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Believe it or not, the family heirloom jewelry you’ll one day pass down to your grandchildren just may have been purchased on your cell phone. Online shopping has changed the game for retailers of all kinds, with billions of online shoppers around the world. From small items like toiletries to major purchases like furniture, online shoppers have grown increasingly comfortable with checking out their digital carts. Without seeing that necklace you like up close, it may be hard to decipher what are the best online jewelry stores to shop from.

And while jewelry has long been considered a choice that should be made once it’s been looked at in person, times are changing. Consumers prefer to sift through their options in the comfort of their own home, and many would rather risk having to ship a return than make the time to head to the store. In fact, a 2020 survey found that a staggering 68 percent of Americans believe that touching and trying on items in-store is largely a fixture of the past.

In 2019, a survey of 2,000 Americans found that it costs an average of $627 to feel like a million bucks. About a third of that money, respondents said, would go toward accessories like a necklace (35%), a ring (36%), and/or earrings (36%). Now that the jewelry shopping game has been forever changed, customers have access to infinite options. From small businesses selling through platforms like Etsy to major retailers like Pandora, jewelers are ready to ship you the perfect piece to elevate your look. 

The world of jewelry has widened significantly with the rise of the online marketplace. Next time you’re on the hunt for a new piece, take a look at a new store. You just might find a treasure trove of options you never knew were available. To help kickstart your search, StudyFinds scoured the internet to find expert opinions on the best online jewelry stores. These are our top picks, but if you have another favorite, let us know in the comments below!

The List: Best Online Jewelry Stores, According to Experts

1. Mejuri

Shopping at Mejuri brings the style and quality of fine jewelry to your smartphone. “Toronto-based Mejuri offers fine, personal jewelry at reasonable prices with minimalist sophistication,” says Forbes. “Whether you’re shopping for a dainty necklace to wear every day or looking for something a bit more trendy — such as an enamel or ceramic piece — Mejuri has all your needs covered,” People adds.

With options ranging from dainty earrings under $100 to fine diamond rings in the thousands, Mejuri is a versatile one-stop-shop for online jewelry shoppers. “The company has creations made from 14K solid yellow gold, 14K solid white gold, sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil, and titanium, as well as enamel and ceramic pieces,” states People.

“The selection includes simple, classic designs, like hoop earrings and chain necklaces, and the company even offers engagement and wedding rings for women and men,” New York Mag says.


If you’re in search of ethically sourced diamonds, VRAI is the company for you. “VRAI is one of the most environmentally conscious jewelry brands,” says The Dallas Morning News. “Their man-made diamonds are legally considered to be real. They incorporate stones along with recycled gold into their jewelry.”

Of course, a diamond is a major purchase that some may hesitate to make over the internet. “However, VRAI makes it user-friendly with their website’s countless tools and features to make choosing the right diamond a possibility — plus, the brand offers a lot of carat variety on their ready-to-wear items as well,” People says.

Additionally, VRAI’s business model removes price-hikes associated with traditional jewelry stores. “Since it’s direct-to-consumer, there aren’t any additional markups, which helps keep these pieces relatively affordable,” notes Byrdie.

3. Catbird

With prices ranging from under $50 to over $10,000, Catbird makes jewelry special for every occasion. “Designed in New York, Catbird caters to those looking for instant heirlooms (including wedding and engagement rings), personalized and stacking rings, gender-neutral options and everything in between.” Forbes says. “If you love unique designs, a vintage appeal, and excellent customer service, Catbird is the store for you,” notes Byrdie

On top of its wide price range, Catbird also offers a variety of styles for all kinds of shoppers. “Whether you’re looking for a simple tiny chain necklace, a dainty little ring band, or classic and timeless hoop earrings, Catbird is the spot to shop,” says People. “It’s also a great place to buy gifts for loved ones as the price points on many designs are fantastic and each piece comes pre-gift wrapped with all sorts of additional goodies like pens and postcards.”

4. Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand offers high-class looks at fair prices, all from your phone or computer. “Founder Nadine McCarthy Kahane was tired of paying expensive mark-ups on high-quality pieces, so she launched Stone and Strand,” says Yahoo. “Produced in the same places as traditional Fifth Avenue jewelers, the brand’s modern, chic collection features 10k and 14k gold with ethically sourced stones and conflict-free diamonds,” Forbes adds. 

Featuring earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, Stone and Strand favors classic and timeless designs. “From an aesthetic perspective, Stone and Strand specialize in understated gold pieces and jewelry with small natural and conflict-free gemstones mostly under $500,” Byrdie says.

“Their materials are ethically sourced and are made in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. They strive to leave behind less carbon footprint by recycling packages, gold, and diamonds,” notes The Dallas Morning News.

5. Missoma

For those who can appreciate both understated and bold jewelry, Missoma has pieces to please. “The vibe is sleek and minimalist with pops of color via gemstones or pearls,” says USA Today. “From chandelier hoop earrings to a pearl serpent ear cuff, prepare for people to ask you where you got your jewelry,” Yahoo claims.

In addition to the many designs already offered, Missoma is happy to customize. If you take a look at the website and don’t find something that suits your fancy, you can get something tailor-made. “Champions of individualizing one’s jewelry experience, the brand also designs personalized necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets and charms with free engraving services,” Forbes says.


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