Best Starbucks Desserts: Top 5 Sweets Most Recommended By Foodies

Starbucks is universally loved for its caffeinated beverages, but it also serves up an array of sweet treats that have garnered its legions of devotees. Whether you need something to compliment your morning cup of joe or the perfect accompaniment to your latte, the dessert menu at Starbucks doesn’t disappoint. It’s often hard to refuse a delectable delight as you place your drink order. StudyFinds has delved into the best Starbucks desserts that merit a place in the sweets hall of fame.

Can’t avoid dessert? You’re far from alone. According to a study, nearly two in five people say they have a bigger sweet tooth now than when they were a kid. It turns out personality and marital status may play a role in how you feel about dessert. Researchers report that nearly half of extroverts claim their sweet tooth has grown since childhood. More self-reported introverts than extroverts preferred chocolate desserts and were likely to eat sweets in the morning. Additionally, the research looked into the social aspects surrounding desserts and found that 41 percent of those with a partner or spouse have a favorite dessert in common.

When visiting Starbucks, do you go for a savory breakfast sandwich or are you more inclined towards a cake pop or iced lemon cake? The flavor palette for you may also reveal something about your personality, according to new research. Those with a sweet tooth are more likely to be social butterflies, while those who reach for savory snacks enjoy more leisurely, intimate events. Where do you fall on the flavor spectrum?

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The List: Best Starbucks Desserts, According to Experts

1. Classic Coffee Cake

This cake is sold out 95 percent of the time, so if they have it, get it! The Daily Meal writes, “Any dessert that’s in such high demand has to be good. With that extra coffee flavor to boot, we bet that this sugary pastry will go great with most Starbucks beverages.”

StarbMag adds, “It’s usually my go-to breakfast option when I want something simple and I’m craving pastries. The rich coffee flavor and the delightful cinnamon combination from the cake is a nice twist that adds to the overall taste of your drink.”

“They invented this cake for the sole purpose of eating it with coffee, so I would highly suggest heeding that subtle advice and splurging on some cinnamon goodness to enjoy with your midday caffeine,” urges Spoon University.

2. Iced Lemon Pound Cake

There’s a lot to love about this according to StarbMag. “This dessert-like loaf is a finely textured cake topped with a delicious and tangy lemon frosting. A slice of this won’t be enough for breakfast or a quick lunch, but it does make for a good snack in between meals. It goes well as a tea accompaniment. Give it a try and see.”

“The sweetness of the crust perfectly balances the tartness of the filling, and the moist bread melts in your mouth and is packed with flavor,” according to Restaurant Clicks. The slices are pretty thick and rich, so one slice probably will be enough to fulfill the craving for this wonderful pastry (even though your tastebuds will be wanting more). It truly is a unique pastry that stands out.”

Spoon University writes, “Pound cake is great in general because it’s like a sweet, desert-y loaf of bread. But with frosting. And lemon. We’re sold. It’s also super satisfying and will definitely keep your hunger at bay.”

3. Double Chocolate Brownie

This is a rockstar among brownies. “This brownie is wonderfully chocolatey without the darkness of mocha,” touts Tasting Table. “Instead, you’ll find it somewhere in the middle of the milk chocolate flavors from your childhood and your heart-loving dark chocolate of today. The center is that perfectly fudgy texture of a brownie that has been cooked for just enough time.”

“This dessert is appropriately decadent and extremely chocolatey,” explains The Daily Meal. “It even has large chocolate chunks in it, which are larger than traditional chocolate chips. We like that. If you try this treat once, we bet you will be extremely tempted to get it again. It’s that good. We needn’t say more, since this dessert basically speaks for itself on every level.”

Insider recommends you elevate this brownie even higher. “After being toasted in the oven, the chain’s brownie is delicious on its own. It’s rich and chocolaty, plus its chocolate chunks make it extra decadent. Whipped cream and mocha drizzle turn it into a restaurant-quality dessert. If possible, I recommend you order this on a plate since it can get quite messy in a to-go bag.”

4. Blueberry Scone

Who can argue with this classic? “You really can’t go wrong with a blueberry scone, especially if it’s warmed up,” says Spoon University. “The blueberries add a nice fruity flavor to the Frappuccino or latte you’re probably drinking. Scones tend to get a rep as boring, but with sugar crystals on top, it is anything but.”

“The blueberry adds a nice fruity flavor to the mix that makes this scone one of the classic go-to at Starbucks for many including me, adds StarbMag. “I’ve found that this particular option goes well with a Frappuccino or Latte.”

Fresh Coffee House is in love with all of the scones saying, “Once you taste the Starbucks Scones, you probably will not find any other scones that can level up to them.”

5. Chocolate Croissant

“This really needs no embellishment; the title says it all,” according to Spoon University. “The warm, rich chocolate inside a flaky, doughy crust is ah-mazing and it’s the perfect size for breakfast or a post-class snack.”

According to Tier Maker, a community voting website, this item makes the “Superior” list of items the chain offers.

“It simply doesn’t get any better than the Starbucks Chocolate Croissant, making it the best pastry on the Starbucks bakery menu,” exclaims Shop Food.

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