Best Jean Jackets For Women: Top 5 Styles Most Recommended By Fashion Experts

A denim jacket is one of those timeless wardrobe pieces that’s easy to wear. The best jean jackets are fashionable and functional — coming in many styles and washes that feature plenty of pockets. Pair a denim jacket with a sundress for some extra coverage during casual gatherings. Or simply throw it over a t-shirt with your favorite pair of comfy pants and you’re ready to run those errands. If you want to add some pizazz and sparkle to your denim jacket, you can embellish it with some fringe, rhinestones or patches.

Fashion is constantly evolving. Even what we wear to work is changing with the times. According to a recent survey of 2,000 working American adults, half of respondents say they only follow a casual, or “smart casual” dress code at work, which allows jeans and other dress-down clothing items. 

Furthermore, only one in five U.S. workplaces enforce a traditional smart dress code. Another 23 percent say they consider their workplace to be “mostly smart,” that is, allowing for more casual touches in their work attire. Overall, 81 percent believe workplace attire has become more casual in all contexts over the past ten years. 

Not sure which jean jacket will compliment your look? StudyFinds is here to help you narrow down the choices. We’ve put together a list of the top five best jean jackets from ten expert websites. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

A woman in a jean jacket on a fall trail
A woman in a jean jacket on a fall trail (Photo by Katie Drazdauskaite on Unsplash)

The List: Best Jean Jackets for Women, According to Style Pros


1. J. Crew Classic Denim Jacket For Women

If you’re a denim traditionalist, this durable piece will be a staple in your wardrobe all year round. “Keep it simple with a classic, no-fuss option— like J. Crew’s denim jacket— that will pair perfectly with all of your favorite worn-in tees. Its faded medium-blue wash achieves a well-loved look that vintage fans will be fond of,” suggests Marie Claire.


J. Crew Classic Jean Jacket in Brilliant Day Wash
J. Crew Classic Jean Jacket in Brilliant Day Wash (

Travel+Leisure praises J. Crew’s size inclusiveness, adding “this four-pocket denim jacket only gets better with wear. 100 percent cotton with no stretch, this jacket is of premium quality and super soft, plus it ranges from XXXS to 3X, making it an excellent choice for customers of all different body types.”

However, save your pennies to afford this one. The New York Post points out, “it’s a splurge, but one you’ll have for years, and you can’t beat the quality.” 

2. Levi Women’s Original Trucker Jacket

This next jacket is another popular reviewer choice. Entertainment Tonight notes, Levi Women’s Original Trucker Jacket “just gets better over time from natural wear through all seasons— available in standard and plus sizes.”

Levi Women’s Original Trucker Jacket
Levi Women’s Original Trucker Jacket

“A denim trucker jacket is a closet must-have. It’s the perfect solution for dressing down a gown, covering up on a chilly day, or injecting a basic look with a raw, wild spirit,” according to Elle.

Today spotlights the sherpa-lined version of this jacket, suggesting “it’s perfect for those in-between days when it’s too hot for a down jacket but way too cold for a cardigan.” Just keep in mind it’s a classic fit that’s slightly cropped, so it may not be the best choice if you have a longer torso.

3. Riders by Lee Indigo Denim Jacket

Travel+Leisure highlights this jacket’s light-wash “falling star” color, noting it “has two front flaps, vertical pockets, and adjustable back tabs that give it a classic jean jacket style. The current model has also been updated with details like a slightly tapered waist and smaller pockets.”

Riders by Lee Indigo Denim Jacket
Riders by Lee Indigo Denim Jacket

If you want to further expand your color palette horizons, The Pioneer Woman points out, “this number comes in traditional indigo, as well as olive green, aqua blue, light pink, and a bright cherry red that’s a guaranteed head-turner.”

Pinkvilla adds, since its made “with 98% cotton and 2% spandex, this jacket keeps you cool and cozy 24×7. But you can also wear it on a chilly evening, as it comes with an added layer of polyester.” 

4. Wrangler Authentics Women’s Stretch Denim Jacket

The New York Post focuses on the light wash version, suggesting the “Wrangler Authentics’ Denim Jacket is practical, easy to toss on with any outfit, and looks great with darker-wash jeans. It’s flattering on any skin tone and size, too.”

Wrangler Authentics Women’s Stretch Denim Jacket
Wrangler Authentics Women’s Stretch Denim Jacket

It’s a hip-length denim jacket that’s slightly fitted, yet stretchy and features six pockets. “This classic look from Wrangler can go with anything— and sometimes, the most timeless looks are the best,” according to Today.

It’s also wallet-friendly. Entertainment Tonight adds, this jacket’s “a steal…and available in eight washes.”

5. Gap Women’s Icon Denim Jacket

Rounding out our top five, is a denim jacket that will transport you back to the 90s. Marie Claire calls the Gap Icon Denim Jacket a “Forever Fave”, noting “the impressive sheer versatility of this neutral number.”

Gap Women’s Icon Denim Jacket
Gap Women’s Icon Denim Jacket

InStyle points out, it “comes in petite sizing and will feature a better arm’s length for those on the shorter side. The wash is a classic medium, and even though it’s made from rigid denim, it still has the perfect lightweight feel to it.”

There’s also an oversized version of the Gap Icon. “The classic medium indigo wash makes this boxy denim jacket an instant classic with a modern twist,” according to Parade

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