School isn’t enough: 3 in 4 parents are making own lesson plans to prep kids for future

NEW YORK — For those who believe a parent’s work is never done, a new survey is proving them right. While plenty of moms and dads trust their kids are getting a good education at school, most are leaving nothing to chance. Researchers say a majority of American parents are already making moves to make sure their kids are prepared for the workforce of the future.

In fact, the OnePoll survey of 2,000 parents of school-age children finds nearly six in ten (58%) have already taken proactive steps to help their kids be more well-rounded than they ever were growing up. The study, commissioned by Kodable, reveals 77 percent of parents have been supplementing their kids’ school curriculum with educational lessons at home to make sure they’re learning everything they feel like they need to learn.

Parents children future work

Nearly three in four parents say they’ve taken it upon themselves to conduct science experiments outside of their school curriculum at home with their children. Of those respondents, 73 percent say their kids are noticeably more interested in science and learning as a result.

Should education be more practical?

When it comes to preparing children for life as a working adult, is the current school curriculum a bit outdated? According to the results, 83 percent of parents think education needs to shift to adapt to the workforce of the future. When it comes to their kids entering the working world, 59 percent of parents think having an understanding of computer science will be highly beneficial.

Over half the poll (54%) expect engineering to be a very valuable skill while another 54 percent think creativity will be an important tool to have at their disposal. As a result, 82 percent of the parents hope education will begin evolving and changing to adapt to what the future workforce landscape is likely to look like.

“Parents are using this time at home to help encourage their children to try new things. In fact, parents are hopeful that their children will be well prepared no matter what the future workplace will look like — having the skills and experiences necessary to succeed” a spokesperson for Kodable says in a statement.

Talking about the future

Parents children future work

Despite getting more hands-on in 2020, parents aren’t pigeon-holing their kids into specific careers. In fact, 78 percent want their children to explore a wide variety of different potential careers and interests before deciding what to actively pursue when they’re older. Parents are increasingly talking to their kids about their interests. Three in four parents say they’re already having discussions with their children about what their interests are. Another 73 percent of parents report their child has already begun showing interest in coding.

“Encouraging kids to pursue their interests is one of the best ways to foster a healthy educational environment for them. Being active in their interests can help kids build self-confidence and understand the various career opportunities available to them in the future — without putting unnecessary pressure on them” the spokesperson for Kodable adds.

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