Nevada is one of the largest craft breweries in the United States and it goes without saying that its Kellerweis is a true winner in the realm of craft wheat beer. Paste Magazine says this classic American wheat beer offers a unique twist on the German hefeweizen style. While it still boasts hints of banana and clove, the focus is on crispness and cleanness, with bready malt and lemon citrus taking center stage. It’s a perfect example of how American brewers reinterpret classic styles.

Sierra Nevada has a large distribution network so chances are this wheat beer is available at your local grocery store right now. Sierra Nevada brews Kellerweis in open fermentation tanks which is a rarely utilized process in today’s American world of craft beer and wheat beer brewing. This open style of brewing allows the hefeweizen yeast to work in a way that adds extra flavor and aroma to this wheat beer. While Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale is a legend, Men’s Journal says their Kellerweis shouldn’t be overlooked. This 4.8% ABV brew delivers notes of banana, clove, sweet malt, and even a touch of seasonal spices, making it a delightfully complex and flavorful option.

This cloudy, unfiltered wheat beer takes inspiration from the traditional Bavarian approach. The result? A surprisingly complex and satisfying brew perfect for pairing with classic German fare like bratwurst and wieners. The banana flavor is subtle yet rich, and the mouthfeel is beautifully balanced (Gear Patrol).

Sierra Nevada created this wheat beer in true Bavarian fashion. The aforementioned open fermentation tanks are a process used mostly in Germany and Bavaria where Purity Laws dictate specific brewing methods and recipes. The result of Sierra Nevada’s efforts is a beautifully crafted wheat beer featuring fruity flavors topped with fresh-baked banana bread. Factor in all of these flavors and the unique brewing style and this wheat beer sounds absolutely delicious.   

5. Bell’s Oberon

Single full glass of Oberon Ale sitting next to a bottle of Oberon Ale
Bell’s Oberon (

Bell’s Brewery is known for its outstanding takes on classic beers and this wheat beer is no different. Bell’s only brews this classic wheat beer during the warm summer months, so you’ll have to stay up to date on its release if you want to give this a try, and you’ll be glad you did. 

This iconic American wheat ale boasts a hazy orange hue and a creamy white head. Bison Brew says to expect a comforting bready character balanced by subtle spice and fruit notes, all wrapped up in a refreshingly drinkable package. With its orangey zest, balanced flavor, and seasonal availability, Oberon is a true legend not to be missed.

Oberon is brewed using four simple ingredients – water, wheat malt, hops, and Bell’s signature house ale yeast. More than just a beer, Hop Culture points out how Oberon marks the arrival of warmer days in many parts of the country. This cherished seasonal brew from Bell’s Brewery has been synonymous with spring and summer for over 30 years, celebrated with an annual “Oberon Day” release. Its refreshing taste and iconic status make it a must-try for beer lovers.

Calling it “the bread-and-butter of Kalamazoo, MI,” Gear Patrol praises Oberon’s refreshing and delicious qualities. The delicate balance of hops and wheat, achieved by Bell’s house yeast, creates a fruity, smooth, and undeniably drinkable beer.

There’s nothing better than hanging out in Michigan during the summertime and enjoying an ice cold Bell’s Oberon. If you ever find yourself in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in the summer months, be sure to stop by Bell’s Brewery and enjoy a classic Oberon. If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, this needs to be on your beer bucket list. 

6. 3 Floyds Gumballhead

The next spot on the list of the top wheat beers belongs to Three Floyds Gumballhead. Three Floyds has been brewing some of the best craft beers for generations and this wheat beer exemplifies this brewery’s commitment to excellence and flavorAccording to Paste Magazine, this “wheat IPA” elevates the genre to new heights. Heavily dry-hopped with Amarillo for intense orange citrus and grassy notes, it’s a testament to Gumballhead’s transformative impact on the wheat beer world.

3 Floyds Brewing is based out of Munster, Indiana, and offers some of the best craft beers you can find. This delicious craft wheat beer is brewed with hand-selected hops from the Yakima Valley. Calling it a “wunderkind,” Gear Patrol highlights its elusive nature and unique flavor profile. The American red wheat base is infused with Amarillo hops for a subtle bitterness that complements the smooth, fruity notes.

This “classic with a twist” combines bready wheat with a tropical hop punch. Despite its hoppy character, the white wheat base provides a smooth mouthfeel and allows the zesty Amarillo hops to shine through. It’s a highly drinkable and distinct beer that stands out from the crowd (Bison Brew).

Gumballhead is one of those beers that you have to try at least once. If you’re a craft beer lover, 3 Floyds also offers other unique beers including a pale ale called Zombie Dust and a hazy IPA named Barbarian Haze. Regardless of which you choose, you can’t go wrong with one of 3 Floyds’ fun, unique beers.  

7. Dogfish Head Namaste

Namaste poured surrounded by ingredients
Dogfish Head Namaste (

Rounding out the list of the best wheat beers is Dogfish Head Namaste. Namaste is a quintessential wheat beer that is sure to please even the pickiest beer drinkers in your group. Namaste checks every box necessary for a delicious wheat beer. Why? It isn’t just a beer; it’s a culinary experience and a tribute to good karma. This witbier embodies Dogfish Head’s philosophy of brewing with culinary inspiration, according to Hop Culture. Dried organic orange slices, lemongrass, peppercorns, and coriander create a flavor profile beyond the classic witbier, while still honoring the traditional style.

Dogfish Head is based in Delaware and offers a full lineup of craft beers and other alcoholic beverages including canned cocktails. This brewery is more than just your run-of-the-mill beer brewery. Dogfish Head operates restaurants and even an inn where you can stay and enjoy a full beer-drinking experience. With a history like this, you owe it to yourself to give Dogfish Head’s Namaste wheat beer a try. Born as an homage to a struggling Belgian brewery, Namaste White has become a flagship for Dogfish Head. It is a true sensory adventure (Man of Many). 

The story behind Dogfish Head’s Namaste wheat beer is unique and somewhat heartwarming. Dogfish Head first brewed Namaste as a way to honor a famous Belgian brewery. This wheat beer was first released in 2009 and continues to be a favorite among beer enthusiasts everywhere. Namaste features a balance of citrus and sweet malt notes with a slightly spicy finish. Unlike some of the other beers in the genre, this wheat beer goes down great with your turkey dinner at Thanksgiving or with a light salad on a warm summer’s day. Gear Patrol says this “full palate pleaser” washes over your tongue with strong fruit flavors while remaining light and refreshing. And you can’t ignore its origin from a heartwarming act of solidarity.


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