The Consensus 5 Best OLED TVs Across 10 Expert Reviews

In the realm of home entertainment, the battle for the best picture quality rages on. While there are strong contenders, OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) televisions consistently rank high on the list for those seeking an exceptional viewing experience. OLED boasts superior contrast, deeper blacks, and incredibly vivid colors, making them ideal for watching movies, playing games, or simply enjoying your favorite shows. But with so many OLED TVs on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This guide will help you navigate the features, specifications, and price points to find the best OLED TV to elevate your home entertainment experience.

In your search for a new TV, remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean better picture quality. The television models on our list are top notch in performance. StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best OLED TVs to buy according to the consensus among 10 expert reviews. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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A woman watching TV with a bowl of popcorn (Photo by Kaspars Grinvalds on Shutterstock)

The List: Best OLED TVs, According to Tech Experts

1. Samsung S95C

65-inch Samsung S95C
65-inch Samsung S95C

Looking for the best OLED TV the market has to offer? Look no further than the Samsung S95C. TechRadar hails it as the brightest OLED TV they’ve ever tested, surpassing even the LG C3 by a significant margin. This translates to stunning HDR visuals with exceptional clarity and color accuracy, unlike anything else available.

Tom’s Guide goes a step further, declaring the S95C the outright winner among OLED TVs. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual home entertainment enthusiast, this TV is sure to impress.

The New York Times highlights the S95C’s impressive brightness advantage. Clocking in at roughly 1,400 nits in HDR, it outshines both the S90C and the LG C3, making it a perfect choice for well-lit rooms where other TVs might struggle. Additionally, the rear-mountable OneConnect box offers a convenient solution for wall-mounted setups, minimizing cable clutter.

2. LG C3

77-inch LG C3
77-inch LG C3

While the Samsung S95C takes the crown for peak brightness, the LG C3 remains a strong contender for most OLED TV buyers, according to various tech publications. Digital Trends emphasizes the C3’s well-rounded performance and value, earning it the title of “Best Overall OLED for most folks” in 2023. Available in a wide range of screen sizes, it delivers impressive picture quality with excellent color, contrast, and peak brightness levels, making it suitable for various viewing environments and budgets.

Business Insider acknowledges that the C3 isn’t the absolute best on the market, but it still offers exceptional performance within its class, particularly considering the variety of screen size options available. USA Today also places it among the best all-around TVs available. While acknowledging its premium price point compared to the previous C2 model, they recognize it as the latest and greatest iteration of LG’s C series, ideal for those seeking the top-of-the-line OLED experience.

3. Sony A95K

Sony A95K
Sony A95K (

The Sony A95K emerges as another compelling option in the world of OLED TVs. Trusted Reviews praises its picture quality, highlighting its exceptional color fidelity, natural details, true blacks, and ability to reveal every intricate detail for a stunning visual experience.

While acknowledges the A95K’s image quality as nearly identical to the Samsung S90C, it emphasizes its compatibility with advanced home theater features like Dolby Vision HDR and DTS:X, catering specifically to home entertainment enthusiasts.

TechRadar goes all in, declaring the A95K an “OLED TV masterpiece.” They commend its mastery of Quantum Dot OLED technology, which combines the deep blacks and control of traditional OLED with enhanced brightness and vibrant colors. Sony’s advanced processing engine is also lauded for delivering stunning visuals, even claiming them to be “arguably the most flat-out beautiful images we’ve seen from a consumer television.”

4. Samsung S90C

Samsung S90C
65-inch Samsung S90C

Samsung doesn’t stop at the S95C. Their S90C model also makes a strong showing amongst OLED contenders. The New York Times highlights the S90C’s improvements over its predecessor, the S95B, particularly in its more responsive smart TV platform, dazzling HDR picture quality, and smooth gaming experience. They also point out its futuristic touches, including a solar-powered remote and built-in cloud gaming features.

Business Insider emphasizes the S90C’s value, noting its use of Quantum Dots to achieve superior color and brightness compared to other OLED TVs in its price range.

USA Today notes how the range of features cater to different user preferences. Movie enthusiasts will appreciate the S90C’s Filmmaker mode for its accurate picture reproduction, while gamers will rejoice in its support for current-gen consoles with features like 4K gaming at 144Hz and various variable refresh rate technologies. Additionally, they highlight the S90C’s comprehensive gaming features like ALLM, VRR, AMD FreeSync Premium, and Samsung’s dedicated Gaming Hub.

5. Sony A80L

Sony A80L
65-inch Sony A80L

The Sony A80L rounds out the list of top OLED TVs, offering a compelling option for those seeking a balance of performance and value. praises its image processing capabilities, a hallmark of Sony TVs, while acknowledging its excellent picture quality with deep blacks, vibrant colors, and support for 4K gaming at 120Hz.

TechRadar positions the A80L as a direct competitor to the LG C3, albeit at a slightly lower price point in some regions. They highlight the unique advantage of Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology. This innovative technology transforms the screen itself into a speaker, working alongside subwoofers to deliver a more immersive and powerful sound experience.

Tom’s Guide goes a step further, declaring the A80L the best-sounding OLED TV currently available. They commend its performance in picture quality, matching its competitors in blacks and contrast, while emphasizing Sony’s advanced technologies that elevate both the visual and auditory aspects of the entertainment experience, setting it apart in its price range.


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  1. This is the worst list of oleds I’ve ever seen.
    DO NOT BUY. Sony A95k has repeatedly won’t top awards. The Vizio I can’t believe is even in here. Someone hasn’t done thier homework

    1. We’re now into March ’24. Has nothing changed in the OLED TV market since October ’22 when this very same article was first published?

  2. Yeah this list confuses me, is it the Sony or Samsung the best (sorted high to low?). Vision ranks as #2? More questions than answers here!

  3. Is there a TV that has BOTH , excellent Sound especially good for senior citizens , and exceedingly good / sharp picture quality?
    Also providing an easy to use smart TV ,
    For senior citizens , with the Above features ,
    Perhaps good for people who are not so Computee Savy!
    I don’t see this in your comments !!
    Which make is top ranking for that??
    Thank you,

  4. @Tator: Mie îmi pasă. Ca sunet spațial (140-150 W RMS) și imagine (calibrată de specialiștii de la Hollywood și care, printre altele, depășește 1000 de niți la nivelul unui OLED), Panasonic GZ, HZ, JZ și LZ 2000 le cam depășește pe toate (Sony, Philips, LG, Samsung etc.).

  5. @Tator: I care. In spatial sound (140-150 W RMS) and picture (calibrated by Hollywood specialists and which, among other things, exceeds 1000 nits at the level of an OLED), the Panasonic GZ, HZ, JZ and LZ 2000 just about surpass them all (Sony, Philips, LG, Samsung etc.).

  6. While not the best, I picked up a LG A2 48″ that I am very happy with, for only $569 at BB black Fri sale and it blows away any sub $1000 LCD imho. Perfect for the bedroom. Now want a 65″ C2 for the living room.

  7. Sony A95K is a bad Tv and has picture that goes black and off air becomes 2 pictures! Have it for 2 months off issues and hoping Sony to refund. Wouldn’t replace tv and keep
    Saying working on the on a fix and should just unplug and wait for it to reboot every time it happens. Yep that’s why I spent 3000.00 on a tv. Junk hoping for tomorrow to get my money back to buy and LG G2 to replace. Can’t believe from a Major company this is how they treat their customers. Escalated 4 levels of threw them have pictures and they no it’s in small batch of TV’s but leave you hanging though they would haves replaced it if only in small batch or at least give me a 5 year warranty.

  8. A80j is last years 2021 tv a80 k is 2022
    A80j is better than this years.
    Had A80j 77 abl was a pain, best is a90j
    Returned a80j got a 85 a95j 2021 with a good panel. Im happy. No dammage or dimming image to worry about.
    So far 1 year verry happy.
    This list is very strange.

  9. The true Best Tv are :
    1 Sony A95
    2. Panasonic lz2000
    3. Philips oled937
    4. LG G2
    5 Sony A80

  10. So a flagship Panasonic or Philips, costing twice what a a80 cost still can’t compare?

    How is it that people who know zero about something are the ones who’s opinions get printed?

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