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Kourtney Kardashian is by no means the first celebrity to get into the supplement industry. A couple of years back, she launched her brand Lemme. The wellness product claims it’s “so good you’ll forget they’re vitamins.” Although Lemme comes with cute packaging and names, do they actually help with anything? Let’s dive in.

What is Lemme?

According to Kardashian, she has been inspired to value the importance of thinking about things she puts in her body. In pursuit of leading the healthiest life that she can, she ultimately came out with Lemme, her line of vitamin and botanical supplements that help others live a wellness-focused lifestyle. Lemme offers tons of different supplements. The brand features products for concentration, sleep, de-stressing, sugar cravings, and more. The formulations are vegan, gelatin-free, gluten-free, contain no artificial colors or sweeteners, and boast “clinically studied” ingredients.

Are they any good?

After reviewing the products, here are some big takeaways and things to consider:

All of the products contain different ingredients, but a noticeable trend was that many of the supplements had much smaller dosages of things that only show clinical benefits in higher amounts. Some, such as Lemme Debloat, provide a solid dose of probiotics, which may support gut health. Others, like Lemme Matcha, don’t even contain a teaspoon’s worth of matcha in two gummies.

When celebrities come out with supplements, you don’t just pay for the product but the name that comes with it. The capsules and gummies are at least $30, while the tinctures cost $25. Bundles of multiple products can cost upwards of $80. However, most of the ingredients used to formulate the products can be found for a fraction of the cost in a different supplement under a different brand simply because there isn’t a huge name attached.

The names (like Lemme Burn, Lemme Focus, Lemme Glow, and Lemme-Debloat) make bold claims. The titles suggest that the pills and gummies are for burning fat, glowing hair, skin, nails, and better digestion. Part of these claims come from studies that show that their individual ingredients may support these efforts in research. However, this doesn’t automatically mean those studies hold true once mixed together in a supplement. Also, if there’s much less used in a supplement than what was originally studied, then there isn’t a real way to compare its efficacy.

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If you are thinking of adding supplements to your current routine, always check with your healthcare professional first, and don’t be afraid to browse around before grabbing celebrity-backed brands. (© MarekPhotoDesign.com – stock.adobe.com)

Bottom Line

The brand claims to be “clinically backed,” but they seem to exaggerate existing clinical evidence and overpromise the capabilities of the supplements. Although Kardashian worked on the formulations with doctors and scientists, this can’t go unnoticed.

Kardashian did a great job overall at picking ingredients that have solid research behind them when studied individually, but the formulations seem to have much less of certain ingredients, such as Lion’s Mane in Lemme Focus, than what studies show is truly beneficial. If you are thinking of adding supplements to your current routine, always check with your healthcare professional first, and don’t be afraid to browse around before grabbing celebrity-backed brands. Chances are, you’ll find much more affordable options elsewhere.

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