Best Of The Best Women’s Rain Boots For 2023: Top 5 List Most Recommended By Experts

Yes to singing in the rain, but not the blues. There are so many stylish options for women’s rain boots available these days – who wouldn’t be happy about an opportunity to show them off? Of course, they also come in handy for hiking, gardening, or just getting through a wet commute. In case you’re looking for a new pair, we’ve done the research for you, putting together this list of the best women’s rain boots, according to the fashion pros.

By the way, if need rain boots for gardening, congratulations! That’s because your hobby could help you reduce the risk of cancer and chronic diseases. Gardening also helps lower stress, anxiety, and depression. The same goes for hiking – and listening to the patter of rain! In fact, researchers found that the sound of water is most effective at improving positive emotions and health outcomes. So put on some good boots to keep your feet dry and get puddle-jumping!

Another reason why good rain gear is important: According to a Northwestern University study, rainfall intensity has increased in 16 out of 17 regions across the U.S. “What we found is pretty simple: When it rains now, it rains more,” says study author Daniel Horton.

To keep your feet dry even when it pours, Study Finds reviewed 10 expert websites to create a list of the five best rain boots for women in 2023. Our list is comprised of the most recommended products across these sites. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

The List: Best Rain Boots For Women In 2023, Per Fashion Pros


1. Hunter Original Tall Waterproof Rain Boot

Experts agree that this timeless boot is a winner. “Let’s be honest: Nothing gets more classic than a pair of classic Hunter wellies, and with the taller height, these are perfect for stomping through puddles, a muddy music festival […], and everything in between,” says Elle about its “Best Overall” choice. “Plus, when the temperatures dip down, you can opt for an added fleece liner.”

Hunter Women's Original Tall Rain Boot
Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boot

The Strategist also made these boots its top pick. According to the magazine’s sources, these are leak-proof, practical, and “very stylish.” Plus, they’re “available in a spectrum of bright colors that’ll cheer you up on overcast days […] Hunter’s boots are made to last and wipe down easily to retain their good looks.”

And to silence any doubters, Marie Claire states that “sometimes, when shopping for something new, you really do need to stick with the classics — and this is 100 percent one of those times. The original tall Hunter boots are failsafe in wet weather, end of the story.”

2. Asgard Chelsea Ankle Waterproof Rain Boots

The Chelsea rain boots with a name connected to the god of thunder are a popular affordable pick among experts. Their numerous glowing Amazon reviews “cite price, versatility, quality, and comfort as major pluses (Byrdie).”

“These […] boots from Asgard boast over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and are available in a bunch of colors and prints. At just over $30, you can’t go wrong,” claims Marie Claire

Asgard Women's Ankle Rain Boots Waterproof Chelsea Boots
Asgard Women’s Ankle Rain Boots Waterproof Chelsea Boots

Finally, according to Clever Hiker, “Asgard’s Chelsea Boots are simple, but they’re waterproof and they look great with everything. If you’re looking for a boot that’s convenient to slip on to keep your feet dry on commutes or around town, these might be a great fit”. 

3. L.L.Bean The Original 6-Inch Bean Boot

A classic without which this list wouldn’t be complete. These boots are famous for combining style with sturdiness. “Made-in-Maine L.L.Bean duck boots are just as iconic as Hunter’s contribution to the rain boot canon,” The Strategist writes about its favorite duck boot. “Originally designed for wet-weather hunting trips, these leather and rubber boots are highly durable and undeniably waterproof.”

L.L. Bean Women's Bean Boots, 6"
L.L. Bean Women’s Bean Boots, 6″

The 6-Inch Bean Boots are also InStyle’s favorite duck boot: “Designed for rain, mud, and other wet surroundings, shoppers boast about the longevity of these shoes — once you purchase, you’ll have them in your closet forever because the high-quality leather and waterproof material won’t break down over time.”

For Byrdie, these kicks are (drumroll)… the best duck boots! They’re “a failsafe option” for any weather as they provide “good traction and durability from its signature rubber soles printed with a chain-link motif.” This boot further “comes in a range of widths (narrow to wide) to accommodate many shoppers, as well as a sherpa-lined version, should you require extra warmth.”

4. Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot

The Bobbi by Merry People is the “splurge version” of the Asgard boot. “These boots are made from natural rubber and a neoprene lining for all-day comfort. Plus they’ve been tested to be freezeproof so you’ll be good even if you don’t check the weather app,” The Cut points out.

In addition to being freezeproof, “these stealthy Chelsea boots […] are actually fully waterproof. They’re favorites of stylish gardening types” and “have a nice grip,” reports The Strategist.

Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot
Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot

“If you’re looking for a durable, waterproof boot you can use regularly for everything from city to country, we highly recommend the Bobbi Rain Boots,” Clever Hiker summarizes.

5. Hunter Original Short Rain Boot

To be fair, they are a short version of our number 1. But that didn’t stop any experts from recommending these boots as well, and for good reasons: “Their top-notch construction is what really sets them apart from other rubber boots,” explains Clever Hiker. “Each pair of Hunter Boots is built by hand over the course of three days with acute attention to detail. The quality of workmanship is evident in the refined shaping of the boot as well as the thick, durable sole.”

The Clever Hiker reviewers recommend this Hunter model not only because “the Short Boots are easy to step into without the use of your hands,” but also because they “like the Short Boots best for their balance of weather protection and wearability.”

Hunter Women's Original Short Rain Boot
Hunter Women’s Original Short Rain Boot

“These rain boots have developed a cult-like status for a number of reasons,” InStyle adds to the praise. This boot is “durable, highly protective, and lasts through treacherous rainstorms and small puddles alike. It’s waterproof and resilient, but Hunter still offers a two-year warranty to keep your mind at ease.”

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