Eating meat doesn’t make you manly: Vegan fitness guru says plant-based diets aren’t ‘feminine’

AUSTIN, Texas — A vegan fitness guru says the perception that a plant-based diet is “feminine” is wrong and blames BBQ culture for stopping men from giving up meat. Scott Burgett adds he was the “typical omnivore” before he saw a Netflix documentary which changed his whole outlook.

The 33-year-old father of one went vegan in 2016 and says he’s now in the best shape of his life. The Austin, Texas native now wants to show other men that veganism doesn’t decrease your “manhood.”

“Men are afraid to lose identity as a man. Most men make fun of it,” the fitness coach says in an online video.

“Meat is usually associated with BBQs and there is this huge masculine culture that men grill. They interpret veganism as being a sissy and feminine. It’s the fear to lose their manhood. They are afraid of being made fun of. The fear of judgement.”

Scott Burgett
Scott Burgett (Credit: SWNS)

After watching the documentary “Cowspiracy” with his wife, Cally, Scott threw all their meat and dairy out and has lived off a plant-based diet ever since.

“I saw the scene with all they show the fate of chickens. It floored me. I started balling,” Burgett says. “I just thought, ‘We’re done’. I made the decision to clean out all of the freezer and fridge.”

Fitness-obsessed Scott now helps others get fit on a vegan diet. However, he is raising his son, Shepp, to eat both meat and vegan food so he can “decide when he’s older” and be “raised to think independently.” His wife Cally has now reverted to a “flexitarian” diet.

"Vegan" spelled out by vegetables
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“We’re going to raise him and expose him to both,” Scott continues. “Cally and I can be different and still make it work.”

Since going vegan, Scott says he feels physically and mentally in the “best” shape.

“I’m in the best shape I have been. Aesthetically and in mind. I show up with energy.”

The fitness coach does a range of physical activity from four workouts a week to walks, yoga, and volleyball sessions.

“I seek out activity. A lot of vegans can be aggressive. My goal is to show you how good you can look and feel. I’m not shaming you – it’s not going to help. Every step counts.”

South West News Service writer Emma Dunn contributed to this report.

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  1. Well, that was a straw man argument . I don’t think many men hitch their masculinity to what they eat.

      1. Sounds like very young men thought process before they become confident in life.

  2. About 35 years ago in a restaurant with an employee, he asked me , “Don’t you eat meat? I have never seen you order meat.”
    I thought about it and realised that I had not eaten meat for about 6 months. Not a decision, merely a preference. Then he asked the brilliant question, “Do you feel better for not eating meat?”
    I had to think about it and realised that yes in fact I did feel better. So then the question to myself was why and how. The biggest difference was that I was not so angry. Huh? I was more calm in a very stressful job and environment. Made no sense to me but it was a fact.
    I then made the decision to not eat fish (or sea food) either. I felt better and better. My weight and fitness was not in any way impaired and as I did not suffer from colds, flu etc, still played competitive sport, that did not change either.
    My explanation is that when an animal or fish is killed (visit an abattoir or catch a fish to verify) the animal knows that it is under threat and may be about to die and the body instantly floods with adrenaline. This chemical is in the muscles and is consumed when eaten. OK so my explanation may be wrong but then again it is probably right, I can’t be bothered to verify at great expense.
    I have since stopped eggs and dairy and again I feel better (and have a lot more money in my wallet) for it.
    I really don’t give a toss what others eat or don’t eat, all I am doing is relating my experience.
    The fact is that the meat and dairy industries spend billions each year in advertising to convince consumers that their products are necessary (they are not) and that they are good for you (debatable).
    Realise that if anyone is making money from you, they are definitely going to lie to you, whether that someone is a farmer or a health guru.

    1. Real men should enjoy their open heart surgery as they age and the dead cows cause blocked arteries. Strokes likely as well. Very manly.

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