Best Hairsprays: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts, Stylists

Styling hair is not an easy task for everyone. Stylists use fabulous hairsprays when it comes to setting their clients’ hair, and many people find it a challenge to replicate that perfect ‘do after leaving the salon. That’s why having the best hairspray at home can help people of all hair types and styles feel confident before heading to the office or a night out on the town.

Let’s be honest, your hair says a lot about you. After all, it’s the “mane” attraction. It’s a form of self-expression and changes as we change. In fact, a new study reveals that while the average Gen Xer has only tried six different hairstyles over the years, the average millennial has already tried eight new looks. One in four women say they wouldn’t want to wear the same hairstyle they did ten years ago in 2011 however, four in 10 would still be open to it. Twenty-five percent say they’re still wearing the same hairstyle from back then, including slightly more Gen Xers than millennials (28% vs 20%).

Now that you’re reminiscing on past hairstyles, remember ’80s hair? Crimps, perms and teases – oh my! A new survey reveals that the 1980s were officially the most iconic decade for hair. The survey of 2,000 American women asks about their hairstyle journeys throughout the years and found the ’80s to be the best decade for ‘dos.  Respondents crowned the runner ups as the 1990s and 1970s, respectively. How do you think that iconic big hair was achieved? Hairspray!

Whether you’re a fan of the Broadway musical, or have to tame a pesky mane, we’ve got you covered. StudyFinds researched the five best hairsprays after reviewing expert websites and reviews, coming away with a list of the most frequently recommended products. Of course, you may completely disagree with this, but let us know your go-to spray in the comments!

The List: Best Hairsprays, According To Style Experts

1. Living Proof Flex Hairspray

My Wedding says the bride can rely on this product for her big day: “Looking for a hairspray that will seriously hold its own (and your beautiful hairdo) on your wedding day? Check out Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray, which is best known for keeping any style looking gorgeous through humidity (so don’t stress out about a summer wedding!). Perfect for straight and curly hair, this product adds shine for that ultimate finishing touch.”

“When pro stylists praise a product, you know it’s legit. ‘This is my absolute favorite,’ says celebrity hairstylist Owen Gould, who counts Kristen Stewart, Drew Barrymore, and Julianne Moore as his clients. ‘Light hold, no build-up, heat protection, and an incredible smell,” are all the reasons Gould is a fan,'” writes Instyle. “Living Proof’s patented Flexible Web Technology—a combination of firm and pliable polymers (the ‘glue’ of a hairspray)—allows your hair to have workable, medium hold when sprayed. Plus, it offers heat protection up to 450 degrees and is reworkable enough to change things up as needed.”

“This flexible hairspray from Living Proof is ideal for days when you’re doing multiple styles. It can be used on damp or dry hair and will keep the shape of whatever look you’re going for (updos, beachy waves, you name it), but isn’t so stiff or strong that you can’t switch things up without having to wash your hair first,” adds Cosmopolitan

2. Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

Lifestyle Asia says this is a combination of hairspray, dry shampoo, and texturizing spray: “the best of all three worlds. It provides hold and structure, as well as the option for beachy waves and has the added benefit of incorporating minerals, making it ideal for usage on days when you haven’t washed your hair.”

“If your main goal is to boost texture and volume on a day-two ‘do, the Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray needs to be on your radar,” writes People. “The popular texturizing spray is formulated to mattify strands, copolymers to offer ample hold, and fruit and flower extracts to boost softness and shine. We noticed that this spray helped those with existing natural curls to achieve a more defined look in their coils in a way that appeared healthier and bouncier. It even helped to refresh day-two hair thanks to its dry shampoo nature.”

“Billing itself as the ideal combo of a shampoo and a hairspray, Ouai formulated the ultra-lightweight Texturizing Hair Spray with volcanic ash minerals to absorb oil, refresh and build volume. In addition, if you’re into fragrance, this one has a spa-like scent that matches the rest of the Ouai line,” mentions Instyle

3. Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25

Byrdie explains, “If your hair needs a big boost, this is the hairspray for you. With just a few spritzes to my roots, it gave it a lift of airy volume. The bottle is super slim and nice to hold, while its height makes it easy to reach all around the head. It sprays out a fine mist, which I found was easy to apply evenly. The formula isn’t the most lightweight, though. I could still feel this product on my strands even after it dried, and it clumped my hair together in spots. Spraying with a light hand reduces this a little bit, and I also found that this was easier to hide when I applied the hairspray directly to the roots, rather than all over the top.”

“Kenra 25 Volume Spray is the go-to hairspray of just about every hairstylist on the planet, and that’s not something I’m just pulling out of thin air,” says Blu Fashion. “This hair spray has won the Hairstylist Choice Awards for Stylists Favorite Hair Spray 10 years running. It’s a staple in salons across the globe, and truly its reputation speaks for itself. You get all day, fast-drying, a stronghold that’s perfect for long-lasting big styles that resist humidity, without getting flaky. I don’t know a single soul that hates this hairspray.”

“This top-rated volumizing spray is a blessing for women with fine hair. It not only provides strong hold but also adds instant fullness to your hair. The high-humidity resistance for up to 24 hours makes it an irresistible product. It also claims to provide a strong hold for up to 120 hours! To build long-lasting volume, apply this spray between layers of your hair,” adds Style Craze

4. L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray

Byrdie is relieved this product isn’t still sold exclusively overseas: “we’ve heard countless stories about stylists flying back with cans upon cans stuffed in their suitcases. Happily, it’s available stateside these days, though it remains the gold standard among hair pros who rely on it for red carpets and photoshoots. To that point, it delivers some serious hold. But the really cool thing? Despite that strong hold, you can easily brush it out should you change your mind and want to re-style.”

“Originally launched in the 1950s, this L’Oréal Paris classic was only available in Europe until 2008, when it finally made its way stateside — and earned a Best of Beauty award,” says Allure. “It’s got that superstar-spray status for good reason: The formula delivers both long-lasting hold and a hit of shine and doesn’t leave hair knotted or tangled.”

“One of the most popular and trusted hairsprays on the market is the L’Oreal Elnett. With an extra strong hold, it helps control flyaways, frizz, and supports curls for hours on end. While giving it a soft and natural sheen, the formula prevents a sticky or stiff feeling leaving beautiful looking hair,” states The Trend Spotter

5. Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray

The Trend Spotter claims you can achieve the hairstyle of your dreams without dealing with any sticky or dry hair. “This is an ideal product for those wishing to create an updo, and its workable formula means you can tame flyaways and brush it out without leaving residue. The stay is long-lasting and buildable so that you can go from day to night with a natural shine and incredible head of hair.”

“Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray contains antioxidant-rich argan oil to nourish dry and damaged hair while keeping your hairstyle in place. Many hairspray formulas contain alcohol which can dry out even the healthiest hair, but if your hair is already dry, damaged, or prone to breakage these formulas can be especially hurtful to your hair,” writes Business Insider. “Luckily, there are formulas designed to provide extra nourishment for hair that needs a little extra TLC. The Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray is designed to help heal your hair while giving it extra shine and a healthy feel.”

“Although this product is pricier than most, it’s perfect for maintaining a soft and natural hairstyle. Its secret is that it contains argan oil, which provides an extra kick in the fight against frizz and humidity on top of its moisturizing properties. Great for putting together natural-looking styles,” adds Glamour

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