Best Of The Best Tortilla Chips: Top 5 Nacho Staples Most Recommended By Experts

One of the most versatile and delicious snacks is the tortilla chip. They are salty, crispy, and they pair well with just about any dip or sauce out there. No party is complete without a big bowl of the best tortilla chips and they are sorely missed when they are gone. In the snack game, the tortilla chip is the king. 

There is big money behind the snack game in America and that’s with reason. Get-togethers, sporting events, birthday parties, or even movie nights are all reasons to break out a bowl of tortilla chips and salsa. According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, the average person spends just under $30,000 on snacks in their lifetime. 

Are you always snack stocked? A recent study reveals seven in 10 Americans make sure to have snacks in their house at all times! Tortilla chips are most likely among the munchies you have stowed away in your pantry. They are a staple that can be used to entertain or for solo snacking.

If you’re hungry for something to satisfy your crunchy cravings, StudyFinds set out to do the research for you, visiting 10 expert websites to compile a list of the best tortilla chips. If you’ve got your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

The List: Best Tortilla Chips, According To Snack Pros


1. On the Boarder

On the Boarder crunches down on the top spot on our list due to its consistently high reviews by experts. 

“…it was the chip that guests finished immediately as they raved about its crispiness and the fact that it was the only chip you could munch on without a sauce or dip,” says Today

Washington Post takes note of the little details that make this chip special: “Fresh tasting… Nice curl for salsa retention.”

Restaurant Clicks likes its affordability, “These chips are priced right compared to many of the other big brands – thin, flaky, crispy, and delicious.”

2. Santitas 

At number two sits the ever-popular Santitas Tortilla Chip. This Frito-Lay product is wildly popular and deserves this spot on the list. 

“Santitas chips are large triangles, with a lot of surface area for scooping up salsa and a thickness that can hold up to any sauce and makes for a great base for nachos,” says Uproxx.

According to Anoumanzer, you get a lot of crunch for your buck, “This was one of the most lasting chips, so if your guacamole is essentially avocado pieces with a few drops of lime juice and finely chopped onions, this is the chip for you. You can feel secure in the knowledge that you won’t fall victim to price gouging by greedy businesses.”

Serious Eats writes, “Santitas takes the win for best value brand. The size of the chips is a much more reasonable 2 bites per triangle as well, making them ideal for grabbing and dipping.”

3. Xochitl

While it may be the hardest brand to say, it makes up for how delicious they are. Xochitl hits at number three and hails from the Southwest state of Texas. 

All Recipes sings their graces, “These tasted like chips fresh from the fryer at our favorite Mexican restaurant. The light corn flavor paired perfectly with salsa. As a plus, these chips are gluten-free, certified organic, Non-GMO, and made with no preservatives. Although they are on the thinner side, they have an excellent crunch.”

“Xochitl’s tortilla chips are made from yellow corn and palm oil, and they’re so light and thin, they’ll remind you of fresh chips from your favorite Mexican restaurant. The almost-airy texture still comes with great corn flavor and evenly distributed sea salt seasoning,” says The Spruce Eats

“Wow, what a surprise (said no chip enthusiast ever). With a premium chip that impresses with an authentic maize flavor, a well-balanced texture, the presence of sea salt, and even a tinge of lime, Xochitl takes home the top prize in this taste test,” adds Anoumanzer.

4. Late July

Late July creates and serves many flavors of tortilla chip, but we’re giving special attention to their original blend. There’s little doubt that a bag of these won’t go unfinished. 

“One staffer captured our sentiments perfectly: ‘These chips are made by angels.’ They’re not, but you get the idea. Organic whole-ground corn gives these chips some flavor of their own, but it’s subtle enough to still be a blank canvas for beans and guac,” raves Bon Appétit.

Restaurant Clicks says, “For those who like a lighter chip that somewhat melts in your mouth, this is the tortilla chip for you. The ingredients include organic whole ground corn, organic sunflower oil and/or organic safflower oil, and sea salt.”

Washington Post reviewers are head-over-heels for this snack: “‘The uber-chip,’ one fan declared. ‘Tastes light and crunchy, but sturdy enough to get the guac.'”

5. Tostitos Original

The big boy at the supermarket gets the number five spot on our list due to its cure dedication to consistency. These blue, red, or purple bags are found all across the country and would be missed if they were not represented among the greats.

Simple and effective, “These chips were so perfectly balanced with just the right amount of corn flavor and saltiness,” says All Recipes.

Today mentions their foundational attributes to get-togethers everywhere, “These are solid. They’re a staple at most picnics and barbecues because they always deliver in lightness, salt content, and size.”

“​​I love these chips for their versatility – they are thin and crispy enough to munch on as a snack but are strong enough to dip in salsas and cheese sauces,” adds Restaurant Clicks


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