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Fall is officially upon us, and with it has come the return of familiar scents like pumpkin, vanilla, and autumn spices. And just as many may mark the changing of the seasons by lighting a festive candle, adding a new fragrance to your rotation can be a great way to make the most of this time of year. The best fall cologne offers a way to mark the beginning of a new chapter while evoking the scents of the season everywhere you go.

Every season brings its own charm, but there’s something extra special about fall. America agrees, with one survey naming it the country’s favorite season. A poll of 2,000 people finds America’s favorite parts of the season include plenty of familiar aromas, from cinnamon to pumpkin spice. Forty-four percent say they enjoy drinking hot chocolate in the fall, while four in 10 can’t wait to make homemade soup. With Thanksgiving on the way, over a third (35%) say making holiday food is a fall favorite. Baking pies and having anything with cinnamon apple in it was a hit with 31 percent of the poll.

But pumpkin spice and cinnamon aren’t the only scents that can evoke a fall feeling. There are plenty of scents that can be positively associated with a moment in time or a season, and science agrees. Research finds that certain aromas can send us back to the past in a flash. A recent study reports that a form of aroma therapy can help improve older adults’ memories by a considerable margin.

A seasonal fragrance that you bring back year after year may just be the perfect cherry on top of your autumn memories. And whether you prefer woodsy scents or a sweet and spicy fragrance, there’s a perfect seasonal scent for you. Better yet, you can even break it out year-round to be instantly transported back to memories of crisp air and changing leaves. If you’re in the market for your signature fall fragrance, StudyFinds is here to help. We scoured expert reviews to bring you this roundup of the best fall colognes. This list includes the most frequently recommended products, but of course, be sure to let us know in the comments if you have a favorite we missed!

A white bottle of cologne
A white bottle of cologne (Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels)

The List: Best Fall Cologne, According to Fragrance Experts


1. Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

Regardless of what’s on your fall itinerary, Boss Bottled is the perfect everyday scent for the season. With notes of apple, spice, and cedar, you’re sure to quickly associate its scent with sweater weather. “Boss Bottled is one of the best fall colognes for young men looking for a versatile signature scent. It’s fresh and smells incredible —compliments are inevitable,” claims FashionBeans. “Opening with strong apple notes and a floral clove heart, this is the best fall cologne for men looking to capture the top aspects of the season.”

amber fragrance bottle with grey box
Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

“Opening with a surprising burst of fruity notes including apple, plum and bergamot, BOSS Bottled begins by showing off its wilder side. Balanced with warm cinnamon, the head avoids being too sharp or zesty for a rounder opening,” explains Bespoke Unit. “However, BOSS Bottled soon resumes its role as a serious fragrance. As the head fades, we experience a small transitional pique in what can be best likened to fresh wood chippings. Thanks to its deep, woody undertones, BOSS Bottled is a wonderful autumnal fragrance that’s reminiscent of walking over dead leaves in a forest. As it’s quite understated, it’s a great option for the office or even as a casual fragrance.”

For something a bit more complex, Hugo Boss also offers BOSS Bottled in an oud edition. Adding new strength to its original scent, BOSS Bottled oud is another must-try. “When it comes to the fall, the most popular fragrance from this line is the original Boss Bottled. But in my opinion, the oud edition is the superior one,” notes a My Fragrances reviewer. “It has the apple and Cinnamon of the original with a western oud touch, which gives it a little more depth and enhances its performance.”

2. The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

If sweet fragrances aren’t your thing, you’ll love this spicy and unique cologne from Dolce & Gabbana. With a powerful blend of fragrance notes and impressive versatility, you can enjoy this cologne from morning until night. As Wiki Scents puts it, “a masterpiece from D&G. Its intoxicating combination of tobacco, spices and citruses makes this fragrance very versatile and appealing. Consider it for all occasions. It has a longevity of about 6 hours.”

amber fragrance bottle with black box
The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

“With a classic name like The One, Dolce & Gabbana’s release is equally modern and elegant making for a seductive perfume that has evolved into an enduring fragrance. A tailor-made scent for those of us who consider ourselves ‘sophisticated’, The One features a harmony of tobacco notes and refined spices,” lists Man of Many. “The cologne design is an extension of this timeless scent, as the glass bottle features polished geometric lines symbolizing the contemporary luxury of the brand.”

Not sure where to put The One to use? Experts recommend spritzing it on before heading out for date night. “The One Eau de Parfum is a date night champion and one of the most popular colognes in the fragrance community for the last five years,” notes My Fragrances. “The opening is citrusy from the Grapefruit, but it doesn’t stay for long. After about a few minutes, the scent turns warm and sexy with Tobacco and amber notes and a hint of Cardamom. The perfect setting for this cologne would be a lovely evening indoors with your special someone watching movies and enjoying each other’s company.”

3. Autumn Vibes by Maison Margiela

For the most authentically “autumn” cologne, it would be hard to beat Maison Margiela’s aptly named Autumn Vibes. Curated with the express purpose of evoking quintessential fall memories, you may find yourself mentally transported to a sepia-toned pumpkin patch the moment you spritz this cologne. As GQ says, “smells like sipping your favorite fall spiced drink while stomping around on the crispest leaves. You know the vibes.”

Autumn Vibes by Maison Margiela
Autumn Vibes by Maison Margiela (maisonmargiela-fragrances.us)

“It’s autumnal and it’s woody—what more do you need to know? Maison Margiela’s Replica line looks to specific locales as inspirations for its scents; for 2021, the brand attempts to evoke Montreal in 2018,” explains Men’s Journal. “More specifically, it conjures up a Montreal street in the fall strewn with wet leaves, with notes of carrot seeds and nutmeg rounding out cedar and moss.”

This fragrance is best suited for you if you gravitate towards scents traditionally associated with fall. This isn’t a cologne that’s only vaguely inspired by the season, so it’s important that you’re a fan of classic fall fragrance notes. “If it’s autumnal scents you’re after, you can’t go wrong with the Maison Margiela Replica Autumn Vibes,” adds Yahoo. “Its name gives away what it captures, which is a deep woody autumn air and fresh walks through the leaves. It’s rich with notes of peppercorn, cardamom, nutmeg, moss and cedarwood, so it’s a blend of woody and spicy scents.”

4. La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

In the market for a one-size-fits-all fall fragrance? Look no further! La Nuit De L’Homme is just as well suited for a date night as it is for a day in the office. With a well-balanced blend of warm fragrance notes, it’s perfectly paired with your favorite jacket. As Wiki Scents says, “this is one of the most well-rounded, highly-versatile, long-craved fragrances in the game. Think warm, sweet, spicy, leathery, fresh and woody vibes on a crisp evening. Totally worth the price tag.”

glass perfume bottle with black gold embossed box
La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

“With powerful tones and tension, YSL’s Nuit De L’Homme carries a contrast of aromas. It’s one of our favorites if you’re looking for a delicate cumin base that’s complemented with explosive accords of bergamot, lavender, and cedar,” notes Man of Many. “Meant to represent the strength of men during the month of fall, this ravishing fragrance presents itself in a bold palette. First making its debut back in 2009, La Nuit De L’Homme has become a timeless cologne that is both versatile and striking.”

While you certainly can wear this cologne anywhere, experts especially recommend trying it out on date night. “When it comes to a romantic setting, La Nuit de l’Homme is arguably the best in the market. It contains the famous note of Cardamom, which gives it its sexy edge,” claims My Fragrances. “La Nuit de l’Homme gives a very seductive vibe to the wearer. It starts with some citrus and spicy Cardamom and develops into a creamy and woody scent with a powdery undertone. If you are planning on impressing the ladies, this is definitely your best bet.”

5. Terre D’hermes Parfum by Hermes

If you want an autumnal feeling while still enjoying a luxury scent, Terre D’hermes may just be the cologne for you. Pairing warm and cozy notes with a timeless elegance, it’s a classic you’ll be sure to reach for year after year. As Bespoke Unit explains, “with its overt citrus head and subsequent earthy notes in the heart, Terre d’Hermès evokes a Mediterranean orange grove under the baking sun. However, added cedar notes, oak moss and vetiver also carry forestry connotations that make this a perfect choice for the early autumn.”

glass fragrance bottle with amber liquid
Terre D’hermes Parfum by Hermes

“A classic cologne ideal for the fall, Terre d’Hermes by Hermes takes its inspiration from the scents of the season. Enriched with earth-like notes of oak moss and benzoin, it retains a brilliant warmth and sensual essence,” explains Man of Many. “With a layer of grapefruit and orange, this is the perfect choice for those who seek a cologne that both brightens and grounds its palette.”

Of course, not every cologne is for everyone, and Terre D’hermes is no exception. Experts warn that this scent employs citrus notes that will be either loved or loathed by the wearer. But if you love a woodsy and citrusy scent, you’re in the right place! “Terre d’Hermes is one of the most popular and well-known cologne from Hermes. It has cult followers and is considered by now a modern classic. Although this cologne is one of the best fragrances for fall, it is not for everyone,” notes My Fragrances. “It has the infamous dirty orange accord with vetiver and woods in the background, which makes it citrusy and earthy at the same time. If you don’t find this description appealing to you, make sure to sample it before deciding to buy.”

6. Aesop Ouranon

Not a fan of traditional fall scents? No problem! Aesop Ouranon takes a unique spin on autumn fragrance with this crisp and spicy cologne perfect for day or night. Equal parts unexpected and intriguing, it makes for a great addition to any collection. As ET Online suggests, “if you’re on the hunt for a warm, woodsy cologne that’s unexpected yet comforting, try out Aesop’s latest blend of frankincense, myrrh, tonka and chamomile.”

An amber bottle of Ouranon Eau de Parfum alongside carton packaging.
Aesop Ouranon (aesop.com)

“The punchy earthy and herbal notes of this new cologne are more green than what we’d typically think of as ‘fresh,’ which makes it the perfect fall scent for those who favor sharper, crisper vibes,” explains Esquire. “The green feeling comes from notes like petitgrain, chamomile, and hay (yes, hay) infused with a bit of lavender for freshness. But the spicier, smokier notes of frankincense and patchouli round out a mineral-y myrrh to create a unique scent that’s tailor-made for the chillier seasons. It’s light and subtle enough for daytime wear but you can layer on a bit more at night to up the sex appeal.”

Even better, the twist on traditional fall scents makes it particularly adaptable for winter wear. In fact, with notes of frankincense and myrrh, you can even consider it a Christmas cologne. “You might mistake it as an ode to a certain manger in Bethlehem, since it projects a frankincense and myrrh radius (and with hay as a key expression, no less). But that spicy-resinous zeal makes for a brilliant late-autumnal aroma that will warm you like a whiskey neat,” says Robb Report. “Wear it well into winter, and as you carve out next year’s resolutions; Ouranon will ground you with its earthiness, and give you the sageness to look ahead with a sound mind.”

7. Givenchy Gentleman

Torn between scents? Givenchy Gentlemen combines the best of both worlds with notes of floral and wood to make this versatile fall cologne. It’s both spicy and warm, making for an enticing scent you’ll look forward to wearing again and again. As Yahoo puts it, “the Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee is a combination of floral and woody notes. Inspired by whisky, this cologne is made of iris, amber and wood notes which brings smoothness and aromatics to this fragrance.”

black fragrance bottle with black box
Givenchy Gentleman

“Gentleman opens up with a blast of spice with a strong emphasis on cinnamon. However, it isn’t overbearing as a hint of honey softens the impact. Its oozy sweetness is also accompanied by rose, which adds a mild floral aspect to the head,” explains Bespoke Unit. “Overlooked in favor of better-known classics, Givenchy Gentleman is a bold yet refined experience that demands respect and admiration. If you’re looking to define yourself in a position of authority, it’s a courageous choice.”

Perfect for cooler weather, Givenchy Gentleman is a warm and inviting scent for daily wear. And as experts note, it makes a great fit for anyone looking to impress a dinner date. As ET Online describes it as “the ultimate cologne for cuffing season is warm and seductive with notes of Whisky Absolut, iris and cedarwood.”

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