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Is your phone’s weather app as reliable as a coin toss? Sun one minute, storm warning the next? Don’t let unpredictable skies ruin your day! We’ve scoured the app store to find the weather prophets you can actually trust. From pinpoint-accurate forecasts to severe weather alerts, these apps will have you prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way. If you’re someone who wants all the ins and outs of the weather from an app you can trust for accuracy, we’ve got you covered. To find the most reliable platforms, StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best weather apps after reviewing 10 expert websites. We compile our lists by combing through existing consumer rankings and weeding out the consensus recommendations. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

The List: Best Weather Apps, According to Experts

1. Carrot Weather

Tom’s Guide loves this option: “Formerly an iOS exclusive you couldn’t get on Android, Carrot Weather has long since bridged the platform divide; now the malevolent AI overlord Carrot can bring Android users the weather forecast. iOS users still enjoy features like being able to add a Carrot Weather widget to their lock screens as well as support for Live Activities in iOS 16.1. But periodic updates add other features and bonuses for premium subscribers such as tide data or forecasts for up to five locations.”

But don’t be fooled by their silly banter. “We tend to be skeptical of apps that describe themselves as ‘hilarious.’ We’re of the mindset that weather apps shouldn’t be funny. But, after testing out CARROT Weather, a 2021 Apple Design Award winner, we’ve been won over, ” says Cool Material. “Users can set the app’s ‘personality preference’ so if you’d prefer a buttoned-up weather experience, CARROT delivers. While the quips are fun, we appreciate the streamlined, clean design of this weather app. And, best of all, the base app is free. Though it’s worth considering an upgrade to CARROT’s paid tier for further customization.”

“Its local forecasts are often accurate and reliable. It even includes options to make the app look and behave similarly to Dark Sky. But rather than dry weather readouts, Carrot Weather’s updates and commentary are often humorous and sarcastic, and the app features stylized art and animations that stand out against the often plain and utilitarian designs of other third-party weather apps,” writes Life Hacker.

2. The Weather Channel

Business Insider says you might recognize the name from television: “The app is like an extension of that channel on your smartphone, with a wealth of quality content. You get hourly and extended forecasts, radar imagery, and even video clips and other content pulled straight from cable TV. The app also includes sunrise and sunset times, air quality reports, tides times and moon phases, as well as optional weather alerts. While much of the app is free, The Weather Channel app is ad supported. If you prefer, you can subscribe to the premium service.”

Let’s dive into some more of this apps’ features. “None of us will be able to bend the weather to our will like Sean Connery in 1998’s The Avengers, or Thor in the other Avengers. Instead, we rely on weather apps like The Weather Channel’s offering to keep us alert to the weather’s whims. This excellently designed iPhone app provides all the weather information you need, and even works with Apple Watch,” adds PCMag. “Your main screen shows the current temperature and conditions displayed over a large, bright photograph. The image is, usually, selected to match your current location, but it frequently draws from stock images. From here, you can also see what conditions other Weather Channel users are reporting and when the next round of precipitation is likely to occur.”

That’s not all! “The Weather Channel app is one of the most popular third-party weather apps on Android and iOS for a reason. Along with the weather info, you can also watch live coverage, view pollen/dust levels, check current flu or COVID-19 infection rates for your neighborhood, and much more,” writes Life Hacker

3. Weather Underground

Lifewire says there’s one feature that makes this app unique: “its Smart Forecasts are what sets it apart. Choose multiple weather conditions—like rain, wind, temperature, and air pollution—that you consider ideal for a specific outdoor task, and this app will show you when is the best time to go outside and do it. This is the perfect app if you’re in need of knowing when, exactly, you can do things like ride your bike, go running, star gaze, walk, take outdoor pictures, hike, fly a kite, etc.”

“Weather Underground underwent some big changes when IBM bought the company a while back. It gets the basics right, including the current forecast, a weather radar, the future forecast, and stuff like that,” adds Android Authority. “The app augments the experience by adding things like an air quality metric, sunrise and sunset times, hurricane tracking, and weather news. Additionally, the radar is fairly customizable with plenty of layers. The price is quite a bit steeper than it used to be, and we understand if that price is too high for you, but the free version works the same with ads.”

Plus, you can breathe easy when it comes to safety. “Weather Underground’s privacy policy is unlike other weather apps — and many mobile apps. The app lets you know upfront that it will use your data for targeted ads. The app makes it easy to opt out of sharing your information and to delete the data the app has on you. It also shows you how to manage your iPhone and Android app permissions. You can even request a copy of the data the app has on you from the Data Rights menu in Settings,” explains CNET

4. NOAA Weather Radar

Cool Material describes this app’s HD Radar and Satellite overlays as “incredibly accurate and make it simple to identify rain, snow, or other precipitation (and even cloud cover) in a beautiful real-time display. Its built-in rain map provides a detailed rain forecast for up to 24 hours, and if you’re too busy to check out the maps, you can also receive push notifications to keep yourself up to date on any developing noteworthy weather alerts.”

“With a Clime paid subscription, you get one of the most comprehensive weather radars out of all the weather apps on this list. While other radars might show the temperature, rain and snow, Clime’s radar will show you cloud coverage, snow depths and even active fire and hotspots,” says CNET

“Many weather apps draw data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. So, just cut to the chase with the NOAA Weather Radar Live app. With it, you can check local forecasts and track weather patterns using interactive satellite maps,” points out PCMag

5. FlowX

Finally, another great app for your daily forecast is FlowX. Make Use Of sets the scene: “You get a visual overview of the weather conditions with details like rain, clouds, temperatures, pressure, air quality, and more. You can easily zoom in and out to see a suitable amount of detail according to your requirement. Flowx also displays a graph for changes based on weather trends, helping you make plans for the coming days. In addition, you can place an informative weather widget on your home screen. And apart from being ad-free, it also claims to have a no-tracking policy. However, two paid subscriptions are available if you want to enhance your experience further.”

“Flowx is an Android weather app known for high local forecast accuracy, even in the free version. The app lets you view a wealth of meteorological data, and over 20 different forecast models for up to seven-day weather outlooks,” writes Life Hacker. “The paid Flowx Pro adds even more features like customizable weather maps, home and lock screen widgets, and up to 16-day forecasts. Flowx is Android-only for now, but an iOS version is in development and should be an excellent option if it matches the Android version’s features and performance.”

“Flowx is an app jam-packed with information at just a glance. Although not a great option for daily planning, the Flowx really shines as a weeklong forecast so you can plan the perfect time for that weekend hike. Its simple slide navigation also makes storm-tracking a mesmerizing experience. Flowx also downloads with location tracking turned off by default, so you’re safe there as well. Unfortunately, Flowx is currently only available on Android and not iOS,” adds Popular Mechanics

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  1. Stan Lieberson says:

    Reading these reviews was SO frustrating!

    Every weather app will tell you, for example, that there is a 75% chance of rain in your area today. Almost every weather app will tell you that right up front. But is that helpful? Is that a 75% chance of a very light rain (0.02 inches), more like a mist that won’t stop you from going out dressed pretty much the same as if there was no chance of precipitation, or is that a 75% chance of 0.8 inches, for which you’ll want to bring an umbrella, or of 2.0 inches, wherein you may be inclined to cancel the outing altogether? Which reviewed weather app provides this critically important aspect of the forecast?

    You won’t know the answer from reading this set of reviews. It didn’t cover this feature at all, completely not mentioned. Thus, worthless. Very frustrating.

  2. Brassy says:

    Weather Bug since dark sky is gone

  3. rob reed says:

    The best is WeatherBug. Truly comprehensive info about current and forecasted weather and weather related events. Find it way more accurate than Accuweather. And it is free. Updated hourly.