Destination weddings help 2 in 3 couples get out of inviting unwanted guests

NEW YORK — Looking to get out of inviting someone you’re not even that fond of to your wedding? A new study finds more than two-thirds of Americans would have a destination wedding in order to “trim the fat” off their guest list.

In a new poll of 2,000 Americans, the average respondent believes the “perfect number” of wedding guests is 56 people. However, if it’s a destination wedding, only 36 percent of people would invite more than 50 guests.

Destination wedding wishes

Almost one-third of Americans think a smaller guest list would encourage them to have a destination wedding. Furthermore, 50 percent of respondents say the difficulty in actually getting to the location is the top deterrent when considering a destination wedding in the first place.

wedding travelThe poll, conducted by OnePoll and Funjet Vacations, also revealed that the top incentive to attend a destination wedding isn’t actually being in the wedding party. In fact, this reason doesn’t even make the top three. Having all expenses paid tops the list, according to 51 percent of respondents.

As far as obstacles in making it to a destination wedding, half the poll say they would not attend if it becomes too expensive for them to travel. As for timing, one in three (33%) would prefer a summer wedding, which should come as no surprise since 45 percent want to tie the knot on a white sand beach.

On top of that, the most popular destinations boast beautiful beaches, with 36 percent of respondents choosing Hawaii and a third selecting the Caribbean. In fact, a third of guests are most likely to attend a wedding if it took place in Hawaii.

“While destination weddings often get mislabeled as daunting and expensive, with the right tools and a little help, couples can easily plan and enjoy a stunning, stress-free destination wedding on almost any budget,” says Michael Lowery, Executive Vice President and GM, Apple Leisure Group, in a statement.

Can’t budge on the budget

According to two-thirds of Americans, the majority of weddings they’ve attended took place in the United States and 69 percent of attendees typically spend less than $1,000 on domestic weddings. When it comes to attending a destination wedding, that budget remains relatively the same, with 56 percent not willing to spend more than $1,000 on the bride and groom.

Regardless, 59 percent would travel abroad for an immediate family member’s wedding and 55 percent would travel for their best friend’s wedding. Thirty-nine percent of people are more likely to attend a destination wedding if it’s a location they’d enjoy. So, it’s no wonder more than half of attendees believe the perfect duration for a destination wedding trip is more than four days.

“Destination weddings can provide quite a few unexpected perks beyond just a beautiful backdrop,” adds Erica Doyne, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications of AMR™ Collection. “Not only can they be a vacation for wedding guests, but they also come with a simplified wedding planning process and a more intimate and unique experience as a result.”

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