Best Microsoft Xbox Series X Games: Top 7 Titles Most Recommended By Experts

The Xbox Series X and its digital-only partner, the Series S, are the current generation video game home consoles from Microsoft. This powerful machine boasts graphics, performance speed, and a robust online service called Xbox Live. Additionally, the innovative Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that allows subscribers to play games from a rotating list of new releases and best-selling titles that remain playable as long as players maintain their subscription. All these features have created one of the most highly-rated home game experiences. Our list of the top seven best Xbox series X games is a collection of best-selling titles with huge player bases.

The original Microsoft Xbox was released in 2001 and rapidly took its place alongside Sony and Nintendo as a leader in home console gaming. Thanks to exclusives like “Halo: Combat Evolved” and a slew of popular sports titles, Xbox quickly established a strong brand of action-focused and arcade-style games. Moreover, the online service, Xbox Live, rapidly captured gamers that were eager to get into player vs. player (PVP) gaming. This would in turn create larger fan bases for competitive games and influence the rise of esports.

Today, modern gamers are able to enjoy Xbox Series X, which is one of the most powerful gaming consoles available. Boasting graphics and hardware that are only rivaled by Sony’s PS5 and high-end gaming computers, the Xbox Series X is reported to have sold well over 21 million units worldwide. Additionally, since Xbox is owned by Microsoft, there have been some titles that allow for crossover play between console and PC gamers, as well as data cloud services for user profiles, titles, and game saves.

Xbox is a great console that is easily integrated into a smart home setup. The Series X also plays Blu-ray and many other types of disc media. Our sources helped us rank the top seven best Xbox Series X Games to play today. Let us know your favorite Microsoft titles in the comments below!

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The List: Best Xbox Series X Games, According to Experts


1. “Forza Horizon 5” (2021)

Microsoft has a history of excellent driving and simulator games. “Forza Horizon 5” is one of the most beautiful racing games ever made. Tech Radar comments, “‘Forza Horizon 5’ might just be the current gold standard for what games can look like on the Xbox Series X. It’s such a beautiful mixture of high-octane racing and just unabashed celebration of a beautiful place on earth that it’s an attractive game even if you have never touched a racer before.”

“Forza Horizon 5” (2021)
“Forza Horizon 5” (2021)

PC adds, “‘Forza Horizon 5’ takes everything we’ve loved about the franchise and finds ways to make it better. Mexico makes for an excellent open-world racing playground, with its wild mix of climates and locales. Next-gen horsepower delivers the most gorgeous ‘Forza’ game yet. And if you somehow grow tired of all the content the developers provide, construct your own custom missions using the new EventLab.”

“While there are plenty of contenders, ‘Forza Horizon 5’ is arguably the pinnacle of arcade racing. The game features an astounding 700 cars (each of which is meticulously crafted), and a massive map of Mexico that stretches from snow-covered mountains to the dense jungle floor,” details Den of Geek.

2. “Star Wars: Jedi Survivor” (2023)

“Star Wars: Jedi Survivor” is an adventure game that offers over 50 hours of gameplay in the “Star Wars” galaxy. This demanding title requires a powerful gaming console in order to fully enjoy its amazing visuals. PC explains, “Respawn’s single player ‘Star Wars’ saga continues with this new Cal Kestis adventure. In ‘Jedi Survivor,’ you explore tightly designed 3D platforming maps and open worlds full of characters and quests. Fans of the new High Republic stories will appreciate the plot twists. Of course, you master different lightsaber styles and use a blaster, too.”

“Star Wars: Jedi Survivor” (2023)
“Star Wars: Jedi Survivor” (2023)

Den of Geek offers, “You start off as a badass Jedi Knight and only get more powerful as the game goes on. Survivor also eschews the typical ‘Star Wars’ locales for many new, never before seen planets. And they all look fantastic, largely because this is still one of the few triple-A games to exclusively release on next-gen.”

The Loadout states, “Regarded as the best Xbox ‘Star Wars’ game to date, Respawn Entertainment’s sequel to ‘Fallen Order’ takes us to Coruscant where Cal Kestis is struggling to evade the Galactic Empire. Taking place five years on from the original game, Cal is a refined Jedi Knight, and you can feel that in everything you do.”

3. “Elden Ring” (2022)

“Elden Ring” is a smash hit adventure title. This game is known for difficult boss fights and satisfying gameplay. IGN relates, “‘Elden Ring’ offers the same journey and main quest for all who pick up the controller. But it’s open-design in how it allows the player to approach that journey is what makes everyone’s quest through The Lands Between personal and memorable.”

“Elden Ring” (2022)
“Elden Ring” (2022)

Games Radar claims, “FromSoftware has done it again. The studio responsible for titans like ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’ has delivered perhaps its finest game to date in ‘Elden Ring,’ the open world fantasy adventure which challenges players to conquer The Lands Between.”

“As the first foray into a true open world, ‘Elden Ring’ is another Souls-like triumph. it might lack the extremely polished structure of ‘Dark Souls’ or ‘Dark Souls 3,’ but it still offers a compelling experience for fans of tough but fair games draped in a dark fantasy setting,” reviews Tom’s Guide.

4. “Halo Infinite” (2021)

“Halo” is a Microsoft exclusive title that changed the gaming landscape. Though the series has had both fantastic and lousy entries, “Halo Infinite” is top rated. “After two previous ‘Halo’ games that were a tad lackluster, ‘Halo Infinite’ comes soaring back to success… literally thanks to the new grappling hook that lets you swing across chasms and scale cliffs with ease,” according to Tom’s Guide.

“Halo Infinite” (2021)
“Halo Infinite” (2021)

Kotaku asserts, “‘Halo Infinite’ is having a moment. Its multiplayer portion, which is free-to-play, started off strong and has only improved in the months since, with a steady drip of new modes and seasonal events. The campaign, meanwhile, is somehow both a continuation of the newer games and a return to form to the glorious original trilogy.”

Games Radar evaluates, “‘Halo Infinite’ is the best shape the series has been in for quite some time, with a confident campaign that celebrates the series’ legacy. In it you’ll be exploring a new ringed world, accompanied by a new AI with a familiar face and voice, with Master Chief trying to save the world again.”

5. “Starfield” (2023)

“Starfield” is an ambitious title from game developer Bethesda. This game opens up the stars for players to explore in this huge single player game. Digital Trends compliments, “Bethesda’s latest RPG sends players into space to pilot their own spaceship and explore hundreds of star systems. While the game may not be as expansive as players had originally hoped, it has been a massive success… anyone who has enjoyed previous Bethesda titles or loves sci-fi adventures will enjoy losing themselves in this game.”

“Starfield” (2023)
“Starfield” (2023)

PC assures, “Bethesda takes a break from ‘Elder Scrolls’ and ‘Fallout’ to deliver a new role-playing experience. Fans of previous Bethesda games will recognize many of the same design ideas, along with some new outer space-themed innovations. ‘Starfield’ may not change your life, but it has an impressive galactic scale.”

The Loadout articulates, “One of the best Xbox RPG games of 2023, ‘Starfield’ puts your created character into the care of planetary exploration group, Constellation, as you seek to solve the mystery of an artifact you initially come into possession of.”

6. “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” (2020)

Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed Series” has had highs and lows in terms of game quality. “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” is considered one of the best in the series that spans 13 games and a major motion picture starring Michael Fassbender. The Loadout raves, “Ubisoft is well known for its ability to craft gorgeous, accurate to history games, and that remains true with ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.’ In this game, you’ll play as Eivor, a legendary Viking warrior on the quest for glory in England.”

“Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” (2020)
“Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” (2020)

Games Radar praises, “‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ launched alongside the Xbox Series X on November 10, [2020] and it’s a clear day one purchase for any of you that are after a sprawling open-world adventure to show off the capability of the new generation of consoles.”

Digital Trends exclaims, “With a main story that’ll keep players occupied for over 60 hours and a seemingly endless list of activities to complete, it’s the kind of game that can be played for months on end. There’s a lot to enjoy in ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ due to its wealth of systems.”

7. “Control: Ultimate Edition” (2020)

“Control” is a paranormal government agency game. Fans of classic television shows like “The X-Files” and “Fringe” will find this game’s setting familiar. Tech Radar says, “Between uncovering secrets and engaging in high risk, high reward combat, there’s a lot to love about ‘Control.’ It constantly keeps you on your toes, and its story will have you thinking about what’s next even after you’ve put it down.”

“Control: Ultimate Edition” (2020)
“Control: Ultimate Edition” (2020)

Gamespot describes, “When ‘Control’ originally launched in 2019, it seemed to be too taxing for console hardware. The next-gen release of ‘Control: Ultimate Edition’ remedies these issues. On Xbox Series X, Control can run in 4K, and it retains a steady 60fps… ‘Control’ is a narrative-focused action game revolving around a mysterious government agency that investigates supernatural activity.”

Digital Trends elaborates, “New tech means that the game looks better than ever … thanks to ray tracing. For players who missed out the first time around, the next-gen version is a perfect excuse to jump back into one of the more inventive AAA games to launch in the past few years.”

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