Puppy love: 7 in 10 people really do consider their dog their best friend

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NEW YORK — Two-thirds of Americans claim they spare no expense when it comes to their furry companions. Out of 2,000 dog owners surveyed, four in five say they pamper their dogs as much as possible.

This may be because three-quarters of respondents consider their dog a member of their family. The same number are willing to go the extra mile for their pooch since they have an irreplaceable bond with them. In fact, 79 percent want to give their pups everything they need to feel loved.

The royal treatment

Eighty percent say it’s important to them that their furry friend looks clean and well-kept, which is probably why more than half of dog owners take their pup to the salon at least five times a year. For comparison, 42 percent of respondents visit their own salons less often.

Dog parents also love pampering their four-legged companions with “treats and cuddles,” “long walks,” or “new toys.” While 73 percent agree that pampering their dogs is one of the best ways to show them love, a similar number pamper their dog more than they ever thought they would (72%).

Thirty percent of dog owners even own a pet stroller that they carry their dog around in, and another 21 percent plan on getting one to wheel their furry friend around, according to the research conducted by OnePoll in partnership with PuppySpot.

Pet parents have a tough time staying away from their pups. Many take their dogs with them to run errands (51%) or when they’re catching up with friends and family (40%). Two in five seek out restaurants that allow pets and 35 percent prioritize pet-friendly vacation spots so their furry friend isn’t left out of their plans.

puppy care

Dogs are just as important as kids?

Another way dog owners show their pups love is by celebrating their birthday (57%), with new toys (56%), a party (52%), or a trip to hang out with their doggy friends (49%). Three-quarters of pet parents show their love by looking into the perfect items for their dogs (76%), spending nearly 300 hours a year looking for the best treats and toys.

Making good choices is important for dog owners, too, with 83 percent of respondents who have children agreeing that taking care of their dogs is equally as important as taking care of their child.

“As a community of dog lovers, we know firsthand about the various ways dog parents show love and affection to their fur baby, and how these moments build trust and create a life-long bond,” says Claire Komorowski, PuppySpot’s CEO, in a statement. “Whether it’s through long walks, special treats, new toys or, simply some cuddles, every dog needs to be cared for in a way that shows them just how special and adored they are.”

Most respondents recall bringing home their dogs as one of the happiest days of their lives (72%). Some of their favorite memories of their dog are times when their puppy fell asleep on them on the way home or the first time they jumped into their lap. More than two-thirds of dog owners consider their dog their best friend (69%), and 73 percent think that having a dog has made them a more sentimental or emotional person.

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  1. Dogs do not lie or deceive and are at all times innocent.

    This is true for all animals with the exception of people.

    1. Vendicar:

      As a dog owner I don’t know about the “are at all times innocent” comment but I know what you mean 😉

      “The average dog is a better person than the average person.”


  2. such a sad state of society. dogs are terrible pets. they contribute nothing but noise, mess, and are an insufficient substitute for human relationships. what’s really sad/scary are the people who refer to dogs as “fur babies.” this borders on mental illness as the relationship with a dog is about 1/100 as meaningful as with your own children. and yes i did have dogs growing up. i loved them as a child but then i grew up and understand what real meaning is.

    1. The replacement of human bonding (where emotional loss is possible) with “doggy” love (unconditional based on primal need) is evidence of a late-stage decadent society. People who extol superficial animal love will compare it to human frailty in the next breath. You would think the animal was the moral superior because he never gets mad. But the inability to fail relationally makes the pet the lesser lover. But the lunatic animal lover bargains away his affection to the one who never leaves but never speaks.

      1. Dogs don’t get mad?

        Dave Welchi, you are spectacularly ignorant.

        Any thinking person will ignore your moronic opinion.

    2. You were a jerk to your girlfriend, jealous of her dog and she dumped you. We get your insecurity.

    3. Dogs are terrible pets? R U Serious?
      My dogs have intercepted other canines that did not want share good will. My dogs depends upon me, and I depend on them. They are by far the most dependable and trustworthy partners you will ever find.

      Cat Stevens

    4. I spend a lot of time working from home and my 2 pups are my constant and loyal companions. Don’t know what I’d do without them. They are the Maltese breed and are biological brothers 1 year apart, who literally do everything together-quite a show!

    5. They say that “Money can’t buy you happiness . . . ”

      But, Money CAN buy you a Golden Retriever.

      Have you EVER seen an unhappy Golden Retriever owner?

      1. Yes, once while walking Wall Street in as a tourist in NY. Tried to greet a golden and he growled at me. His owner scowled then growled, “He doesn’t like people.” I also discovered most NYers are assholes.

    6. I live in a remote jungle island in Panama. Over 3 times has my dog saved my life ftom pit vipers to human robbers. M y life in yhe jungle has brought ftirnfship with dloths. youc as ns. and dolphins. Going. to a boring huma city with shallow hunan re l stio n ships makes me sorry for people like you. All life is special and precious. We need less humans a n d more nature on this planet

  3. alall and Kevin siok — what sad ilk you spew. Animals are wonderful, i’d pick any of them over yous two because you can’t see affection, loyalty, and zeal for life as the qualities they are exhibiting to and for us. Animals don’t behave like trolls either – attempting to gain attention by writing blather on sites that are promoting the closeness these animals provide to humans unconditionally . maybe it is your hope some one- any one will pet or cuddle you emotionally- unconditionally if they could only get over your obnoxiousness, noise, mess, and non contributing personality ! i hope you don’t have off spring, that could only upset and mar them for life – their parent is an emotional black hole ! via con dios

    1. Slave owner much? Dogs are selectively bred for our enjoyment. Alall and Kevin make good
      points on the mental health status of our overpopulated world. We turn to animals to fill a
      void in ourselves. I’m sure we can breed endangered Orangutans to fill the same void as our
      emotional slaves. Is that morally right for a life form to do that? The world carbon footprint only increases with the overbreeding of dogs and the amount of food and objects required to stave them.
      Another example of a selfish society. Why cannot we love and appreciate animals in their
      natural habitat? Why do we have to genetically change them to serve us? Why do we have to force others at public parks to deal with dogs pooping all over the place running up and licking and jumping up people only to say “Oh he/she’s friendly”. Pet owners don’t even bother to train dog these days as they turned into their substitute children and have okayed it due to everyone else owning untrained dogs. Sad that humans are turning to other slave species for love and affection and can’t turn to each other. What have we become?

      1. LOL. We have also evolved to serve the dog.

        It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

        Dogs, don’t lie, or deceive. In that respect they are better than people.

    2. And they are faithful.

      They try to make their pet parent well when said human is sick

      Mine knew exactly where my back always hurts and would curl up against the area, and at 103f he was the perfect temperature to keep it from seizing up. He loved tummy and ear rubs, and I made sure he got plenty of both.

    1. I don’t know of anyone who worships animals.

      But worshiping an invisible sky fairy is common among stupid people.

  4. some of y’all are some warped people. The love of a dog can occur with the love of a human, they’re not mutually exclusive. But I would expect the reactions of some, b/c you get off on trying to hurt others, and really that’s the sickest of anything on here. oh and Johnnie where do you get that b/c one loves a pet it’s worship and anti-Christian, mr bible God takes care of all his animals…one of my favorite stories was of Balaam and the Donkey. Wonder if that angel was worshipping the donkey….hmmmm

  5. Alall says:
    April 5, 2022 at 11:48 am
    such a sad state of society. dogs are terrible pets. they contribute nothing but noise, mess, and are an insufficient substitute for human relationships.

    ???? Rolling on the Floor Laughing

    What a Twat

    1. I’m sure you know what you are talking about.

      No one else on Earth does.

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