7 Most Historical Places In The US, According To Historians

America is filled with historic cities, monuments, and sites that connect us with our past. Whether you’re touring the nation’s capitol or visiting the plethora of historic battlefields and sites across the country, planning trips to the most historical places in the U.S. is well worth your time and effort. Compared to some of the other countries in the world, America is still a very young country. Although America is a younger country compared to others, there are still plenty of historic places to visit. If you’re ready for a little adventure, we’ve uncovered the most historical places in the U.S. 

For those of you looking to travel, America has plenty to offer. From mountains to beaches to the plains in the midwest, America is filled with stunning sites and historical places. No doubt traveling to see some of these sites also offers a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits such as:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Stepping away from daily routines and immersing yourself in history can provide a mental break, leading to lower stress and anxiety levels.
  • Boosts happiness and satisfaction: Experiencing new cultures and learning about the past can be enriching and uplifting, promoting feelings of joy and contentment.
  • Enhances cognitive function: Engaging with historical sites stimulates the brain, improving memory, attention, and critical thinking skills.
  • Increases mindfulness and presence: Focusing on the historical significance of your surroundings encourages living in the moment and appreciating the present.
  • Promotes physical activity: Exploring historical sites often involves walking, hiking, and climbing, leading to increased physical activity and improved cardiovascular health.
  • Strengthens immune system: Moderate travel stress can actually stimulate the immune system, potentially increasing resistance to illness.

These physical and mental benefits of traveling are all great reasons to get out of the house, disconnect from your devices and daily routines, and see some of the beautiful sites across our great country. So, which places in the U.S. give you the most interesting glimpse into the country’s past? StudyFinds did the research, consulting eight travel and history sites to bring you a consensus list of the most historical places in the U.S. Our list comprises the seven most frequently listed places from across these websites. Think our travel gurus missed a noteworthy historical site? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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The List: Most Historical Places in the U.S., According Travel Experts

1. The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty (Photo by Andrew Hubbert on Unsplash)

The top spot on the list of the most historical places in the U.S. starts with the Statue of Liberty. Originally a gift from France, the Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol of freedom and prosperity in America. As History Hit explains, the Statue of Liberty is an enduring symbol of freedom and independence. The Statue was originally built in France in 1884 and arrived in New York in June of 1885 before being dedicated in October 1886. 

Traveling to see the Statue of Liberty is well worth your time and money and words simply don’t do it justice. Visit The USA agrees that this is one of the top must-see historic sites in America. The statue itself stands over 300 feet tall in New York Harbor and it’s one of the first sites you’ll see as you come into New York by boat. 

As Parenthood and Passports further explains, the Statue of Liberty holds a torch in one hand and a tablet in the other hand which bears the date of the Declaration of Independence. The statue is perhaps the most iconic landmark in the United States and it’s well worth going to check out this modern marvel at least once in your lifetime. 

2. The Alamo

a large stone building with a sign in front of it
The Alamo (Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash)

The next place on the list takes us much further south to San Antonio, Texas, and The Alamo. As More than Just Parks discusses, the Alamo is to Texans what the Statue of Liberty is to other Americans – it’s a historic landmark that symbolizes the struggle for liberty. 

The story behind The Alamo is equal parts inspiring and fascinating. The Battle of The Alamo lasted 13 grueling days in which the Texas soldiers who occupied the building attempted to hold off the Mexican Army led by Santa Anna. The soldiers were overtaken and slaughtered but their efforts inspired Texans across the state to defeat the mighty army at the Battle of San Jacinto. As Explore writes, The Alamo is the most visited tourist site in Texas, and for good reason. The history behind The Alamo is stunning and it’s a must-see site for anyone interested in learning more about the history of our great nation, especially Texas.

Wise Bread notes that you can visit The Alamo for free but guided tours cost around $15. Either way, there’s plenty to see and do while visiting San Antonio and The Alamo is only one of the many attractions you’ll enjoy while you’re in this part of Texas

3. Independence Hall in Philadelphia

a large brick building with a clock tower with Independence Hall in the background
The Independence Hall in Philadelphia (Photo by Miguel Ángel Sanz on Unsplash)

How much more historical can you get than the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and where the U.S. Constitution was created and signed in 1787, Veranda explains.

Today, Independence Hall is part of the Independence National Historic Park which is also home to Congress Hall and Liberty Bell Center. The park spans over 55 acres in the city of Philadelphia, explains History Hit. Visitors can choose from a variety of guided tours as well as enjoy a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities as they view one of the most important historic sites in the entire country. 

And for anyone looking to start their historic tour of the United States, Enjoy Travel suggests there’s no better place to start than Independence Hall. Tours are directed by the National Parks Service and take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Not bad for a significantly historical site. 

4. Gettysburg

a statue of a man with a hat and a cane
Governor K. Warren Monument in Gettysburg (Photo by John Kostyk on Unsplash)

The site of the Civil War’s infamous Battle of Gettysburg, this beautiful area of Pennsylvania is filled with history. As Wise Bread writes, the Battle of Gettysburg holds significant historical significance as the place where the Union Army turned the Southern Confederate Army away which was a huge turning point in the Civil War

Visiting Gettysburg is about more than stepping foot onto the famous battlefield, notes Explore. It’s one of the places every history lover needs to visit. During the spring and summer, living historians give demonstrations around the park as a way to show how people of that time lived and fought. 

Anyone going to see Gettysburg and learning more about the history behind the battle will likely be subjected to a sobering experience, explains Parenthood and Passports. Of course, Gettysburg is significant on several fronts as this is also the place where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous “Gettysburg Address.” “The Gettysburg Address” is considered one of the most significant speeches ever delivered by an American President. 

5. Historic Jamestowne

A statue for Captain John Smith, Governor of Virginia, at the Jamestown historical settlement
A statue for Captain John Smith, Governor of Virginia, at the Jamestown historical settlement (Photo by Michael Gordon on Shutterstock)

Jamestowne, Virginia is the site of the first successful colony – Historic Jamestowne. The town is part of the Historic Triangle which also includes Williamsburg and Yorktown. In 2007, Jamestown was rebranded by the National Park Service as Historic Jamestowne and has since been a must-see historic attraction. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the country and is home to a range of historic places beyond Historic Jamestowne. 

As History Hit explains, Jamestowne forms part of the Colonial National Park which is also home to Yorktown Battlefield and a range of other places with a lot of historical significance including Williamsburg. Amongst its many attractions is the Jamestowne Glasshouse. The Glasshouse is a recreation of the first industrial building of the Virginia Company, which is the London-based company that founded the colony. 

There is also a reenactment town to visit, notes Enjoy Travel. The true-to-life reenactment gives visitors a sense of life during colonial times and also includes replicas of full-size English sailing ships which are amazing to see all in themselves. If you’ve never seen a full-size replica of an old wooden sailing or merchant ship in person, then you’re in for a real history-filled treat here. 

Parenthood and Passports agree that Jamestowne and the Historic Triangle is a must-see historic site for families. The Jamestowne Settlement and Museum engages visitors by immersing them in colonial life including daily reenactments of settlement life. From there, you can head to Colonial Williamsburg and check out some of the perfectly preserved colonial buildings spanning more than 300 acres across the beautiful Virginia coastland

6. Boston’s Freedom Trail 

Boston Freedom Trail
Boston Freedom Trail marker (Photo by James Kirkikis on Shutterstock)

Our next destination takes us north to Boston and the Freedom Trail. Boston holds all sorts of historical significance in American history. It’s more than the city where the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre both occurred as the Freedom Trail is a great way to learn all about the many historical sites of Boston.

The Freedom Trail is a two-and-a-half-mile-long path spanning across downtown Boston featuring several sites tied to the early history of America, Explore notes. And for anyone wondering, there is a proper route to follow along the trail. Visitors are supposed to walk the trail from south to north in order to experience the historical sites the way they were intended by the trail’s designers. 

As Parenthood and Passports further explain, Boston is one of the most historic cities in the nation and visitors won’t have any shortage of amazing sites to see. Several important landmarks of the American Revolution are on full display as you tour across Boston including the site of the Boston Tea Party complete with ships and a museum

The Freedom Trail features 16 historic sites in total, notes History Hit. These 16 sites were of great importance to the American Revolution both before and during the war with Great Britain. Visitors to Boston can follow the Freedom Trail independently or join one of the many guided tours offered around the city. 

7. Alcatraz Island

white concrete buildings and green island
Alcatraz Island (Photo by Markus Lauff on Unsplash)

Rounding out the list of the most historical places in America is the infamous Alcatraz Island. Of course, Alcatraz is known for its prison but this historic landmark has more history to it than just being home to a federal penitentiary, explains Veranda. Alcatraz island was also home to a Civil War fortress, a military prison, and it’s home to the first lighthouse on the west coast

Also known as “The Rock,” Alcatraz Island is legendary for its federal prison. The prison is no longer in operation, and the island is managed by the National Park Service, notes History Hit. Visitors to the island can take guided tours of the prison and learn more about the inner workings of the infamous jailhouse. Alcatraz has housed some of the most notorious criminals in American history including Al Capone. 

As Explore notes, Alcatraz Island also has a long and storied military and cultural history. Alcatraz Island was a Union stronghold during the Civil War and was first used as a military prison for Confederate soldiers. It was officially bought by the US Government and transformed into a federal prison in 1934. However, in the late 1960s, well after the prison was no longer in operation, Native American activists occupied the island for over 18 months as a way to bring awareness to past injustices. Without a doubt, anyone visiting San Francisco owes it to themselves to go check out Alcatraz Island. 


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