‘Miracle molecules’ discovered? Scientists find compound that reverses aging, develop ‘longevity drug’

JERUSALEM, Israel — A fountain-of-youth drug could soon make the problems of aging a thing of the past. Researchers in Israel say they have identified a group of molecules that repair the damaged parts of cells which break down over time. That discovery may also lead to a new pill that prevents age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem note that modern medicine has helped to increase the average life expectancy worldwide. However, as people live longer, they face more and more problems associated with old age. With that in mind, the team set out to balance the benefits of longevity with a better quality of life in our later years.

During their study, the researchers developed a drug which protects human cells from damage, making it possible for a person’s tissues to retain their proper function for a longer period of time.

Fixing the power plants of cells

Study authors say a major factor in the aging process is the drop in effectiveness in a cell’s quality-control mechanism. When this system starts to break down, it leads to a buildup of defective mitochondria — the “power plants” of the cells.

“Mitochondria, the cell’s ‘power plants,’ are responsible for energy production. They can be compared to tiny electric batteries that help cells function properly. Although these ‘batteries’ wear out constantly, our cells have a sophisticated mechanism that removes defective mitochondria and replaces them with new ones,” Professor Einav Gross explains in a media release.

However, this mechanism breaks down as people grow older. The result is cell dysfunction and the deterioration in tissue activity — which can cause diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and heart failure to develop.

The team is hopeful that their study has found an innovative compound that may help treat these diseases. Turned into an easy-to-take pill, the molecules may also act as a preventative measure, repairing cellular aging before it has a chance to trigger disease.

“In the future, we hope we will be able to significantly delay the development of many age-related diseases and improve people’ quality of life,” says co-author Shmuel Ben-Sasson.

The researchers, together with Yissum, Hebrew University’s tech transfer company, have created the startup company Vitalunga to further develop this compound into an anti-aging drug.

“Ben-Sasson’s and Gross’s findings have significant value for the global aging population,” notes Itzik Goldwaser, CEO of Yissum. “As Vitalunga advances towards pre-clinical studies, they’re closer than ever to minimizing the unbearable burden that aging-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, has on individuals, their families and our health care systems.”

The findings are published in the journal Autophagy.

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  1. brilliant. “we found a thing”, but no clarity as to the chemical class, name, or anything actually useful.

    study finds that articles like this are clickbait.

    1. Distinct designer diamines promote mitophagy, and thereby enhance healthspan in C. elegans and protect human cells against oxidative damage.

  2. I surely hope they are able to successfully get such a drug to market and that it will be affordable. I’m reading the book Ageless by Andrew Steele and the science being done to mitigate the effects of aging is incredible and to be encouraged. If the individuals controlling our society would invest the time and resources to anti aging research rather than killing each other there would be hope for humanity.

    1. Don’t worry. You or anyone else will be here any longer than the Lord wants us to be.

  3. I am willing to be a test subject to live longer. Healthy 67 year old here in Philadelphia. Look me up. I would love to be 120.

  4. There are different kinds of cell in the human body and every cell has different mechanism of letting nutrients and drugs inside. So will those miracle molecules target all the cell or just specific? And further more as has been learned from outcomes of newer drugs that more a molecule is specific to its targets the more adverse affects it produces. So considering this, we need to develop drugs in the same time to counter the inflammation caused by these so called Miracle Molecules.

  5. There are many ways we age. Mitochondria is just one. And there is a way to boost the recycling and number of mitochondria. It is not fun. It is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise. Of course, get your Doc’s blessing before doing this stuff.

    Basically, you exercise near your maximum neglecting no muscle groups for around a minute, then you get a short break of maybe 30 seconds and repeat for 20 minutes to half an hour every day. The nice thing is that it does not cost anything, unless you want to buy a timer to give you beeps, so you know when to change without looking at a clock. The most common exercise for this is the “burpee”.

    But as I said, this is only one of at least 10 ways we age, each sufficient to kill. But we can do things about most of them. Though, that will cost money, and your diet may have to change quite a bit.

    For most people, though, it makes the most sense to find what is most likely to kill you and do your best to address that. That gives the best odds of adding a few more years. And if that is not clear, then get genotyped (you just need the basic option), download it and upload it to Promethease and for just a few dollars you get a report with detailed genetic risks. You can, of course, do a little family research to find out what killed your ancestors. And you can get a full body MRI, and analysis to attempt to find anything. And you can get a full blood workup. I also recommend a heart scan (coronary calcium scan). There are some aging tests, telomere length, DNA methylation, etc. I don’t recommend those. The error range is too large to be useful for individuals, though they work fine in studies with dozens of people.

    You can get more serious and try to address the top 3 or more killers likely to get you first, if you want to put in the effort. But, of course, there are limits. We will need a lot more than one breakthrough treatment to address all the killers out there. And there are some ways we age that are very hard to address. For example: we accumulate a cross-link called glucosepane, which likely contributes to tissue stiffening and associated issues. The other cross-links, assuming healthy kidneys, and not excessive amounts can be cleared from the body, but that one just keeps building up. And we get DNA damage that accumulates generation after generation of cells. If you are lucky, you have multiple copes of a gene that minimized his damage, if not, well, I would not count on reaching 110.

    I am not associated with Promethease.

  6. It sounds great on the surface, but our world population is exploding, and this would compound the problem.

    1. No worries. Only the elite, wealthy ones would get this “miracle drug,” if it’s ever a real thing. They’ll make sure the worthless eaters starve and rot and kill each other. Chances are, you’re not in their long term plans, anyway.

    2. Antiaging tech, if it really works, would not likely cause the issues you project. For one, the World population is not “exploding”. In most countries it is going down. As more people move from rural farming areas to the cities, they stop having so many children. And more efficient mechanized farming is not stopping its inroads any time soon. For another, population is not itself a problem, just our methods to provide for people. The recycling of water, the return of minerals to farms or more advanced food creation technology, the full recycling of metals, plastics, and the use of nuclear power, and appropriately placed renewables, can greatly reduce the negatives to the planet. Every human life has value.
      The longer the productive and healthy years, the better it is for the economy. That is, as long as the younger enraptures can still start innovative businesses.

      1. Thank you for the only rational comment I’ve seen in the sea of anti-science, anti-tech, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom comments preceding yours.

        To demonize “Big Pharma” is an amazing and horrifying act of ingratitude for the minds that have kept us alive longer and healthier. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

        And the juvenile fantasies of somehow keeping these breakthroughs off the market show a comic-book level of ratiocination. Do you think the researchers who are toiling to bring us an end to aging hate mankind? Do you think that they would or could withhold the solution from their own families? Their own friends and colleagues? And then what about the friends and colleagues’ friends and families? And how would the knowledge, once discovered, be kept secret and hence kept off the market? And why wouldn’t the inventors want to get fabulously wealthy from their discovery—which would require selling to the mass market.

        In this regard, I have one final economics point. People talk about greed meaning (somehow) selling these pills or shots or whatever only to the wealthy at very high prices. Yeah, I hope they do that at the start. Maybe they can find a thousand people willing to pay $1 million each to become young again. AND THEN WHAT? Wouldn’t the greedy capitalists want to make another fortune by selling to 10,000 people at a $100,000 each? AND THEN WHAT? How about greed leading them to want more, more, more, so they drop the price by 90% again and sell it at $10,000 to a hugely wider public. In a couple of years, the inventors’ greed will mean the de-ager would be sold at Walmart and CVS for just above its costs of production (which incidentally, would be dropping due to economies of scale).

        Don’t be greedy. Don’t expect to rip off the inventors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and chemical industry employees who are laboring mightily to save your lives and make you young again. It would be unjust and immoral if we, who will have done precisely nothing to create this wondrous treatment, reap all the benefit, while those who worked decades to conceive it, bring it into existence, and get it to a mass market get virtually none.

    3. ….no worries. The double jabbed & boosted will soon be assuming room temperature.

  7. How do ‘scientists’ still not know that EVERYTHING is about “state of mind” (congruence with the ABSOLUTE) as primary power of causation? (God: creation out of void and darkness; Bible: Allegory; Jesus: I-AM-ness; 1st Eve: quest for wisdom; Last Adam: Quickening spirit; Demise: from IGNORANCE- NOT ‘mechanical failure’!) Worldlings (the RELATIVES), on the other hand, are all about the body (temple), ‘renovating’ it over and over, while remaining in residence of the carnal kindergarten ‘mind’ of the manger, wanting to ‘die healthy and young’…

  8. Interesting indeed! Improving the quality of anyones life is a worthwhile undertaking. My question, whom will big pharma allow to benefit from such a worth while discovery? Will this be available in quantities that are affordable to the masses? My bet is that while being available the affordability factor will exclude the ones that need it the most. Insulin, an old drug that has paid for itself many times over remains beyond the reach of many Diabetics while pharma rakes profits from their old discovery. Will greed once again win? Bet on it!

  9. If anything like this alleged breakthrough ever gets developed, it won’t be available for the masses, only for the extremely wealthy.

  10. If this miracle is truly effective and is what it claims to be the FDA will never allow it to come to fruition. The American pharmaceutical industry has done everything in its power to prevent cures and the health of human beings. So whatever these people are peddling in this sponsored ad, Will never be available.

  11. Similar story about ten years ago when American researchers we’re showing us these worms and how they discovered a protein which made the worms live longer. Never heard about that again and you won’t hear about this story again

  12. Promises promises. One of the most poignant and relevant works of drama regarding aging that I have ever seen is, believe it or not, from the Twilight Zone movie skit “Kick the Can.” What we should all realize is that some who are very old are ready to leave. They’ve been here long enough and don’t really need more time, while many others in the same circumstance could “do another 70 years standing on their heads.” This article reminds me of click bait, which many others commented on. Yes it’s vague. Yes, we know scientists have discovered something about mitochondria, or at least believe they have. We don’t know how, or what exactly that is, and it is this tight-lipped attitude that makes me classify this article and this “promise” in the same mental file cabinet as acupuncture and aromatherapy.

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