Most Popular Holiday Songs: Blake Shelton’s ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ Tops the Charts

NEW YORK — The holidays are here, and it’s safe to say Christmas music is probably playing wherever you go. Depending on where you go, however, there’s a good chance Americans will have a different holiday tune on the radio from state to state. So, which jingle sits atop Santa’s sleigh this year?

Researchers from Crosswordhelper have found an answer, naming “Jingle Bell Rock” by Blake Shelton as the most popular holiday song of 2023 throughout the United States. Their survey went state by state, collecting Google search volume data nationwide. The country singer’s version of the Christmas classic has been the most searched tune since January 2023 and was the most searched song in five different states.

“This Christmas” by Chris Brown finished second on this festive list overall and was the most popular track to search for by Americans in four states.

By genre, Shelton’s “Jingle Bell Rock” comes in as the most popular country song of the year. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber‘s “Christmas Love” leads the list of holiday pop songs, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” by Bruce Springsteen is 2023’s king of holiday rock, and “Christmas in Hollis” by Run-D.M.C. continues to win out among holiday hip-hop and rap songs. Does that end the debate about whether “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie?


Top Searched Christmas Songs By State

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Study methodology

Crosswordhelper collected Google search volumes from January through December of 2023 for holiday songs.

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