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Flowers have the power to brighten a day, express emotions, and celebrate life’s special moments. But with so many flower delivery services out there, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Fear not, lovebirds and gift-givers alike! This guide is here to navigate the blooming landscape and help you find the perfect service for your needs. Whether you’re seeking budget-friendly bouquets, luxurious arrangements, or unique floral creations, we’ve got you covered. We’ll delve into factors like variety, quality, delivery options, customer service, and sustainability to help you make an informed decision. Dive in and discover the best flower delivery services to blossom your gift-giving game!

The best flower delivery services will ensure your recipient receives their bouquet exactly when you intended, and that they get a healthy, long-lasting selection. After all, flowers prompt a spike in happiness for many people, and science has proven it. In a 2005 study, 147 participants were sent a gift of flowers, a candle, or a fruit basket. Results showed that participants who received flowers were not only happy upon receiving their gift but also reported better moods days later. While it’s not yet fully understood why flowers deliver a mood boost, it can be wonderful to reap the benefits!

Nowadays, there are endless options for flower delivery services. If you’re on the hook for a last-minute gift, many companies can whip up a beautiful bouquet and deliver it, card in hand, before the day is done. Or, if you’re looking to be your own florist, there are many services that bring farm-fresh stems straight to your door. Studies show that gardening lowers anxiety and boosts mental health, and when you’re short on time and a watering can, trimming stems and arranging blooms could be a great way to defrost your green thumb and beat those winter blues

Whether you’re sending a loved one a thoughtful gift or just looking for a coffee table bouquet, flower delivery services bring the florist straight to your doorstep. With so many options on the market, StudyFinds is here to help you choose the perfect one for you. We visited ten expert websites and compiled this list of the five best flower delivery services. From straight-off-the-farm freshness to lightning-fast delivery, we’ve found it all. If you have your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below!

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woman receiving a flower delivery
Woman receiving a flower delivery (Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels)

The List: Best Flower Delivery Services, According to the Pros

1. The Bouqs Co.

Our top pick, The Bouqs Co., has garnered praise across the internet for its impressive variety, eco-conscious practices, and long-lasting blooms. Testers at Good Housekeeping rave about their bouquets staying “bright and cheerful even days later,” highlighting their exceptional freshness.

This freshness might be attributed to The Bouqs Co.’s commitment to sustainability. As Oprah Daily notes, they source their flowers from “eco-friendly farms around the world that recycle water, minimize waste, and use sustainable growing practices.” By choosing The Bouqs Co., you can feel good about supporting responsible and environmentally friendly flower sourcing.

And if flexibility is your top priority, The Bouqs Co. has you covered! Vogue praises their flower subscription service’s adaptability, offering various plans and pay-per-stem options. Whether you crave a smaller, monthly dose of floral beauty with 10-16 stems or a weekly explosion of color with 30-45 stems, The Bouqs Co. can tailor the perfect subscription to your preferences.

2. Urban Stems

Craving contemporary floral arrangements with lightning-fast delivery? Urban Stems might be your perfect match. Boasting a diverse selection of modern bouquets, they offer both same-day and next-day delivery within their service area. Their dedication to seasonal blooms caught the attention of the New York Post, who praises their “perfectly bright and fresh” arrangements that reflect the current offerings of their partner farms. This ensures you’ll always receive vibrant, seasonal pieces that celebrate nature’s changing palette.

But Urban Stems goes beyond simply seasonal. CNET highlights their “sleek modern bouquets” and “unique blooms” that utilize “contemporary colors,” setting them apart from the traditional rose-heavy offerings. CNET testers were also impressed by the site’s user-friendly interface, timely delivery, and delightful array of add-ons like chocolates and candles, allowing you to create a truly personalized gift.

New York Times went a step further, crowning Urban Stems’ arrangements as “the most beautiful, the freshest, the most well packaged, and the easiest to order.” With such glowing endorsements and a focus on speed, style, and fresh blooms, Urban Stems is definitely worth considering for your next floral needs.

3. BloomsyBox

If you want fresh, botanical garden-worthy flowers regularly brought to your door, BloomsyBox is the pick for you. With 10 different subscription options, you can choose a plan that’s just to your liking. Their selection includes unique offerings like “Pet-Safe Blooms” and a monthly eucalyptus subscription – they cater to every taste and preference. The Spruce highlights this impressive variety, making BloomsyBox a standout in the subscription game.

But BloomsyBox doesn’t just offer quantity; they prioritize quality too. As Vogue points out, they’re vertically integrated, meaning they control the entire process from growing and farming to distributing and delivering their bouquets. This ensures farm-fresh flowers that arrive vibrant and ready to brighten your day.

Business Insider echoes this sentiment, sharing a subscriber’s experience: “It’s a nice treat each month when I get an email saying my bouquet is on the way.” Each stunning arrangement promises to add a pop of color and joy to your space, making BloomsyBox a subscription worth considering for flower enthusiasts of all kinds.

4. 1-800-Flowers

A familiar name for many, 1-800-Flowers is certainly not to be overlooked. Their wide selection of flowers and add-ons can have a gift worth celebrating at your loved one’s door in record time. Worried you might be buying a bouquet that won’t make it there in time? “Its website even displays how much time you have left to order to ensure your flowers get delivered on time,” notes Oprah Daily.

Second only to their rapid deliveries, 1-800-Flowers is also regarded as one of the most budget-friendly options on our list. “There are hundreds of reasonably priced arrangements to choose from,” says Real Simple.

“1-800-Flowers has solid deals on flowers if you’re trying not to spend a fortune. We found flower bouquets on sale from this popular delivery service, including two dozen roses starting at around $30,” adds CNET.

5. Farmgirl Flowers


Dreaming of bouquets that capture the charm of a sunny California farm? Farmgirl Flowers delivers! Vogue praises their unique approach, where most bouquets arrive in beautiful, upcycled burlap coffee sacks – a sustainable touch that reflects their commitment to sourcing blooms from domestic farms. Plus, no need to fret over endless color options. Farmgirl Flowers keeps it delightful by letting the season and their farm partners guide the selection, ensuring each bouquet is a unique surprise.

“Every bouquet is slightly different,” says Business Insider, highlighting the special, handcrafted feel that sets Farmgirl Flowers apart. Money calls the signature wrapping “an earthy yet elegant look” that not only adds a touch of rustic charm but also reduces unnecessary waste.

So, if you’re seeking beautifully unique, sustainably sourced flowers with a dash of surprise, Farmgirl Flowers might be your perfect match. Embrace the joy of a curated selection and let their vibrant, earth-friendly bouquets bring a touch of California sunshine to your space.


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  1. Gloria says:

    These services are just middle men for florists in the area of delivery. Say you give them $100. Only $65 goes to florist. Your arrangement will be less in value than if you just called your local florist directly. This must be a paid article. Support the local small businesses!

    1. Ann says:

      Thank you. I am a local Florist and fully agree.

    2. Clc says:

      Right on! I own a flower shop. Phone us directly!!

  2. Mike says:

    These are just scams that overcharge you and know nothing about the flowers they are selling. Only care about getting your order and taking your money. Not one person is a florist and they just resend the order through other services that take even more of your money and try to get a real florist to fill the order for very little money and then you wonder why it looks bad

  3. Lenzie says:

    This actually makes me furious! Most or all of these people have NEVER even touched a flower. They make actual florists look terrible. Understand this. They keep a good percentage of the money you give them just for being the call center that receives your order. They then call a local florist to fill the order for them. Meanwhile, you spend $150 and you and whomever you were sending the flowers see’s a $100 arrangement. ALWAYS, ALWAYS call a local, brick and mortar shop!

  4. Shirley Lacy Whittle says:

    Your local florist should always be your # 1 go to not these middleman that takes a chunk of your money n all they do is smile all the way to the bank, while your local florist is there when you need them other than holidays. For the sad times as well as the good times, make friends with local your florist, they are your neighbors or church family. Support them rather than those long distance guys. They aren’t there when your family has a tragedy, We Are ! We Are there for your new grand babies, or that new promotion! We are your friends then We become Family! Support your local florist. When you need a florist out of town call a local florist in the town in the zipcode . Let
    Them keep all the money instead of losing nearly 30 -40% of the order they receive from the middle man. Retired florist of 48yrs. ❤️

  5. Marilyn says:

    Totally agree. I’m a florist for over 50 years.

  6. Maria says:

    I’m a florist myself and I totally agree with those who feel these wiring services are scams. They don’t even make the arrangements advertised (they’re computerized), yet they take all the credit and the actual making florist barely gets paid. They even penalize us florist for stupid things. It’s best for customers to call a local florist, see what’s available during that month/season and save money.

    1. Ginny says:

      I agree! Please call your local florist directly or visit their website. Not only does the gathering florist such as 1800flowers, Ava’s Flowers, Ranch Flowers, From You Flowers, FTD and Teleflora (to mention a few), all keep 30% or more of your money, the recipient is not getting what you actually ordered because while the gathering florist keeps 1/3 of the money you sent over, so the florist is forced to design a smaller version (to fill to value) of what was sent to her. Keep small business alive and shop local please. 🌸

  7. Jeff says:

    I have been designing for decades and I recently did some videos where I ordered from those very online companies you mentioned thinking that they probably do OK what arrived was dead or soon to be dead ugly flowers I could not believe what they were sending out obviously spent six days on boats trains and buses made by somebody in another country perhaps I ordered an orange bouquet for $85 and the flowers came spray painted orange smelling like spray paint bougs farm girl 800were miserable so who wrote that article anyway

  8. S. S. Taylor says:

    Your best bet is to contact a local florist where you need delivery from. If you don’t live in the city that it’s being delivered just call local shops in that area.
    Always ask about their specials and early ordering is always best. The above options in this article would be great for last minute orders.
    Google reviews is a great place to start to find local shops.
    Another option when you’re shopping local is to ask if they do hand tied bouquet instead of vase arrangements. This saves you money.

  9. Joe bice says:

    Urban Florist in Ontario Calif. They have great arrangements at a fair price. They can do it all and welcome any idea you can think of. Friendly and clean, with a nice selection of nick nacks and antique throughout the store. I get my flowers for any occasion from them. Check out there reviews on yelp….

  10. Karen Draper says:

    I’ve been a florist for 30 years and everything you mentioned is a 3rd party company not a real home town florist. Stay away from those kinds of deals they are a rip off and you certainly will not get your monies worth and you will lucky if they are not dead by the time you get them.

  11. Susan says:

    These are not Florist! They send you boxed flowers that you have to design yourself. Most of the time they come dead. 1-800 Flowersbis an order gatherer. You place your order with them and they hope they can find an actual florist to fill their order. A true Florist takes the time to take your order, find out what you would like send, then actually design it them selves or a member of their team. Wrapping flowers and putting them in a box is not designing!

  12. Becky says:

    I am a florist , have owned my shop for 33 years. Do not use these places that they are suggesting……. call the flower shop directly to receive the best value for your dollar !!

  13. Rosanna says:

    Oh boy :/
    I wish the person who wrote this article would of walked into their local florist and just asked this question. Florist owner here for over 20 years… each florist is unique to their business. We are the ones that pick up the pieces and having to explain to the unhappy customers that used these middleman companies why they need to SHOP LOCAL. Just google a shop in that area ( make sure their business is physically in that area… because these companies pay google to appear on top of the search) or go see your local florist to help find you a local florist in another area. Hope this helps!!

  14. Christy Rose says:

    As a florist who also owns a small local business, I concur with the other florists’ comments. You
    can support a local business, guarantee the freshest floral products and know you have a professional floral designer creating your arrangement when you shop local. My experience working with large chain flower delivery services has not been positive. If I have to make an order out of town I always seek out and use locally owned brick and mortar flower shops. Just a suggestion.

  15. Kay says:

    I used From you florist twice and each time the flowers were never delivered. The first time they apologized, sent flowers, and also offered me another discount. So when I tried the 2nd time, I ordered a week ahead and used my discount. Again, the flowers were never delivered. This time I called for my refund, and will never use again!

  16. Terrisia Schier says:

    I have owned a local flower shop for 35 years. Why would anyone write and promote these businesses.
    Instead of advising the consumer the best way to get a bigger bang for their buck. Apparently the writer has never ordered flowers for an important event and either received nothing or something dead. We try to inform our customers to order local and this article has set us back years. I think the author of this article needs to re-write and this time do the research. Dissapointing article.