Best Places To Live In Delaware: Top 5 Communities Most Recommended By Experts

Delaware blends big-city amenities with warm small-town charm. From the colonial town of Lewes to the vibrant Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is home to a diverse array of attractions that embodies the heart, soul, and resilience of the first state of our more perfect Union. With favorable tax laws and access to major hubs like Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, the best places to live in Delaware are ideal destinations for those seeking a higher quality of life. 

Home to captivating scenery and welcoming communities where neighbors feel like long-lost friends, Delaware makes newcomers feel like family. For those of us who enjoy the great outdoors, this is important as a recent study found that living closer to nature can lead to improved happiness and quality of life. 

Aside from its natural beauty, Delaware offers a great work-to-life balance and is a great place to grow a family with a strong economy of professionals and entrepreneurs. For those seeking to plant family roots, this is important because findings from another study revealed that American families average 37 minutes of quality time together per day. With more than 60 percent of respondents indicating that their day felt hectic, the peaceful and welcoming retreat of Delaware could help bring families closer together.

From its close-knit communities, captivating landscapes, and high quality of life, Delaware offers the unique opportunity to turn back the clocks and reconnect with our American roots. To learn more about the best places to live in Delaware, we’ve compiled destinations as voted by popularity, cost of living, education, job market, and unique attractions. Don’t happen to see your favorite city? No worries, let us know in a comment! 

The List: Best Places to Live in Delaware, According to Experts

1. Rehoboth Beach

“The small but highly desirable suberb of Rehoboth Beach has something for everyone,” explains Money Inc. With a consistent climate and prime beachfront, Rehoboth Beach offers “gorgeous scenery for outdoor enthusiasts, a great range of retail outlets and cultural activities, safe streets for families, and a great job market for young professionals.” Home to many art galleries, Rehoboth Beach features a thriving culture and arts scene. 

Rehoboth Beach boardwalk in Delaware
Rehoboth Beach boardwalk in Delaware (Photo by alvin matthews on Unsplash)

Delaware Today describes “Rehoboth Beach as a seasonal beach that offers both the hustle and bustle of a tourist town and a quiet place for retirees and families to call home.” Home to locally-owned boutiques, gift shops, and unique spots like the Cashmere Gardens, “shopping in Rehoboth is an all-season affair.” Additionally, “the public schools in Rehoboth Beach are highly rated.”

“Despite being perched on the Atlantic coast, Rehoboth Beach is a small but highly sought-after suburb, mostly due to the superb sunsets residents get to experience throughout the year,” states The Crazy Tourist. While the cost of living is higher than the nationwide average, Rehoboth is “quaint and charming with a strong community feel.” 

2. Hockessin

“Hockessin is the happiest city in Delaware,” says Zumper. With short work commutes and affordable housing, “Hockessin is a commuter community and a great place to live for those who commute to other locations in Delaware or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.” More importantly, “Hockessin is also a noted destination for families, with a highly-ranked school system.” 

“If you’re looking for an affluent lifestyle, Hockessin is definitely one of the best cities to live in Delaware,” writes Beach Life Ocean City. With various housing styles from apartments and condos to single-family homes, “people can find their perfect fit while the scenic parks and trails allow residents to enjoy nature while being active.” Best of all, Hockessin offers “excellent employment options that make it easy for people to find the right job quickly while striking the perfect balance between luxury and convenience.”

Delaware Today states, “Hockessin is one of the top places to plant roots and raise a family.” With the best public schools in Delaware and a strong sense of community spirit, Hockessin offers “great public schools, local one-stop shops for healthy foods, long-standing restaurants, and numerous housing options to match various lifestyles.” Experience the warmth of rural living in the heart of Delaware’s majestic countryside. 

3. Wilmington

“Wilmington is a thriving cultural atmosphere located on the banks of the Delaware River,” mentions Rocket Homes. With a population of 70,750, Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware and is “home to campuses for Delaware State University, the University of Delaware, as well as the Delaware College of Art and Design, among other colleges.” Featuring a thriving economy and strong sense of community, Wilmington is nothing short of exceptional and a perfect environment for nurturing career and family growth.  

Historical Bancroft mills smoke stack in Wilmington, DE
Historical Bancroft mills smoke stack in Wilmington, DE (Photo by Brian Garrity on

“Nestled at the Christina River and Brandywine River confluence, Wilmington ranked highly as one of the safest places to stay,” writes Spatiality Blog. In addition to having some of the best school ratings, Wilmington also ranks highly for its “good healthcare, affordability, and colleges.” With a strong emphasis on historical significance, Wilmington helps bring together the past with the present with its world-class museums, galleries, and theaters.

“From historic attractions to endless dining options, Wilmington is a vibrant and bustling community that offers its residents countless activities and amenities,” explains Beach Life Ocean City. Earning the “title as one of the best cities to live in Delaware,” Wilmington boasts a thriving economy thanks to its “diverse job opportunities and booming industries like finance, technology, and healthcare.” 

4. Newark

“Known for its acres of green spaces, Newark is a small city in Delaware,” mentions The Crazy Tourist. Transected by a creek, “Newark is a prime location for those who have to commute to work.” With schools performing well above the national average, Newark is the perfect place to establish family roots while its lively downtown area and abundance of parks offer residents a bit of everything to enjoy.

A man walking his dog at Newark Reservoir in Delaware
A man walking his dog at Newark Reservoir in Delaware (Photo by Praswin Prakashan on Unsplash)

“Home to the University of Delaware, Newark sits on the Delaware and Maryland border and has the highest desirability ranking of all Delaware towns,” claims Rocket Homes. Combining small-town charm with modern amenities, Newark is “home to 31,393 people and offers residents a wide range of recreational, cultural, and employment opportunities.” With a friendly neighborhood feel, it’s no wonder Newark is among the best places to live in Delaware.

“Newark is considered one of the safest places to live, making it an ideal place for singles and families with school-going children,” explains Spatiality Blog. To add, Newark has some of the best healthcare facilities like “Christiana Care Hospitals and the Rockford Center” and is home to some of the “highly-rated public school systems including John R Downes Elementary School, Newark Charter School, West Park Place Elementary School, and more.” 

5. Lewes

Beach Life Ocean City claims, “Lewes is the perfect place for those looking for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.” As one of the most affordable cities in Delaware, “Lewes is a charming beach town that offers plenty of attractions such as historical sites and museums in addition to gorgeous views of the ocean.” Supporting the most affordable housing communities in Delaware, Lewes has grown popular “for those who are looking for a balanced life between city hustle and coastal beach calm.”

Lewes Beach
Lewes Beach (Photo by Martin Haobam on

“Located on the coast, Lewes offers access to some of Delaware’s finest beaches and offers a close-knit community,” explains Zumper. Known for its community spirit and coastal bliss, Lewes “is a favorite destination for foodies and history buffs alike, with walkable access to local landmarks such as the Lewes Farmers Market, the Mercantile Antique Gallery, King’s Homemade Ice Cream, and more dynamic attractions.”

Home Snacks describes “Lewes as a walking town replete with historically-rich architecture, museums, boutique-lined streets, and waterfront dining.” Situated where the Atlantic meets Cape Henlopen, this city is “a hidden treasure and perhaps the most beloved place in Delaware, for locals and tourists alike.” With the “lowest unemployment rate and fifth lowest poverty rate in Delaware,” Lewes is a perfect place to call home and safe for growing families

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    1. Wilmington is the pitts! And Lewes and Rehoboth Beach area schools are the worst in Sussex County. Milford has much better schools due to their great school board!

  1. “Lewes- As one of the most affordable cities in Delaware…Supporting the most affordable housing communities in Delaware” Lewes has grown popular “for a balanced life between city hustle and coastal beach calm.”

    It’s AFFORDABLE? If $500,000 for the smallest house is affordable then Lewes is the place for you. And it’s become DC at the Beach, much more city hustle than beach calm. Take it from a DC born n raised 35 yrs to 23 yr resident of Lewes/RB.

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