Lock your doors! Most Americans paranoid about home security before bedtime

NEW YORK — Do bumps in the night spook you in your own home? You’re not alone. A study on home security finds over half of Americans (53%) get out of bed to investigate unusual noises, even though they know it’s likely nothing.

The poll of 2,000 people asked respondents about their nighttime routines, with home security being the main focus. Researchers find three-quarters of Americans say they always double-check that they locked front door before bed.

Making the ‘nightly rounds’ before bed

When it’s time for bed, two in three (66%) start with the front door, before closing all blinds and curtains (55%), and then making sure to close and lock all windows (42%). After that, 28 percent turn on the outdoor lights and another 21 percent check that the garage door is secure.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Arlo, a smart home security brand, the survey also reveals 66 percent agree they’d rather seem overly cautious when it comes to their home security because it makes them feel safer.

TV can make Americans extra jumpy

Home Security HabitsAdditionally, researchers discovered a unique common thread behind Americans’ security habits – their TV preferences. Respondents who are fans of true crime rank as the most likely to take their home security seriously. In fact, 39 percent agree their love-hate relationship with the genre leads them to take their security habits more seriously.

Interestingly enough, nearly half the poll said their TV watching habits spook them so bad, they need to clear their heads with something funny or light-hearted to feel more at ease with their home security setup. It’s no wonder pollsters can get a bit jumpy, as the average American revealed they hear an unexplained bump in the night around three times a week. Two out of three times these noises spook them right out of bed.

After hearing a noise, 44 percent of Americans say “it must be the wind,” with “it’s probably nothing” going through 34 percent of the respondents’ heads. Nearly one in five (19%) however, think “is that a burglar?”

Home security creates peace of mind, for some

Home Security HabitsForty-one percent of respondents said they jump out of bed to investigate strange noises themselves. For those cohabitating, 23 percent prefer to poke their partner to get out of bed. Of those surveyed, 48 percent have a home security system. Four in five of these respondents agree they purchased it for peace of mind.

“It’s a natural tendency to check and double check our surroundings to gain a greater sense of security,” says Lily Knowles, SVP of Marketing and Customer Care for Arlo, in a statement. “The survey results underscore the fundamental and universal need for peace of mind. Even when Americans know their home is secured, they still look for added reassurance before they can really feel at ease and fall asleep.”

For those who have a home security system, 22 percent immediately check it when hearing odd sounds. However, 10 percent of Americans are a bit more extreme. These brave souls grab anything they can use as protection should the noise actually be an intruder. Sixteen percent would rather roll the dice, saying they just roll over and ignore the odd noise.

“Whether or not people get out of bed to investigate something they heard, there are more resources available now than ever to help them feel safe in their own homes,” Knowles adds. “Installing a smart home security camera or video doorbell gives consumers an added layer of protection.”

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