Debilitating Phone Pain: Woman Says Life Was Ruined By Texting, Scrolling

ROSCOMMON, Ireland — A 34-year-old woman from Ireland has developed chronic shoulder pain so severe that it prevents her from even sleeping. What’s causing the issue? She believes it’s her phone.

Michelle Waldron has sought emergency medical care 10 times for this issue, yet painkillers have proven ineffective. Now, she is considering Botox injections as a potential solution to alleviate the pain, which has become so debilitating that it hinders her ability to complete simple daily tasks.

Before noticing the pain, Michelle estimates she spent approximately four hours each day using her phone.

“I can’t sleep in a bed, I can only sleep in my chair – it’s too painful in the bed, and I just can’t sleep,” Waldron says in an online video post.

“It just happened overnight – I went to bed fine and woke up in agony. I was scared because the level of pain is quite severe. It’s an awful thing, it’s quite sharp and deep. I can’t cook, clean, or do household duties anymore, and if I’m holding things in my hand, they just fall out of my hand. Chronic pain is an illness – you hear about these things, but you never expect them to happen to you.”

Michelle Waldron demonstrating where her phone-related pain is.
Michelle Waldron demonstrates where her phone-related pain is. (Credit: SWNS)

Michelle recalls that her problems began in December 2022 when she woke up one morning with severe pain. Being snowed in at her house, she found herself using her phone more than usual for entertainment, spending three to four hours daily on the device.

Since then, the pain has progressively worsened, evolving from a tingling and throbbing sensation to stiffness and numbness, extending down her arm to her hand. Despite consulting pain specialists and chiropractors, and undergoing acupuncture and steroid injections, Michelle continues to suffer from pain. Her pain specialist has confirmed that the discomfort could be attributed to extensive texting and phone usage.

Michelle has spent approximately $1,130 on various treatments, including visits to pain specialists and chiropractors, and for steroid injections. She plans to try Botox injections in her shoulder, hoping it will relax the muscles and alleviate the pain.

To mitigate the issue, she now uses a mobile phone stylus. Michelle aims to raise awareness about this problem and warns others, sharing that she has felt embarrassed and isolated due to her condition.

I want to isolate myself. I don’t want to be around people at all. I just want to be on my own, so it’s lonely,” Michelle says. “It’s embarrassing, and it takes a toll on your mental health. The financial cost and emotional experience are not worth it. It’s just severe pain, and I don’t want to be bothering doctors who are already busy.”

“I’ve been struggling to get appointments, hospitals are so overwhelmed – you feel like giving up hope. My advice is don’t be on your phone as much, take frequent breaks, go outside and exercise, do something more fulfilling than being on your phone.”

South West News Service writer Josie Adnitt contributed to this report.

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  1. seems more plausible she accquired an opiod addiction from loosey goosey doctors writing perscriptions is now an addict says the pain is going to be life long and wants to blame her phone for causing it all. I could be wrong but is more likely considering billions of people use devices all day long and dont suffer debilatitng injury from it.

    But you know test her for opiod addiction then publish the words she says under a website study finds. All you did is say what one person said no evidence no proof no study just silly words.

  2. Her symptom don’t quite match mine but something to consider: Chronic shoulder pain may be an initial major manifestation of thymic carcinoma likely due to phrenic nerve or pericardium involvement,

  3. buy a laptop computer. put down your phone. not a real difficult problem to solve…

  4. Cellular phones emit wireless radiation from 6 tiny microwave transmitters in the top.
    Like microwaves radiation from your microwave, these invisible EMF radiating pulsed waves cause inflammation, lower the immune system, can cause calcium efflux, neuronal damage when the body reaches a tipping point from this unnatural exposure. The solution is to go back to wired ethernet, landline, and limit your exposures.

    My physician went to the 2020 EMF Medical Conference in Costa Mesa, CA, and brought me back the book, “Invisible Rainbow: The History of Electricity and Life” by author Arthur Firstenberg ( documents the science and history of ungrounded, excessive, unnatural exposures to this toxin.
    Other sites that may be helpful in your research: Prof. Magda Havas, RFK Jrs. Wireless Harms resources, including the winning legal action taken against the FCC-industry captured agency for suppressing the science by not updating it in over 25 years; Silicon Valley engineer Jeromy Johnson for free advice on how to remediate your environment.

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