Best Floral Perfumes: Top 7 Scents Most Recommended By Experts

In a world that sometimes emphasizes conformity, relishing in your femininity and choosing to wear floral perfume is a bold act of self-love. It’s about recognizing the beauty in the small details and finding empowerment in the everyday. The coolness comes from the authenticity that radiates when you confidently embrace your femininity, appreciating the subtle magic that the best floral perfumes bring to your unique and personal style.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Floral Perfumes

Floral perfumes are timeless classics, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty and femininity in a single spritz. But with countless options available, finding the perfect floral fragrance for you can feel overwhelming. To help you navigate the fragrance world, here’s a guide to choosing the best floral perfumes:

Explore different floral notes:

    • Rose: The quintessential floral note, roses come in a variety of scents, from fresh and dewy to deep and velvety. Popular choices include Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, and Moroccan rose.
    • Jasmine: Known for its intoxicating and sensual aroma, jasmine is a popular choice for evening wear. It can be paired with other floral notes or worn alone for a dramatic statement.
    • Lavender: Calming and relaxing, lavender is a great choice for daytime wear. It can be blended with other floral notes or citrus fruits for a refreshing fragrance.
    • Lily of the Valley: Delicate and sweet, lily of the valley is a romantic fragrance that evokes spring. It’s perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.
    • Gardenia: Lush and tropical, gardenia is a heady fragrance that is perfect for making a statement. It’s best suited for evening wear or special occasions.

Consider the fragrance concentration:

  • Eau de Parfum (EDP): This is the most concentrated form of perfume, typically lasting 4-6 hours.
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT): Less concentrated than EDP, EDT lasts 2-4 hours.
  • Eau de Cologne (EDC): The least concentrated form, EDC lasts 1-2 hours.

Think about the occasion:

  • Daytime: Choose lighter, fresher floral scents with citrus or green notes.
  • Evening: Opt for richer, more complex floral scents with woody or musky notes.
  • Special occasions: Go for something truly unique and memorable, like a fragrance with rare or exotic flowers.

Sample before you buy: Don’t buy a full bottle of perfume without trying it on your skin first. Each person’s body chemistry interacts differently with fragrance, so what smells amazing on someone else might not work for you.

Layer your fragrance: For a longer-lasting scent, layer your floral perfume with other fragranced products, such as body lotion or hair mist.

Now that you have the basics down, we at StudyFinds have created a wonderful list of the best floral perfumes, according to expert reviews, so that you can choose to flaunt your flair. Did you have a favorite floral scent? Leave your fave brand in the comments!

Pink perfume bottle
Pink perfume bottle (Photo by STEKLO on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Floral Perfumes, Per Scent Experts


1. Maison Margiela Replica Springtime in a Park 

Number one on our list of the best floral perfumes is by Maison Margiela. “It has sweet pear accord, lily of the valley, and rose to capture that freshly picked flower smell. With some base notes of musks, vanilla accord, and ambrox, it also gives off a grounded, earthy touch. Floral in a bottle, this fragrance will take you out of your cityscape in just a spritz,” writes Pop Sugar.

Maison Margiela Replica Springtime in a Park
Maison Margiela Replica Springtime in a Park

What would you give to actually go on a date in France wearing this? “Inspired by a sensual date at golden hour in Provence, France — notes of dreamy rose petal, black currant liquor, and earthy patchouli whisk you away,” notes Bustle.

Hard to describe a scent in writing but with many happy customers, it has to be wonderful. “This floral perfume blooms with lily of the valley, green blackcurrant, and the fruity fragrance of pear to create a delicate and luminous fragrance. Influenced by the look of classic apothecary jars, the luxe bottle carries a cotton label with black ink text and a unique pump wrapped with rope as a homage to the original couture line. The delicate eau de toilette within is echoed by the Polaroid photograph of blooming flowers printed on the outside carton. This fresh scent evokes the memory of walking through a park during springtime with wafting scents of flowers and fruit within each spray,” shares WWD.

2. Ellis Brooklyn FLORIST Eau de Parfum

Number two on our list of best perfumes is Ellis Brooklyn FLORIST. “Think of the most beautiful, bursting spring floral arrangement you can imagine and that’s what the Ellis Brooklyn Florist Eau de Parfum smells like. Tuberose petals are paired with bergamot, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine, so you’ll feel like you’re lounging in a gorgeous garden whenever you wear this sheer fragrance,” shares MakeUp.

Ellis Brooklyn FLORIST Eau de Parfum
Ellis Brooklyn FLORIST Eau de Parfum

Do you want to try a scent that makes you smile? “We’re fans of nearly all Ellis Brooklyn perfumes, so when this one hit our desks, we were amped to try it — and it was an instant winner. Inside the frosted pink glass bottle is a fresh, full bouquet of a scent. Lily of the valley (an underused floral note in our opinion) positively sparkles here with pear and lemon. The heart notes of tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle create a lush aroma you’d find when selecting the perfect arrangement at your local flower shop, while a touch of cedar and sandalwood add warmth that helps the scent stick around for many hours,” notes Instyle.

Feminine vibes all around. “Bright and flirtatious, Florist is filled with sheer tuberose petals, warm gardenia, and a sugared honeysuckle note,” writes Bustle.

3. Gucci Flora 

Third on our list of best perfumes is Gucci Flora. Many experts love the Gorgeous Jasmine scent. “Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I kind of hate flowers. Not only do they die quickly, but I also just much prefer the smell of walking through a musty wine cellar over a rose garden. That’s why you won’t catch me smelling like them . . . unless it’s the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum. It smells like an expensive bouquet that’s bright and airy on first spritz but then settles into a warm, sexy amber after a few minutes on the skin,” writes Pop Sugar.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum

Floral fragrances are a lovely way to express your style. Another beloved Gucci Flora fragrance is the gardenia scent. “Elegant and free-spirited, Gorgeous Gardenia is brimming with sun-kissed jasmine, dewy pear, and gardenia flowers in full bloom,” shares Bustle.

Go ahead and bring a fresh and natural scent to your day. For more on the gardenia scent: “Gucci’s latest take on their Flora perfume comes in a hot pink, gold capped, botanically-adorned bottle, so the voluptuous, bouquet-in-full-bloom aroma should be no surprise. This fragrance is welcoming, for the type who might set a big, bountiful dinner table for all their friends. There is joy and generosity in this floral perfume, not just the coy femininity that’s characteristic of more powdery scents,” says Editorialist.

4. Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

Number four on our list is Viktor&Rolf. “This floral perfume with woody undertones features the explosion of flowers that come with magical superpowers. Yes, you read that right. It has the power to transform your dullest days to bright and happy. Designed by Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaim, and Domitille Berthier, this is one of the best floral oriental perfumes in the market. It was introduced in 2005 at the 10th anniversary of VIKTOR&ROLF. Its top notes are a blend of sweet tones of bergamot and green tea. Its heart is set in floral opulence with the combination of seductive Centifolia rose, Sambac jasmine, freesia, and Cattleya orchid. It is wrapped in a patchouli and musk accent base for a gentle breeze of fresh and woody scent. It has a strong sillage and comes in a bottle that is shaped like diamond granite,” shares StyleCraze.

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb
Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

This is your choice when you’re ready to evoke a sense of simplicity and natural beauty. “A daytime scent with a lot of different, balanced elements, it’s easy to see why Flowerbomb has been a best seller for years. If you’re into cottage core or the prairie trend, this smells like that, with more uplift, more sweetness, more dimension. The final, pulled-together scent conveys that fantasy feeling of loveliness,” raves Editorialist.

It’s not just feminine, it’s the enticing scent produced by nature. “This floral perfume for women explodes with an intoxicating whirl of cattleya, jasmine, and rose. The warm scent of patchouli and vanilla grounds the fresh fragrance, adding a sensual twist on the scent reminiscent of a room filled with rose petals.The instantly recognizable grenade fragrance bottle displays the soft-pink hue of the floral women’s perfume within, contrasting the harsh shape with a distinctly feminine scent encapsulated within,” shares WWD.

5. Jo Malone London

Fifth on our list of the best floral perfumes is the almighty Jo Malone London. InStyle specifically points out their Basil and Neroli unisex scent. “We love Jo Malone London scents for their simplicity — we can spray a lot to wrap ourselves in a sheer, gauzy layer of sophistication. This scent in particular is exactly what it sounds like: A blend of herbaceous basil and sweet neroli flower, that smells like a fresh, crisp garden. Keep in mind that it will not last particularly long because colognes are one of the lightest fragrance blends, but that just gives you an excuse to spray it on multiple times throughout the day,” shares InStyle.

Jo Malone London
Jo Malone London Basil and Neroli Unisex Cologne

Ever want to feel fresh and free? “This perfume smells and feels just like the pear basket from Harry & David, with all the green ripe anjous individually wrapped and safely tucked into their little crate–a bountiful delivery of fresh-picked fruit. The feeling this scent evokes, because of the lightness and hint of honey, is spring-just-turning-to-fall,” writes Editorialist, on the Pear and Freesia blend.

Wearing a floral scent makes you glad to be a girl. “I generally prefer a musky, woody scent, but there’s something about the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne that’s universally appealing. It was inspired by London’s Covent Garden market in the early morning (so charming!), and the floral notes are balanced with an infusion of peach. If you’re thinking, ‘No, too sweet,’ trust me that somehow the peach and honey combo makes it more earthy than cloying — like a dry white wine,” writes Pop Sugar.

6. Byredo

Number six on our awesome list of floral perfumes are those from Byredo. Marie Claire loves the Byredo Mohave Ghost EDP. “I bought this Byredo perfume for myself but it was quickly adopted by my boyfriend, who swears by it in lieu of traditional cologne. It’s on the woodier side of the floral scent spectrum, so it’s great if you want to dabble in floral fragrances without going for the full bouquet. It has notes of ambrette and sandalwood combined with violet and magnolia, which leaves you with a skin-like scent that lingers. Plus, the bottle lasts forever since all you really need is one spritz,” shares Marie Claire.

Byredo Mohave Ghost EDP
Byredo Mohave Ghost EDP
Everyone knows and loves Byredo and it shows. “The cult-favorite fragrance named for the Red Cross nurses who risked their lives on the front lines to treat wounded soldiers during the First World War, now available in long-wearing perfume oil form. Warm, velvety, and strangely soothing, the spice of pink pepper and woodsy base of papyrus and amber play off the rich red rose for a scent that’s bold and beguiling, not garden-fresh,” writes Refinery29, about the Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land scent.
Try being sweet for an evening, releasing all of the day’s stress and watch your mood transform. “I’m not one for floral fragrances, so I was surprised by how much I loved the Byredo Inflorescence Eau de Parfum upon first sniff. It features top notes of rose and freesia, middle notes of magnolia and lily of the valley, and a base note of jasmine. It’s a very light and gentle scent with none of the heavy cloyingness I typically associate with floral perfumes. I love it so much, it’s actually going to be my wedding-day scent,” says Pop Sugar.

7. Phlur

The final floral perfume on our list is Phlur. “A lush, tropical expression of a classic floral scent, Phloria features notes of juicy bergamot, golden gardenia, and smooth sandalwood,” says Bustle, about Phlur Phloria EDP.

Phlur Phloria EDP
Phlur Phloria EDP (

Mix their Missing Person scent with your natural body scent to create a custom aroma that will make heads turn. “Missing Person is one of those scents that lie close to the skin and smell like you, but better. Delicate cyclamen and neroli blossoms are blended with soft musks and woods to make a lightly powdery, subtly sexy, and wholly intimate perfume. However, because it’s such a soft and sheer scent, it doesn’t last for very long. If you end up being a fan, we suggest snagging a travel-sized bottle so you can touch up throughout the day,” raves Instyle.

Is that perfume or is she just that sweet? “Phlur is one of the most coveted fragrance brands around, and with good reason. Its scents linger on skin all day long without wearing off, but aren’t so strong that they’re overwhelming. Their Not Your Baby fragrance is one of my new favorites—a sweet scent that immediately brings up notes of violet and mimosa, but also includes warmer notes like vanilla milk, tonka bean, and sandalwood. It’s distinct, feminine, and challenges my long-held aversion to anything vanilla,” writes Marie Claire.

What is your favorite floral scent? Leave a comment to let us know!

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  1. I have tried several of the scents recommended on this list, but my most recent eau de partum floral discovery is a long-time French classic with two versions:
    Quelques Fleurs (sometimes referred to as Quelques Fleurs L’Original) and Quelques Fleurs Royale by Houbigant, Paris.
    These are ultra feminine perfumes for women, mysterious, sensual and distinct.
    Top notes of Quelques Fleurs L’Original are green notes, orange blossom, tarragon, bergamont, lemon; Heart Notes are lilac, jasmine, lily of the valley, carnation, rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, violet, orris root and orchid; Base Notes are oakmoss, honey, civet, musk, sandlewood, amber, vanilla and tonka bean.
    The perfume, like it’s Royale counterpart, is complex and intoxicating.
    The ultra feminine qualities of both are important to me, as I will not wear a scent that men would want to wear. Viva la difference!

    If you love lilacs, another classic recommendation is Highland Lilac of Rochester Eau de Parfum, available from the Vermont Country Store.
    It is produced from the many gorgeous lilacs grown naturally in Rochester, New York, is long lasting, smells just like fresh lilacs and has been presented to a number of U.S. First Ladies over the past few decades.

  2. Someone gifted me 3 of the most beautiful and long lasting fragrances that I would get stopped repeatedly no matter where I was asking, “What are you wearing and where can I find it? ”
    1) Ellen Tracy

    2) Amazing Grace by
    Philosophy (soft floral)

    3) Pure Grace by
    Philosophy (all day fresh)
    My husband loved it too!

    4) As did I w their men’s
    AMEN by Philosophy

  3. I love Alienby Mugler its the one I’m wearing now..they even have it in an hair scent
    In rotation I Also have some JoMalone. But I find them not verylong lasting..I buy the mini bottles when they are on sale for 24.00

  4. Hi Jacqueline A! I enjoyed reading your comment about ultra feminine fragrances. Do you have blog that I can follow? I own Quelques Fleurs Royale but haven’t worn it in months. I need to start wearing it again. Thank you.

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