Study: 90 percent of American men are ‘overfat’

The vast majority of American men are “overfat,” a new study finds.

Various researchers, led by Australian health expert Philip Maffetone, examined the prevalence of individuals in society who have excess body fat that impairs health, many of whom aren’t conventionally considered overweight.

Measuring weight loss or obesity
While we often talk about whether or not we’re “overweight” when it comes to our health, a new study finds 90 percent of American men are “overfat.”

They particularly looked at excess fat stored in the abdomen region, which is associated with an increased risk of chronic disease (e.g., cancer, stroke, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes), higher levels of morbidity and mortality, and reduced quality of life.

In many cases, overfat individuals notice that their condition aids and abets the development of other health conditions.

The researchers found that up to 90 percent of adult males in developed countries are overfat, along with up to 80 percent of women and half of children.

While the problems were most magnified among denizens of the United States and New Zealand, they were fairly pervasive worldwide.

Previous research by the same authors had concluded that up to 76 percent of the world’s population may be overfat.

Meanwhile, measuring body mass index (BMI) isn’t effective for determining whether someone is overfat, so Maffetone et al. devised a simple equation to help anyone make that determination.

Quite simply, if the circumference of your waist measures more than half your height, you’re overfat.

Clearly, a surprising number of people fall into this category, including professional athletes and military personnel.

Don’t cheat: the researchers specify that one must measure their waist from the level of their belly button.

The study’s findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health.


  1. Obama added millions to the welfare roles. Blame Democrats for this problem. If can not look in a mirror and see you are fat then you have a real problem.

  2. There are 7 billion too many on the planet anyway, so this should be considered positive, for those who recognize what a negative humanity is! Let the scourge of Humanity die off!

  3. The method is crap. So a man with a 48-50in chest, 36 in waist with veins popping out everywhere, but at 5’10” is overfat? That doesn’t take into account mesomorphs.

  4. For the first time ever, We welcome the new & improved Mr. & Mrs, Fatty Fat Fatso & Family from Fabulous Frankfurt.

  5. The Russians are making Americans overfat. We need yet another investigation into Russian meddling

  6. Anywhere I go I’m amazed at the fatties out and about. Eliminate pop (regular or diet) and bread and most processed foods — and exercise. Men with big bellies — if they could be pregnant there would be no shortage of babies – –

  7. I’m 6′ 4″ and when I had a 36″ waist I was told I was to skinny though technically when I hit 38″ I was overfat, though still considered thin. Not sure I really believe this article.

  8. Fat is DISGUSTING! As soon as we realize that fact and stop with this “fat is beautiful” nonsense we can begin the process of getting healthy.

    1. What a bright can cheery one you are! I sure hope you are thin and beautiful on the outside, because on the inside you contain one butt ugly soul.

  9. Overfat…a new bullshit category so the researches can continue being funded to compile their worthless data and results.

  10. Oh, another “study”. So I went and looked at it. It’s just more hysterical hand-wringing. And the authors’ livelihoods would certainly benefit from an increase of angst. So, the correct response is a long yawn followed by a dismissive smirk.

  11. Spoons, it’s the spoons! Get rid of spoons and guns– the evil instruments leading to our demise. Get rid of dumbass articles as well. Gotta go, my breakfast of eggs, bacon and a stack of pancakes is about ready, just as soon as I finish this cigarette.

  12. If men are overweight, then the solution is clear.

    It’s time to start a men’s body positivity and acceptance campaign proclaiming health at any weight.

    Am I right feminists?

    1. If the fat feminists could magically be thin, they’d do it in a heartbeat. The “body acceptance” stuff is for losers.

    2. you haven’t heard of “dad bod” I take it….

      Pretty awful when you think of what that is… For me, there was no greater motivation to get into the best shape of my life than having a child… I want to be her rock for as long as I can grace this earth as her shield… I want to be a guiding light in her life, her children’s lives and, God willing, their children’s lives for as long as I can. I want to not just be alive to witness, but fit enough to experience life along side her… To teach her how to field a ground ball and make a good throw to first. I want to teach her how to be patient in the batters’ box… I want to teach her how to ski and surf… anything she wants to do… It could be ballet, for all I care- I want to be fit enough to keep up with her…

      Is it weird being 35 with a better body than I had at 15? A little, but it feels freaking awesome… and it feels even better to know I am doing everything within my control to not just be there for her long term, but be able to truly be there if she needed me.

      Why accept “dad bod” as a soft dough boy when what “dad bod ” really should be is “ripped, don’t eff with my family or you will suffer my wrath” bod.

  13. Max, women perform important unpaid work. Feminists don’t want us compensated for raising our children. That’s why my social security has “0” for income for 15 years. I could have been in a coma and gotten a “0”. Had I run a daycare for three kids, then the gov’t would have recognized the value of my contribution. One child is now a lawyer, one is a paramedic, and the third works in the tech industry. All pay taxes.

  14. in the contemporary western world, males undergo cultural, chemical and behavioral emasculation that starts in grade school. they are less physically active than ever, and more overweight and obese than ever. and you wonder why sperm counts are going down, lol? snap the f**k out of it, people.

  15. I had a doctor tell me one time that I was now considered obese. I responded the best way I could – I may be fat, in which I can lose, but at least I am not ugly is you in which there is no cure.

    1. Well now…that little “comebacker’ will save the taxpayer oodles of $ when your health issues arise due to obesity and you expect everyone else to pay for your irresponsibities…

  16. Well, so far today I have read about 40 articles that says we are all going to die because of some thing that the liberals want funded with our tax dollars, so I think I will just ignore this article too.

  17. So three quarters of the worldwide male population (and 9 out of ten American males) has a weight problem? Am I the only one who finds such a high percentage to be rather fishy?

    1. Look at old movies and study how thin the people used to be. Folks these days are legitimately fat. Even young people are fat.

  18. Body shamming is the only solution. Make it your duty to ridicule all fat people you come across.

    1. Yeah, this article sure seems to desire to queue up idiotic thoughts and simplistic solutions like that, huh?

  19. This is no better that the BMI. What about people that are hypertrophic in the midsection because of doing lots of heavy deadlifts and squats, as well as ab exercises?

  20. Overfat. Very overfat. Overly fat.
    I expect they did not want to say obese in case it offended obese people.
    This report is yet more evidence of the correlation between research grant awards and bad science.
    If we put researchers on a low-grant diet, we would stop getting these over-stupid reports.

    1. If it weren’t for these studies, I’d have no idea that an ice cream diet makes me overfat.

    2. It’s not just a question of being overweight, it’s also a question of fitness, according to the article. It states people who don’t seem overweight can be considered overfat. But the formula that your waist should not be more than half your height doesn’t really make sense. If you’re 5 feet, your waist should not be more than 30 inches; if you’re 6 feet, no more than 36; if you’re 7 feet, no more than 42. Belly fat is supposed to be bad for you, but what about other parts of your body? Not everyone always gains weight through the middle, but instead might be heavier through the hips & thighs. Are these people healthier in general?

      Basically there is no “one size fits all” for weight or health. If you eat in moderation & move around enough to keep your blood flowing, you’ll stay relatively healthy. If you are in tune with your body, you know when you feel good and when you feel bad. I read an article once about a study that showed overweight people who exercised were healthier than lean people who did not. People come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t think there is one formula for everyone.

  21. You know what makes a person fat? Eating after 7pm.
    If you can eat properly during the day, healthy foods (Don’t Overeat).
    then refrain from eating after 7pm-ish until breakfast, and you’re active, or even moderately active,
    You WILL lose up to several pounds during the evening and overnite hours. Those are the hours to Rest and Repair.
    Now I’m not saying this is easy—IT IS NOT. But just try it and see—find that discipline and you’ll be stunned at the results.

    1. Interesting …
      I hold off eating dinner until late, so I won’t snack after dinner. Might be going about it exactly wrong.

      1. Hey Listen—you’re talking to someone who LOVES to eat late. I just know it all basically sticks.

        Think about your body as a machine. During the day that machine is pulling,pushing,twisting,walking,running,moving in all kinds of ways.
        That takes energy/calories. So like a hot dryer machine that’s not tumbling, your clothes will eventually get dry, but not efficiently.
        Same with the body, Late night eating makes those calories digest improperly—the fat stores will occur in the belly, or on the thighs or in other unwanted spots,
        instead of being used as Energy to power your machine.

        Eat a good hearty breakfast, try to move/walk around in the middle of the day and take in a banana and a handful of nuts, then at dinner time find that good protein and accompany it with a full left and right hand of vegetables. Then shut it all down.

        If you can complete your eating by 7ish, the body rests, repairs and prepares for breakfast. Again it’s NOT pleasant or easy, but the rewards
        are spectacular. Especially if you include some lifting of weights. They don’t have to be heavy either. Even mildly challenging weight will make your
        body use those calories very wisely :o)

        1. That all makes perfect sense. I’ll give that a try. Dinner eaten by 7pm. I’ve been waiting until 9… LOL

          I’m right at the “overfat” area. Time to get fit!

    2. So, how would this work for people on rotating shift work? You seem to think that everyone works in the daytime. In the real world, people work at all different hours. You’d notice that if after 6 PM the whole world stopped, and even your TV went blank. I’d bet that you’re a government worker, since you think that everyone works the same time as you, and because you think you know it all.

      1. WHOA—Ummm…when I did say or imply I “know it all”. If somethiing works for me it might work for others—if it does…then GREAT, happy to be of help.
        In terms of working for the Gov—not sure where you got that—I’m in the private sector. In terms of those who don’t work during the day, I think that’s like under 2 percent of America, so not sure how that applies. Bottom line is try to avoid eating several hours before sleep for optimal results. And in your case, try not to be so bitter—that won’t help with weight loss, family relations, making friends or overall happiness :o)

  22. I see a fair number of ppl mentioning low sperm count, not mentioned herein… but this and another story on low sperm count were off-linked close to ea. other on Drudge. Just sayin’. Anyway, the low sperm count is good. Humanity is at 8 billion+ and counting. We destroyed the major predators that endangered us: disease, vulnerability to violent weather, and human-on-human threats. We tamed disease via cleanliness (dental hygiene, soap, toilet paper) and modern medicine (mostly, antibiots.). We mitigated weather disasters by architecture and technology, including weather prediction. And each other? By inventing doomsday devices (nukes), major war is all but impossible now. Small-scale tribal conflicts have been eliminated via nationalism. So what do we have to keep down the population? Nothing.

    In short, we NEED a low sperm count all over the world. More than that, we need sterility among women, too, since they make the babies. Humanity could stand to lose about 7.9 billion members. 100 million is quite enough.

    1. Nope! The problem is the wrong people are breeding. Educated, advanced societies have either flat lined or are decreasing in population. The planet is being overwhelmed by the low end of the spectrum, those that don’t have the benefits of healthy diets, dental hygiene, soap, toilet paper, advanced medicine and control of their environment. it’s the third worlders that are breeding us to death. If it wasn’t for immigration, both legal and illegal, the population of the US would be decreasing and all those baby-boomers, including yours truly, would not have the tax base to fund our government over-hyped retirement benefits.

      As for low sperm counts, that is a product of the emasculation of our males. We are being bred to avoid conflict at all costs and our testosterone levels are reflecting the pussification of our species. Metrosexuals are much easier to corral and control but will be the undoing of the human species.

  23. The food supply adulterated with added sugar, our best crop lands polluted with herbicides and pesticides, and the best of all, subsidized by our taxes while healthy food is purposely made costly.

  24. Might the low sperm count be related to daily bashing of white males on college campi? Could be the body doesn’t like the way its being treated, sees no hope to overcome political correctness and just plain mean and unattractive females.

    1. It could be related to bad food, being overweight, and all of the xenoestrogens in the environment.

  25. Eh, I don’t like the measuring point- the value changes massively depending on whether my stomach is out or sucked in.

  26. Low sperm count, or just too tired from supporting a burgeoning lists of welfare bums including our own lazy women?

    Illegals getting checks for 10k for breeding multiple welfare chattels are very fertile. It is nothing to see a pregnant Mexican holding one child and leading another whip out an EBT card and charge two buggies of groceries.. White people carry their goods out in 2 bags, you know that they paid cash…

    1. I remember in the ’70s seeing a well fed black woman paying with the old food stamps , then she and her 4 “child’s” crawling into a nice ,new Coup de Ville…..


      1. They aren’t DeVilles anymore, the Escalade handles all the strollers and groceries at once. That is the vehicle of choice. I see foreigners with kids driving cars that cost more than several houses I have owned…

        1. There is a simple reason for this: they use their immigrant networks to work for cash, still get benefits (they show no income), and they live multiple families to a home. The result? They end up pretty rich, while most Whites struggle to pay taxes to support them all.

          1. They receive subsidized (free) housing, which they promptly sub let to the newest comers. This puts about a thousand a month extra in their pocket.

      2. I remember seeing that five years ago in CA, but it was a Lincoln Navigator or Escalade… I moved away five years ago and haven’t seen that since. I think I have known one black woman in that time and she was a nurse and certainly not on benefits.

    2. Actually women are working more than men these days in the prime age groups. They are also taking care of the home and the kids. On the other hand, an NBER study showed that 18% of US men in prime working age literally play video games instead of work (Google it, it is not a joke).

      1. Yes because men are discriminated against in court..everywhere. the world is collapsing because men are being pushed out of society. So men stick to themselves. Taking care of children for a woman means giving the kids an iPad while they make a hot pocket. Google is not a reference.

        1. Excuses, excuses… Can you name any men who “take care of the kids”? I know of no men who take care of their children.

          Also it is not all men who are discriminated against in hiring. It is White men, and only White men, especially at older ages. Asian men make far more money than White men these days, yet they are still considered “diversity.” Black men get every advantage possible. Hispanic men work the system, get cash and retire millionaires in Mexico.

          Pro-tip: google is used to look stuff up, it is not listed as a “reference.”

  27. The fact is, leftism, in the form of the nanny state that demands certain behaviors, like adopting the food pyramid, is the cause of the weight problem in America.

  28. It’s not from a thyroid problem…. Just a thigh problem – beef thighs, chicken thighs, pig thighs….in overabundance…..


      1. What? What makes people fat is saturated fats found primarily in red meats and non plant based diets. The second it goes into your blood stream, it starts to coagulate and form to the walls of the arteries. Sugar does not cause weight gain. It does not cause diabetes either. Meat causes diabetes and has been flagged for over twenty years. The food guides are a lie and were designed in the 1940’s to serve the corporations and garner more money for the meat and dairy industry. It was there to protect profits, not health. Look around the world and you will find healthy countries are plant based and do not include meat or dairy in their food guides. They in fact warn you to be cautious to not consume any of it. Eating bacon is like smoking cigarettes in the fact it is proven to decrease your life span with a single use. I doubt you will believe me but the research is all there. There are people actively working to make sure you do not find out.

        1. Rob, even though I advocate for a mainly plant based diet, biologically, humans were designed to eat a well rounded diet of both meat and plant based origins. The problem is processed foods, and yes, bacon is one of them. Sugar, in it’s basic form is as toxic as any food out there. We were never designed to eat such vast quantities of refined sugars. Limited amounts of saturated fats are not evil, particularly those high in Omega 3s. Eating a Paleolithic diet of grass fed meat, particularly wild game, wild caught fish, organic vegetables, legumes, beans and seasonal fresh fruit is easily the most natural and healthful diet that we could consume. That and lots of fresh air and exercise, minus many of the distractions of modern life. Look to see what is “natural” biologically and don’t get hung up in the hype of fad diets. We were never meant to be purely vegetarians. Humans are easily the most adaptable species on this planet. Consume as large a spectrum of food that you possibly can and as close to the source as possible and try to keep it simple, unprocessed, raw when possible and organic. That is the key to a long and healthy life.

          1. that would be an omnivore, like racoon or bear. Humans don’t have claws, no forward-facing sensitive ears, complex jaw and flat teeth for chewing. Long list of herbivore traits. We are nstural prey, not hunters. Though our intelligence makes a big difference.

            And yes, simple sugars are bad for us.

          2. “And yes, simple sugars are bad for us”

            Tell that to the fructose you eat in fruit, which entices you with it’s simple sugars. If you believe that no fruit was meant to be consumed by humans naturally, you are very odd indeed.

          3. you are overlooking a very important characteristic of fruit in your effort to prove your case. consider fiber, vitamins and minerals. you don’t get those in your mountain dew.

          4. Eyes in the front for depth perception (predator trait), not to the sides where we can see behind us (prey trait). Canine teeth. We are meant to be omnivores.

          5. yup eyes in front, but compare that to all the other prey characteristics we have. and we don’t have canine teeth. just because they’re called canines doesn’t mean they are the same as a predator’s. most of our teeth are flat for chewing. the “sharp” ones are for tearing of vegetation, not meat. and, we have the classic complex jaw which is found in herbivores, meaning we can chew and grind in all directions, mixing in saliva to begin the digestion process. predators have large jaws designed to open wide and swallow food in a few gulps. AND, we don’t have a relatively stomach like herbivores, AND we have a very long digestive tract like herbivores. the list goes on and on. we are herbies.

          6. A much more reliable determinate of what we are would be the enzyme profile that humans possess. Because of the human enzyme array, we are able to successfully digest just about anything that is animal or plant based. Our enzymatic profile is easily the most remarkable biological adaptation that makes us able to thrive in almost any environment.

          1. And the stress of reading slop from those who think they have all the answers for everyone, and they are simple and easy, and yet somehow only grasped by by the owners of the sacred knowledge, well I posit that stress of that annoyance is what is kills some people.

          2. “Man is definitely a herbivore”. Not a single biologist or anthropologist that I am aware of ( I am sure there is some fringe lunatic out there that believes we can survive off sun rays), believes that man is a herbivore. The reason man has successfully populated every environment on earth is his incredible ability to adapt. The Eskimos, for example survived on a diet that was almost exclusively fat and animal protein. Other humans, in more hospitable climates have survived almost exclusively on plant based diets. Most “aboriginal” diets are a combination of the two, which makes perfect sense considering the incredibly vast array of enzymes the majority of humans are blessed with to digest just about anything put on our plates. The Hawaiians were a perfect example of an aboriginal culture that lived in virtual isolation for several thousand years and consumed a diet almost equally divided (calorie wise) between animal and plant based food sources. The Australian Aborigines, who may have been the most isolated of any aboriginal group of humans, had a diet that was filled with almost anything that crawled, swam, hopped or flew and only seasonally ate plants when available. They survived very well, just like the Eskimos until their aboriginal diets were adulterated with processed foods and drinks brought in by the Colonialists. Biologically speaking, the longest chapter of human existence (90% by most physical anthropologist’s estimates) was the “hunter-gatherer” phase and by all known evidence, they consumed a diet of anything that could be foraged, whether plant, insect or animal. The “hunter-gatherer” phase was the determining factor in what man has become, true omnivores in every scientiflc sense.

          3. show me a baby who prefers raw meat over breast milk.

            show me anyone who prefers raw meat over delicious vegetables or fruit or natural grains.

            you’ve been brainwashed to eat bacon/eggs for breakfast, a hamburger for lunch and chicken cacciatore for dinner.

          4. Bro, you have some major issues. If you had read my comments, you would be aware that I am very much in favor of a healthy, sustainable and organic diet. Vegetarianism is a religion to you people and it is driven by emotion rather than fact. You can’t counter my arguments by facts so you have to resort to saying things about me that have no basis in reality. You do realize that human milk is an “animal” based food and that human milk is full of animal based protein? Why don’t you feed your new born children “delicious vegetables or fruit or natural grain’? You are indeed delusional. I have no issues with people who choose a vegetarian or vegan diet. I believe that is their choice and with proper attention to nutritional details, they can survive and thrive. As I have said in my comments, humans are incredibly adaptable to almost any type of diet but to make a blanket statement that man is a herbivore is not backed up any scientific evidence. Take an intro class into human biology or physical anthropology and get back to me. In the meantime enjoy your fruits and vegetables and I will continue to eat a wide variety of whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, legumes, fresh caught fish (lots of sashimi) deer, elk, antelope, grass-fed beef, free range chicken, chicken and turkey eggs (home grown) and on occasion, chicken cacciatore, particularly when I have been invited over to my neighbors for dinner. I refuse to live my life on the terms of a bunch of uniformed, “do-gooders” who want to strip me of my freedoms, take away my firearms and teach my children moral relativism. Now, go away and make sure you aren’t walking away with leather shoes on.

          5. Strip you of your freedoms, eh? I’m just trying to get you to look behind the curtain. I own 2 handguns and am proud to carry them. but, I don’t carry a weapon to find animals to kill so that I can eat them. Chickens are generally unarmed making the fight not-so-faIr.

            do you often chase down wounded or young animals to shred with your teeth and fill your stomach? no? Good. Then you’re not a carnivore.

            Do you salivate if you spot roadkill, or eat lizards whole when you feel hungry? Good. Then you’re not an omnivore.

            Hmmm what does that leave us with? Maybe….. Herbivore?

            in general, do you cook meat? Do you flavor meat? Do you enhance the presentation of served meat? Then you’re a brainwashed herbivore.

            would you kill an animal and eat it raw if you were starving? Then you’re a herbivore in total survival mode. that’s why you “think” you’re an omnivore.

        2. You’d better re-research your research. Bacon and cigarettes are what’s keeping me alive. They lower my stress level when I read left-wing vegetarian schpiels.

        3. Carbs cause your insulin to spike which is a signaling hormone to your cells that tells them to open more ‘ports’ for glucose storage. Have you ever heard of ketosis? People on an all fat diet get their body fat down to mid single digits. You need to go do more research because your facts are way off. You’re probably one of those little scrawny vegetarian cucks.

  29. Yes this is what is causing the low sperm counts. The West’s/Japan/S. Korea high-tech societies are literally killing us. Add the Leftists PC/Globalists/Open borders on top of this and we have a recipe for “soft” genocide.
    “The Planet of the Apes” is not fiction….it is a fact and is playing out right now.

    1. Low sperm count is caused by all the fat women, get some 18 year old hard bodies out there and watch the count come up. lol

    2. I’m still going operate under the assumption that movies about talking chimpanzees are fiction.

  30. I thought we suddenly lived in a world where we believed in health at every size and curves are great and all that stupid nonsense? Or is that equality just for women?

    1. Feminism dictates that women can be as fat as they want, without criticism, and that white men (the guys who created every facet of modern civilization) should all die painful deaths.

      1. The feminists are mentally ill and should be sent to live in Saudi Arabia with their non-White boyfriends.

      2. You truly are stupid if this is what you think feminism is. Sick of paying taxes to cover idiots like you.

    2. No one actually believes that nonsense. If the fatties could wave a magic wand and be thin, they’d do it.

  31. Err, what units of measurement are we talking about? Waist circumference in inches or metric? Weight in American pounds, metric, or British stone? Journalism?

    1. Waist = More than half your height…

      doesn’t matter what units…

      Half of 100 centimetres is still 50 centimeters… Last I checked, half of 100 inches = 50 inches…

      Read, comprehend and think before commenting…

        1. hhhmmmmm—-haaaaaaaa….

          1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10….

          meh… no, thanks and GFYS.


      1. I’m 66, I eat what I’m hungry for, when I’m hungry, I’m 5’9″ tall, 140 pounds, my waist is 32″ and my numbers are ALL mid range.
        The difference between me and a lot of people is…I don’t sit on my ass all day.

        1. well that will do it… I run 6 miles about 3-4 days per week and go to the gym the other days, giving myself a day off every 3-4 days, depending… If the surf is really good, I’ll do that instead…

          Not too difficult to figure out that you can consume many more calories and maintain a consistent weight if you’re burning those calories… it’s all about a net-0… Burn what you u consume… Storing a tiny bit in the winter months never hurt anyone… life is good

        2. keep it going, man… they say you lose what you don’t use…

          my grandmother is in her 80s and is as active as healthy people in their 60s/early 70s. … even sadder (and disturbing illustration of what is happening in recent years, especially in the US)- she’s healthier than people younger than I am, too!

    2. I went for parsecs. apparently, I have no weight or height after rounding. not sure if that is good or bad, but at least I’m not overfat. 🙂

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