Most Americans try to sneak more healthy food into their loved ones’ diets

NEW YORK — Despite so much concern about keeping ourselves virus-free during the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey finds three in five Americans (59%) also fear that their loved ones are not taking care of themselves.

A OnePoll study of 2,000 Americans reveals 45 percent of respondents are worried about their spouse or partner. Forty-three percent are concerned about their mother’s health and 42 percent are worried about their father’s. In an attempt to help, 72 percent of Americans say they are encouraging their loved ones to practice better nutritional habits so they can be in their lives for as long as possible.

The double opt-in survey, commissioned by Fresh Avocados – Love One Today, also reveals respondents have embraced some smart and easy tactics to keep everyone’s health on track.

How we keep our loved ones healthy

Seven in ten (71%) have observed risk factors in their loved ones causing concern for their heart health. Eating diets rich in healthy foods that contain fiber (50%) and doing more cardio exercise (48%) rank as the top practices respondents have attempted with a loved one to promote good heart health. Forty-seven percent have swapped out foods with high saturated fats for unsaturated ones like those in fresh avocados.

Respondents haven’t stopped there to encourage nutritious choices for their loved ones. Four in five (79%) confessed once they hear a loved one likes a particular fruit or vegetable, they’ve incorporated that ingredient into as many meals as possible. If that fails, they’ll try sneaking in healthier foods. Nearly two in three respondents (65%) admit to having to sneak in healthy ingredients into snack options for their loved ones.

Snacks that hit a healthy home run

family health concernWhile the health of their loved ones is a priority for many, seven in ten Americans admit they need to take better care of their own heart health after a very sedentary 2020. When it comes to nutritious snacks which are a hit at home, more than half of the poll highlighted avocados, berries, apples, and nuts.

“As a dietitian and busy mom, knowing that people are choosing heart-healthy, nutrient-dense foods like fresh avocados for snacks is music to my ears,” says Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN and spokesperson for Fresh Avocados – Love One Today in a statement. “Avocados are sodium, sugar, and cholesterol-free, and contribute nearly 20 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.”

Over half of respondents (56%) consider fresh avocados a staple in their weekly diets. However, 56 percent admit they don’t know enough about their nutritional benefits, suggesting more education is necessary.