The Average Couch Sees Thousands Of Kisses And Spills, But Many Are NEVER Cleaned, Survey Finds

NEW YORK — For many people around the world, life has come to a screeching stop because of the coronavirus pandemic. With so many people stuck inside, our couches have become everything from an office to a dinner table. One survey says the cozy center of your home will see a surprising number of events (both good and bad) before you finally decide it’s time to purchase a new one.

The survey, commissioned by European gaming site Lottoland, polled 2,000 British adults to find out just how much happens on the average couch over its lifetime. Researchers say the typical sofa lasts for about 12 years on average.

Dating Ups And Downs

The average couch will be a comfy place for couples to kiss 4,428 times. The survey says your sofa will also be the convenient location of 3,204 date nights and 4,287 hours spent cuddling.

It’s not all rosy for couch couples however, as those sofas will see 3,240 arguments too. Researchers added that a person will likely be kicked out of bed and sent to sleep on the couch 612 times.

“Our sofas really are the hub of our houses – we eat on them, we relax on them, we work on them and spend time with our loved ones,” a spokesman for Lottoland said in a statement.

Getting Messy

When you’re eating on a couch a spill is bound to happen, but you may not have thought it’d happen this much! Researchers say the average sofa will see 6,960 spills during its life.

Despite all this mess, 12 percent of the respondents admitted they’ve never cleaned their couch. Another 21 percent said it’s been at least a year since they’ve cleaned up their furniture.

TV Time

With so many stuck in quarantine, it’s safe to say people are taking the opportunity to binge-watch their favorite shows. The average couch will be the spot where people watch 7,482 hours of television. Over 12 years, 5,340 films will be watched and you’ll likely fall asleep in front of the TV 4,212 times.


There’s plenty more screen time happening on the sofa besides watching TV. The survey says 3,276 hours are spent playing computer games, 5,248 hours on social media, and 3,095 hours using Facetime.

With all this going on it’s a good thing the researchers found that the average couch will be home to 4,239 hours of naptime over its lifespan.

“For many, being able to collapse into a favorite spot on the sofa at the end of the day can be a highlight,” the Lottoland spokesman added. “It is a place of rest and relaxation, and where most Brits will switch off from the day’s events, whether that’s by placing a bet, playing computer games or unwinding in front of the TV for a couple of hours.”

Lost Treasure

Researchers say 61 percent of the people polled found money behind the sofa cushions and 68 percent found items like missing jewelry or pens. As for the infamous missing remote control, it’ll get lost in the cushions 900 times before you head to the furniture store for a brand new couch.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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