Best Electric Bikes: Top 7 E-Bikes Most Recommended By Experts

The best electric bikes are revolutionizing the way we ride. With zero emissions and reduced energy consumption, you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying the ride of your life. These sleek machines combine the best of both worlds, offering the thrill of traditional cycling with an extra boost of power. It’s like having your own personal tailwind wherever you go.

And good news for all of us: just because they’re electric doesn’t mean that e-bikes aren’t a great workout. While battery-powered bikes will surely get you to your destination more quickly and without as much effort, research shows that the journey is still enough to elevate your heart rate and get your body moving. When it comes to biking in general, researchers from Concordia University found that commuting to work via bike helped lower stress levels for employees before they even arrive at the office. The authors of the study said that coming to work calm and collected can prove quite valuable in terms of productivity.

Using an electric bike offers numerous benefits that make it an increasingly popular mode of transportation and recreation. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, reducing air and noise pollution while promoting a cleaner environment. They also offer a cost-effective solution, as they require less maintenance and have lower operational costs compared to cars or motorcycles. Electric bikes promote physical fitness by allowing riders to choose the level of assistance they need, making them suitable for people of varying fitness levels and abilities. Additionally, they enable individuals to cover longer distances and conquer challenging terrains without exerting excessive physical effort. Plus, commuting with an electric bike can help reduce traffic congestion, as they can maneuver through crowded areas with ease and often have dedicated bike lanes. Hopping on one of these can contribute to personal well-being, providing a fun and enjoyable way to explore the outdoors, improve mental health, and enhance overall quality of life.

Electric bikes are designed to make your life easier. No more worrying about showing up to work sweaty and exhausted after a long ride – you can arrive feeling fresh and energized. We at StudyFinds have created a great list of the best electric bikes, recommended by experts. Did we miss your favorite ride? Leave a comment to let us know!

Electric bike
Electric bike (Photo by Himiway Bikes on Unsplash)

The List: Best Electric Bikes, According to Experts

1. Velotric T1

At the top of our list of best electric bikes is Velotric T1. “The Velotric T1 proves that you can have your cake and eat it too, at least when it comes to electric bikes. The T1 packs so much into such an affordable frame—and rides so well—that it was an easy choice to call it the best electric bike overall among the bikes I tested. Let’s start with the fact that the T1 barely looks like an electric bike, which is great for folks who don’t like the modern ebike aesthetic. It weighs just 36 pounds, second only to the 25-pound Lemond Prolog, which makes it light enough to carry around, hoist onto a bike rack or carry up stairs. And the two-tone color scheme is gorgeous,” says Forbes.

Velotric T1
Velotric T1 (

The eco-conscious commuting community love this electric bikes for a greener commute. “Looking for a lightweight city commuter? Most e-bikes are too heavy to lug onto a bus or carry up to your apartment, but the T1 packs a whole lot of e-bike power and smarts into a bike that weighs just 36 pounds — and doesn’t look or feel like an e-bike,” writes CNN.

Fitness enthusiasts enjoy the pedal-assist feature for an active lifestyle. “E-bikes can be prohibitively expensive, and while you mostly get what you pay for, there are a few more wallet-friendly options that still get the job done. Chris Nolte, founder of Propel Electric Bikes, recommends the Velotric T1 ST: ‘It’s a lightweight, simple e-bike with pedal assist and throttle,’ he says. ‘A great urban bike for those that want the ability to easily carry up stairs,'” shares Time.

2. Aventon Aventure.2

The Aventon Aventure.2 is the runner up on our list. “Are you looking for a versatile bike that can handle all kinds of terrain? The Aventon Aventure.2 Step-Through may be just what you need. With its 4-inch wide tires and comfortable front suspension, this bike offers stability and smooth rides, ideal for exploring dirt roads or leisurely trails. The 750W motor feels potent and can reach speeds up to 28mph with pedal assistance. It boasts a 720Wh battery, providing a respectable range. Sleek and stylish, the bike has a frame-integrated battery and complimentary components. To suit your preferences, it comes in two frame sizes, step-through and step-over styles. The Aventure.2 boasts an excellent display and controls, front and rear fenders and lights, a rear rack, and even turn signals. This bike is perfect for exploring, whether on an adventure or just commuting,” says Outdoor Gear Lab.

Aventon Aventure.2
Aventon Aventure.2 (

This bike promises a smoother ride than the previous model. “Aventon has been on a roll, with new models and revisions to existing platforms. The brand’s update to its Aventure fat tire e-bike is no exception. At first glance, there are not many big visual differences between the original Aventure and this second-generation model. However, once outside, the small changes feel huge. Compared to the original Aventure, the Aventure.2 rides much smoother. The new torque sensor allows more control over the acceleration of Aventure’s 750W rear hub motor, making the bike’s ride more intuitive. Some of our test riders found the previous model to have too much torque, particularly for lighter-weight riders or those new to e-bikes; the Aventure.2 remedied this fault,” shares Bicycling.

The long lasting battery is the best feature of this bike. “If you’re looking for a fat-tire electric bike that’s less than $2,000, the Aventon Aventure.2 is hard to beat. It’s as good off-road as it is on pavement, has a beefy battery and a clear color display, as well as fenders that’ll save your clothes from getting too muddy. Other niceties include a brake-activated rear light and turn signals. The Aventure.2 has both pedal-assist and throttle modes, and the battery and wires are neatly integrated into the frame. What’s more, the battery can be removed for charging. The battery lasted nearly the advertised 60 miles on a charge, but, as with other ebikes, we drained it much faster when we relied on the throttle. While not as capable as a dedicated mountain bike, the Aventure.2 was able to get us up and over hilly terrain, and its torque sensor was quick to translate our pedaling into power,” writes Toms Guide.

3. Gocycle G4

Experts rave about this next bike on our list. “The Gocycle G4 is an ideal premium electric bike option for commuters, and in our opinion, it’s the best folding e-bike you can buy today if money is no object. Previous Gocycle bikes have impressed us with their smooth power assistance, and the G4’s new motor is its best to date. The bike has a very respectable range too, running for up to 40 miles on a fast charge, and you can use Gocycle’s well-designed smartphone app to tweak its performance to optimize power assistance and range. The G4 folds easily for storage or carrying on public transport, but it feels reassuringly solid to ride. Gocycle has made clever use of different materials throughout the bike’s build to keep weight down (it’s 1kg lighter than the previous model) and ensure it’s well balanced. All cables are internally routed, there’s a chain guard to protect your clothing, and mudguards and lights are fitted as standard the small wheels of a folding bike are inevitably less forgiving of potholes than full-size tires, but the small shock absorber under the seat helped soak up most of the bumps we encountered during everyday rides. This is a premium e-bike and has a price to match (if you need a more affordable option, the excellent MiRider One is well worth a look) but if it’s going to be your main bicycle for regular riding, it’s a justifiable investment,” says Tech Radar.

GoCyle G4 Matte Black
GoCyle G4 Matte Black (

Riding the Gocycle G4 is like experiencing the future of cycling. “The distinctive shape, cable-free design and futuristic profile of the Gocycle G4, designed by a former McLaren engineer, makes it one of the most recognizable bikes on the road today. It’s also incredibly fun to ride, powered by a fully integrated battery and motor that combine to deliver a surprising degree of oomph from an unassuming-looking chassis. Hill climbs feel magically effortless, and the petite, 20’inch wheels are more stable than they appear. Convenient features such as hydraulic disc brakes, all-terrain magnesium wheels and a chain-case enclosed within a hydroformed frame make the Gocycle one of the best folding electric bikes for commuters living in small flats. All of the oily components are safely out of the way when the bike is folded, and the entire thing can be easily wheeled around train stations and into lifts, using the saddle as a handle,” shares Independent.

The ride on this electric bike seems effortless. “The futuristic GoCycle G4 is the best riding folder we’ve tested, e-bike or no. With sure handling, plenty of power and a quality build, it’s a great vacation or recreational ride but doesn’t fold up compactly enough to be a commute and everyday workhorse,” writes CNN.

4. Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB

The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB appears on our list at number four. “An all-around bike with the absolute best parts package and beautiful ride quality, the Ultimate C380+ has it all from a Bosch mid-drive motor to a fuss-free Gates carbon belt and Enviolo/Nuvinci transmission,” says CNN.

Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB
Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB (

What if you could remove the battery and charge your bike next to your phone? Well, you can! “I genuinely love the Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB. This beefy step-through bike from an iconic Dutch bike-maker features a superb Enviolo 380 Trekking Manual stepless gear system that means you can shift continuously from the lowest gear to the highest just by twisting a collar on the handlebar. It’s also low maintenance and uses a high-tech carbon belt drive, so no greasy chains or cluster of gears like a traditional bike. The Class 3 bike can go up to 28 mph with four levels of pedal assist (sorry, no throttle), has a formidable 65-mile range and easy-to-read digital display on the handlebars. For security, the bike includes a key-operated hub lock, so thieves can’t roll the bike away—they’d need to carry the 56-pound behemoth to their truck. It has cool extras as well, like a battery that can be easily removed for indoor charging and a suspension in the fork to smooth out the ride,” writes Forbes.

This electric bike is impressive. Why? “Commonly spotted between the legs of Dutch commuters, Gazelle is one of the oldest and most trusted bike brands in the Netherlands with more than 130 years of experience under its saddle. The ultimate C380 is one of the best electric bikes Gazelle produces. A blend of the company’s touring bikes and city bikes, it’s a premium-tier ride with exceptional build quality, a top-shelf motor and convenient trimmings such as an integrated removable battery and front and rear lights. The upright and relaxed riding position suits leisure cycling and daily city commutes alike,” shares Independent.

5. Lectric XP 3.0

Fifth on the list of best electric bikes is Lectric XP 3.0. “The Lectric XP 3.0 stole our hearts for its sheer affordability and fun factor. To be clear: There are more premium folding bikes that cater to different needs, but this one seems like the people’s champion for affordable folding e-bikes. Of all the e-bikes listed on this best electric bikes list, there may not be a more affordable and versatile one of the bunch,” says Electric Bike Report.

Lectric XP 3.0
Lectric XP 3.0 (

This compact electric bike with 500W motor accelerates your rides. “The Lectric XP 3.0 is a folding electric bike that will fit in the trunk of your car, next to your office desk, or in the hall closet for storage. Despite its compact foldable design, the bike features loads of adjustability to suit a wide range of user heights. It has user-friendly features like a cargo rack, fenders, lights, a comfortable seat, and ergonomic grips. Lectric sells additional accessories, even a passenger seat if you want additional conveniences. With a robust 500W motor, the XP 2.0 packs a lot of power in a small package and can speed up to 28 mph using pedal assist and 20 mph with the throttle,” writes Outdoor Gear Lab.

Lectric XP electric bikes are  geared up with accessories to make long commutes more comfortable. “The Lectric XP 3.0 is powered by a 1,000-watt rear hub motor with a 500-watt-hour battery that can get you up to 65 miles on a single charge (in my testing, I’d say you could expect closer to 45 miles in real-world riding conditions). It’s a Class 3 bike that tops out at 28 mph on pedal assist and 20 mph with the twist throttle. The Lectric XP 3.0 has integrated lights, fenders, 3-inch fat tires and—surprisingly—a hydraulic suspension. And recently, Lectric started including hydraulic brakes at no additional cost. That’s a substantial upgrade from the mechanical brakes that Lectric used to build into this model, and it makes this one of the few ebikes under $1,000 to offer this feature,” shares Forbes.

6. Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus

Why do experts recommend this bike? “It has a comfortable design, plenty of power, and a multitude of mounting points for things such as baskets and child seats. Plus, it comes with a rear rack and mudguards. Its 7-speed shifter, combined with three levels of pedal assistance and a twist throttle is more than enough to get you up even the steepest of hills. Rad Power says that the RadCity5 should get upwards of 50+ miles on a charge; in our testing, it came fairly close — about 40 miles. We really enjoyed pedaling around on this bike, which is offered in both step-through and step-over models. Its battery, while not fully integrated into the downtube, provides plenty of range, and can also be used to charge your phone (with the right adapter),” says Tom’s Guide.

Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus
Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus (

Rad Power bikes offer the complete package of power, style, and affordability. “Rad Power bikes are known for their powerful motors, attractive designs, affordable prices and customizable options. While the RadCity model may not be as budget-friendly as the brand’s RadRunner 2 or offer the same rear weight capacity (120 pounds) as the larger cargo RadWagon, it serves as a great middle ground. It’s ideal for those seeking a fast bike for transportation or carrying a few items weighing up to 60 pounds. Unlike the RadRunner, the RadCity offers seven gearing options, a choice between a step-through or high-step frame, an upgraded motor and brakes and slightly more range. Once our testers got going, they found their rides on the RadCity to be smooth and secure,” writes Good House Keeping.

With this electric bike, it’s about the comfort. “We’re really big fans of step-thru commuter e-bikes, so we always appreciate seeing the option on an otherwise-excellent high-step model. The Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus is the latest iteration of their dedicated commuter, which offers both high-step and step-thru frames in addition to being well-specced and comfortable to ride. The RadCity is a powerful commuter that’s economically priced at under $2,000. It comes as a Class 2 e-bike with a throttle and a max motor-assisted speed of 20 mph.The bike is equipped with a 750W geared rear hub motor powered by a 672Wh battery, making for a decent range. We like that the rear rack is sturdier than most. That rack, according to Rad, is strong and big enough to carry a child’s seat, so you can take more of the family along for the ride,” shares Electric Bike Report.

7. Priority Bicycles Current E-Bike

Last but not least is the Current E-Bike from Priority Bicycles. “Available in two styles, three sizes and two colors, Priority’s Current e-bike is a no-frills option that is straightforward to operate according to our testers, but it lacks some of the flashy features found in other bikes within the same price range. That said, our staffers who recently took this model out for a spin gave it a perfect score for its performance on smooth surfaces like pavement; it also earned high scores for tackling hills. Testers reported that it was easy to shift gears and make turns, and that the bell was clear and loud — an important feature when riding amidst city traffic alongside cars, motorcycles, trucks and pedestrians. While our testers felt secure and stable riding the bike, they did say that they found it to be somewhat cumbersome to transport. Although it’s one of the lighter models in our list, one tester did find that the bike is a bit heavy when carrying it up and down the stairs to the front door of my building,” says Good House Keeping.

Priority Bicycles Current E-Bike
Priority Bicycles Current E-Bike (

Having an electric bike can make your daily commutes more exciting. “If your place of work is within cycling distance, a commuter-friendly e-bike can be the ideal way to skip daily traffic jams or public transport. Tyler Swartz, co-founder of E-bike Commuting, suggests taking a look at Priority’s Current, a Class 3, mid-drive bike with a 500-watt motor and all-weather, hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear lighting for better visibility, and a comfortable, mid-step frame. For even more choices in this category, read our picks for the best electric commuter bikes,” writes Time.

This electric bike is perfect companion for any terrain. “I’ll start out by saying that the use of the word ‘fastest’ can be a little misleading with electric bikes, as the fastest any of them can go under motor power—legally—is 28 MPH. The Priority Current earns the distinction for getting up to max speed very quickly and maintaining that speed once it gets there. While the Current has no throttle, its pedal assistance is undeniably powerful. The more you put into pedaling it, the more it will put out. The Current comes in Class 1 out of the box, but you can easily change the settings and upgrade to Class 3 via an onboard digital display. When choosing your Current, you can go with either a classic Shimano 5-gear shifter or pay a bit more for the Enviolo CVT—a super-smooth transmission system that is in gear no matter how you shift it and can be easily adjusted to suit your terrain via a little gauge indicating flatness vs. hilliness,” shares Pop Sci.

Do you prefer mountain biking or road cycling? Leave a comment to let us know!

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  1. Very informative helpful article
    Am over 60, new to ebikes, want to buy two for use on streets or paved paths
    Price not an issue
    Would like to finds ones that fold up for car travel

    Thought for any places to look as you may not recommend a particular brand or model

    Thank you,


    1. Ed, this article focuses on e-bikes for bicycle enthusiasts. They missed the bicycles you and I would like. By accident, I found Evelo Bicycles. They have bicycles for the folks who want to ride bent over for the least wind resistance and other bicycles for those who like to ride sitting up straight. Their service is amazing, and their warranty is unbeatable. I have owned one for over five years and have had many mishaps. The bicycles perform flawlessly, and when things go bad, they solve the problem immediately, even taking back the scuffed-up bike and sending a different model at no charge for shipping. I can’t say enough good things about the company.

      I have not tried their folding model, but I love their cruiser.

      They have a book that describes the difference between bike models (Check their website). It is worth the time to read. They will not pester you when you give them your e-mail address or phone.

      Disclaimer: I have no relationship with this company other than as an ecstatic customer, and I did a featured review for them some time ago and helped them understand I don’t want to bend over to ride a bicycle. That is when they started marketing a cruiser.

    2. I forgot to suggest you take a close look at all the above pictures. Note the handlebars are short, and the front fork has minimal curvature for quick response. The handlebar is almost even with the seat, so you are required to bend over to ride. These are the characteristics of a racing bicycle. You will likely prefer a cruiser with a wide handlebar and a larger curve to the front fork for more stability and the handlebars higher than the seat so you can ride sitting up and enjoy the energy as you ride.

      Just my opinion; yours may vary.

  2. It’s nice that you have a collection of well balanced recommendations, so thank you for that! I’m a former marathon cyclist who lost my ability to ride, and an e-bike helped me recover to the point where I can ride my touring bike again. 7000 miles in two years, and I’m loving it 😊

  3. Sorry Meaghan, Ariel Rider’s Kepler is the one to beat in the sub $2k category, currently at $1,899. 1,320 watt hub motor (advertised 1,000 watt 2,000 watt peak). 26″ by 4″ fat tire, 52V 20ah LG battery, Hydraulic brakes, huge 77 lb capacity rear rack. It hauls my 224 lb body and 8 lb chain lock at 38.5 mph top speed throttle only, easily averaging 30-35 mph. 108Nm of torque (important spec missing from other listings…).

  4. Look at Lectric xp3 folding ebike newest model long range or regular battery . Super great budget e bike with many features u won’t regret! Michael

  5. Nice article and I appreciate the update. One concern, none of the listing indicate type of sensing.

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