Modern men just as likely as women to show their sensitive side, survey reveals

LONDON — It turns out boys really do cry. Modern men are now just as likely as women to openly display a sensitive side, according to a new survey. The poll of 2,000 adults finds 71 percent of men confess to being in touch with how they feel, compared to 82 percent of women.

Across all respondents who consider themselves sensitive, 41 percent outwardly show this side of their personality “often” or “always.” A third (33%) think being in tune with how they feel is the sign of a good leader.

While 37 percent of men would consider being called “sensitive” a compliment, only 23 percent of women feel the same way. In fact, 24 percent of women in the survey would feel insulted if someone referred to them in this way.

Commissioned by Aveeno, the study found 55 percent think others, who openly show their sensitive side, makes them more likeable. Moreover, the research found 48 percent of respondents believe it’s more socially acceptable for women to show their sensitive side than men.

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In general, however, 52 percent consider being seen as sensitive is a positive trait, and 44 percent say it can help one’s ability to succeed in their career. The majority (85%) also feel that a good leader in the workplace can be both confident, and sensitive.

More than a third (35%) have been in a work situation where they felt their emotional intelligence was an asset to their team or company. Just over six in 10 (61%) believe good listening skills show someone has compassion, while 48 percent cite open-mindedness. For 45 percent, good communication skills are vital, according to the OnePoll figures.

“It’s in our nature to be sensitive. It’s something we all face at times in our life when the world around us tests our resilience and strength,” says Dr. Cristina Psomadakis (aka “Dr. Soma”), a dermatologist, in a statement.

“As our body’s largest and most visible organ, our skin can mirror how we are feeling or what we’re experiencing – when it becomes sensitive, it’s because that skin barrier is weakened and compromised.”

Some men actually cry more than women

When it comes to showing their sensitive sides, a 2021 survey also found that men cry, on average, about four times a month. Women, on the other hand, weep about three times in a given month. That’s 48 times a year for men and only 36 for women.

The stereotype that men don’t seek professional help for their mental health also seems inaccurate — as two-thirds of male respondents have done so at some point in their lives, compared to just half of the women.

“We know for many men, the stigma about being vulnerable and seeking help for their mental health is still very prevalent today,” says Mark Hedstrom, U.S. Executive Director of Movember, in a statement. “As a society, we need to break down these barriers and help men understand the importance of opening up and getting help during those difficult moments. We also need to look out for each other. Check in on the men in your life — it could literally be a conversation that might save a life.”

South West News Service writer Richard Jenkins contributed to this report.

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  1. A factor in modern women’s utterly self-centered arrogance. Women don’t need to now what men think or feel, they should have to constantly try to figure it all out.

  2. Modern “men” are at a much higher risk of cervical cancer due to abnormally high levels of soy proteins and certain lifestyle choices.

  3. Men have become feminized in the past 30 years. Testosterone and sperm levels are diminishing and men are not really men anymore. Masculinity is a thing of the past. Weak muscles and weak brains are found everywhere now and were quite rare in in the 50s-60s.

    1. Which is why they are confused about whether they are male or female! I sure hope America isn’t the only country that experiences this!

  4. Too many soy lattes and avocado toasts lead to menstruation among so-called males. At least in the west. Especially when younger women seem to have more testosterone than the average guy of the same age (thankfully there are a few exceptions). No wonder the White House threw a party for cross-dressing males sporting fake knockers. The left thinks they have a new voting coalition: boys who cry like little French girls.

  5. Too much soy milk and avocado and not enough masculine influence has led to this. Generations of increasingly feminized men, while women become more fierce. Fifty years ago, guys were aggressive and tougher. Perhaps not as tough as the GG guys who fought WW2, but manly and tough anyhow, This is now the exception. Clearly caused by a modern culture that has lost it’s evolutionary way. One that is more concerned with “feelings” to the extent that those who run things (such as this site) censor anything which might be seen as “offensive” to their fellow travelers.

  6. Modern day masculinized, ’empowered women’ have been so brainwashed by feminism that they feel superior to and no need of a ‘real’ man anymore. I found out painfully after my wife died that the majority of ‘modern women’ are shallow and extremely self absorbed. There is no caring or femininity in most and the same goes for any compassion or empathy. All these self absorbed party hearty individuals want is to selfishly satisfy their own shallow narcissism. I’m better off without them. I was married to a gem. Now, I’d rather be alone than in the presence of bad company or in a toxic relationship.

  7. Yeah read a article on women complaining of there being no real men left on the lefties side, and conservative men are only available! Lol

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