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In the realm​ оf fragrances,​ a revolution​ is blossoming—one that combines the allure​ оf scents with the principles​ оf sustainability. This change​ іs​ a reflection​ оf​ a larger trend​ іn consumer behavior towards eco-consciousness, where the best options are those that satisfy the senses and respect the environment.​ Of all the aromatic products available,​ a handful stand out, not only for their attractive smells but also for their dedication​ tо environmental conservation. The best sustainable perfumes are changing the definition​ of luxury​ in the fragrance industry and demonstrating that luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist.

In the realm​ оf personal care,​ a shift towards sustainability​ іs becoming increasingly evident, mirroring broader consumer trends highlighted​ іn recent research. This study, focusing​ оn the psychological benefits​ оf purchasing eco-friendly products, underscores​ a growing consumer inclination towards environmentally responsible options​ іn various industries, including beauty. Shampoo bars, akin​ tо sustainable perfumes, are gaining popularity for their natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. This trend not only reflects​ a departure from traditional products but also aligns with the positive emotional experience—the “warm glow”—that consumers report when choosing greener alternatives. Such preferences are shaping the future​ оf the beauty industry, encouraging​ a move towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious products.

The shift towards sustainable perfumes​ іs​ a testament​ tо the beauty industry’s evolving commitment​ tо ethical and environmentally conscious practices. This movement aligns with the values​ оf younger consumers, particularly Gen​ Z and millennials, who prioritize sustainability and ethical standards​ іn their purchasing decisions.​ As revealed​ іn​ a recent survey, these consumers are increasingly drawn​ tо brands that not only offer high-quality products but also demonstrate​ a genuine concern for the planet and its inhabitants. Sustainable perfumes emphasize natural ingredients and avoid practices harmful​ tо the environment. They represent​ a significant segment​ іn the broader trend​ оf eco-friendly personal care products. The rising popularity​ оf sustainable fragrances indicates​ a growing demand for luxury products that are not only appealing​ іn scent but also responsible for their creation and impact.

These companies are leaders​ іn the shift towards responsible luxury​. We consulted 10 different expert reviews to curate this list​ оf the top seven best sustainable perfumes. Every brand contributes differently​ tо this fragrance revolution, from the earthy values​ оf Dedcool​ tо the entrancing scents​ оf Sana Jardin.​ We would love​ tо hear about your experiences and suggestions​ as you try these wonderful perfumes. Did​ we overlook your go-to eco-friendly scent? Tell​ us​ іn the comments section below!

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Best Sustainable Perfumes Most Recommended by Experts


1. Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin Incense Water Eau de Parfum Travel Size
Sana Jardin Incense Water Eau de Parfum Travel Size

According to Contemporary Fashion, Sana Jardin is a luxury brand that promotes social good through sustainable fragrances. Their scents use organic floral elements from Les Aromes du Maroc, which are upcycled into items like flower water and candles. They also support local micro-businesses through training and packaging made from 30 percent recycled materials. Their “Beyond Sustainability Movement” sets a new benchmark for premium firms to help create an eco-friendlier future.

Sustainably Kind Living says Sana Jardin Paris is committed to environmental and social change, purchasing products from women-run Moroccan farms to reduce social inequity and promote sustainability. This approach empowers women and ensures every part is used, reducing waste and demonstrating the critical role luxury businesses can play in fostering environmental responsibility and social effect.

Harper’s Bazaar focuses on Sana Jardin’s distinctive strategy for fusing luxury with altruism. The brand sees sustainable perfume as a tool for empowering women and making a social effect, not merely as a product. The founder of Sana Jardin, Amy Christiansen, stresses the significance of incorporating humanitarian principles into each step of the supply chain. Sana Jardin empowers flower harvesters with tools and resources for commerce-driven projects, promoting flower recycling​ as​ a creative business concept that supports social change.

2. Clean Reserve

CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom Eau de Parfum, Eco-Conscious & Sustainable Spray Fragrance, Vegan, Phthalate-Free, & Paraben-Free
CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom Eau de Parfum, Eco-Conscious & Sustainable Spray Fragrance

Contemporary Fashion praises Clean Reserve’s ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility in fragrance creation. Partnered with top fragrance companies, their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and recyclable. Packaging is compostable, meeting FSC certification requirements. Clean Reserve is a pioneer in sustainable, eco-friendly scents.

Harper’s Bazaar promotes Clean Reserve’s ethically sourced scents, featuring fresh floral scents that capture summer’s spirit. This environmentally friendly approach aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious cosmetics, offering a pleasurable tactile experience for environmentally conscious customers.

ELLE highlights Clean Reserve’s steadfast dedication to sustainability, which permeates both their collaborations and product lines. The company collaborates closely with small farming communities to promote moral harvesting methods that don’t harm the environment. Their packaging, which uses wooden caps and only recyclable materials, is evidence of their dedication. Clean Reserve’s commitment to making a good influence on the environment and the communities they serve is evident in its all-encompassing approach to sustainability, which covers everything from ingredient sourcing to packaging.

3. Floral Street

Floral Street Neon Rose Perfume
Floral Street Neon Rose Perfume (floralstreet.com)



Contemporary Fashion describes Floral Street as a British firm with ethical and moral principles focused on product origins and sustainability. They offer a variety of perfumes, including special partnerships, such “Sunflower Pop” with the Van Gogh Museum and “Electric Rhubarb” collection that benefits the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Bottles are recyclable, refillable, and packaged in biodegradable pulp cartons.

The core of Floral Street is emphasized by Harper’s Bazaar, which notes that everything they do—from their carefully selected ingredients to their environmentally friendly packaging—is centered around sustainability. Their “Sunflower Pop” scent is renowned for its capacity to elicit happiness. Floral Street’s dedication to sustainability and ability to create aromas that are both uplifting and distinctive establishes the company as a pioneer in the environmentally conscious beauty industry.

According to ELLE, Floral Street was founded because its creator was driven to close a gap in the market for genuinely eco-friendly, reasonably priced, and interesting perfumes. The company takes a holistic approach to sustainability, using a high concentration of 20 perfume perfume oil to cut down on the amount of fragrance used. Not only does its packaging promote recycling, but it also comes in glass bottles that can be filled at their Covent Garden location.

4. Henry Rose

Henry Rose Flora Carnivora Eau de Parfum 50ml
Henry Rose Flora Carnivora Eau de Parfum

According to Conscious Life and Style, Henry Rose combines safe synthetic and natural ingredients in just the right amounts. Their scents, which are free of dangerous chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, and styrene, and have both Cradle to Cradle and EWG certifications. Adopting an almost zero-waste ethos, the company uses totally recyclable packaging that is composed of 90 percent recycled materials.

Henry Rose has an extensive line of eaux de parfum, some of which have won awards from Allure Best Of Beauty Awards. Sustainably Chic defines them as ranging from earthy to floral aromas. They provide travel-sized alternatives, skincare products, and scented candles in addition to perfumes. The company guarantees that none of the ingredients in its products contain any endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, or other hazardous substances.

According to The Glossary, Henry Rose is a novel project by actress Michelle Pfeiffer that was inspired by the need for more open and environmentally friendly fragrance options. Pfeiffer’s Henry Rose stands out for its transparency. The brand uses 90 percent recycled glass for its bottles and soy for its lids, further demonstrating its dedication to sustainability. Way to go Michelle!

5. The 7 Virtues

The 7 Virtues LotusPear Eau de Parfum
The 7 Virtues Lotus Pear Eau de Parfum

Conscious Life and Style defines The 7 Virtues (7V) as a movement that uses business to promote peace, rather than just a fragrance brand. Founded by former journalist Barb Stegemann, 7V is committed to fair-trade, ethical sourcing, and environmentally friendly methods. The goal of the company is to provide farmers in war-torn nations like Afghanistan, Haiti, Rwanda, and Iran with alternate sources of income. Because 7V is dedicated to openness, all of its perfumes contain only natural, pure components, so customers always know precisely what they are putting on their skin

Sustainable Jungle draws attention to The 7 Virtues’ charitable work by mentioning that a portion of the sales of their “Lotus Pear” fragrance go toward supporting Days For Girls. This group is committed to giving everyone access to education and menstruation care. Harmful substances like as palm oil, SLS, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial coloring, UV inhibitors, and sulfates are not included in any of The 7 Virtues’ products. Moreover, Leaping Bunny and PETA have both validated their dedication to cruelty-free operations.

According to Sustainably Kind Living highlights The 7 Virtues’ powerful purpose of making perfumes and oils to support women in war-torn nations. Every organic ingredient comes from family-run, sustainably farmed areas, and is processed in facilities using renewable energy. Wearing a fragrance from The 7 Virtues is about choosing to consciously help those in need rather than merely enjoying a lovely aroma.

6. By Rosie Jane

By Rosie Jane Eau De Parfum Spray (Rosie) - Clean Fragrance for Women - Essential Oil Mist with Notes of Sheer Musk, Vanilla, Sweet Rose - Paraben Free
By Rosie Jane Eau De Parfum Spray (Rosie)

Conscious Life and Style describes By Rosie Jane as a brand that meticulously handcrafts its products using a blend of sustainably sourced synthetic and botanical ingredients. They are committed to avoiding endocrine-disrupting ingredients, ensuring complete transparency in their ingredient list, and utilizing certified organic ingredients whenever possible. The brand’s dedication to sustainability extends to its packaging, which is recyclable and produced using wind power, vegetable-based inks, and responsibly-sourced paper. 

Sustainable Jungle says in addition to employing safe, hygienic components in their carefully created goods, the LA-based company is Carbon Neutral-certified, demonstrating their dedication to lowering their carbon footprint. Their commitment to environmentally friendly packaging enhances their standing as a pioneer in sustainable beauty.

Sustainably Chic notes that By Rosie Jane also offers a diverse range of sustainably made scents. Their fragrances, which span from fruity and floral to sweet, are all made using ingredients that are ethically produced, 100% safe, and non-toxic. The company takes pride in being open about the components of its perfumes, which include organic fractionated coconut oil and cane sugar alcohol. Notably, By Rosie Jane guarantees that all of its goods are 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny certified in addition to being climate-neutral certified. Every step of their manufacture, even the 100% recyclable packaging created with wind energy and vegetable-based inks, demonstrates their dedication to sustainability.

7. DedCool

DedCool Perfume
DedCool Perfume

This trailblazing vegan fragrance company is completely genderless and non-toxic, making it ideal for both home and personal use. Sustainably Chic says DedCool guarantees that all of its full-size and travel-size fragrances are created by hand in small quantities in Los Angeles and are free of carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals. The company offers a selection of twelve long-lasting aromas. They carefully blend natural essential oils, plant extracts, and clean synthetics to create each scent. As a result, the compositions are distinctive and intriguing. 

Causeartist showcases DedCool’s inventive method of creating perfumes, which employs a waterless procedure with a combination of 23 approved organic plant extracts and hygienic, biodegradable components. This method guarantees that their perfumes are devoid of hazardous ingredients like phthalates, parabens, and artificial fragrances, in addition to being vegan and cruelty-free. 

According to The Good Trade, DedCool is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact through in-house manufacture, locally sourced ingredients, and sustainable packaging. The brand’s varied scent line comes in three various applications. Consumers can layer perfumes, assemble their own sample tin, or select individual scents that best fit their tastes.

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