Best Bird Houses In 2023: Top 5 Perches Most Recommended By Experts

Love birdwatching? Why not encourage wild birds to live in your outdoor space. One way to attract feathered families is to install a few cozy nooks in your yard for them to make their own. After all, your bird visitors need a safe place to nest. Once we had a sparrow family take up residence in one of our gutters. The so-called ‘gutter birds’ were adorable. However, nesting in a gutter isn’t exactly ideal. Some of the best bird houses welcome birdies to live nearby while also being a charming addition to your outdoor space.

In fact, urban areas are filled with potential hazards for birds. One huge danger? Meeting an unfortunate end by flying into glass windows, especially during migration season. After the crash, researchers at the Field Museum in Chicago are examining the final poop these birds carry to make some surprising discoveries about their unique gut health. Unlike humans, where microbes in the gut have a specific connection to our species, the new study finds the gut makeup of birds is completely different and actually changes from season to season. Normally, the relationship between a mammal’s microbes and the food they eat evolves over millions of years. For birds, it seems their current environment plays a much bigger role.

Another study shows that birds with multiple sexual partners are more likely to have offspring to continue their lineage because their babies carry fewer harmful mutations. The findings from The University of Bath support the idea of polygamous relationships as an evolutionary adaptation for wild animal species. 

Fun facts aside, get a close-up look of your backyard feathered friends with a spot they can make a nest, lay eggs and call home. If you’re having trouble deciding which is best for your yard or patio, don’t worry. We’ve done some research to elevate your at-home birdwatching experience. StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best bird houses, from ten expert websites, to add to your outdoor space. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below! 

Bird perched beside a bird house
Bird perched beside a bird house (Photo by Erin Minuskin on Unsplash)

The List: Best Bird Houses, According to Expert Reviews


1. Woodlink Bluebird Birdhouse

Maybe you want to have some bluebirds inhabit your green space. This wooden birdhouse from Woodlink is a nice, affordable option. However, you’ll need a screwdriver to mount it. World Birds points out it’s, “constructed of durable reforested, kiln dried, inland red cedar that is both weather resistant and insect repelling. The front of the house has an entrance hole that measures in at 1 1/2 inches, which is especially attractive to the eastern bluebird.”

Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House
Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House

“The birdhouse also has a ventilation gap and a drain hole at its bottom. These design features keep the house airy, well-ventilated, and clean from the inside,” notes Optics Mag.  

BestAdvisor rates this bird house as its best pick, adding it “has a front panel with a latch that is easy to open for annual cleaning. This kind of design allows you to peep into the house to watch the nesting process without disturbing the birds.”

2. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH1 Cedar Wren House 

If a hanging bird house is more your speed, then check out this model Nature’s Way. It’s designed specifically for wrens. “Not only does this option protect birds from the elements, but it can also be hung from a hook or tree branch. (If you want to lure in a bunch of birds, hang a few houses on the same tree.) Another perk? This quaint bird house is made with cedar wood, which naturally resists rots and pesky insects,” according to Southern Living.

Nature's Way Bird Products CWH1 Cedar Wren House
Nature’s Way Bird Products CWH1 Cedar Wren House

Birding Depot points out, “this product’s size is large enough to be enjoyed by bigger birds and this is good at keeping sparrows out. It can effectively lure chickadees and wrens and once bought, a vinyl coated steel hanging cable is already included.”

“Its compact, diamond shape structure with broader sides keeps young wrens comfortable while offering them ample space to grow. Additionally, the lightweight materials will help you clean it without difficulty and even has several air vents through the wall and floor openings,” adds Love The Birds

3. CARTMAN Colored Country Cottages

If you prefer your birdhouse to look like a tiny human house, this could be the style for you. Your birds can live in their very own vibrant country cottage. “This bird house has a convenient sliding door at the back to make it easy to maintain and clean,” according to 22 Words

CARTMAN Hanging Colorful Birdhouse Bird Feeder
CARTMAN Hanging Colorful Birdhouse Bird Feeder

Birding Hub notes it’s, “one of the best bird houses for sale if you love quirky designs. The only issues we can see is that it is not weather resistant. Despite the metal material, it doesn’t hold up against wild weather like the more natural wood options.” 

While Birding.Rocks points out, “its bright colors may deter some nesting birds from calling this house their home. In fact, it has more of a focus on aesthetics than functionality.”

4. Perky-Pet Cedar Wren Home 

This bird house from Perky-Pet has a more traditional look. You can find it for between $15 to $20 depending on the retailer. Reviewers say it hangs easily. “You will love its construction primarily because it is not flimsy or wobbly. The roof is designed to slide up the ropes probably to allow easy cleaning and provide proper ventilation surrounding the perimeter,” according to Birding Depot

Perky-Pet Wren Home Birdhouse
Perky-Pet Wren Home Birdhouse

“Made from fir, this bird house is designed to attract wrens amongst other bird species. The material is naturally weather-resistant and repels bugs, making it easy to maintain,” notes Birding Hub.

While Birding.Rocks suggests, “the Dutch style room and charming design will definitely make the house stand out in any garden, yet the earth tone aesthetics is exactly what a bird in search of a low-key nesting spot is looking for.”

5. Birds Choice Purple Martin House

If you want a multi-family bird house check this one out from Birds Choice. The Purple Martin House is like an apartment building for birds. “A type of swallow, purple martins nest in colonies, so consider a six-to 12-cavity house. Being a martin landlord takes some commitment, though. First set up the large multi-unit house 12 to 18 feet above ground—and then keep the cavities clear of nonnative house sparrows,” according to Birds and Blooms.

Bird's Choice Purple Martin House 3 floor/12 room
Birds Choice Purple Martin House 3 floor/12 room

“The combination of stainless steel and Aluminum construction works perfectly for this rust-free and durable birdhouse. These purple martins also prefer communal nesting, so this house with numerous rooms will naturally catch their attention,” adds Love The Birds

Birding Hub points out, “despite the strong metal material, it is still lightweight and easy to mount anywhere in your garden.” Reviewers note can be a bit challenging to put together. However, each section opens up, making it easy to clean. Just make sure to budget for the pole, as it is sold separately.

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    1. Don’t attach a bluebird box on a tree where snakes are a hidden danger. A metal pole or 4×4 is,a whole lot better!!

  1. Here on the UK I know of one manufacturer with a 25 year warranty on fiberglass nest boxes and bird feeders.
    They come in all different sizes, including colony boxes, and they even match colours to specific buildings if required.
    They are called impeckable and supply them to European countries, so I’d imagine that they would also send to North America if asked. I know that for the colony boxes they do a separate Sun canopy to help keep the nest box cooler, this was needed in Spain as the chicks have been reported to jump out of their nests early due to the heat.

  2. <I'd like to point out that Mountain Bluebird nesting box entrance holes are slightly larger than Western and Eastern bluebird holes. Mountain bluebirds have a 1 and 9/16 inch entry hole.*
    * If the hole in a pre-existing bird box is not 1 and 1/16, cut a square piece of plastic from a clean milk jug. Measure a 1 and 9/16 inch diameter circle within the square and cut out the circle. Staple-gun the plastic square over the original hole on the box.

  3. [Bonnie has a typo in her footnote! The footnote should read, “If the hole in a pre-existing bird box is not 1 and 9/16th inches, …]

  4. The #1 biggest threat to the blue bird and tree swallows are the house sparrows. They will attack and kill both species’s in the box. Kill the little babies and destroy the eggs. They don’t eat them but simply kill them and then fly off.
    Never put a perch on a bird box for blue bird’s or tree swallows.

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