A woman holding a fall leaf

A woman holding a fall leaf (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Unsplash)

A new season means a new opportunity to hone in on your style and hit the reset button on your wardrobe. The best fall fashion trends offer fresh takes on classic materials and pieces that can be paired or styled in your own way. If you’re not a person who is normally very big on fashion, you can always use the ideas you find here for inspiration! Sometimes a change in style can bring you a welcome mood boost or serve as a new outlet for expression. 

Take a peek at your own closet. Chances are you might need a refresh anyway! Lots of us tend to impulse-buy clothing we tuck into the back of our closets, then still complain we have nothing to wear. According to findings from a recent poll from the United Kingdom surveying over 2,000 British adults, people have an average of $300 in clothing that had never been worn. Despite most clothes being unworn, about 39% confess they want to shop and redo their whole wardrobe.

Doing research on trends can be helpful when selecting new clothing, but make sure you’re opting to buy capsule pieces that will have longevity. If you can’t see yourself wearing it multiple times, don’t buy it! A survey of 2,000 U.S. adults reports that 67 percent of respondents simply loathe the process of bringing items back to the store. Two in three Americans believe the absolute worst part of the shopping experience is going through the return item line. Over half (58%) say they would be willing to do “nearly anything” to avoid returning the items they bought. Being more conscious about clothing choices when shopping will allow you to avoid those return lines!

Ready to ring in the fall season? To start adjusting your wardrobe to the crisp autumn air, StudyFinds did the research to find the best fall fashion trends. Take a peak at what we found to be trending for this upcoming season before you start shopping. If we missed one of your favorite style tips, let us know in the comments below.

The List: Best Fall Fashion Trends, According to Style Experts

1. Bold Reds

Normally you’d associate deep, rich colors with autumn, but red is one of those colors that demands attention. This season many runway looks featured all red ensembles that would turn heads in any room. “Ask any designer and you’ll get the same answer: The color of fall 2023 is red,” says Glamour. “As opposed to the typically muted earth tones you’d expect for fall, the hue is bold and beguiling, handily commanding a room or a social feed.”

A woman in a red sweater holding a red coat
A woman making a statement with her bold red clothing (Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash)

If you aren’t comfortable wearing a completely red outfit to start, try a statement piece like a tailored coat or red boots. “We started seeing one of the most dominant colors of the season—fiery red—at the start of fashion month in New York, and it only picked up momentum from there,” writes Who What Wear. “Practically every fashion designer had the bold shade in the collection, from slim suiting at Ferragamo to a polished coat and gloves at The Row. We’re already predicting it will sweep fall fashion, so early adopters will want to invest in it now.”

“Red really is the color of desire this season thanks to a number of standout looks by Valentino,” explains Refinery29. “The fashion house that was responsible for making Barbie Pink a thing way before the movie hit screens is now endorsing a new shade for the fall. And if that’s not reason enough to get behind all things love- and cherry-colored, perhaps the fact that industry heavyweights like Jacquemus, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Loewe, and Prada are all on board will do the trick. The list goes on.”

2. Peplum Tops

Peplum is all about adding flounce and flair in an elegant way. Peplum is usually found on tops that flare just below the waistline, hiding the belly and creating the illusion of a smaller waist for a universally flattering silhouette. “The peplum is officially back on the fashion map (we did warn you that you might need a while to digest these trends before you trial them!), and whether or not you were into them first time around you’d be wise not to disregard the look this season,” writes Glamour UK. “Creating a beautiful silhouette, the traditional fit-and-flare shape of a peplum piece renders it universally flattering, and is a great way to dress up an otherwise more understated look.”

A peach peplum top
A peach peplum top

Peplum tops can be paired with tailored skirts as well as shorts and pants. If you don’t want a dramatic look, you can try a top with ruffle detailing. “As I live and breathe, peplum tops are back—and are seriously good,” says a writer at Elle. “At Tory Burch, Jil Sander, Brandon Maxwell, Dior, and Tove, the silhouette made an unexpected return. Before you knock the early aughts trend’s triumphant comeback, know that it can look undeniably chic—especially when styled with coordinating skirts or shorts, as seen on the runways.”

“The return of the peplum is well underway and, for fall, the divisive design isn’t limited to tops,” says InStyle. “Christopher Kane, Edwardian-adjacent ruffles added flounce to pencil skirts. Paco Rabanne gave a nod to Victorian pocket hoops with ultra-modern metallic fringe while Balmain and Moschino’s peplum tops took cues from the hip fins and panniers of old-school corsetry.  

3. Neutral Layering

There’s never really been a time when neutrals aren’t in style, seeing as how understated classics always work. But this year they’re back, and the trick is to layer neutrals on top of each other. “Brown was a surprising trend with which to kick off 2023, but it’s only become more popular as the year goes on,” writes PureWow. “And now it’s been joined by other rich hues like cream, dark green, gray, butter yellow, and caramel. The absolute chicest way to wear them is in a monochrome outfit (you don’t need everything to match exactly), but however you mix them up, they’re sure to give off a quiet luxury vibe.”

A woman in a tan coat
A woman in a tan coat (Photo by Rick Govic on Unsplash)

This is the trend to follow when you want to give off an air of luxury and sophistication. “Whatever you want to call it — the Sofia Richie phenomenon, Succession dressing, or the TikTok-famous ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic — style stars have been trading their loudest items for the most sophisticated neutrals,” says Bustle. “The Row, Bottega Veneta, and Victoria Beckham are masters of the look, churning out elegantly understated pieces in tans, beiges, whites, blacks, navys (the fashion person’s neutral), and grays.” 

“In response to the rise of Barbiecore in all its hot-pink glory this past spring and summer, the fall/winter runways were awash with ultra-wearable neutrals: whites and blacks, chocolates and creams, grays and dark greens,” writes Refinery29. “A signature of the perennially cool quiet luxury aesthetic, these sleek shades are making us want to max out on minimalism this season, as demonstrated by Marc Jacobs, Alaia, Paul Smith and Hermès.”

4. Sheer Fabrics

It may seem weird to take sheer and airy fabrics with you into the fall season, but if you style them correctly, they’re still in. “The early aughts have taken back the hearts of many a fashion lovers over the past couple of years, so it’s only logical that the sheer styles of the early 2000s are continuing to linger for the fall season,” writes The EveryGirl. “The skin-bearing trend won’t be super practical come the colder months, but transitional weather is screaming this one’s name.”

Woman wearing a sheer top
Woman wearing a sheer top (Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash)

Pair romantic, feminine sheer tops with tailored slacks and a blazer or bare it all with a sheer dress. “Next season you’re going to have to put on your big girl pants – both literally and figuratively – as the sheer trend is all about revealing yours,” says Glamour UK. “That’s right, there are no modest slip dresses or cool trousers slung beneath these sheer sheaths – baring your briefs will be big come autumn.”

Accordingt to 50 is Not Old, “I think when tastefully done, it can look very sophisticated and add a lot of texture to an outfit. Mesh fabrics and crocheted tops may not be a fad you will want to dive into in the middle of the freezing winter, so I would try this one out while the weather is still mild.”

5. Leather Pieces

Wearing leather has always been a power move, and this is one trend that will probably never go out of style. “One could argue that leather is perennially in style, sure, but Fall 2023’s take on leather relies on interesting and unexpected cuts (patchwork leather), head-to-toe leather suiting a la Prada, and elevated details on leather pieces,” explains Town & Country.  “No longer does this material have to be considered an accent—it is the look.”

Man in a brown leather jacket
Man in a brown leather jacket (Photo by Dami Adebayo on Unsplash)

Not only will leather keep you warm in the cooler months, but leather jackets often help pull together an outfit. If you’re feeling ballsy, snag a pair of well-fitting leather pants to pair with a coat and booties. “Everyone knows that the early drop in temperature calls for a classic leather jacket, “ writes Elle. “But when you’re looking to take the leather look up a notch, why not consider a coordinated set à la Brandon Maxwell or Coach? Leather blazers and matching maxi skirts were a recurring theme on the runways, and no one is upset about it. Think of this as the sophisticated big sister to your favorite biker jacket.”

“Yes, we’re also seeing leather’s popularity surge in fall 2023, another ’80s-inspired trend that simply refuses to quit,” writes Glam. “Sure, you’ll always have your classic leather staples — like bomber and biker jackets — but this season, leather is being adopted for head-to-toe ensembles in a way we’re simply obsessed with.”

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