A woman hugging her dog

A woman hugging her dog (Photo by eurobanks on Shutterstock)

Naming a new dog can be a fun adventure for pet parents. Sometimes, a pet’s name can be a classic like Rover or Spot. If you have young kids, names like Marshall or Rubble from “Paw Patrol” can be a popular route. With show dogs, names can be lengthy, like “Bumblebear’s Lady Stardust (Biscotti Rose).” At home, on the other hand, there are some dog names that end up being popular across the United States. That’s why StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best dog names that are most popular for our furry friends.

Why is finding the right name for a new dog so important for some people? Giving a dog a name shows them that they are loved and accepted as part of the family. A name helps to establish a personal connection between the dog and their owner. Using a dog’s name consistently helps them to learn and respond to commands, strengthening the bond between the dog and their owner. It also facilitates communication and interaction.

Your new dog can also be a reflection of yourself. A recent study from Basepaws reveals that 66 percent of Americans believe their furry friend to be a four-legged version of themselves. This is a major reason why pets become such beloved family members!

Thanks to the recommendations of nine animal experts, StudyFinds put together a list of the best dog names that were most recommended across the board. These monikers could be just right for a new pooch in your life. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

shallow focus photo of dogs on tree log
shallow focus photo of dogs on tree log photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

The 7 Best Dog Names for Your New Furry Friend

1. Bella

big dog small dog
Dogs running together (Photo by Alvan Nee from Unsplash)


In at number one is Bella, a name that is popular not only in America, but the world over. It is possible that the average American already knows a Bella in the neighborhood. AZ Animals raves that Bella rolls off the tongue in a “very romantic Italian way that makes you want to gesture with your hands.” The name Bella is a soft, smooth, and charming name for a female pup. Bella also has a friendly tonal quality that’s very pleasant for a dog to hear.

The popular book and movie franchise “Twilight” helped make Bella a household name. The Wildest believes “an impending ‘Twilight’ remake will likely shift this placement in the near future.”

Bella is Italian for “beautiful.” That’s why Reader’s Digest exclaims that all dogs are “bella,” by translation. I don’t think anyone will argue with that.

2. Max

black dog sitting on boat on body of water
Black dog sitting on boat on body of water (Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash)

Max is a good name for both male and female dogs. It is an affectionate label for a would-be pet. DogTipper says that Max translates to “greatest” in Latin. If you think your pup is the greatest around, which most of us do, Max would be a fitting name.

Bringing a new dog home comes with many responsibilities. Pet owners need to stock up on dog food, get the right leash and collar, and dog-proof their homes. However, the last step is the most fun one. “The only thing left to do? Choose the perfect dog’s name… Max – One of the most popular names for dogs,” notes BeChewy.

A name like Max has some prestige and royalty behind it. It’s a simple, yet powerful name that rolls right off the tongue. CBS News thinks dogs names Max are mighty companions.

3. Luna

white dog on green grass
White dog on green grass Photo by Laura Baker

Luna and Luna Girl are highly ranked names for both dogs and cats. On social media, the name Luna seems especially popular. Scary Mommy explains that it means “moon” in Latin. This could definitely be a favorite among self-proclaimed astrologists.

The popularity of the name Luna also comes from a beloved character in Harry Potter. Luna Lovegood is a soft-spoken whimsical student at Hogwarts that shows up in the fifth book, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”

The name Luna is short, sweet, and reminds people of the moon that hangs in the enchanting night sky, making it the perfect name for a sweetheart lady dog, according to Reader’s Digest.

4. Buddy

golden retriever puppy on snow covered ground during daytime
Golden Retriever puppy and adult dog. (photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash)

Buddy, the classic dog’s name, evokes the image of a trusty Golden Retriever. No matter the breed, this name reflects fondness and the closest thing to a “brother” that you can get. Pet Finder says, “Buddy – What else would a guy call man’s best friend?”

Buddy is on the favorite name’s list on a yearly basis. It also helps that Buddy is the name from a popular Disney movie. Reader’s Digest recalls that it is what Cruella De Vil calls her mixed dog in the 2021 feature film, “Cruella.”

Buddy is a fantastic name if your pup has a spunky personality or if you want to set your dog apart from the pack. BeChewy also reveals the name Buddy has historical significance. It was the name of the first seeing eye dog for the blind in the United States.

5. Daisy

A Golden Retriever winking
A Golden Retriever winking (Photo by Vinicius Florio on Shutterstock)

Daisy is the perfect name for a girl dog with a sunny disposition. Dogs named Daisy are usually cheerful, bright, and low-key. Reader’s Digest points out that it is the fourth most popular overall for dogs, and third for female dogs.

Being named after a flower comes with its perks. Daisy was a name commonly given to baby girls throughout the 20th century. While it briefly declined in popularity, DogTipper says it is again on the rise. We may be seeing more wagging Daisy’s around town.

The name Daisy is fresh and fun, explaining why it’s so beloved for young pups and babies. For Scary Mommy, the name sits at number four on their list of the most popular dog names.

6. Charlie

Black labrador retriever with red collar
Black labrador retriever (Photo by Megan M on Unsplash)

Charlie is a fun name for a canine companion. For some pet owners it also offers the opportunity to call out “CHOLLY,” a la Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” Reader’s Digest says Charlies works well as both a girl and boy dog name, as well as for dogs of all sizes. It’s very versatile!

Charlie has been a popular name for dogs for hundreds of years. According to AZ Animals, people have been naming their dog Charlie since the late 1880s.

Charlie shot up the most popular dog name board over the last year and replaced another name on the list for the top spot. According to The Wildest, “Charlie took the number-one spot after Max held it for the past 10 years.”

7. Milo

brown and black French bulldog lying on white fur area rug
French Bulldog (Photo by Alexandru Sofronie on Unsplash)

Milo is a popular name that is easy to associate with breeds like the French Bulldog. Milo has become increasingly popular in recent years, ranking among the top puppy names in the United States. BeChewy writes, “Milo may have been the cat in ‘The Adventures of Milo and Otis,’ but this would make a cute dog name, too!”

Children from the 1990s will always associate Milo with the 1986 movie “The Adventures of Milo and Otis.” The name is also a popular dog name in another movie that’s sentimental to kids from that era. It was Stanley’s dog’s name in “The Mask,” according to Scary Mommy.

Milo comes from the Latin word “miles,” which means “soldier.” The name has also been a favorite for many pet owners the past several years. Reader’s Digest finds it fitting for dogs of all dispositions.

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