Best Of The Best Hair Gels: Top 5 Sculpting Products Most Recommended By Experts

Hair gels have become essential for men and women in their grooming routine. This hair styling essential works wonders for pesky hairs that refuse to stay in place. Gels can keep the hair tidy and firm all day. The best hair gels on the market achieve the perfect medium of style without being too stiff.

Speaking of how you wear your hair, a study revealed that the average millennial woman has already had eight different hairstyles. That means cuts, curls, and creams galore. If you’re looking for a fresh new do, you may want to find out what hair gel works for you.

With haircare, quality matters. In fact, a new study shows that 63 percent of survey participants admit buying the cheaper version of products wound up being a big mistake. Three in five respondents claim they’re more inclined to spend money on quality items than something that’s cheaper both in price and quality. It’s a no brainer to choose the higher quality product, but how do you know where to find the top-notch hair gels?

No need to worry! In our search for the best hair gels, we’ve made it easy for you by consulting 12 expert websites for men and women. If you know of one that has a better “hold” on you, let us know in the comments below! Happy styling!

The List: Best Hair Gels, According to Experts 


1. R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel

Scandinavian Biolabs mentions, “Most motorcycle riders use this gel when riding their bikes. It keeps the hair in line without weighing it down. The key ingredients include coconut oil, keratin, and sunflower seed extracts. Aside from blocking humidity, it adds moisture to your skin and shines on your hair. The product is not affected by color, UV rays, or heat, and is free from harmful ingredients.”

“This gel is creamy and packed with moisturizing natural ingredients, so hair stays full and rich instead of crispy,” writes Men’s Health. “R+Co’s products are all vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free (no animal testing). The brand has even cut down on its footprint by switching its bottles to 55% post-consumer resource (PCR) packaging.”

The Trend Spotter says it provides that perfect flexible yet firm finish. “R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel combines the support and control of a gel with the flexibility and shine of a wax. To make styling even more straightforward, it works equally as well in dry hair as it does in wet.”

2. SexyHair Big Blow Dry Volumizing Gel

Style Craze rates this product highly and states, “Don’t just blow dry your hair— add volume, and a touch of gorgeousness with SexyHair Volumizing Blow Dry Gel! Giving you a fresh and salon-worthy look for up to 72 hours, get ready to handle some envy stares and wows wherever you go. Providing a medium hold and resisting humidity like a shield, this hair gel by SexyHair is a must-try if you prefer a blow-dried look for special events.”

Mom Junction ranks this will help you achieve your desired thickness with medium hold, “If you want to increase your hair volume, apply it to damp hair before blow-drying it. The gel enhances the hair’s smoothness and manageability and provides thermal protection up to 450°F.”

“This gel is suitable for all hair types. PVP, Polyquaternium-4, Linalool, Carbomer, and other active ingredients are the main components used in its manufacturing. When the gel is put on the hair from roots to ends, it gives the hair a lift that lasts and gives it 94% more volume. This gel may be a good choice for people with fine hair,” adds Scandinavian Biolabs.

3. Aussie Instant Freeze Gel

Calling all curly girls and guys. We Heart This thinks this product is perfect to nail down the perfect affordable curly hair routine. “We’re sure that you’ll have a long-term relationship with this product! You’ll only need a small amount for every application. It’s a strong-hold gel, so it can stay on for a day, or even more! Without any toxic ingredients like silicones, parabens, or sulfates, you won’t get any of that gross flaking.”

Cosmopolitan names this the best hair gel for gel casts. It explains, “If you legit cannot get a gel cast to save your life (it’s an art! I still struggle! Help!) try this strong-hold gel. It’ll clump your curls to help protect them against frizz and humidity while you diffuse or air-dry. Remember to wait until your hair is 100 percent dry, though, before breaking the cast or scrunching out the crunch, lest you awaken the frizz demons.”

“For an affordable pick, consider the Aussie Instant Freeze Gel. Toth states that it creates a hold that lasts all day and the formula doesn’t feature a ton of hair drying or damaging alcohols. But it does feature moisturizing jojoba oil and sea kelp, which we love,” writes Allure. 

4. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

Mom Junction holds this product in high regards. “Got2b high-tech styling gel is formulated for normal hair. It is non-sticky and can perfectly hold your hair until the next hair wash. The flake-free hair gel has a high-tech styling agent called alpha-XTR. Using only a small amount of gel on damp or dry hair, you can get a glue-like effect.”

“This Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel boasts a uniquely strong formulation that excels with vertical hair styles, such as spikes and mohawks, creating an extremely firm hold in a matter of moments,” writes Gadget Review. “It is also extremely easy to apply, thanks to a squeeze bottle design. We also liked that it came in a multipack of three containers, totaling 18 ounces of product, which can help it to remain fresh.”

The L.A. Times says this gel has the power to bring your style skills to new heights. “Designed for vertical hairstyles, this gel provides a super-strong hold without flaking or stickiness. It has a glue-like hold, but feels like a gel in your hair. Users are overwhelmingly impressed with this styling gel, claiming it really keeps hair in place and works great on short hair. It also dries very quickly and reduces time spent on your daily styling routine.”

5. Baxter of California Thickening Style Gel for Men

Men’s Health explains, “Baxter of California’s styling gel is made with a paraben-free high hold formula that works great on dry and damp hair. If you want a shiny and slick look, use on damp hair. For a natural, more wavy look, you can run it through towel-dried hair and use a blow dryer to work it into place. The gel’s perfect amount of hold, combined with versatility in use and pleasant scent, is what makes this product the top dog.”

“It’s been a very stressful year, and your hairline should be forgiven if it’s receded by a few hundred follicles or so. Thankfully, Baxter’s thickening style gel offers volumes in spades. If you’re looking to reclaim the thickness of your not-so-distant past, this is the residue-free gel to do it with,” mentions GQ, adding that it is the best gel for thinning hair. 

Forbes thinks this product is great for everyone: “Created with ginger and birch juice (great for strengthening), this gel works wonders for a wide range of hair types, from curly and wavy to thick and straight. Slick it back for optimal use, then mix it with another gel on this list if you’re feeling experimental.”


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