Study: Multivitamins, other common supplements have no health benefits

TORONTO — Taking multivitamins or other commonly consumed vitamin and mineral supplements won’t actually provide you any health benefits, but they won’t harm you either, a new study finds.

Researchers from the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital conducted a review of 179 studies on popular vitamin supplements that were published between January 2012 and October 2017.  Studies covered a vast spectrum of supplements, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6, B9 (folic acid), C, D and E; and mineral supplements β-carotene; calcium; iron; zinc; magnesium; and selenium. Multivitamins that contained a wide variety of the vitamins and minerals were also reviewed.

Multivitamins and vitamins
Taking multivitamins or other commonly consumed vitamin and mineral supplements won’t actually provide you any health benefits, but they won’t harm you either, a new study finds.

The research team concluded that the most commonly consumed supplements — multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C — had no effect on a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack stroke, heart disease, or early death.

“We were surprised to find so few positive effects of the most common supplements that people consume,” notes Dr. David Jenkins, the study’s lead author, in a statement. “Our review found that if you want to use multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium or vitamin C, it does no harm – but there is no apparent advantage either.”

The only supplements that showed any benefit among the studies were folic acid or B-vitamins that contained B6, B12, and folic acid, which could lower one’s risk of heart disease and stroke. Folic acid alone showed a 20 percent lowered risk of stroke. Conversely, the review found that niacin and antioxidants had a “very small” effect that could potentially raise the risk of death from any cause.

The authors say it’s best to stick to a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables which naturally provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals.

“In the absence of significant positive data – apart from folic acid’s potential reduction in the risk of stroke and heart disease – it’s most beneficial to rely on a healthy diet to get your fill of vitamins and minerals,” says Dr. Jenkins. “So far, no research on supplements has shown us anything better than healthy servings of less processed plant foods including vegetables, fruits and nuts.”

Jenkins says it’s important that people be aware of what types of supplements they’re taking and to always consult a doctor, particularly if they have any specific deficiencies.

“These findings suggest that people should be conscious of the supplements they’re taking and ensure they’re applicable to the specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies they have been advised of by their healthcare provider,” adds Jenkins.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, in 2012, it was estimated that 52 percent of the population were taking supplements.

The full study was published in the June 5, 2018 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It was funded by the Canada Research Chair Endorsement, Loblaw Cos. Ltd., and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.


  1. Do these researchers not realize that the modern diet is severely lacking in many of these essential micro-nutrients? “Study: Multivitamins, Other Common Supplements Have No Health Benefits” Then the article states: “Folic acid alone showed a 20 percent lowered risk of stroke.” The “researchers” and author of this article might want to look into nootropic supplementation to help with their brain function, as there are dozens of peer reviewed and double blind studies that show the benefits of vitamin supplementation.

    1. I am convinced Big Pharma also lobbies or works hand in hand with food manufacturers to turn out food that is extremely harmful – full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and GMO canoli oil, and lots of other crap in order to make people sick and permanent consumers of Big Pharma and the Rockefeller Mefical Infustrial Complex … yes, they would destroy your health on purpose to create a market for their poison pills ..
      Just look how diabetes and cancer have sky rocketed in the last few decades … death by diet … Big Pharma, Monsanto and MIC all working to make you their permanent customer…. eat organic, buy supplements from a USA made, guaranteed potency manufacturer and tell big Pharma to go to hades

        1. And no money in curing cancer … so don’t ever expect a cure Not Ever – not within this matrix …, their phony “Run for the Cure” ..,, they should call it “Runaway from the Cure – fast” ..,

          1. RE: Cancer, Anyone?

            “And no money in curing cancer … ” — Dalton

            There IS a cure for cancer. It was discovered at Purdue University in the late 90s. It’s from a Brazilian plant named Graviola.

            It’s North American cousin, the Pawpaw, has now been found to have four times the active agent.

            I saw the pawpaw KILL an aggressive squamous carcinoma—skin cancer—within a month.

            You can get it at Amazon. Look for pawpaw cell reg.

          2. Paw Paw grows along water ways, rivers, streams, brooks, ponds. Grows in a lot of states. From the Carolinas Northward, start in Sept or Oct. Pick when you can easily make a dent in the thin skin. Can eat then or wait a day or two to soften more, then tastes better. When it turns darkish mixed with orange – is real soft and very ripe. Beyond that, quickly goes to rot.

          3. RE: Pawpaw

            Yeah. It grows wild east of the Mississippi River and south of the Mason-Dixon line.

            From what I understand, the active agent is found in the mature leaves and their stems.

          4. RE: What Is It, with This Plant

            “And what is the active agent?” — Nerdelbaum Frink

            Much of the research on Graviola focuses on a novel set of phytochemicals called annonaceous acetogenins — GRAVIOLA

            Follow the link….

            Here’s more….

            Purdue University researcher Jerry McLaughlin, working with doctoral student Nicholas Oberlies, has found compounds in the bark of the tree that have shown preliminary success in fighting some drug-resistant cancers.The studies, published in two separate journal articles this summer, show that the pawpaw compounds not only are effective

            in killing tumors that have proven resistant to anti-cancer agents, but also seem to have a special affinity for such resistant cells.

            The findings were detailed in the journal Cancer Letters and the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Though further studies are needed to pinpoint exactly how the pawpaw compounds work within the cancer cell, McLaughlin says their effect is to pull the plug on the energy-producing mechanisms in the cell. McLaughlin notes, however, that the effect on drug-resistant cells has been studied only in laboratory cultures and will require additional study in animals before it can be tested in humans.”Multidrug-resistant cancer is hard to treat because the cancer cell has developed a mechanism to get around the anti-cancer agent,” says McLaughlin, professor of pharmacognosy in Purdue’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Science. “Tumor cells that survive chemotherapy treatments often recover with increased resistance to the agent used in the originaltreatment program as well as to other related drugs.” — Graviola Purdue Study


          5. For gods sake man, corner the market on that stuff now, if that is what you believe. Grow it in greenhouses. You could become Big Pharma. Or is the world just stacked against you, conspiracies everywhere? Oh, go ahead and have another beer.

          6. When are diversity or mass immigration or so-called anti racism ever demanded of any non white peoples anywhere?

            Open borders is the real white so-called ‘privilege’.
            Is this not targeting a racial group for destruction, whole or in part?

            Is this not White Geno cide?
            Is this not Anti White?

          7. That guy is a Star Wars and James Bond kid.
            Just ignore his bs or block him.

          8. For another cancer cure, research Royal Rife. He invented an optical microscope that shows microbes too small to see with today’s best optical scopes. The electron microscope only works with samples in a vacuum, which explodes specimens and prevents seeing anything alive. Rife found not only new microbes, he found some that caused cancer. He invented a radio-frequency device he could tune to the destruction frequencies of these cancer-causing bugs. Result: In one trial, he saved the lives of eight or more terminally-ill cancer patients. He was only allowed to treat those who just had DAYS to live–yet he cured them!

            Of course the AMA put a stop to that; they destroyed his machines, his notes, everything, and put Rife in an insane asylum.

            The only way we can ever have the healthcare we deserve is to take the profit motive out of doctors “treating” patients unsuccessfully and forever, and let them profit from “curing” patients. On the other hand, there’s too many people in the world as it is, so maybe we should just leave bad enough alone . . .

          9. RE: Royal Rife

            Sounds interesting. I suspect there are more than one way to ‘skin this cat’.

            After all, the AMA stood against chiropracty and acupuncture for decades. But they were finally accepted as effective.

            Then there’s homeopathy. Which I’ve found to be very effective in dealing with various illnesses and disorders. Including gout, which doctors can’t do diddly against.

            I suspect than pawpaw is easier to acquire than something that seems to have been utterly and totally destroyed.

            RE: Overpopulation

            Ebola? Or maybe this new virus that causes massive encephalitis?

            A little ‘tweak’ in the nucleotides might make them go airborne. Then watch the ‘fun’.

          10. Take “Organic” Tart or Sour Cherry Juice for gout. Will get rid of gout fast and will not blow out your liver and kidneys. Be sure to follow the juice with copious amounts of water.
            I love shell fish so I keep several qts of Tart Cherry Juice on hand at all times. Works like a dream.

          11. RE: Dark Red Fruit Juices

            “Take “Organic” Tart or Sour Cherry Juice for gout. Will get rid of gout fast and will not blow out your liver and kidneys. Be sure to follow the juice with copious amounts of water.” — sally

            Tried that. Doesn’t work as quickly as the homeopathic materia medica.

          12. Sorry to hear that. Were you drinking straight TART cherry juice or a blend? I’ve had success with pure cranberry juice when in a pinch. What do you consider “homeopathic mm”?

          13. RE: Dark Red Juice

            “Sorry to hear that. Were you drinking straight TART cherry juice or a blend? I’ve had success with pure cranberry juice when in a pinch. ” — sally

            I tried tart cherry and pure cranberry as well as red currant and one or two others. I suspect they are better as a preventative than a curative.

            RE: Homeopathic Materia Medica for Gout

            “What do you consider “homeopathic mm”?” — sally

            Yesterday, over at Instapundit, there’s a thread on homeopathy. I’ve discussed it over there, but I’ll share it here as well……

            There are 47 known materia medica for gout. You have to identify secondary—often seemingly unrelated—symptoms, e.g., white coated tongue, chills, etc.

            One instance, I found myself taking HOT showers. Catching the water in a plastic cup and pouring it over myself. Twigged to that symptom, got out the tome, cross-referenced gout pain in foot and chills, found three hits. Had two of the materia media on hand. Read some more and identified another symptom that was indicated in one. Took it. Fifteen minutes later the pain was gone.

            But it took a few days for the swelling to subside.

            Later, had another attack. But no chills this time. And that materia medica didn’t work. The next day, while brushing my teeth I noticed my tongue looked like it had been white-washed. Found the proper materia medica and again the pain was gone in 15 minutes.

          14. RE: Placebo Effect?

            “Homeopathic medicine doesn’t work. Enjoy your placebo.” — Nerdelbaum Frink

            And as for the ‘placebo effect’…..nope. That’s not it either. Why do i say that? Because there are 47 different homeopathic materia medica for dealing with gout. You have to recognize the secondary symptoms. Symptoms that might not be obvious, e.g., severe chills or a heavily coated tongue.

            In one attack, I noticed I was taking VERY hot showers. Catching the water in a cup and pouring it over myself. I cross referenced that symptom with the pain in the foot and found three materia medica that met the criteria. I had two on hand. I reviewed the other possible symptoms and eliminated one. I took the one indicated and fifteen minutes later, the pain was gone.

            A few months later, I had another attack. I tried the previous materia medica, despite the fact I wasn’t experiencing chills. It didn’t work. So much for your idea it’s the placebo effect.

            The next morning, I was brushing my teeth and noticed my tongue looked like it had been painted with whitewash. I cross referenced that symptom with gout and found a different materia medica. Took it and—as before—the pain was gone in fifteen minutes. So it’s not a placebo effect. It’s the materia medica, specific to the ailment.

            Likewise, my six-month old child didn’t want the little sugar pills we tried to get into her mouth. But we managed to get them in. Within fifteen minutes, we had our happy little girl back. Do six-month old children suffer from the placebo effect? I don’t think so.


            ….would you dare to try my little experiment? Do you have an open enough mind to look at this?

            If not, it’s your loss. Not mine….

            Imagine being able to stop pain and suffering for less than $10? As opposed to something doctors can’t even help you with for a trip to their office.

            THIS is why the AMA and the pharmaceutical companies keep saying it homeopathy doesn’t work. They lose money when people can heal themselves.

            Take a chance. Do you cook at home? Ever get burned? I do most of the cooking in my household. The distaff is a wizard with flour and ovens. Wins prizes at the state fair. But now and then I’ll have an accident.

            Care to know what really works to relieve the pain and, in bad cases, reduces scar tissue?

          15. Lol you’re an idiot. Homeopathy is a scam. Only a complete sucker would thing that diluting something until it no longer exists in water would somehow cure the opposite to what that thing causes. Acupuncture only works for some tiny subset of psychosomatic pain relief. I would ask you to try a little bit of education, but you’re clearly hopeless since you think snake oil works.

          16. RE: Idiot? Moi?

            “Lol you’re an idiot.” — Nerdelbaum Frink

            Show all of us YOUR Mensa membership ID. Or you’re more likely the ‘idiot’ between the two of us.

            As for education, I’ve degrees in Microbiology/Chemistry and Computers. That’s the civilian side. Military side, I’m a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff and Logistics Management Colleges.

            In psychological terms, you’re ‘projecting’.

            RE: Acupuncture

            Treatment of diabetes with acupuncture has been effective in reducing blood sugar levels, especially in individuals with type 2, non-insulin dependent diabetes, the most common form of diabetes. Acupuncturists have identified about 20 body acupoints that are effective in lowering blood sugar. — Item on the Web

            You think diabetes is ‘psychosomatic’? Interesting. Maybe you could take your own advice about ‘educating yourself’.

          17. You don’t believe that certain frequencies can cure cancer by killing the microbes that cause it? Then you probably don’t believe that the ultraviolet light frequency can kill microbes and prevent disease, either–except that it DOES. So why do you think the same thing can’t happen in another frequency range?

            Your link only goes to an unsupported assertion that Rife was a quack, not to any proof. Keep in mind, it was documented–by respected medical doctors representing the AMA!–that Rife’s treatment WORKED. The California president of the AMA monitored his patients’ treatments; they were all dying of cancer before the treatment, and all were in remission after treatment. The California AMA president called the national AMA president to inform him of Rife’s discovery and to discuss implementing his equipment and procedures–then goons broke into his lab, destroyed all notes and equipment, and he was committed to an insane asylum, where two medical doctors can put anyone “to ensure the safety of the patient or others.”

            The practice of medicine requires that there be sick people in order for doctors to make a living; that’s why literally EVERY DRUG Big Pharma offers only aims to provide symptomatic relief, NOT cures. If people are cured, they don’t add to doctors’ incomes. Can you name for me anything that modern medicine has cured? Medical practice has only three ways of treating cancer: cut it out, shrink it with radiation, or poison it with chemo. None of these are cures; when they work at all, it is merely a treatment, not a cure.

          18. No, I don’t. Maybe teaching Microbiology in college for years gave me an experienced viewpoint that reading Internet websites can’t supply.

            UV kills only surface pathogens because it does not penetrate deeper than the epidermis. Microwaves have wavelengths which match the H-O bond lengths of water and are not organism specific.

            Every microorganism has the same DNA structure and codon variations are not RF specific.

            Rife’s optical “Microscope” is physically impossible. How do I know that? I also taught physics, calculus and Diff Eq in college as well, along with general chemistry, organic chemistry, P-Chem and Anatomy&Physiology. I hold certifications in five fields.

          19. If you could just go ahead and post all of those qualifications here for us, we will go ahead and believe what you have to say.

          20. So what are the qualifications for the people who claim to know the research that was destroyed? How convenient that their claims rest on “please believe us” rather than actual studies or evidence.

          21. You’re talking to someone who said that some organization destroyed this guy’s entire work, including his equipment, his notes and everything, and yet also claims to know about the equipment, notes, etc.

            The person doesn’t have any type of reason or logic behind their incorrect beliefs, so you’re not going to be able to reason them out of those beliefs. They’re hopelessly lost.

          22. Hold Them Between Your Knees; Your ‘Talent For Surrender’ Is Immaterial, ‘Prof’.

          23. What are the classifications of the supposed microbes that cause cancer? Can you show us? Can you indicate it? Can you detail how they reproduce or anything related to them at all? No?

            It’s pretty sad there are people who are either as ignorant as you are or intellectually dishonest, but even worse that you’re spreading this filth around as fact.

            Modern medicine also has immune therapy that has shown to cure various cancers by the way. So much for your conspiracy theories.

          24. There aren’t to many people in the world! A problem is the banks own all the land and here in the USA the Feds and the States have locked up a lot of useful land.
            I did some foreclosure work for a few weeks and it was one downer of a job. The places I’m talking about were way out in nowhere yet the gfkng banks forced those people off their property. I’d have to post notices on these homes and I’d talk to some displaced people and really feel for them. I completed my agreement with the heartless foreclosure people and crap on them for what they do to people.

            Don’t give that crap that “If they can’t pay they shouldn’t play, screw you!” Hateful World we live in.
            When Jesus comes back he’s going to cancel a lot of bankers.

          25. The problem lies with you and the people who really believe that Jesus is coming back, a bunch of superstitious folks that the banks and the elites love. Oh sure, Jesus is gonna come back and save us all from the banks. LOL.

          26. Thanks for being so helpful and positive, Anthony.
            You forgot to contribute to the conversation.
            Do you have anything constructive to offer?
            Anything at all?

          27. That was very constructive, but his comment has no likes and yours 3 because you are part of the problem which is the weak people that need a crutch because they cant handle the thought of returning to dust.

          28. 1 Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean.
            2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.

          29. Stop quoting a mind control propaganda piece. Its 2018, organized religion has been exposed for those whose eyes are open.

          30. Nobody has said anything constructive here to begin with. It’s all bunch of nonsensical, conspiracy theory idiocy floating around.

          31. Jesus is a lie. Religion is a lie. It gave people good morals but outside of thst you have to save yourself people.

          32. OK! Go save yourself. The problem you will encounter is that Jesus did not come to heal and save those who can do it on there own. He came for me and my kin…who do sin…and know it, and admit it. Amen

          33. Jesus is not coming. Save yourself please, giving it to god is what got us all in trouble. Prayer changes nothing but your belief you are helping. We all die alone, in your last moments will you be proud if you were lied to and did nothing about it but made the world a worse place for others because of your inaction?

          34. You a banker? haha
            These words are for us and no other and not the old city of Jerusalem:
            1 Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean. (figure that)
            2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.” Isaiah 52

          35. Lol they destroyed everything but somehow you know all this? What a bunch of rubbish and nonsense. I have some amazing snake oil I’d like to sell you…

          36. RE: Rigorous

            Yeah. The drug companies and oncologists are REALLY excited about proving it works and then giving up their lucrative practice and chemicals in order to….

            ….Open a tea shop.

            In the meantime, I’m telling people about how I saw it KILL a cancer in 30 days. And not just skin.

            A few days after the tumor fell off, an infected lymph node popped out from underneath it. [NOTE: Recognizing it has something to do with my pre-med microbiology degree.]

          37. You do realize that these drug companies could isolate the compounds inside, patent a method of synthesis and then sell those as drugs… because tea is a concoction of drugs, right?

            And you know what? You’re going to be the cause of any deaths from fools who believe your lies. You’re worse than anything big Pharma could ever do because you’re pushing snake oil.

          38. Have you researched what he stated or is that your worthless OPINION?

          39. Natural substances that have been synthesized have side-effects and do not have the healing ability on the unaltered substances.
            BLOCKED for being part of the PROBLEM.

          40. RE: Heh

            “You do realize that these drug companies could isolate the compounds inside, patent a method of synthesis and then sell those as drugs… because tea is a concoction of drugs, right?” — Nerdelbaum Frink

            Yes. They could. But they’ve failed for the last 20 years, since the efficacy of the naturally occurring substance was discovered by researchers at Purdue University in the late 90s.

            So what gives? Are they more interested in money than in human suffering and life? Three guesses….first two don’t count.

            And as for my ‘lies’. Seeing it work, first hand, and reporting it is not lying.

          41. RE: Indicators, Anyone?


            “However, the lack of rigorously controlled clinical trials has cast a.shadow on the observation that the administration of pawpaw capsules rich in acetogenins decreased tumor size, reduced tumor blood flow, suppressed metastasis, and improved survival in cancer patients.”” — GreyGeek77

            It’s been over 20 years since researchers at Purdue University discovered that the active agent in graviola/pawpaw killed cancer cells in vitro while leaving health cells alone.

            They’ve had LOTS of time to prove or disprove its efficacy. And they haven’t even tried?

            Three guesses….first two don’t count.

            In the Army, we’d call that sort of behavior something of an ‘indicator’.

          42. Cancer has a huge money inflow! But, not a lot of conventional progress. There are foods which focus the body to strengthen autoimmune system to specifically push remove cancel cells. Chemo is for that, but, makes a person sick, weak but beings cell growth to a stall. No need to stall. Find the foods that some Drs use for 90% cures. Some do it to cure without charging just to help people in that desperate situation. Sour Honey from Brazil is one. There are others. US govt will tend to shut down these Drs. They have to work in other countries.

          43. Any aspect of our society that grows an infrastructure so big that our society is dependent upon it, is impossible to destroy. The healthcare industry is one such aspect; too many TRILLIONS of dollars are dependent on keeping healthcare exactly as it is, and no cancer cures will be approved by that same healthcare industry.

          44. Cancer cures are already getting approved, so are you going to admit you’re full of it or are you going to keep your tinfoil hat on?

          45. You don’t need to leave home to kill cancer.
            Mega green tea prevents new blood supply to cancers.
            Selenium reverses and prevents autoimmune problems and modulates response of p53 to instruct the cell to repair itself or commit apoptosis.
            Iodine kills ALL single cell organisms very quickly.
            Viruses, bacteria, molds and fungus are ALL single cell organisms.

          46. Yes you do need to leave home, because you’re spouting lies and nonsense. But you can stay home and day as long as you don’t convince anyone else to do so too. If anyone listens to your advice, you’re at fault for their death.

          47. There are foods that do not need special processing which are being used for 90% cured patients. US govt tries to shut them down. Would dampen the profits of chemo and radiation.

          48. They get shut down because they’re pushing snake oil and not actually curing anyone. If there was a common food product that would prevent cancer, everyone would know. The problem is, there isn’t. The most promising thing we have for cancer going forward is targeted immune therapies being actively worked on. They, unlike this nonsense you’re pushing, have actual studies and evidence backing up their claims.

          49. A licensed doctor promoting one or more substances from ordinary food is not snake oil when the total cure rate on patients is 90% or more.

          50. Steve Jobs died of cancer. But there is a cure? Guess he couldn’t access it, because there’s “no money in curing cancer.” They must be saving it for someone that can REALLY pay! Diabetes skyrockets because everyone has plenty to eat, and boy do they eat. People are obese and “gots the sugars” for the simple fact that even the poorest of the poor have PLENTY to eat in this country! Our bodies are still programed to eat as much as you can when food is plentiful – from our genes, back to prehistoric days. Cancer “skyrockets” because we now can identify cancer as the culprit, through diagnostic measures – they are just not characterized as “natural causes” deaths anymore. Is everyone stupid on this thread? Answer would be YES! God, I thought people were smarter until I happened on this one. Well-Being has obviously become a religion, with all the dogma and such. Fifteen years of medical training, and some guy scratching his nuts in his parents basement thinks he is a medical and nutrition expert after reading a few articles.

          51. There a few things modern medical professionals are excellent at today. Mainly, the highly profitable operation of diagnostic machines and surgical tools, and the dispensing of chemicals in an effort to manage a patient’s illness or injury. But, a modern medical doctor, with their 15 years of medical training, is about as much an expert on natural cures and human nutrition as some guy scratching his nuts in his parent’s basement.

          52. Human nutrition can be covered in totality in an afternoon seminar at a local hotel ballroom. a little smaller time investment than 15 years. There are no natural cures. What earlier civilization had everything figured out with these “natural cures.?” Native Americans or Amazonian, or what? Fantasy. Modern medicine is the best thing you got. If anyone here had the slightest notion of what it entails – they would marvel at the miracle, and not subject themselves to the charlatans and silly notions espoused in this thread. Elmo is correct about the oncologists and cancer treatments – can’t verify the percentage – but, yes, they do the analysis and accept the inevitability, if warranted. There are so many new and exciting things happening in modern medicine. Rubbing dirt on it isn’t an accepted method of treatment anymore. By the way, these diagnostic machines are not even profitable, certainly not “highly”. And surgical tools – don’t know what you refer to, but robotics waste the surgeons time, at this point. I would rather spend 23 minutes in surgery, than 6 hours with a damn robot tool. Same procedure. Yes, there is dispensing of drugs, to keep people alive and from further damage to their health. If you have high blood pressure – you might lose weight and be able to control it without the use of drugs. Takes time to lose weight, and most people never do. Do you allow it to be uncontrolled, because you hate Big Pharma. Sometimes weight is not the issue. But to not control BP is very dangerous, often fatal. What would you propose? Some natural cure? What would that be, as your patient has a stroke? Should have eaten some tree bark, I suppose! Now he needs 24/7 care. Too bad, didn’t take his vitamins. No, medicine doesn’t involve itself in the value judgements people in this thread are making. We just patch them up as we get them. I don’t think the Well-Being religion is quite as caring.

          53. Natural cures are just chemicals. If you want to be ignorant on basic science, sure, but please don’t spread your nonsense to others, since you could be responsible for someone’s death if they follow the terrible advice that’s being thrown around in this article.

          54. WARNING: Nerdelbaum Frink is a persistent TROLL.

            !! TROLL ALERT !!

            !! TROLL ALERT !!

            !! TROLL ALERT !!

            !! TROLL ALERT !!

          55. They do NOT teach nutrition in Med School, nor do they encourage their students to find out anything. If you knew how many chemicals go into food to make it look better, grow faster, whatever, and that cause diseases, you would grow your own garden rather than risk your life and health on poisonous “food” that doesn’t give half the nutrition it did just 60 years ago.

          56. Food is nothing but chemicals. Everything around you is made out of chemicals. Grow your own food? It’s all chemicals. It’s impossible to have food that *isn’t* chemicals.

          57. We are all told by advertisements to “consult with your physician for nutrition advise before xzy”, but, most doctors refuse to talk about nutrition.

          58. Are you claiming to have 15 years of medical training, then?
            Show us the credentials and you might have some credibility.
            Otherwise you are only trolling.

          59. As opposed to the random people claiming they’ve cured cancer 3 times along with everything else under the sun in this thread? How come you’re not asking for their credentials or questioning the people who seem to just believe them?

          60. Do your own searching. Most of the doctors who are very successful do present both their creds and the nutcase US fed govt raid on their offices to shut them down.

          61. This thread is full of people selling snake oil and suckers believing them.

          62. You’re free to believe in the FrinkleFairy. We chose to believe what works.

          63. A 1994 survey of oncologists found that more than 80% of them said they would not take the treatments they recommend to their patients if diagnosed with cancer.

          64. I have gotten rid of three stage 4 cancers, esophageal, NSCL cancer, and liver cancers within 6 months, with Lugol’s 2% iodine/iodide solution, selenium, vitamin D3 (to above 75 ng./mL serum level), changing diet to exclude sugar and simple carbohydrates etc.

            Simple, cheap, and science support all of it in PubMed research.
            If you have to leave your home to kill cancer, you just aren’t using science.

            Oh, yeah. I am a retired Porsche/Audi mechanic with no formal medical training.

            I work with doctors now and show them the research.
            So far, I have gotten rid of hep-C, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, prostate cancer (plus the military the other cancers above) with the same nutrients we take everyday.

            Over 300 diseases from untreated hypothyroidism from iodine deficiency.
            Lab panel for TSH, T3, T4, do not show hypothyroidism from iodine dficiency.

            Research what I generously GAVE YOU, and fix yourselves!

            Mechanics don’t “treat” anything. We only get paid it we FIX it the FIRST TIME and it doesn’t come back. Too bad doctor don’t get paid the same way ????

          65. How much iodine do you take, may I ask? And what brand? (Sorry…Lugol’s, right?

          66. I would be interested in knowing too from Searchin4Truth since he had such success. I take 50 mg several days per week. 100 mg/day on some days. Then “salt loading” when I have sore hips. Salt apparently helps flush out bromides and other toxins that the Lugols Iodine forces out. Lugols must be taken with some additional supplements like he mentions.

          67. Lugol’s 2% from Amazon or Ebay.
            Right now, I am using 75 mg. (30 drops) in 8 ounces of water.
            For getting rid of cancer, from 12.5 mg. to 300 mg./day in 8-12 ounces of water.
            Always taken first thing in the morning.
            Always take selenium 200-400mcg./day. Not more than 400mcg. TOTAL from all sources.
            Take vitamin K2 mk 7 (100mcg. or more a day) so you can safely keep your serum 25hydroxyvitamin D above 80 ng/mL without risk of hypercalcemia.

            There you go!

          68. For getting rid of cancer, stop listening to people lying in comments on the internet pushing snake oil.

          69. How do you know he had any success at all? Anyone can write a post online and claim whatever they want. If your metric of evidence is “someone wrote a comment on the internet, so it must be true” you’re going to die an early death.

          70. Lugol’s 2% from Amazon or Ebay.
            Right now, I am using 75 mg. (30 drops) in 8 ounces of water.
            For getting rid of cancer, from 12.5 mg. to 300 mg./day in 8-12 ounces of water.
            Always taken first thing in the morning.
            Always take selenium 200-400mcg./day. Not more than 400mcg. TOTAL from all sources.
            Take vitamin K2 mk 7 (100mcg. or more a day) so you can safely keep your serum 25hydroxyvitamin D above 80 ng/mL without risk of hypercalcemia.

          71. Please don’t listen to snake oil salesmen. They’re not going to be affected by you dying by following their poor advice.

          72. Yes people, please don’t look to the retired Porsche mechanic for your medical needs. I know he thinks he is very close to a doctor, having repaired expensive machinery, but he is not.

          73. You’re too late; I’ve been taking vits and supplements for over 50 years. Iodine, too. Just wondering what he took.

          74. Too late; I’ve been taking vits and supplements for over 50 years. Iodine, too. Just wondering what he took.

          75. That’s ridiculous. There have been tremendous strides in treating numerous cancers.

          76. Every pharmaceutical has side-effects that cause the very problems they treat!

            Cancer is caused by DEFICIENCIES of natural substances our bodies need for good health.

            North America, according to WHO is deficient in magnesium, vitamin D, and IODINE.

            Get rid of the deficiencies and be well!

          77. Cancer isn’t caused by deficiencies at all. That’s about as idiotic as a statement you could possibly make and just shows you’re completely ignorant as to the topic you’re pretending to be able to fix.

          78. Except for the fact that we’re finding cures for things, sure? You people need to fix your tinfoil hats, because they’re faulty.

        2. There are diets for those with diabetes that will diminish a given level of it. Not very popular with medical industry. But, changing what is eaten to foods the promote the body managing sugar inside the body do help. Got to hook up with authors who have help diabetics not be in that category. Not everybody can eliminate D, but, many can or can lessen its control of your life.

          1. Actually, diet based approaches to controlling diabetes is the number 1 thing recommended in the medical industry.

        3. Iodine reverses diabetes.

          Type that sentence into a search and you will find out why from Jeffery Dach MD.

        4. Actually there is a cure for diabetes. It’s called losing weight and getting in shape, and your diabetes will pretty much be gone.

        5. Same as in finding a cure for cancer–have to keep the money flowing for “research,” yet how many years have they been doing so, in order to pump the radiation and chemotherapy–they might check out the fact that” disease begins in the colon”–

          1. You might want to actually look at modern cancer research because you sound like a complete ignorant idiot who has no idea what they’re talking about.

        6. The only way to cure type 2 diabetes or reduce dependency on some drugs is through a strict diet low in white carbs, grease and refined sugars. A paleo diet high in leafy greens can really help those sufferers.

      1. The harmful stuff is tied strongly and as a priority of food profits, to taste. Hard to sell any large quantity of any food when it doesn’t take good. Notice the slim pickings, low quantities of food with low or no (salt, sugar, fake sweetener). Because the general population refuses to buy them in large quantities, stores don’t stock them in large quantities either. What customers want and buy is what gets stocked. That’s a law of inventory management. The customers’ choices are what is the primary factor in an overload of bad things.

      2. Jackpot!
        You are totally correct!

        Big Pharma owns most of the big cereal manufactures, but with so many shadow corporations it would be difficult to trace.

        1. Lololol evidence or are you just talking out of your ass again? You don’t really have to answer. We know you’re talking out of your ass.

      3. I had to deliver something to a warehouse full of food additives and such, looked like chemicals to me. The stuff made it difficult to breathe inside the warehouse. Just saying.
        I wonder if the bread makers ever got to the point where the government really allowed them to add saw dust into our bread. Tasty bread is not easy to find right off the shelf.

        1. Which is funny, because the ones who are pretending snake oil will cure anything while ignoring actual science are the ones with their head in the sand.

      1. Yes: ‘Evolution’. JFK’s ‘Lone Gunman’, And The Rumor Of Your Intelligence. Blocked.

      2. The body of evidence is breathtaking..taking supplements , eating organic food and avoiding Big Pharma poison and cancer- feeding sugar is how to be and stay healthy …

        1. Lol organic doesn’t mean anything. It just means they source their pesticides and fertilizers from specific sources, not that they’re safe. In fact, organic pesticides are often more mutagenic than traditional ones. Taking supplements? Sorry, there is no evidence, but you’re more than welcome to post all the double blind, properly conducted studies you can find.

          Definitely eat less sugar though. That’s the most sage advice in your comment.

        1. Blocked for being a snake oil salesman who deserves the harms they’re inflicting on others to come back on them. You don’t deserve to live with the dishonesty you’ve pushed in this thread.

          What are you hip young kids saying these days? BLOCKED

      3. It’s not conspiracy. Simple profit strategies. Americans are so gullible we believed it. Thank God, Canadians seem considerably smarter.

        1. Thank God Canadians aren’t ego-centric!
          Just kidding!
          Of course YOU are.

          There is plenty of stupidity to go around for all the countries of the world.

      4. If pointing out incongruities and stating facts equal a conspiracy theory, then yes, I have many more. You would serve yourself and your argument better by positing some facts that prove me wrong. I’m all ears.

    2. Those of us that live it understand the truth.

      the researchers must be extremely low in Iodine and have suffered a dip in IQ as a result.

      Folic Acid is very bad to take for much of the population, who should only take Folate.

      Many suffer through the winter from Vitamin D deficiency. A friend of mine ended up in the hospital from such a simple deficiency. Supplementation during the winter months would easily remedy.

      Selenium is essential to help reduce reverse T3 problems associated with thyroid problems.

      Iodine is the necessary building block for every single thyroid hormone, which effects every single cell in the body. Western soils have been largely depleted of Iodine. Consider that with the fact that we need more Iodine than our ancestors due to the increase in toxic halogens and heavy metals in our environment and diets.

      The list goes on and on for those of us who know.

      1. I am hypo thyroid and not one doctor could diagnose me. Finally, a holistic nurse prescribed iodine for me and outside making my teeth look like I was a meth head, it didn’t do anything for me. I finally found a doctor who could read a blood test and got me thyroid medicine. It only took twelve years and lots of money. In most countries outside developed ones, that is, thyroid medicine is an over the counter medicine and common usage.

          1. I take Armor Thyroid and have for years. Sad that doctors almost let me die and didn’t have a clue what was wrong. And that was just the thyroid specialist. A daughter of a research doctor finally found it.

      2. The key is in us studying the correct info, trying vits, mins supps 1 or more to address specific items. We will know if good things occur whereas if we did no take them.

        Example: My Dr gave me blood pressure pills. Brought BP down to a level and stayed there, not good enough. Raw Garlic crushed, let to sit in a loose clump for 5 mins, produces ‘allicin’.

        Cooked garlic is good, but, will ruin allicin. Allicin: reduced my BP all the way to normal. 1 clove per day, about size of your thumb. For some 1 every 2 days is enough. Also, reduces LBL (bad chol), increases HD (good chol), thins the blood better than an aspirin to open capillaries, push fluids out like dietetics, brought my diastolic BP to 80 (2nd #) (if you have nose bleeds, take less or decide if you can stop), and allicin does other naturally good things for you. All grocery stores have garlic. I use bib bulb garlic.

        ! Don’t heat garlic like and apple. Crush raw, pile in a clump, sit 5 mins, mix w pea nut butter, honey, swallow crushed with water or juice. Trying to chew painfully hot, will stick in your throat if chewed poorly and swallowed!! Best not to try it. Mi with something else.

        These vegetables work better than water pills: tomato, cucumber, raw carrots, celery, bell peppers. Good for swollen body parts, salt retention, opens capillaries, moves water to kidneys.

        1. Thanks for your time spelling all that out so well.
          I learned couple things to try for high BP, but I already got mine under control with other substances.

          Knowledge is something that keeps giving ????

          1. Russell Blaylock, MD in his excellent book,HEALTH AND NUTRITION SECRETS, recommends taking Aged Garlic capsules for high BP. It’s easy and odorless.

      3. Iodine can be easily obtained in table salt. No need to get it out of the soil. Do you know about iodized salt my friend? It’s not new, been around since the early 1900’s at least.

        1. But table salt is usually not sold with the Iodine added any more.
          You have to seek out the salt with Iodine and too much salt is not good for you, anyway.
          Luden’s or another brand of nascent Iodine is simpler.

          1. I respectfully disagree with your assertion. It is very common. In the USA at least, it’s very easy to buy. Go to any supermarket and check the labels. You will find that iodized salt is cheap and readily available to all.

          2. Too much salt is only an issue for some subset of the population that is sensitive to it. Most people don’t have any issues with salt, but knowing that requires reading actual scientific studies which seem to be the exact opposite of what people in this thread do.

            And iodized salt is all over the place. You don’t have to “seek it out” anymore than looking next to the non-iodized salt in the supermarket.

          3. J.Crow’s Lugol’s is reliably harvested from deep underground and far cheaper than nascent.
            Lugol’s is used in high doses to kill cancer.
            Not so much.

        2. There is only enough iodine in table salt to prevent goiter.
          That is the extent of your knowledge of iodine.
          Okinawians average 3.5 to over 50 mg. of iodine a day and live the longest without heart disease or cancer.
          Do some research before you continue to make a fool of yourself and give bs information to others that know even less that you do.

          BLOCKED because I don’t need a conversation about uneducated opinions.

          1. Okinawans probably eat mostly seafood, which is typically high in iodine.
            Nothing I said was wrong. Iodized salt is a great way to not be deficient in iodine, that and seafood. Your opinion about the extent of my knowledge being lacking means nothing to me. Genetics, and diet, among other things impact aging and resistance to disease/disorders .
            You should learn some manners and be more civil.

        1. This thread is full of people who just outright believe random internet comments and take them as truth. You’re certainly scratching yourself in someone’s basement.

      4. Folate is a general category that includes folic acid you moron, and there’s a reason we sell iodized salt.

    3. They actually know they’re lying. They want your brain to function at lower levels so it’s easier for them to sell you antidepressants and antipsychotics.

    4. Exactly, try getting 100% of Daily Values for all vitamins, minerals in 5 days. Can’t be done. If someone tries to compensate by eating more, their likely going to intake too much of something harmful when over-eating it (bad fat, too much sugar, overdose of salt).

      1. I take a multi and B-complex every two or three days to help supplement what I’m missing. I know it helps me.

      2. It’s pretty easy actually, though to be fair, I started with a spreadsheet in order to track nutrient levels versus calories and food weight to get the right balance of food, but the food itself is straightforward, things like broccoli, squash, chicken, etc.

    5. This is a phony study from the get-go. And, there is a vast difference in the excellent and bad vitamins, minerals and trace elements, combined with the fact so many of them work synergistically with other vitamins, minerals and trace elements. . A majority of the vitamins sold in stores are junk. The vast majority of magnesium sold in stores is magnesium oxide, which is a great laxative, but it has no nutritional value at all. The same thing for most Vitamin E sold in stores. And nobody’s going to tell me supplementing with good iodine and magnesium, just two elements, won’t help people’s health. Supplementing with iodine increases IQ by up to 10 points and that was been proven more than 65 years ago! This is a trolling article full of baloney and intended for the ignorant masses, sheeple. They didn’t mention the benefits of bioflavonoids either. Crap in, crap out is the old saying for studies like this.

      1. Supplementing with iodine only increases IQ if you’re deficient to begin with. The trick to not be deficient is to eat seafood, which is rich in iodine. No supplementation needed.

        1. And the problem for the average American is they are woefully deficient in Vitamans D & C, iodine and magnesium. And that’s to name only a few things they are deficient in. I’ll add to the list the mineral selenium. Combined with the fact that multiple studies have proven fluoride reduces IQ by 8-10 points, and everybody is getting an overdose of fluoride in water, tooth paste especially, and mouth wash.

    6. Couldn’t agree more with the Judge, the statement that you don’t need nutritional supplements if you’re getting all the nutrition you need from your diet is a tautology. Well, no kidding you don’t need nutritional supplements if you don’t need nutritional supplements. It’s the same as saying if you have good eyesight you don’t need glasses.

    7. Excuse me but aren’t vitamins and supplements supposed to make up for the “modern diet” that is “severely lacking?” I’ve heard for decades the argument against vitamins & supplements is that our body does not absorb them, at least not as well, as the foods that naturally contain them. I also have no idea what nootropic supplementation is so you are more of an authority on this than I am. But, I strongly suspect that good health is tied to eating a balanced diet alot more than taking vitamins and supplements. Eat well, get some exercise, avoid excessive alcohol and don’t smoke seem to be the enduring wisdom to better health. Right?



        1. Please don’t use shouty caps. I’ve been trying to be nice about this. If, however, our bodies do not absorb the vitamins & mineral supplements then taking them won’t fill this deficit. I will look into these claims. I do take “Natural Calm” to help me sleep and it’s got magnesium in it. So, I’m not 100% against these things but I suspect real health comes down to the basics described above. Peace out, and let’s keep searching for the truth!

          1. Sorry.
            Not shouting or being pushy, just wanted you to seriously look into this for your own health.

            We only need all of the basic nutrition to stay healthy, not “sour honey” or herbal supplements unless we have a disease from nutritional deficits where they can be helpful.

            Supplementing with Lugol’s iodine made thyroid hormone, probiotics, energy supplement and cognitive supplements unnecessary.
            That saved us over $120 a month.

    8. There aren’t much in the way of benefit of vitamins unless you actually have a deficiency as measured through a blood test, not some specious statement concerning lacking micronutrients in the “modern diet” (which is mostly nonsense). Please stop spreading nonsense, because you sound like a shill.

    1. Which means NOTHING!
      Doctors can’t tell you anything about natural cures because of their CONtracts with providers.
      Ask your doctors about that.

      1. From a chart in the 90’s: Required Number of School Hours on Nutrition for a degree:
        M.D. 40 hours
        Chiropractor 400 hours

    2. Great, better than getting starvation & wasting diseases like their beloved tird world.
      Wait, if vitamins are worthless, why are scientists creating Golden Rice with Vitamin A to prevent blindness in poor countries?

  2. Ah, multi-vitamins include the vitamins they’ve said do help. So, they’ve proved their conclusion of other people’s work to be inaccurate.

    1. Selenium, vitamin D, no sugar or simple carbohydrates and iodine is the cure for all cancers.

      Read: PMC 4998524 by doing a search and get back to reality of criminal duplicity by big pharma.

        1. Yes it is ????

          After getting rid of stage 4 cancers that the victims had left the oncologists to go home ad and die when I got them, I would agree with you.

          Also, fibromyalgia, Lupus, Hep C, ADHD, Melanoma, NSCL cancer etc. ????

          I only use doctors for diagnosis and lab work.

          I am 70.
          Everyone drops their jaws when I tell them my abe.
          I say I am 35 for the second time in my life.

          I strongly suggest people get lab work for thyroid antibodies TPO and antithyroglobulin antibodies before starting iodine replacement therapy to rule out Hashimoto’s being undiagnosed, since iodine in high doses can complicate the problem at high dose.

      1. Yes .. intravenous fed high doses of C can cure cancer – but Big Pharma can’t patent it and charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for it … so of course they got it outlawed …. there are clinics in Mexico who offer it …here in the US they want shoot you full of chemicals that they know destroy you ..,.

        1. My best friend had a highly aggressive form of cancer at 27. She had a mastectomy & treated with high doses of IV C. They said 85% return w/in 5yrs WITH chemo/radiation. 8 yrs later, she is still all clear

      2. Bypass The Stomach, And Allow Absorption Through The Intestines.
        ‘Digestion’ Destroys, And Limits, The Amount Available To The Body.

    2. My mother – 88 years old – and her almost as old family doctor prescribes for her Vitamin D and sodium bicarbonates each and every day ….
      Now my niece being treated for cancer at Duke is being prescribed high doses if D and C, and No Sugar …. it’s the sugar that feeds and grows cancer …. that’s why they put sugar in everything and our government subsidizes the sugar industry to do it … GMO foods and sugar are shortening our life span by design … and it keeps the Medical Industrial Complex and Big Pharma rich treating cancer and diabetes –

    3. No, because the vitamin industry doesn’t pay to put out falsified research. Only pharma does that.

  3. RE: Heh

    Wouldn’t it be nice if articles like this gave attribution to who funded this research?

        1. RE: The Media?

          “I’ll Alert The Media.” — Tin Star

          Forget those tools. Alert your friends and family….. 😉

    1. Do you think the “Health Supplement Industry” financed it? Who benefits financially from the results of this study? As far as I can see, only you and I benefit by no longer throwing money after these ineffective supplements.

        1. RE: Low IQ?

          “You’re a good example of low Iodine intake and the resulting low IQ.” — Dan Golthing

          Funny. Are you a member of Mensa? I am. Used to be the LocSec, i.e., Chair, of a major metropolitan chapter, before I moved to a smaller community and my blood pressure dropped on average by 10 points.

          1. Oh yea. Me too. I think there’s a whole bunch of us using that claim to seem more credible in comments sections.

          2. RE: Really?

            “Oh yea. Me too. I think there’s a whole bunch of us using that claim to seem more credible in comments sections.” — Bstoff

            Not that I’ve seen.

            But why, as it is written….

            ….Hide your lamp under a bushel?

            On the one hand, it’s not my problem if people are ashamed of themselves.

            On the other hand, it’s something I learned at the Army’s Command and General Staff College back in the 80s. You let your audience know about yourself, so they can better understand where you’re coming from.

            On third hand, it helps deal with people who claim I have a ‘low IQ’ or are ‘mentally handicapped’.

            Personally, I think their jealousy doesn’t look good on them…. ????

          3. Chuck, iodine modulates high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many, many others essential bodily processes.

            Look into it for your own sake and your loved ones ☺

          4. Blood pressure and cholesterol are not my issues. But I’ll look into the ‘many, many others’…..

      1. The “Health Supplement Industry” is restrained by the FDA; they have NO power and are forbidden from making any health claims for their products. This was done by Big Pharma, who have a huge interest in discrediting all supplements.

        One example: it is a known scientific fact that colloidal silver is effective in curing viral, fungal, bacterial infections, even deadly diseases. But Big Pharma can’t make money since colloidal silver can’t be patented, so makers of colloidal silver products are forbidden to make any health claims because each product must conduct a multi-BILLION-dollar study to prove it to the FDA, even though such studies and experiments were conducted back in the 1800’s that prove its efficacy.

        From my own experience, I use a generator that makes colloidal silver by producing silver ions, and after patiently soaking a cold sore on my lip (caused by the herpes virus) whenever it appeared in the “silver water,” I no longer get cold sores. It’s been years since I’ve had one.

        Knowledgeable people know that silver is a broadband antibiotic because you see silver used in water treatment plants, water filters, bandaids and clothes washers. They all tout their products’ “germicidal” properties, but makers of colloidal silver supplements can’t.

        An uncle had a broken leg that would not heal, even after many courses of antibiotics. The doctor put silver electrodes on either side of and directly in the wound, and put a battery across the electrodes. This started an electrolytic process using his body fluids as the electrolyte, which contained silver ions and healed the wound. That battery and electrodes are also the basic components of my colloidal silver generator, although I use distilled water for the electrolyte.

        I can certainly vouch for the effectiveness of the supplements I use; what you should think about is how Big Pharma benefits if supplements aren’t available anymore.

        1. Be careful not to take too much silver. I’ve heard about the Blue Skinned people. In some cases, the blue tinge to the skin is permanent, even after stopping all silver intake.

          1. Turning blue is called argyria and is an overblown hazard. If the silver particles are very small, there is no risk as it is excreted from the body. Only larger silver particles from silver colloid can lodge in skin cells, causing argyria. A famous “Blue Man” admitted taking QUARTS per day, and it was large-particle colloidal silver at that. I swish, gargle and swallow just one mouthful per day of very-small-particle colloid silver as a preventive. Four years ago I had the flu and a cold sore broke out, and I used 2-3 cups per day to get rid of the flu and the herpes outbreak. I haven’t been sick nor have I had a cold sore since then. Nor am I “blue.” The stuff really works!

            There are NO side effects of colloidal silver when used at the above dose, and even at “Blue Man” dosages, turning blue is all it does to you; you are otherwise perfectly healthy. Compare that with the long lists of deadly and crippling side effects of every prescription drug that Big Pharma sells on the market today.

            By the way, if you go to WebMD or other traditional medicine sites, they tout examples of argyria due to overdoses as being a “normal” side effect. They don’t tell you that a normal dose of a swallow per day give no bad side effects. It’s like claiming aspirin is deadly and will kill anyone who uses it because 100 aspirins per day for a year will kill you by causing you to bleed to death. They also give a long shopping list of other side effects that “may” occur–except they are lying; no one has done ANY current study on the effects of colloidal silver, and they don’t offer even experimental evidence that any such side effects can occur.

            Compare webmd with the actual history of silver’s medicinal use:

        2. lugol’s iodine kills everything silver kills, BUT iodine is essential for thyroid hormones.
          Silver is not necessary for good health.
          Iodine is MANDATORY for existence and good health.

          Huge difference ☺

          Silver does NOT make thyroid hormone and you don’t need both to kill all pathogens, but you do need iodine everyday for good health.

          1. The cost of creating colloidal silver is fractions of a penny per quart; the cost of Lugols iodine is thousands of times more expensive. If you are low in iodine, that’s one thing, but with all other things being the same, I’ll continue making my own silver water.

    2. Read the last para.

      “The full study was published in the June 5, 2018 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It was funded by the Canada Research Chair Endorsement, Loblaw Cos. Ltd., and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.”

    3. This should tell you all you want to know. lol

      “The full study was published in the June 5, 2018 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It was funded by the Canada Research Chair Endorsement, Loblaw Cos. Ltd., and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.”

      1. RE: Loblaw Cos., Ltd

        Loblaw Companies Limited…..Canada’s food and pharmacy leader, with a network of corporate and independently- operated stores in communities across the country, and employing close to 200,000 Canadians. — Article

        As I suspected. Big Pharma. The blood-enemies of the health food movement.

        Healthy people mean fewer drugs being sold.

      2. But, the articles conclusive statement compared D and C to heart issues not the substances most associated to heart issues. Don’t you find that odd? That foolish inaccurate misaligned statement is the whole bases for their conclusion! It make a stupid comparison D, C to heart problems, tries to patch that up by stating “multivitamins” which we know includes D, C, stating redundant proof. If that’s how read objective science works, then we are in big trouble from all then lies.

        1. More to the point, they totally ignore any synergistic effect; certain supplements, when taken together, have a far better outcome than a single item by itself.

          And what about the positive effects of multivitamins on people with poor eating habits? Why don’t they go out and find people with poor eating habits and check their health, then put them on vitamins and see if their health improves?

          Another issue is the quality of the supplement. I took the cheapest curcumin, an anti-inflammatory, that I could find at Walmart, and it didn’t help me at all. I ordered a much more expensive brand, and it helped tremendously with joint pain and other arthritis symptoms. This study apparently only considered quantities, not qualities of supplements.

          1. On top of which, this article does not restrict the findings to the actual health issues being investigated. For instance, there is good scientific evidence that taking large quantities of vitamin C can eliminate or reduce the severity of gout. After I investigated, I liked the evidence and started taking 1500 mg of C daily. Haven’t had a gout attack since (going on two years now), and I usually had 6-8 per year. The Canadian study didn’t address gout. But the headline says “No Health Benefits.” Over-reach.

          2. I’ve been on 300 mg of Allopurinal a day since 2003 and haven’t had another gout attack since. It’s also dirt cheap. A 90 day supply is around $20. You need a prescription to get it.

          3. Thanks. You’re lucky you could tolerate it. It’s a kind of scary drug. Serious side effects:
            Fever, sore throat, and headache with a severe blistering, peeling and red skin rash.
            Any sign of skin rash, no matter how mild.
            Nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, loss of appetite, weight loss, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice.
            Pain or bleeding when urinating.

            I went on an allopurinol regimen many years ago, and it precipitated asthma in me, so I had to stop it. I figured this out when I want on a business trip and forgot to pack the allopurinol, and my asthma disappeared! It’s a known, but quite rare side-effect. I had to show my doc the medical information, he said it couldn’t have happened!

            Lesson: if you are technically capable, do some research yourself. Medical journals, not web sites – although some, like Mayo and Cleveland Clinic, I trust. But there is so much “fake” medical information out there on the internet.

          4. That’s great. Based on my 50+ years in pharma research, this is a nasty drug, it could turn on you at any time. Best to be aware of the warning signs, so if it goes south, you’re aware of what’s happening to you.

            I wish you continued good luck with it. Humans are incredibly diverse biochemical creatures, and you apparently have the right combination of genes to make this drug work without any problems. But things change as you get older. Listen to your body.

            I was on statins for 25+ years, then suddenly, as I aged, they brought on epic muscle weakness, cramps, and aches. Fortunately, cessation brought about reversal of these issues. You have to be aware of what your body is telling you. If you suddenly “age” thirty years, or develop some new malady, be suspicious! No doctor knows more about what you’re feeling than you do.

          5. Thanks for letting everyone know your experience with pharmaceuticals!

          6. I was lucky. My best friend’s daughter works @ Ortho Molecular Products, a highly regarded lab for supplements. At the end of every month, all the employees get a bunch of free supplements. I was given over $1500 in supplements for free by her daughter. Look them up on Amazon. They are very expensive, but they work great.

    4. I agree. Anything natural that works that keep people healthy, takes money out of the pockets of these pharmaceutical company fraudsters. The FDA (Fraud and Deception Association) accepts these bogus studies that are developed and directed by these I agree. Anything natural that works that keep people healthy, takes money out of the pockets of these pharmaceutical company fraudsters. The FDA (Fraud and Deception Association) accepts these bogus studies that are developed and directed by these Eugenics (human eradication) pharmaceutical companies. The AMA (American Malpractice Association) and the under trained Medical doctors get a cut of the 100+ billion dollar a year vaccine and pharmaceutical industry… (human eradication) pharmaceutical companies. The AMA (American Malpractice Association) and the under trained Medical doctors get a cut of the 100+ billion dollar a year vaccine and pharmaceutical industry…

      1. Lol you’re like a middle schooler making up cute nicknames.

        What’s it like being such a weak minded, gullible fool? Anything natural that works to line the pockets of the people selling you snake oil. The fact that you criticize pharma while not realizing the massive size of the supplement industry is hilarious.

        1. You just proved my point. Oh, I’m not sorry about Hillary’s loss. (All of the cheating, killing and help from the CIA, NSA and FBI… GFY!

    5. Even nicer if this study had been peer-reviewed; since it wasn’t, I assume they can’t stand up to the scrutiny, and instead hope to get funding for more Fake News.

    6. Yep, unfortunately 75% of the public believes the garbage in this article. Big Pharma keeps them drugged up and brain damaged.

      1. RE: As It Turns Out….

        “Big Pharma, the AMA or government would be a good guess.” — Jim Macdonald

        It IS Big Pharma. But it’s the Canadian Medical Association.

    7. Interesting. I take many of these supplements and recently asked my doctor if they were of any use. He told me to keep taking them. That they were helpful and had a beneficial impact.

      1. Probably because they’re not directly harmful, so there’s nothing to hurt you in taking them. They’re certainly not helping unless you’re explicitly deficient as measured through blood tests.

  4. These studies never include food sourced vitamin supplements. It’s always synthetic, and I’ve said for years synthetic is worthless.
    Anyway, my own health and physical fitness is stellar, but without food sourced vitamins, my diet is not sufficient to fully fuel by body. I hate healthy foods, and nutrition is 80% is the equation for health and wellness.
    Do yourself a favor, and research food sourced vitamins.

    1. The allopathics will have a hard time arguing against taking supplements that are simply concentrated food.

    2. Synthetic vitamins/drugstore, don’t break down and there is zero absorption by your body.
      I buy all my vitamins online from Swanson vitamins, have since 1999, all natural, good brands and their own excellent house brand. And no, I don’t work for Swanson. LOL

  5. “It has been reported…” “Study finds…” This is great journalism. This should be a case study for journalism school….

    1. Just the usual fake “ news” to mislead you and harm you …take your vitamins – but take them in separate form not a multi – and take them at much higher doses than recommended …eat organic and avoid Big Pharma poison pills and tainted vaccines .

  6. have to admit yea a multivitamin does give little to no effect. you need to take a pill of each vitamin daily. the multivitamin just does not have enough of the vital nutrients we need as people to get the job done.

    1. A good multi has enough selenium and some other nutrients but you are correct as far as vitamin D and C go.

    2. I feel noticeably better when I take vitamins. I start feeling crummy a few days after I run out.

  7. Well, I don’t take vitamin C to try to live longer. I take C to help keep my gums healthy, and I assume there is a reason they give high doses of C to burn victims. It’s interesting to see that folic acid and B vitamins may have a beneficial effect. Also, why no information on the effect of taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements. I’ve been taking krill oil for a few years now. Also, you don’t take vitamin D in order to live longer. You take D because it has somewhat of a hormone effect and can lead to a greater sense of well being. A huge portion of the north American population is said to be vitamin D deficient.

    1. Notice Indigenous People who eat mostly blubber from animals loaded with Omegas via the Oceanic food chain don’t have heart issues. So high fat isn’t bad, some kinds of fat is.

  8. The testers either work for pharmaceutical companies or are incompetent analysts.
    Vitamin D,in the proper dose, prevents respiratory infections, like the flu.
    That is scientific FACT.
    Selenium prevents aneurysms and autoimmune disease.

    Just search, “selenium p53 PubMed” and you will find evidence that selenium prevents autoimmune disease and cancers.

    This study (lmao!) has no basis in fact.

    If you don’t get sick, doctors make no money!

    Wise up!

    1. Fortunately I have a GP who believes in vitamins. They’re hard to find but they’re out there.

      1. I found one – she was awesome – but sadly now retired … she insisted on vitamin supplements – high quality – individual vitamins … and she didn’t prescribe antibiotics for colds and flu either – not like these third rate doctors today – doctors who don’t want to even touch you or examine you – all they want to do is whip out the prescription pad and earn those Big Pharma incentives ..,

        1. Or order lots of expensive, invasive and dangerous tests, including CT scans, mammograms, colonoscopies, MRIs. Gotta keep the machines in service and rake in the $$$.

          1. Dawn. Unfortunately, this not what is actually happening. Yes, there is some defensive medicine going on, but much less than it the past – protecting from malpractice claims. Contrary to wide-spread belief, the hospitals are all losing money. Most services lose money. Cardio and ortho fund the lot. You are not going to get the full work up anymore if you are just some government or indigent reimbursement. It doesn’t cover the actual cost anymore. That’s how government lowers health cost. It makes it go away – no care. Sorry but you view no longer exists. No one on Medicare, Medicaid or indigent gets all those test. No time or money for that. That is the reality. And the public still thinks that the doctors are lining their pockets ordering tests. It is not true and only serves to perpetuate a polical agenda.

          2. I beg to differ. In the first instance, it is not cardio and ortho that “fund the lot” but rather cancer screening, radiation and chemo treatments. In the second instance, I am a Medicare insured who rarely, if ever sees an MD (5 visits in 48 years) but on Christmas Day 2017 I went to hospital emergency for pain meds for diverticulitis. EKG, Blood panel, CT. Diverticulitis confirmed. At a one week follow up Dr wanted me to undergo an MRI, which I declined. She then wanted three additional blood tests looking for reproductive, pancreatic or other cancer, to which I agreed. All negative. She then continued to insist on MRI which I continued to decline. She then wanted me to undergo a mental health assessment due to my declination of MRI! Next she wanted a mammogram and colonoscopy which I also declined. Desperate to find a treatable cancer or other disease despite lack of symptoms and desperate to use every available piece of equipment to find it, all billed to insurance company except for copay. She kept reinforcing that I didn’t have to pay because the insurance would pay. Excuse me, but someone is paying for this. There is a reason why American insurance premiums are sky high and people are very unhealthy. I don’t choose to participate in the scam.

        2. Nutrition has been flooded with bad info since I can remember reading a lot about it 1972, maybe earlier. Too much disinformation, opinions of those who are not scientists.

          I was chronic bronchitis for years. Was taking Zpaks 3x per month. I bothered my ENT, who was NEVER sick and was always in the office mingling face to face with some very sick people. He opened up and said, “I don’t take antibiotics. When I an feeling sick w/ a cold, I take 2x 100mg C and 2x 60mg Zinc to boost immune system. (kids must not take this much, lower for them).

          From that day, Feb 14, 2001 – I have not taken any antibiotics since. It takes some time, all that hard coughing, no rest. But, at least I’m not contributing to bacteria breeding new strains which happens when people take too much too frequently.

          1. Vitamin C doesn’t affect colds, but zinc does. And it doesn’t affect the immune system itself, but rather sits on the same cellular receptor sites that the cold virus uses in order to modify cells to produce more viruses. When the virus can’t attach to cells because the zinc is in its place, it sits in the blood and is more easily taken care of by your immune response while at the same time unable to reproduce.

            The more you know!

        1. Interpret that as “read the research available on PubMed instead of being spoonfed what to believe by Big Pharma”

    2. Exactly. THey were looking at a very narrow range of impact. Also, would you trust government to tell you how well government works? Of course not, so why trust the medical industry to tell you supplements don’t work.

      1. Exactly … we are all waiting for the criminal FBI and DOJ to investigate themselves …government is one big scam … same as Big Pharma …,

    3. Doctors don’t need anyone to get sick. Doctors have too many patients as it is. There is a shortage of doctors – 90,000. Treatment is reserved for those that can pay. Others are doped up and sent home. Surgeons don’t have time or the desire to operate when they aren’t going to get paid for it. I bet you don’t like to work for free, or would feel very charitable while working 60-80 hours a week. Vitamins and supplements are the biggest scam ever, not Big Pharma. Take something that is made for pennies, sell it for dollars, and by it’s very chemical structure can’t be absorbed by your body – you just pee it out! Brilliant! And the supplement industry even gets groupies like you to believe the nonsense. The differences between correlation and causation are not understood by the general public or journalists. This has led to reports of “this helps this or that or…” It’s all bunk. It is you who have been duped. Those vitamin purveyors fund quite a bit of “research” too. But they are very careful with the claims of their products – they know they are inert. The drug companies, on the other hand, do make claims of their products, backed by years of testing, trials and approvals by the FDA. That’s why supplements, lotions and oils are great vehicles for multi-level marketing schemes. The company leaves it to their “associates” to make the wild claims, knowing the FTC will not bother with all those sales people. Selenium does no such thing. Health is genetic. Why does the doctor ask you about your family health history? Because it is paramount. selenium, indeed! From this board, I see that almost no one had an accurate understanding of the medical industry. Just pissed it is expensive! Doctors do not get paid by the Pharm companies!!!! They can’t even take a doctor to lunch or bring him a candy bar. Against the law!!!! You people are really ignorant. Good Luck buying those expensive vitamins – you are being had!

      1. What a farce — years of testing, trials and approvals by the FDA! You sir need to take the red pill and wake up to world around you. How many judgments have been granted against Pharma? How many drug recalls have their been? By the way, the red pill is CoQ10 which is recommended by physicians to be taking along with any statin to protect your heart. Hmmmmm, why is that? Because it works!

        1. Yes, years of testing, trials and approvals by the FDA!!! And 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Crest! Try that next time you need a root canal! Just Crest. You have a right to piss your vitamins and supplements into the waste water system just like anyone else. Don’t expect your body to care. You sir, need to get out of the nineteenth century.

          1. My body loves them and I have the research, including blood tests to back it up. But you go on to your life of non-optimal health and most likely an early death.

          2. But he can’t be a man ‘cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me. Wrong vitamins – early death for you.

        2. Drugs get rejected all the time. Anyone who has ever done any type of pharmaceutical stock investments knows this. It’s public record too. You could just look it up yourself, but I have a feeling you’d rather remain ignorant to push your own biased agenda.

          1. Your reading comprehension is really sad. Try reading my statement again and read it slowly. Now, perhaps you can point out where I said drugs do not get rejected? Oh that’s right you can’t. Ignoramus.

      2. I can’t fix your irrational thinking without supplements, so your goose is cooked (by you)!

      3. Finally, an intelligent voice here. Prepare for an onslaught of screeching self-proclaimed expert internet doctors/nutritionists now.

      4. Can’t fix you, since you have all the answers and won’t cure your deficiencies.
        You sure sound like a pharmaceutical shill.

        I go by PubMed research. You should try that sometime!

        Iodine cures cancer.

        Don’t agree?

        How about evidence?
        Search for PMC4998524.
        That study proves you know nothing of what you speak.

        Oh. Doctors get kick-backs for certain drugs they prescribe.
        Oncologists get paid for giving chemo drugs to patients.

        1. You should try blocking yourself. You have enough ignorance for everyone here. BLOCKED

    4. Sort of.

      Vitamin D deficiency can lead to an increase in respiratory infections. That’s different than saying vitamin D prevents respiratory infections. If you’re deficient as indicated by a blood test, you should take supplements. If you’re not deficient, then taking more vitamin D isn’t going to prevent anything above and beyond that baseline.

      The same is true of selenium and virtually anything else that vitamins supposedly cure. They don’t cure these things, but when you become deficient in them, normal cellular / organ processes stop which causes these things.

  9. The problem with a study like this is that it leads readers to believe that vitamins and supplements are useless except in limited medical areas; in this case cardio vascular and stroke. Potential benefits in other medical areas and undefinable physical well being are not considered. Take folic acid: years ago a government study found that the benefits for pregnant women related to spina bifida in babies were so great that the study was stopped midstream. Folic acid is now used as a supplement in flour for most baked goods. This study never considers any effect, long or short range, on the other organs in the body, brain, thyroid, stomach, pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc., aches and pains, mental well being, disease prevention, etc. It also will lead some to believe that any supplement is useless; is baby aspirin useless in preventing heart problems and stroke? Certain working conditions also change the requirements for supplements. Postmen, farmers, or steelworkers, who sweat profusely during the day, will require something to keep his/her body chemistry balanced.

  10. Probably true dime store brand vitamins are garbage. Think the Drug, Cut, Burn, Poison & Radiate Sick Care Biz or Big Pharma will dare test advanced (only 20-30year old tech) Food Form or Food Source Supplements instead of the petro-chem crud they give you in the filthy hospitals?

    1. Hospitals that serve you white bread and margarine… eewww… no wonder life expectancy in America is contracting … Big Pharma poison … Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex motto of feed the peasants whatever drug that Big Pharma is paying incentives to prescribe …. statins and antidepressants for everyone !!!! whoohoo!!!

    2. I think that taking the cheapest multi-vitamin is probably better than taking nothing. This study comes out every few years to convince the people to let the professionals take care of their health. It is much more profitable that way.

  11. That information has been around for decades. First time I heard it was on Dr. Dean Edell’s radio show where he told a listener in the early ’80s that his parents owned the business that manufactured most of America’s vitamin pills and that business financed his college and medical schooling. He went on to say that vitamins, the product his family knew lots about, did absolutely nothing to help you.

    With that said, I do take B9, folic acid in conjunction with methotrexate to prevent mouth ulcers caused by the methotrexate. If I forget to take it or run out for a few days I start to get two to five cankersores growing in my mouth. So while I don’t take vitamins and minerals per se I do take B9.

  12. This is a lie! 3 year’s ago I started supplementing and I have never gotten sick again, obviously something was missing in my body. I take 90 for life multivitamin, pure selenium and pure iodine in small dosages ( very small dosages) every other day to let the body absorbe it. If these people tell you that fruits don’t contain vitamins, would you stop eating them just because they told you? This is crazy! To each there own I guess.

  13. I have MS – stopped taking 13 scrips that left me feeling like ish and switched to an extreme version of Paleo – within 3 weeks, my joint pain and sleeping issues went away. 8 yrs later, still haven’t taken so much as an Advil (despite backpacking 33 miles in a weekend)

    One thing I have still struggled with is fatique. So I have added a variety of different supplements over the year. After my own research, ran each one by a more open-minded pharmacist bc my physician acknowledged knowing nothing about nutrition.

    I decided to participate in a research studyy for fatigue and I had to stop all supplements for 3 months – I started feeling pretty crwppy about 2 months in. I was discharged from the study bc my inflammation has drastically increased based on labs. I started my supplements again and the study docs asked me to come back for labs 90 days later and my inflammation was back in chec and felt back to my normal baseline.

    Labs don’t lie.

  14. Some vitamins are not taken for the specific ailments they named. This study is trash- I take biotin and my hair is no longer grey- it literally changed the color of my hair! I take black pepper and turmeric and it worked to end leg cramping associated with running. This type of study is helpful for big pharma and I do not trust them.

    1. If Big Pharma has a chemical compound to stop leg cramps it will come with a three page warning of how it could destroy your liver and kidneys … but don’t worry, if your doctor ( who likely is getting kick backs and incentives from Big Pharma) recommends it people assume it’s a good thing to be taking … look at all the independent studies on statins proving how dangerous they are – but people go on taking them so Big Pharma and their doctors get rich .., heck, how about the drugstore will pay you $10 to take a flu shot – sure they are ineffective- but Big Pharma gets rich on them ….

    2. Potassium also stops leg cramps.
      “The full study was published in the June 5, 2018 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It was funded by the Canada Research Chair Endorsement, Loblaw Cos. Ltd., and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.”

  15. You know this study comes right from Big Pharma, Big Pharma who has been lobbying for years to smash the vitamin competition… if they can’t patent it and become richer from it – they seek to destroy it.
    Do not take mult vitamns – they likely are useless if you buy the drugstore brands that don’t even breakdown in your gut.
    Take Vitamin D – lots of it, take vitamin c – those two alone can save you from high medical bills. There was a time when high doses of Vitamin D proved so effective in keeping people healthy the Rockefeller Mefical Industrial Complex made a big move against it and lowered the recommended dosage to such a paltry low dose it was ineffective..
    My guess is this study was based on the recommended low dosages of these vitamins that are useless by the MIC design …. what you really need to avoid in all that Big Pharma poison … the cures are in nature ….

    1. I do think the multi-vitamin pills are likely a waste of money. I do take 4,000 IU of D per day, as well as frequent vitamin C and B-complex.

          1. The higher doses of D and C are better .. if you take too much of C you might expect diarrhea as a side effect .. but it takes a lot …

    2. “The full study was published in the June 5, 2018 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It was funded by the Canada Research Chair Endorsement, Loblaw Cos. Ltd., and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.”

  16. How about all those miracle herbal supplements being peddled to us all the time ? Turns out they’re all made from the same herbs but claim to cure almost everything…

  17. Oh no, not again! Back and forth, back and forth. One study says they help, another says no. Is there ANYTHING definitive?

  18. Consuming health supplements does do some harm. It damages your finances at the level of how many of these things you purchase.

    1. Coming from a troll for criminal Big Pharma that is doing massive damage to everyone’s finances that’s pretty funny …

    2. I have tons of research on my own family. We all perform better and don’t get sick as much with vitamins. It’s pretty obvious when something genuinely works over a 30 year span.

  19. That’s funny, I’ve been taking supplements since the mid-60’s, and am in perfect health with only an under active thyroid which is the only medication I take along with a low dose of a bp pill. For someone my age, that is an epic achievment. I never had a flu shot in my life, and haven’t ever gotten the flu except once in the 60’s when the Asian Flu was going around and people were dropping like flies. Cured it with Ginger tea. Rarely get a cold and if I do, it’s gone in a couple of days, not the usual 10 days.
    These “studies” are bs and have an agenda.
    “The full study was published in the June 5, 2018 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It was funded by the Canada Research Chair Endorsement, Loblaw Cos. Ltd., and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.”

  20. That is TOTAL BULL CRAP! My wife had sky high BP over 180 and over 100 systolic, The doctors gave her all kinds of DRUGS with serious side effects. I found out Vitamin D works for BP, got her on Vitamin D and BP dropped like a rock! AMA IS A SCAM AND SO IS BIG PHARMA.

    1. Telling you, that marketed vitamins and supplements have little or no benefit is not a study outcome that Big Pharma would want to promote. What are you talking about? Perhaps I should regard your comment as shilling for the CMA or AMA.

  21. ‘Big Pharma’ Cannot Control, Or Profit, From Supplements. They Fund, And Fudge,
    ‘Studies’, Time After Time, In An Attempt To ‘Prove’ Their False Position. Credibility?
    ZERO. If Ever Given The Chance, Attend A “Drug Lunch”, At Any Given Hospital.

    1. Codex and the UN is right now trying to ban supplements so I would expect fake news to be full of more of these fake studies programming in preparation for the humanity hating communist UN to launch new attacks at the behest of these diabolical Big Pharma companies ..
      the reason you see non stop ads for Big Pharma drugs on Tel-A-Vision is because Big Pharm knows if they dump enough money into TV stations the fake news will never cover any stories telling the truth about Big Pharma and their tainted vaccines and brain killing antidepressants despite massive evidence …

  22. Here is a study from Lancet that says the exact opposite:
    There are lots of other studies that support antioxidant use. Further: a recent news story reported that patients dying from septicemia have been miraculously saved by IV injection of high-dose ascorbic acid (+ thiamine and cortisone): reduced fatality rate from 40% to 8.5 %. and Perhaps the patients would not have gotten sepsis if their vitamin C levels had been higher, in the first place. Yes, who funded this latest slice of baloney?

  23. So; when my doctor told me my magnesium level was low and recommended a supplement – and my next checkup showed my magnesium level to be perfect – that’s ‘no benefit?’

  24. Any ‘information’ coming from a country with nationalized/socialist/rationed healthcare is inherently bad. I am surprised more people aren’t attacking the pharmaceutical and insurance companies or their employees for ruining health care. A few hundred employees contract a terminal disease or a couple of buildings burn down and their operational policy will change.

    1. Big Pharma, Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex, and Greedy Insurance Companies have destroyed health care … it is now little more than a cruel dehumanizing giant profit center for those who destroy health and prey on humanity ….

  25. RE: Big Pharma Propaganda

    The research team concluded that the most commonly consumed supplements — multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C — had no effect on a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack stroke, heart disease, or early death. — Article

    Too phony.

    Late last year I began taking additional Vitamin-D. On top of my daily aspirin and multi-vitamin. An additional 10,000 units on a daily basis.

    I’ve got Type-2 Diabetes. So I track my vital stats daily. I keep the information in a database I developed using FileMaker Pro. The IMMEDIATE effect of boosting my Vitamin-D was my daily reads of blood pressure DROPPED SIGNIFICANTLY.

    Blood pressure is a significant factor in heart disease and strokes. And these people claim there’s “NO EFFECT”? LIARS!

    Think of all the blood pressure medications that are pushed by Big Pharma and their medical industry accomplices. If more people took these natural means of keeping healthy the Pharmicological-Medical Industrial Complex would lose money. While people saved their lives.

    God rebuke these people.

      1. RE: The Battle Between

        “Big Pharma and Big Herba make most of the vitamins used in the US.” — marka3

        Which do you think is healthier?

        Which has fewer adverse ‘side effects’?

        Ever notice how the ads for Big Pharma products advice about ‘side effects’? Or give warnings?

  26. Healthy organic food and high quality supplements are key to good health … at the very least you should be supplementing with high doses of D and C , small doses of iodine, B vitamins and magnesium…. don’t forget the magnesium … and if you are overly tired you might try a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt mixed in with your drink everyday ….and simple and cheap sodium bicarbonate for lower inflammation….
    Stay away fro GMO food, Big Pharma chemicals and the Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex …and most of all SUGAR ..,
    Live a long and healthy life!!!

  27. Your cold cereal in the morning has all the vitamins you need, including b6, b12 and Folic Acid. Taking an additional multivitamin would be a waste of money.

    1. RE: Heh

      “Your cold cereal in the morning has all the vitamins you need, including b6, b12 and Folic Acid. Taking an additional multivitamin would be a waste of money.” — marka3

      Better read my report on boosting your Vitamin-D….. ????

      1. Unless you use water in your cereal, one serving of milk and your cereal has 65% of all the vitamin D you need daily. Add a little sunlight, and perhaps a glass of milk before bedtime, and you’ll get all the Vitamin D you need.

  28. See who paid for the study. Follow the money. There is always a bias these days. These things didn’t make an appreciable different for stroke or heart attack? What about weak bones (Calcium)? Or general malaise (B12), or heart HEALTH (CoQ10), or simply quality of life? What ever happened to performing studies where there wasn’t a bias? Doctors/hospitals don’t want patients to cure themselves.

  29. Please Canada, be smarter than Americans. The study saying vitamins don’t help has pharmaceutical funding behind it. Whenever you read a study about health, look who paid for the study. And trust your own experiences. I am more energetic and resilient when I take vitamins.

  30. The drug manufacturers in the U.S. hate it when people do things that are good for them, like taking vitamins. Most of the research I see is funded by pharma.

  31. Stroke, heart disease and early death are not the only things people are trying to address with supplements. Adequate vitamin D (which many people do not get in their diet) is required for proper absorption of calcium, which can prevent bone loss. And comparing the potential benefits of supplements with “healthy servings of less processed plant foods including vegetables, fruits and nuts” ignores the fact that some people know they do not eat as well as they should. The healthy diet route is always better, but if someone is just not going to do it, I would think supplements are better than a poor diet alone. Granted the multivitamins probably include a lot of stuff even those with poor diets don’t need. There needs to be a balance between warning consumers not to waste money on vitamins they don’t need, and seeming to generalize that all supplements are worthless in all cases.

  32. Unless your body needs a vitamin or mineral, it will eliminate it. All it amounts to is mostly expensive urine and feces.

      1. They don’t accumulate, not for long. Body knows what it doesn’t need and expels excess.

      2. All the more reason NOT TO TAKE oil soluble vitamins supplements like A, D, E, and K.

          1. Good Lord. Do you think all those people who swill down vitamin and mineral supplements are doing so under doctor’s orders?

    1. And what your body does need from eating a mass of food which does NOT include enough of Daily Value of all vitamins and minerals, but, can be supplemented and does matter. In a given day a human cannot get perfect vit, min vales from food. Over a week would be closer to the ideal, but, still not all vits, mins. Supplements are needed and DO matter. This article is whackoooooo and unprofessional!!

      1. If your body doesn’t need them! What part of that didn’t you understand? I never said anything about vitamin deficiencies.

  33. Okay, I’ll bite. We will take the “researchers” who created this report and deprive them of Vitamin C for a number of months. LMAO

  34. Talk to my doctor about the supplements I take? The last time I did that, right before my surgery in March, he asked me what some of them were.

  35. This is fake news. People can tell the difference between taking and not taking supp vitamins and minerals. There is a marked increase of energy, attention, mood stability. This article must be for BS like this stupid comparison which proves nothing. “The research team concluded that the most commonly consumed supplements — multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C — had no effect on a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack stroke, heart disease, or early death.” It focuses on 1 possible and very disassociated possible benefit. Heart, stroke are treated by other vitamins other than D, calcium and C. The phrase is stupid and unscientific “multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C” since multivitamins INCLUDE D AND C, making it foolishly redundant. Scientists don’t communicate that way. The only idiot Dr on the internet who uses “early death” is Dr. Marcola, a man regularly sued multiple times by the USFDA for posting false information. Since you and I have no possible way to determine when any person will actually die, we cannot make assertions against a substance usage about “early death”. We can guess on life expectancy, but, about maybe when someone might die. That is a case by case thing, not a blanket statement about a whole society. Total BS. Longevity is tied to many things, diet, regular physical activity, sitting too much, overloading on sugar and poly-saturated fat, cholesterol levels LDL, HDL, smoking, where you live, what’s in a person’s diet. Early death is a moving target of total nonsense.

    1. It’s very hard to get enough of those two things … especially with the prevalence of low quality GMO fruits and vegetables .. GMO corn and soy MUST be eliminated from the diet … that includes all packaged food full of sugar and chemicals …
      High quality vitamins are a requirement according to my old school – now retired doctor …
      Also missing from our diets and critical to good health magnesium … iodine …
      it’s not as simple as you say …

    2. Regular meals do not contain enough vitamins, minerals to reach full health potential. Supplements are needed. Esp. when farmers don’t or cant afford to ensure they aren’t over using soil. Soil can be depleted of minerals in a short number of year. Just because a vegetable or fruit is large does not mean it has the vits, mins stated on a study testing for levels of these. Bad soil can produce big items, not always the vits, mins found in items taken from good soil.

  36. Of course, the Vitamin D level in most multivitamins is much too low to bring most people’s Vitamin D blood level up to the optimum range, roughly 40 to 60 ng/mL. And I didn’t see any discussion of Omega 3 supplements.

    IMO, the two critically important topics are Vitamin D blood level versus total mortality risk and Omega 3 blood level versus total mortality risk. For some interesting studies, search for those two topics.

  37. Drudge posted one of these stories not long ago. I popped three B’s this morning just to have enough energy to get off the computer. My grandmother was big into natural supplements. She still got old and died. Vitamins are for a better feeling, not a cure for anything.

    1. Vitamins and minerals are vital for good heath. Try non consuming any 1 or more of them and see how your health goes to mayhem and disease. That is how and why we address vitamins, minerals – by seeing the direct effects of NOT consuming them. Foods we eat in a week do not have enough of them most of the time to reach Daily Values (what we should have). Therefore, eating more to solve this means weight gain and other problems. Supplements are needed.

      1. I agree. The soils are now so depleted they don’t pass on nutrients like they used to in the food. Supplements are as individual as we are. Everyone needs their own set of vitamins. I don’t take C, but need magnesium.

  38. “University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital conducted a review of 179 studies on popular vitamin supplements that were published between January 2012 and October 2017.”


    Also, comparing vitamins, minerals not directly associated to a particular disease(s) is foolish, “multi-vitamins, D, C” is redundant and likely written by a 4th grader.

    We certainly can do better. Identify all 173 studies so We The People can check your facts, math, and scientificity.

  39. This study is vague and inaccurate. Folic acid is synthetic, which means we can only assume the study is regarding only synthetic vitamins. You can’t get the nutrition you need by eating synthetic vitamins found in pop tarts, which is the same concept. I can attest to the benefits of whole food non synthetic vitamins/minerals that our bodies need and are definitely lacking because of our food supply. We have a disease ridden society because of a lack of nutrition. This author either has an agenda or simply incorrect.

  40. This report ended with .., “ in conclusion it is recommended that you take unlimited pharmaceuticals and eat large amounts of sugar washed down with fluoridated water “

  41. Since I began using supplements 40 years ago, I rarely got sick. The few times I stopped taking them for extended periods, I caught viruses and colds. I don’t need tests to tell me if they are good or bad. My own body is the most accurate itest for determining what works for me.

  42. So then having proper D3 levels has no benefit I guess? Because when I had quite low vitamin D, taking a simple D3 pill you can buy anywhere super cheap solves it within a few weeks. Just more propaganda intended to keep people from being healthy and hooked on pharmacy drugs.

  43. To those who say you can get all your vitamins from diet, there is a big problem these days. The problem is that, due to technology and the trend away from highly physically demanding occupations, most Americans are quite sedentary and just don’t need many calories. Back in the day when most men were engaged in physical labor, they may have required 4,000 to 5,000 calories per day, such that they could include a wider variety of foods.

    And, to make things worse, once a sedentary person reaches middle age, their metabolism slows down and they only require perhaps 1,500 calories per day in order to maintain body weight. A 100 pound woman might not even need that many calories. It takes a lot of planning and discipline to put together 1,200 to 1,500 calories worth of food that will give you all the essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

  44. OK then why does my doctor insist that I take vitamins with an iron supplement? I had bariatric surgery and wasn’t doing this and felt run down all the time. She ran my blood work and it showed I was low on iron. I took the supplements and feel fantastic. I take slow release because of my surgery but I know I feel better (and lose more weight) whenever I take my vitamins and supplements.

  45. Hot Dog, what you eat does not affect your health in any way! I can eat only cake and candy from here on out!!!!

    Wait a minute, common sense kicking in here, darn these people did not get it right…

  46. Supplements that are unregulated should be avoided. They do nothing which is why they are allowed to be heavily advertised and sold.

  47. The headline “No health benefits” vs the article stating ” had no effect on a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, heart disease, or early death” isn’t the same. Effective or not, heart health is not primarily the reason people take supplements.

  48. Bologna! The human body needs 90 Essential Vitimen’s and Minerals, and very little of them are found in the dead food we eat every day. All you “scientists” can skip the supplements and get back to me when you are 60 and full of disease and cancer!

  49. Must be funded by big pharma, a hit piece on vitamins. Vitamin E is good for the heart, but they didn’t study that one.

  50. And this just in by same researchers…vegetables and fruits don’t help or harm you either…sugar is the only trusted nutrient!

  51. Do a study that shows the benefits for people that eat McDonalds, pizza and BK every night for dinner, or any other diet full of empty calories! These studies need to take in account people with poor diets. Thats the whole point of supplements morans.

  52. ridiculous ! Of course vitamins help us. What a stupid study result. If your low vitamin D lab results are increased to a more positive level to where it should be is not good than that is nonsense to say they have no benefit.

  53. Maybe if the food that was marketed to us as nutritious actually was nutritious we wouldn’t need multivitamin and mineral supplements. I suspect that many of the comfort foods are major contributors to increased diseases such as cancers; diabetes et al. Can we expect anything less when the people who control most of the wealth and resources have been publicly telling us since 1997 that they want to reduce global population up to 90% by any means necessary? The original statement included the cutoff date for this pogrom as 2025 but I understand it is now being touted as 2050. The catch is that after they’ve managed this there will be no exponential growth thereafter. Of course they intend to continue making maximum profit while doing so.

    I read an article by an accredited doctor who claims the very same thing as this article. I decided to test his theory. I’m sixty-seven; don’t drink or smoke and I exercise two to three times a week including walking three miles to work during the week. I don’t eat fast foods or drink sodas or use sugar. Did I feel a difference over the three month omission of my daily supplemental regimen? You bet I did. I have since returned to my multivitamin and other supplemental additives and I feel much better.

    BTW there’s a big difference between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3 which your body actually does need but all these studies seem to omit such details. Any supplement that suggests it can cure cancer or other major diseases should be objectively scrutinized. Vitamins and supplements should complement your daily diet – not replace it. Removing refined sugars; processed foods and things such as sodas should be the first step toward a healthy life style.

    Big Pharma wants to control the supplemental markets just as they do the medical and pharmacological markets. It’s a major cash market.
    Most of the foundations and think tanks are controlled by big business. Perhaps to summarize we should consider what Kissinger is alleged to have said: “Control the oil, you control the nations. Control the food supply, you control the people. Control the money and you control the world.”

    This is what it’s all about and we’re nothing more than expendable assets.

  54. Drugs provide you with death, just listen to their television commercials. Just remember, when you see these kind of articles you know Big Pharma is behind the lies. Oh, and remember, every year the pharmaceutical companies kill on average 150,000 people each year from doctor prescribed drugs. When you see the drug companies advertising, you will envision one large city wiped out in one Big Pharma death explosion.

    1. Right. So now the Pharmaceutical companies are to blame for doctors inappropriately prescribing drugs. Pharma companies cannot write one prescription.

      1. These statistics are for properly prescribed drugs. It used to be reported by all of the major news outlets, about 7 years ago they all diapered.

        1. Well, then perhaps you should start your own pharma company and come up with medications with zero adverse reactions and no risks at all. You’d be a gazillionaire. With millions of people taking medications, yes, there will be some adverse reactions and some deaths of individuals taking prescription medications. The issue is always whether the benefits of any medication outweigh the risks. Further, many patients are medically fragile and have multiple risk factors, and simply because they die while taking a medication does not prove a causal relationship.

          1. Yes, there will be some deaths with people taking medications, just as some people will die because they did NOT take a medication that might prolong their life. Try getting a severe asthma attack and not take your “big pharma” developed bronchodialator. Try running around with a 180/120 blood pressure and see how long you live. With your mentality, there would never be any new medications. You seem to have a severe and irrational paranoia about “big pharma”, and do not seem to understand how peer review clinical trials are designed and monitored.

            Due to the unhealthy lifestyle of the American population at large, the average life expectancy in the US would be significantly lower in the absence of modern medications. You cannot force people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and when they fail to do so, and develop heart disease, diabetes, and other life limiting diseases, medications can clearly prolong their lives. Certainly, pharma companies are not perfect, but they are not the demons you seem to think they are.

  55. Spoiled milk in powdered form (Whey Protein) is no substitute for lean meats or eggs. For young trainers looking for a magic pill, it does not exist in those big buckets of expensive “fart” powder. The supplement “industry” is a scam that preys on young people with more cash than experience. The only thing that works like a steroid is a steroid. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and do some type of resistance training weekly. When your time is up, it’s up. No one gets out of life alive! ; – )

  56. “The authors say it’s best to stick to a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables which naturally provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals.”

    So I am supposed to believe the stomach some how knows the difference between a pill and food. It absorbs one but not the other. Yet my IBuprofen absorbs quite nicely.

  57. First paragraph is wrong, so why go beyond reading? In fact almost every article about this study seems to get it wrong.

    “TORONTO — Taking multivitamins or other commonly consumed vitamin and mineral supplements won’t actually provide you any health benefits, but they won’t harm you either, a new study finds.”

    The study is about supplements and CVD, it doesn’t have a blanket pronouncement about “health benefits”

  58. The irony is I always doubted just how a vit pill is going to do anything for you. If you eat a normal variety of food you should be fine. I happen to have relatives that there are so many things they dont eat however, maybe should take a truck load of vitamins. Hell a small baby aspirin a day does more for you then vit pill, assuming you can take aspirins.

  59. I truly detest articles like this. So these supplements won’t stop “heart attack, stroke, heart disease, or early death?” And where has any claim been made that a multivitamin can prevent “heart attack, stroke, heart disease, or early death?” I understand these supplements also won’t “grow back missing appendages and cure Spina Bifida” either. Know why? Because it’s not what they’re designed for nor is any claim made to this end. You know what they CAN do? They can give you nutrients missing in your diet and provide all the benefits associated with proper vitamins and minerals in your system. Just to start, feel free to look up the consequences and diseases associated with various vitamin deficiencies: Scurvy, Rickets, Beriberi, and Pellagra just to name a few.

  60. So – a Pharma funded “institute” found that nothing works but drugs. Amazing. I cannot believe the groundbreaking research.

    Eat low-fat highly processed foods and taking large amounts of pharmaceuticals are the key to long life – just ask the food and pharma industry. They’ll tell you the truth.

  61. I don’t recall any multivitamin claiming their products prevent any heart conditions. The study concluded with specific conditions unrelated to what supplements are for. If they expect efficacy conclusions to be relevant, maybe study what is applicable to the product?

  62. Supplements come in 3 flavors of absorption, metallic, chelated and colloidal. Metallic absorption is around 5-10% very little benefit. Chelated absorption is only slightly better. Colloidal vitamin supplements provide maximum benefit through absorption. This assumes a proper diet and exercise regime. The story above covers none of this and is therefore garbage.

  63. The title of your article is a misrepresentation of what the study actually concluded, calculated, no doubt, for the purpose of increasing readership and, therefore, marketing revenue. What this study actually concluded was, “Since the 2013 to 2014 assessment and report of the USPSTF (7), the most notable finding was the effect of folic acid in reducing stroke and CVD, with significance driven by the 5-year 20,000 Chinese CSPPT RCT, which was supported by the reduction in stroke seen in RCTs of B-complex vitamins in which folic acid was a component.” and “Nevertheless, inclusion of the CSPPT in the meta-analysis of folic acid and CVD risk resulted in a 22% reduction in CVD risk with an NNT of 111. For comparative purposes, the NNT for statin use was 72 in the 2016 report of the USPSTF (76). Furthermore, supplementation with B-complex vitamins that included folic acid was also reported to reduce stroke in RCTs as far back as 2010, with the publication of the VITATOPS (Vitamins to Prevent Stroke) trial (42).”

    I acknowledge the study concluded that certain supplements in particular folic acid did not reduce the cause of all deaths, which would include things like head trauma, some cancers, spinal meningitis, and the like. Hardly a commentary on the value supplements.

    If it were not so obvious that you are primarily interested in increasing readership then you are in facts and the truth, I’d spend some time providing you dozens (or hundreds if I was paid for the time it would take) to peer-reviewed, RCT studies which refute the conclusions of this study.

    Unlike the company, which profits from the sale of boxed and canned goods and pharmaceuticals, all of which are bad, who provided the major backing for this study, I have no financial interest in my comments.

  64. Medical writers make a good living being paid to trash other segments of the health community to steer people away from certain types of products or actual brands. It is absolutely shameless behavior. There is no real way to know which stories are secretly funded thru seemingly harmless, non-profit front organizations.

  65. LOL, I have said this for years. its all bullshit. I do tell my female patients to take iron and calcium or drink milk. I do tell my male patients to take zinc. The rest is all bullshit.

    1. My doctor laughs at me and my vitamins but—–he says I’m the healthiest septuagenarian he has ever seen and will live to see 100.

      He wanted me to take steroids and inhalers for my COPD (from living a lifetime with smokers), I chose to take NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) capsules instead. Works wonders.
      He wanted me to take this, that and another for my severe joint pain and to get a hip replacement. I take MSM (methysufonylmethane) plus turmeric instead. Bingo. Come on, Doc, is that snake oil? Is it a placebo as my doctor suggests?
      If it IS a placebo, then so be it… works and there are zero negative side effects.
      Wake up, Fella.
      (P.S. Taking iron and calcium is not always advisable. Just saying.)

  66. Louis Bromfield was a well known novelist before WWII. He moved from France when the war was coming, to Pleasant Valley in Ohio. He had studied Agriculture at Cornell. The land was worn out and worth almost nothing, not even producing enough to pay the taxes on it.

    Yes, he had a lot of money to throw around from his successful novels, but decreed the place had to pay for itself. Not only did he make the farm pay for itself, with such things as spreading mineral supplements on it – which eliminated certain diseases in his animals. But, he also reported that in states with high mineral content in the soil a high percentage of men passed the military mental and physical test. And, states with low mineral contents had very low pass rates for their young men.

    I studied Agriculture in high school. When we studied care and feeding of animals, we spent a lot of time on nutrition, including minerals and vitamins in their diets. There are diseases which can be cured by vitamins. The most obvious example is ringworm in cattle, cured by injections of Vitamin A. But, overall veterinarians spend a lot of time studying nutrition of animals.

    Yet, the minute we talk about humans, suddenly nutrition is meaningless. Nonsense. Which is why I have often said half the time in my life when I went to a doctor, I’d have been better off with a vet.

    Read his books, Pleasant Valley, and Malabar Farm for more details.

  67. Always follow the money…..funded by people who have a vested interest in keeping people sick…

  68. Okay, great, so the vitamins have no effect on the risk of heart disease or stroke. There are other reasons to take vitamins, you know. I was suffering from severe joint pain, especially in my shoulders. the doc did a blood test, and determined I was severely deficient in vitamin D. Ever since I’ve been taking it I’ve been fine.

  69. COMING SOON: “But, WE just happen to have something that our researchers say does work! It’s our new brand of supplements called [fill in the blank] available soon at a store near you!”

  70. Typical nonsense study based upon removing a particular nutrient from a controlled group’s diet without otherwise standardizing the intake of other nutrients, and without carefully documenting differences in preexisting health conditions of the members of that control group. #FlawedScience

    In my personal experience, two noteworthy experiments produced significant and repeatable results:

    1) About 5 years ago, after having suffered multiple colds and allergies each year for many years, I changed my intake of Vitamin C from what was in my multivitamin (about 500mg) to over 6000mg per day. I have not had a cold or allergy attack since. And I am now over 64 years old.

    2) About 3 years ago, I used to have occasional heart palpitations with occasional irregular heartbeats (atrial fibrillation.) Upon doing a detailed audit of my diet, I found my potassium-to-sodium ratio to be around 1:1, or for each gram of potassium, I was consuming a gram of sodium. Ideally, the ratio, at a minimum, should be around 2:1, or 2 grams of potassium for each gram of sodium. In my diet, I had already eliminated added salt (sodium chloride – NaCl) years before, so I was surprised my ratio was so low. Anyway, since potassium is an essential positively charged electrolyte, it stood to reason that my body did not have enough positive charges to consistently trigger a regular heartbeat. So when I felt my heart fluttering and confirmed the irregular heartbeat (about 3-4 missing or extra beats per minute), I immediately took 400 mg of potassium as a supplement. Within 15 minutes, the episode passed and my hearbeat was as smooth and regular as it should be. Of course, without changing my diet, the irregular heartbeat returned periodically, and in each case, I immediately took 400 mg of potassium – which worked every time. And when I did not take the potassium, the irregular beat would continue for hours, much to my discomfort.

    So of course, after having proved it to myself, I have changed my diet to include more fresh vegetables (an excellent, natural source of potassium) and also supplemented it with additional potassium such that my potassium-to-sodium ratio is consistently above 3:1, and I have no longer had any episodes of heart palpitations/atrial fibrillation – which was also confirmed by my physician – ever since.

    So pardon me if I do not buy into this nonsense about supplements and nutrients having no effect on human health. No doubt, the prescription drug industry would like to rid themselves of their competition!


  71. new studies find:
    FAKE NEWS comes in the
    form of generic, unsubstantiated,
    nonspecific statements from
    unqualified, agenda driven
    ….now this you can take to the bank…..

  72. Well well well. Then by this account, all ob/gyn or family planning personnel will not be pushing those pesky pre-natal vitamins anymore. After all, those are supplements and according to the article, they provide very little advantage.

  73. Pure, unadulterated bullshit from Big Pharma. They don’t want you to use supplements to gain control of your health. They want lifelong customers, not cures.

  74. Who is in the Truther Movement Who finances their Operations without Soros etc money? Infowars. This could also be motivated to cut the Funding of Infowars. Rothschild 500 Trillion isn’t from the Supplement Business.

  75. Some supplements work wonders. Most supplements are synthetic and your body doesn’t respond well to them. Use high quality supplements made from real plants and get ready to experience some positive differences in your life.

  76. I read this as saying that taking multivitamins have no “positive effect” on reducing heart failure, stroke or early death. What? I thought the purpose of a multivitamin, which I take, was to provide needed vitamins and minerals that are not provided in the daily diet. They just keep you even. Almost no one eats just the right amount and variety of food to provide all the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Multivitamins keep you even. Sounds good to me.

  77. If they tested a pharmaceutical and it didn’t work, they would increase the dosage. They won’t increase the dosage for vitamins because they don’t want them to be too effective. There is isn’t much profit in selling vitamins compared to pharmaceuticals that can be patented.

  78. Wait, so the researchers said, “The research team concluded that the most commonly consumed supplements —
    multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C — had no effect on a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack stroke, heart disease, or
    early death.”

    And from that you get “Study: Multivitamins, Other Common Supplements Have No Health Benefits”? How do you call yourself a journalist? Quality of life is certainly a health benefit, even if it doesn’t prevent death. What about anti-cancer benefits? Avoiding common illness like colds etc? Additionally, this study on its face has issues such as the fact that no one can get their daily dose of Vitamin D from diet alone as the researchers suggest. That’s been proven many times over. I’ll take obfuscation for $1000, Alex.

  79. I had a myriad of problems that were caused by severe vitamin deficiency. My doctor tested my blood and found out what I was lacking and gave me a list of over the counter supplements to start taking. I’m doing MUCH better now.

  80. I did a little digging, guess who most of the sponsors are for this research?

    “The food and agriculture industry!”

    No hidden agenda here folks!

    Now why would a penunt farm spend money to do research on vitamines?

  81. so i guess what these
    fake journalists are saying is that
    the addictive prescription drugs that
    have side effects that are WORSE than
    death in many cases, are the answer?!?
    …no, it’s just, anything for a click….

  82. Take vitamins…don’t take vitamins…take vitamins…don’t take vitamins…take vitamins, I wish they would make up their minds.

    1. You only need to make up YOUR mind!
      Use evidence-based science to show you the way.
      Try lifeextension . com
      They show PubMed research backing all claims at end of all magazine articles, usually 25-60 peer reviewed research papers per article.
      You enter a conditon or disease in the search box, hit enter, next page, on left side, has selection of abstact, MAGAZINE, supplements.
      Choose magazine and search for latest article regarding your search by putting the year in front of the condition like this, 2018 atherosclerosis.

      If you have atherosclerosis, vitamin K2 mk 7 reverses and prevents plaque from binding to the lining of our arteries all throughout our bodies by carboxylating matrix GLA proteins on the surface of the endothelium or lining of the arteries and capillaries of our vascular system.

  83. Who funded the study? Pharmaceutical companies? Taking vitamin D is helpful. This study seems very biased.

  84. I was trained as a physician in the 80s…
    This claim is non earth shattering as many of us in the medical realm knew unless you had a vitamin deficiency you were only benefiting pharmaceutical companies manufacturing vitamins…
    So save your money and eat healthy as well as do something exercise positive…other wise your buying new expensive cars for these companies CEOs…

    1. Put up your money, doc!
      I need it and I will win it fair and square.

      Don’t you even know that every BODY needs to have selenium to modulate response of p53?
      Don’t you know that the WHO states North America is deficient in selenium, vitamin D and IODINE because it is not in the food chain?!

      Educate yourself!

      Don’t become a mechanic!
      Mechanics don’t get paid unless they FIX the problem and it does NOT come back.
      You would be out of work immediately ????

  85. Holy cow, if you believe this propaganda from pharma, have I got a once in a lifetime deal for you on ocean front property in Arizona!
    If you don’t take responsibility for your own health, nobody will. If you leave your well being up to the medical establishment, big pharma and government watchdog agencies that are all in bed together, then expect to die earlier, be in poor health along the way and become a human ATM to fund their profits while you are sick and dying.
    Matt Drudge is great on politics, but stay clear of his links on health and spirituality.

  86. The really interesting question is (if the survey is correct): why? Are there enough of these vitamins in regular diet?

  87. I am not an expert. I am generally skeptical of anything that claims it prevents something as common and life-threatening as heart disease, or stroke. (Because if that were true, those conditions wouldn’t be common anymore.) And I am not a big believer in vitamin supplements. Generally I believe supplements are inefficient at best. And it is far better to acquire those nutrients via actual food sources that when broken down by the digestive system actually convert to nutrients the body can readily absorb. But I am not here to debate the merits of vitamin supplements. What I want to know is why researchers considered reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke or early death as the only potential health benefits? Take vitamin C for example. There are few people in the US, who are actually vitamin C deficient. I mean, you just don’t see many cases of scurvy in the US. But that doesn’t preclude there being benefits to vitamin C supplementation. If you accept at face value that vitamin c supplements do not reduce the risk of cardio-vascular disease or stroke, that could simply be because most people are getting adequate amounts of those nutrients for heart health in their diets. But that doesn’t mean there are no other potential benefits out there either. A quick google search of potential benefits of vitamin C includes many other things. It may lower anxiety. (I would consider that a health benefit, if it were true.) Or it may reduce the severity or duration of the common cold. (Something else that I would consider a health benefit.) If they only looked for reduced risk of three potential negative outcomes they can hardly make the claim there are no benefits at all. Just that there are no benefits to those three specific things.

    1. At least you have an open thinking, reasoning mind.
      Now educate yourself on selenium, vitamin D3, and Lugol’s iodine at PubMed.
      Selenium p53 PubMed
      Read studies.
      Vitamin D epidemics PubMed
      Note all the hits in the search under that.

      Read this: PMC4998524
      Antiproliferative/cytotoxic effects of molecular iodine
      Read that and tell me supplements aren’t necessary ☺

  88. This is such absolute garbage in so many ways….

    First my doctor just said this garbage to me: “Supplements don’t work. Why do you take them?”

    “Well doc I follow published medical journal studies. ( For instance they say taking vitamin D halves your chance of getting the flu, I’ll take that vitamin”.

    “Yea but they don’t work”

    “Well your peers say otherwise”

    He looked at my blood work…

    “Why is your vitamin D so high? I’ve NEVER seen this before. Usually people are deficient but never high.”

    “Well doc I take vitamin D. I read a published study that it helps build muscle.. but you know they don’t work though right?”

    My doctor was speechless. A doctor with evidence RIGHT in his face that they do work with it measured by a blood test.

    “Well you should get everything through food”

    “My stomach doesn’t know the difference between a pill or food. I take them out of convenience”.

    Doctor was speechless…..
    It’s all garbage what most doctors think with this issue.

    1. Find z better doctor.
      They are out there.
      If you can hand the doctor a PubMed research document and tell him you want to try that, if it won’t hurt you and he evaluates the study and says YES or No and gives good reason why not…You just found a real doctor ????

      1. Sounds like you’re not only peddling snake oil, but you don’t understand how statistics work if you think a PubMed research document should be enough to convince anyone of anything.

    2. Vitamin D doesn’t halve your chance of getting the flu. Being deficient in vitamin D increases your chance of getting the flu. Those are two different statements. If you get a blood test and you’re deficient in something, you should absolutely take supplements, but if you think supplements are going to help you above and beyond, you’re mistaken and that’s where you deviate from the science you’re referencing.

      Also, your stomach may not care, but your kidneys will. You should primarily get your vitamins through food because things like fiber will cause a slower absorption rate (and not eating a pill with some fiber is different as the vitamins aren’t dispersed throughout the food) and prevent you from pissing them out, which your body is really good at doing when you’re just taking them with pills. Vitamin D is a bit different with respect to this since it’s not commonly found in food, and during winter months when the angle of incidence of the sun is low and you stop producing it endogenously, then you should supplement.

  89. I am seeing more and more of these articles lately and they are full of nonsense. Supplements DO work for those whose bodies need them. I am beginning to think that at some point big Pharm is going to put a lot of $ into moving the government to regulate supplements out of existence and these anti-supplement propaganda pieces are preparing the ground for it.

      1. Something Doctor Edell said years ago now. He was pretty science oriented, his judgment seemed sound.

          1. He earned trust with me, same way someone like Sagan did.

            Our species didn’t evolve eating pills.

  90. So I guess that based on this study is that medicines are the way to go. Multiple side effects to speed up people’s death or keep them alive and sick so the pharmaceutical industry can make more billions.

  91. Not sure I believe this because twice now I’ve run into a B vitamin problem and the Doc gave me some B’s to take and last time the regimen did get my B’s up to a proper level.
    Years ago the VA prescribed one of those drinks, like Boost, in order to get me going again after losing a lot of weight, strength and other stuff, over having visited the heartbreak hotel.
    If things are in perspective and you follow good advice from your doctor the supplements work, they worked for me anyway. At the moment I’m getting better each day with the docs and nutritionists advice all via The Veterans Administration, good on the VA.
    After everything was back in order the doc told me I didn’t need all that stuff. Took a few months.

    1. Nutritional.deficiencies occur because you are lacking those nutrients in the food you consume.
      If you quit taking them completely you will become deficient again.

      You now need a maintenance dose, before you were on a therapeutic dose.
      Do you find any errors in my logic?
      What about your doctor’s logic?

      1. Searchin, I listen to a lot of advice and the maintenance dose sounds about right. I don’t want to take a lot of stuff. The food thing is different and I think the idea is that I eat more fruits, veggies, good bread, beans, some meat. She also but Chia on the food list…that’s bird food, but I’ll try it.
        Thanks for the tip.

  92. Okay so there you have it, folks. There is officially no health benefit to FOOD. You can just quit eating now and survive on pharmaceuticals.

  93. The nasty fact is big pharma is buying supplement manufacturers least they lose a dime.
    Those supplements could be poisoned to create more money by treating another disease caused by our criminal healthcare system, that treats the patient by harvesting their financial future and retirement savings.

  94. These so-called “studies” are “Fake News”. The studies when performed use inferior made, poor quality supplements and vitamins; they use them in improper, useless doses and the tests are designed to produce the desired results.
    Why do “they” do this? I do not know but I do know that as a grandparent with children and grandchildren who have been dosed with high quality vitamins and nutritional supplements, we are extremely healthy. My children and grandchildren never have missed more than one day from work or school in years.

    1. I think these are smaller subsets of info that gradually suggest nationalized healthcare
      and gov guidelines are the only reliable info to follow

  95. Don’t get too excited about these ‘studies’. Scientists and researchers are no longer able to tell the difference between facts, theories, assumptions, opinions and lies. They pass off a lot of stuff as ‘facts’, when they are actually something else. When the U.S. American Medical Assoc. decreed that iodine was toxic, based on one, single, falsified ‘study’ with faked results, soon afterward there began a steep increase in thyroid problems, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate problems. Funny thing: iodine is needed by every cell in the body, and the first parts that grab hold of it are… you guessed it: the thyroid, breasts, uterus, ovaries and prostate glands. For more info, google ‘Abraham Wolff-Chaikoff Effect — crying wolf’. Dr. Guy Abraham and other doctors did their own controlled and completed studies, and found the original results false. But did the AMA change their ruling on iodine? No. But the medical profession DID make a bundle of money hacking off women’s breasts, ripping out their uteri and ovaries, chopping out and frying thyroid glands, and doing the same with prostate glands for the last almost-fifty years. Oh, your doctor said you get enough iodine in salt? How odd… it was doctors that told us to reduce our salt intake, wasn’t it?

  96. Strange, don’t bother taking supplements but, eat foods that have the same nutrients?
    Then, either supplements in any form are good or it’s a waste to take sups or foods
    rich in vitamins and mins!

  97. Two minutes ago on a recorded version of ABC news David Nuir said Vitamins A and D, among others, deduce the chance of heart disease. Are we a f”ed up society or what?

  98. sorry to say but this is another attempt to discredit nutritional supplements in lieu of largely ineffective or dangerous medications …. and it is all false …. i personally saved my own life at least twice after being diagnosed with pneumonia and acute asthma … i am severely allergic to most antibiotics and the medications i can take either did not work (on one antibiotic the infection spread to the second lung) or had hideous side effects (as in the asthma steroids) – upon research I discovered that vitamin A is crucial to lung and skin health … my problem was that I never took enough vitamin A to prevent any of these illnesses – I have a history of sinus and lung infections that never really healed …. upping my vitamin A to 45,000 iu per day (yes, the ‘experts’ say that this is toxic and dangerous) cleared up my pneumonia within a few days even after the antibiotics I can take became ineffective and one outpatient clinic doctor recommended I go directly to the ER …. i went home and got the vitamin A hi dose which saved my life …. no ER or additional antibiotics were necessary ….

  99. The FDA needs to take immediate control over ALL food industry and mandate appropriate healthy food portions to every citizen. Anyone caught deferring from the system plan should immediately be thrown in prison.

  100. Linus Pauling’s work on Vitamin C alone makes me laugh at this article. I love Big Pharma Marketing wing….they’ll say anything to keep you sick and dependent on their killer pills

  101. Big Pharma has 1 HUGE fear….Outbreaks of Good Health. Psst…..Big Pharma and sadly your Doctors are in business….your piss poor health is their $$. Think. …”First do no harm” is laughable today

  102. Damn, I’ve been living on a strict regimen from a song from the late 60’s “Livening on reds, vitamin E and cocaine”. I’m 87 and still jogging 5 miles a day!

  103. These articles are always so confusing. The headline says there are “no health benefits” and pulls that quote from here: ” [vitamins] had no effect on a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack stroke, heart disease, or early death.” Does this means they only tested these three things? Also this “study” seems more like a “study” where they just send out a questionnaire and ask if you took a multivitamin and then ask if you’ve had a stroke. They didn’t give people pills and then monitor them.

  104. A huge, multi-decade study was done by the US Government and results released about 10 years ago which showed the same thing – vitamins were useless. I attended a medical grand rounds soon after and that study was analyzed and presented by an epidemiology team. Interesting that the study design was worthless from a statistical standpoint such that no conclusions could be made. The presenter discussed reasons why the US Government would spend millions of dollars on a worthless study and misreport the results. The only rational reasoning was that people were living too long (perhaps from vitamins?) and the US Government has a vested interest in people dying sooner so they are not spending as much money on care. Needless to say, I look at the design of these studies and have found none of any value – I take vitamins every day.

  105. Fake news! Dr. Joel Wallach went to court years ago and sued the FDA and won based on scientific evidence that proved selenium prevents some cancers. Fake, fake news!

  106. These creatures that control things don’t want you taking stuff that helps you. They want to sell you their drugs when you get sick.

  107. Wonder how many of the doctors and researchers take their daily vitamins–just a thought.

  108. Oh how wonderful a study of other studies. Sometimes useful. This time just repackaging standard pablum of eat healthy. LOL Who did the study, where was it published. Other wise this is just pure CRAP and has no bearing on anything – AKA FAKE or JUNK Science

  109. Vitamins and supplements are indeed useless. Worse, they likely harm your health. Whole fruits and vegetables nutrition is how your body was designed. I ditched my multi-vitamins and supplements, and I’ve been using a nutritional product “Juice Plus+”. Much more energy, and I have not missed a day of work due to illness in 5 years. Look it up; it’s the real deal, with an FDA nutrition label; NOT your standard supplement label. In fact, Google, “what is the most researched nutritional product in the world”. You will thank me!

  110. Research for your own benefit. I don’t take the ubiquitous supplements described in this article. However, I take liquid Tumeric and CoQ10 – taken together both have synergistic effect to reduce inflammation, a key component in disease. Tumeric has proven anti-cancer, anti-inflammation properties.

    A woman in the UK was sent home after numerous chemo and radiation failed to slow the growth of her cancer. She decided to take “enormous amounts” of pharmaceutical grade Tumeric (unkown quantity). Her doctors have confirmed her cancer is completely gone. That’s the type of evidence I am looking for. Costco sells both CoQ10 and Tumeric cheap.To your health! Here’s another website:

    Read the cancer story here:

  111. CoQ10, B12, and oregano oil capsule, and a baby asprin are all extremely good for your health and heart & prostate.

    I just had oatmeal, blue berries, english walnuts, with a table spoon of pure maple syrup. All good for you.

  112. good grief when are these researchers going to join the 21st century. it also looked like they ignored about 10,000 other studies regarding supplements they never bothered to review.

  113. Niacin in fairly high doses has been proven to lower LDL and raise HDL cholesterol. It works for me – 500mg twice daily. It is even prescribed for this.

  114. Wait, how does “heart attack stroke, heart disease, or early death” equate to “no health benefits”? Is this just terrible science journalism or actual shoddy science?

  115. This study mainly mentioned the ineffectiveness of supplements as it pertains to “stroke and heart disease”. So why the misleading headline? It implies supplements are ineffective on all levels. There are many studies that show a possible link between vitamin D deficiency in dark-skinned people and higher cancer death rates. It seems that Vit D deficiency results in lesser ability to fight off some diseases. This writer needs to retract this article and make corrections.

  116. It’s interesting how the content of the article contradict the headline. “Folic acid alone showed a 20 percent lowered risk of stroke.” This article deals only with cardiovascular diseases, yet boldly declares that vitamins supplements have no health benefits whatsoever, but vitamins hat that do, can only be supplied only by fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

  117. Ummm…The study was researching “cardiovascular disease outcomes and all-cause mortality.” The study does not say that “Multivitamins, Other Common Supplements Have No Health Benefits.” The study says that common supplements have little effect on “cardiovascular disease outcomes and all-cause mortality.”

    The study did not address other possible benefits of supplements. This article is crap.

  118. No matter… I’ll just keep taking my vitamins and live the nice healthy life I’ve been accustom to for the last 50 years. Nuff’ said!

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