Best Rosé: Top 5 Bottles Most Recommended By Experts

Rosé wine is an acquired taste, but for many it is a go-to blend for wine nights, celebrations and more. Depending on the bottle you pick up, expect delicate whispers of summer berries or hints of succulent watermelon and juicy pomegranate. The subtle essence of rose petals, floating on a gentle breeze, adds a touch of floral sophistication, harmonizing with the crisp acidity that awakens the taste buds. Soft whispers of citrus, such as pink grapefruit and zesty lemon, intermingle with the fruity notes, adding a lively citrusy zest. The best rosé makes for the perfect summer wine that is refreshing, flavorful and downright pretty to look at.

When you go to the liquor store, the bottle you pick up can tell a lot about you. In fact, a recent study found commonalities among wine drinkers. For instance, those who enjoy red wine said they’re introverts (48%), while respondents who enjoy sparkling wine, are the most likely to be outgoing, identifying as extroverts (40%).

At parties, those who enjoy sparkling wine (26%) and red wine (23%) say that they’re likely to be “quiet observers.” Rosé drinkers are the “party planners” of the group (19%) and enjoyers of white wine said they can be found taking pictures or being the life of the party (20%, each).

Whether you are the party planner or not, rosé is a tasty, light option that many people enjoy. That’s why we turned to the experts and compiled a list of the best rosé to pour into your wine glass this summer. If we missed your favorite bottle, let us know in the comments!

A glass of rosé
A glass of rosé (Photo by Tyler Delgado on Unsplash)

The List: Best Rosé, According to Wine Experts

1. Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel

The Pioneer Woman chose this as their best overall pick. Why? “This popular French wine is everything you would want in a good rosé: pale pink color, fresh and crisp flavor, and it’s perfect for pairing with a wide range of foods. Overall, you can’t go wrong with keeping a bottle of this wine chilled in your fridge.”

It also took The Spruce Eats‘ top spot: “The most common word used to describe Whispering Angel is ‘delicious’ and that comes from both red and white wine enthusiasts and the toughest wine critics. It is a blend of grenache, cinsault, syrah, carignan, and vermentino grapes sourced from local vineyards and handled with the utmost care.”

“Perhaps the most ubiquitous choice for rosé season for a reason, this bottle is fruity, but not over-the-top, plus sips as well as it pairs, says Marcie Van Mol, creator and owner of Anzie Blue Nashville,” adds Oprah Daily.


2. Summer Water

Hence the name, “every drop of this pale pink wine feels like summer in a glass. With flavors of strawberry and grapefruit, this refreshing wine is as easy to drink as… well… water. Pair it with fish or a salad for a light dinner,” explains The Pioneer Woman.

Summer Water Rosé
Summer Water Rosé (

Made by Winc, you can sign-up for a subscription, so you are always stocked. According to Town and Country, “for the truly dedicated rosé lover, what could be better than a never-ending supply of their favorite pink drink? Winc’s ultra-popular subscription means you can get monthly doses of their Summer Water rosé.”

“Stay hydrated with Summer Water this season. The trendy rosé brand is delicious, too, and comes in full 750ml bottles in packs of four, eight and 12 for your next summer party. For a little sip of fun, they also sell mini bottles called Rosé Droplets with 187ml in each,” writes The New York Post.

3. A Tribute to Grace

Vine Pair touches on the craft behind this bottle: “As such, all the wines from A Tribute to Grace are made from the variety, sourced from specialty vineyard sites across California. This level of dedication to Grenache is apparent in this impeccably balanced rosé, whose grapes were harvested from vineyards in the Santa Barbara Highlands and experienced a brief 24 hours of skin contact to impart a delicate color.”

Oprah Daily‘s experts love this pick. Why? “This rosé is full of beautifully textured fruit flavor and has bright acidity that makes it perfect for a hot summer day, says Alex Ring, wine director at Sepia and PROXI. When it comes to pairing, it’s highly versatile, too, he says.”

“A Tribute to Grace is the brainchild of New Zealand-born Angela Osborne, a former film student with a serious passion for wine. After working in wine retail to pay her bills during college, Osborne decided to try her hand at working harvest in California. Not only did she fall in love with the Golden State, but she also became fully bit by the winemaking bug while there!” writes The Spruce Eats.

4. Tavel

All the way from the south of France, “its complex profile offers flavors of white cherry, raspberry, and herbs. Bring this wine to your next dinner party to showcase rosé’s serious side,” says Vine Pair.

Taste Atlas writes: “Young Tavel wines are usually pink, but with age, they tend to become deep pink with gold or amber hues. They are fruity and floral, with notes and aromas that are reminiscent of red berries, stone fruits, and sometimes subtle almond nuances. As they age, they will usually display more complex notes of ripe fruit, toasted almonds, and spices.”

If you like red wine, California Winery Advisory says this one is for you: “We think of Tavel as the ‘red wine drinkers rosé’.  While Tavel produces only rosé wines, the wines tend to be richly colored; the concentrated cherry tones stand in stark contrast to the delicate Provençal roses made right next door. Tavel rosés have a characteristic ‘meaty’ flavor and texture and an earthy quality that makes them brilliant with mushroom and game dishes.”

5. Yes Way

The Pioneer Woman raves about this bottle for any occasion. “Whether it’s surf-and-turf, pizza, or a potluck cookout, this Grenache-based blend is an easy-drinking wine that’s made for summer. What’s more? It’s super affordable!”

“It’s only natural that the French would have a term for easy-drinking, ‘pour me another’-style wines. They call them glou-glou, and if you’re looking to get some first-hand experience with it, expand your vocabulary with this fun, appropriately French-sourced rosé,” raves Town and Country.

According to The New York Post, “Yes Way Wines took the basic phrase and ran with it all the way to the liquor store. Now sold on Drizly in a variety of types and sizes, pick your favorite to match the occasion, from a hostess gift at a get-together to a perfect pairing on pizza night.”

Even better? It also comes canned!

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