Fluffiest Cat Breeds: Top 7 Huggable Fuzz Balls, According To Experts

Sometimes, the best cure for a long day is a nice nap with a fluffy cat napping on your lap. Petting a cat has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, which decreases stress and creates a bond with your furry friend. The most fluffy cat breeds are not only fun to pet, but they make a great addition to any household.

Not only is cat fluff comfy, but it is also adorable to look at. Surely it has to contribute to their attractiveness, which helps if they’re a “show” cat. Researchers conclude that adding dogs or cats to promotional ads makes people more eager to pursue a goal or product. They were also more willing to take risks when making a decision. “These effects occur because pet exposure experiences remind consumers of the stereotypical temperaments and behaviors of the pet species,” explains Lei Jia, lead study author in a statement.

How does one get their cat on the screen? Are cats chosen because of how often they smile? Turns out, they all smile. So if your cat is fluffy, make sure their fur doesn’t cover their eyes too much because it’s all in the eyes. Researchers in the United Kingdom say they’ve “purr-fected” the art of communicating with our four-legged friends. The key however isn’t smiling with your mouth, it’s smiling with your eyes. Psychologists at the Universities of Portsmouth and Sussex reveal when humans narrow their eyes it creates something known as the “slow blink” — or cat smile. This action makes people much more attractive to felines and they often return this affection to anyone displaying it. For cats, eye narrowing movements are their actual way of smiling, even though many breeds may seem to have a permanent grin on their faces.

Ready to dive in and explore some of the most fluffy cat breeds? StudyFinds consulted ten expert sources to find the best options if you’re planning to get a new friend with a big personality and the coat to match. If you’re already the proud owner of a fluffy cat, let us know what breed in the comments below!

brown and black cat on white textile
Siberian Cat (Photo by Moderne Attraction on Unsplash)

The List: Most Fluffy Cat Breeds, According to Feline Experts

1. Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are beautiful with their semi-long coat and striking blue eyes. You can’t help but fall in love with them. “Ragdolls have plush, silky coats with pointed colors – meaning their bodies are lighter than their faces, tails, ears, and feet,” says Pumpkin.

Ragdoll cat photo by Esteban Chinchilla on Unsplash
Ragdoll cat (Photo by Esteban Chinchilla on Unsplash)

The Ragdoll got their name from going limp as a ragdoll when picked up by their owners. “This adorable, large cat weighs up to 20 pounds when full-grown. They are loving, gentle cats and have been known to greet their pet parents at the door when they get home from work,” informs Excited Cats.

Ragdolls are great for families due to their extremely friendly nature. They often get along with children and other pets. “This breed is known for their tendency to ‘ragdoll’ when held. They go limp, in other words. Ragdolls are extraordinarily laidback and affectionate. They love to cuddle and are reasonably fluffy to boot. If you’re looking for a fluffy cat to cuddle with, this is potentially the best option for you,” says Pet Keen.

2. Maine Coon Cat

When you think of a fluffy cat, the Maine Coon is the epitome. “Maine Coons have long, silky coats, tuft ears, and feet, and big bushy tails. And these cats are not small – they can weigh up to 20 pounds and stretch up to 40 inches in length,” says Pumpkin.

Maine Coon cat
Maine Coon cat (Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash)

Maine Coons have long hair on the backs of their legs and between their toes which helps to keep warm in the cold. “Maine Coons have medium-long, dense fur, with longer hair, or a ruff, on their chests similar to the mane of a lion,” states Animal Corner.

Maine Coon’s are said to likely be descended in some way from the Norwegian Forest Cat, though their full parentage is unknown. “This American breed is known for being extraordinarily fluffy and large. They adapted to living in the cold New England area. They are named ‘Maine Coon’ because they were first recognized in Maine. They are now Maine’s official state cat,” explains Pet Keen.

3. Persian Cat

The Persian is actually the most popular purebred cat. It’s a household favorite and has been around since the 17th century. “The average lifespan for this cat is between 12 and 17 pounds. You can expect the cat to live for between 12 and 17 years if taken care of properly. Their adorable faces and fluffy coats have made them extremely popular in everything from movies to TV shows. Persians require extensive grooming, and their long fur can become matted easily if they aren’t brushed every day,” offers Excited Cats.

Orange Persian cat sleeping (Photo by Ludemeula Fernandes)

The Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds of cat. “Because their fur is too long and dense for them to maintain themselves, Persian cats need regular grooming. To keep their fur in its best condition, it must be bathed regularly, dried carefully afterward, and brushed thoroughly every day,” informs Animal Corner.

This breed has been favored by royalty for centuries. “A big, fluffy snowball is the first thing that comes to mind whenever anyone talks about Persian cats. They are stunning with thick, luxurious coats, and they all love to be pampered,” says Hepper.

4. Birman Cat

Birmans will not only win you over with their silky, soft coats but also their striking blue eyes. “These cats are particularly fluffy around their necks and also have extra fluffy tails. Birmans are known for their gentle, sweet, and affectionate personalities – they will be your best friend and accompany you in anything and everything you do. These cats love attention, they have quiet, chirp-like voices, and are happy to socialize with other cats, dogs, children, and people in general,” offers Pumpkin.

White Birman cat
White Birman cat (Photo by Omar Ram on Unsplash)

Birmans got their adorable name because they used to keep Burmese monks company. “Birmans can weigh up to 12 pounds and live nine to 15 years. Not only are these cats agreeable companions, but they also have minimal grooming needs,” states Excited Cats.

If you’re looking for a fluffy cat that’s low maintenance in terms of personality and grooming, the Birman is a great choice. “Birmans are the perfect cat if you want one that prefers to be by your side all day long. They are an affectionate and sensitive breed with a beautiful coat to match,” says Hepper.

5. Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat is another ideal pet for your family if you’re looking for a cat with a lot of fur. “They are fluffy, live between 10 and 18 years, and top out at around 15 to 20 pounds at full growth. The Siberian is a medium-to-long-haired cat that was bred to live in a colder climate,” says Excited Cats.

Siberian cat
Siberian cat (Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash)

A Siberian’s coat thickens in the winter, but it becomes shorter and lighter in the summer. “This is a relatively old cat breed. As their name suggests, they hail from Siberia, which is why they have such a thick coat. They are intelligent cats who love figuring things out, so they do well with problem-solving tasks like opening doors,” states Pet Keen.

These are loving, quiet, easygoing cats that love to play with their pet parents “Could you imagine coming from Siberia without a thick coat to keep you warm? These cats are incredibly tough, with their history dating back to 1,000 A.D. Siberian cats are powerful, intelligent animals that are known to get into some mischief here and there,” boasts Hepper.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian is a larger breed of cat, its fluffy coat was designed to withstand the cold winters of Norway. “This cat has a dense double coat with a bushy tail and tuft paws. Norwegian Forest Cats are known for their brown tabby and white coats, however, there are also white cats, black cats, and every color in between,” says Pumpkin.

Norwegian forest cat
Norwegian forest cat (Photo by Kathryn Archibald on Pexels)

Despite a Norwegian’s great affection for the outdoors, they enjoy the company of humans and other pets. “Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick fluffy double-layered coat, tufted ears, and a long bushy tail to protect them against the cold. Their coat is essentially waterproof due to its coarse outer layer and dense underlay. They are very large cats with adult males weighing 6 to 10 kg (13 to 22 lb), while females are approximately half that size,” says Animal Corner.

Norwegian Forest Cats are both sensitive and social. “These gentle giants are very active and are full of curiosity. The Norwegian Forest Cat is quite cuddly and does well with dogs and children. You’ll want to keep a brush handy for these furballs, as all that fur does require a lot of attention,” shares North Hampton Pets.

7. British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthairs have very dense and soft coats, but don’t worry, they’re still fluffy. “Their eyes are large, round, and copper in color. The head is round with chubby cheeks. Their coat, although short, is incredibly smooth and fluffy to the touch,” says Animal Corner.

two cats on gray petbed
British Shorthair cats (Photo by René Peters on Unsplash)

Shorthairs are the perfect choice for many families because of their quiet nature. They aren’t the cuddliest cats, but do love little attention. “If you’re looking for a fluffy shorthair cat, a British Shorthair might be the way to go. These cats aren’t fluffy in the traditional sense. They do have short hair, as their name suggests. However, they are very plushy, and the hair they do have is rather fluffy. They are loyal and affectionate, but they don’t mind being alone,” says Pet Keen.

As fluffy as they may be, British Shorthairs do not require a lot of grooming because the fur does not tangle or mat easily. “While the British Shorthair’s coat is relatively short (duh), it’s quite dense and fluffy. Commonly found in a silvery gray or blue color, they can come in a variety of patterns. These sweeties have even-keel dispositions and tend to avoid leaping onto tall perches like some cats,” explains PureWow.

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  1. I have a Maine coon and she is incredibly cuddly! She is also super intelligent and understands most of what I say to her. She enjoys hanging out with me and absolutely doing all kinds of housework as well. An amazing cat. I’d never be without a Maine coon again.She is 12 years old.

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