Super Bowl LVIII,

Super Bowl LVIII, the 58th Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs vs. The San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. (Photo by kovop on Shutterstock)

LAS VEGAS — Super Bowl LVIII is here, and aside from how many times Taylor Swift will appear on the screen, the only question remaining is who wins the big game on Sunday — Chiefs or 49ers? If you can’t wait for the answer or just want to place your Super Bowl bets ahead of time, one of the most popular sports video games of all time has you covered. According to a computer simulation, the Kansas City Chiefs will repeat as Super Bowl champions.

The simulated matchup in EA’s Madden NFL 24 predicts that quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will edge out San Francisco 30-28 in Super Bowl LVIII. The simulations also see Mahomes winning the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award for the second straight year.

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How trustworthy is this prediction?

Although Madden may be the gold standard when it comes to NFL video games, its annual computer-generated Super Bowl predictions have been on a serious losing streak in recent years! The computer has gotten the winning team wrong in the last three Super Bowls.

That streak includes betting against Mahomes and the Chiefs last year when they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. Last year’s simulation in Madden NFL 23 predicted the Eagles would crush Kansas City 31-17. Before that, the computer simulations incorrectly picked the Bengals to win Super Bowl LVI (the Rams won) and the Chiefs to win Super Bowl LV (Tom Brady and the Buccaneers won).

Interestingly, the last time the Madden simulation correctly picked the winner of the Super Bowl was four years ago in Super Bowl LIV, when Mahomes and the Chiefs beat the 49ers 31-20. Will history repeat itself on Sunday?

Although the game developers actually lean on artificial intelligence to perfect their game predictions, Madden’s recent Super Bowl simulations have failed to pick the winner in six of the last eight Super Bowls.

Madden’s 20 Computer-Generated Predictions:

Year  Madden prediction   Actual score   Correct winner?
Super Bowl  57   Eagles 31, Chiefs 17   Chiefs 38, Eagles 35    No
SB  56  Bengals 24, Rams 21   Rams 23, Bengals 20    No
SB 55  Chiefs 37, Buccaneers 27   Buccaneers 33, Chiefs 9    No
SB 54  Chiefs 35, 49ers 31   Chiefs 31, 49ers 20    Yes
SB 53  Rams 30, Patriots 27   Patriots 13, Rams 3    No
SB 52  Patriots 24, Eagles 20   Eagles 41, Patriots 33    No
SB 51  Patriots 27, Falcons 24   Patriots 34, Falcons 28    Yes
SB 50  Panthers 24, Broncos 20   Broncos 24, Panthers 10    No
SB 49  Patriots 28, Seahawks 24   Patriots 28, Seahawks 24    Perfect
SB 48  Broncos 31, Seahawks 28    Seahawks 43, Broncos 8    No
SB 47  Ravens 27, 49ers 24   Ravens 34, 49ers 31    Yes
SB 46  Giants 27, Patriots 24   Giants 21, Patriots 17    Yes
SB 45  Steelers 24, Packers 20   Packers 31, Steelers 25    No
SB 44  Saints 35, Colts 31   Saints 31, Colts 17    Yes
SB 43  Steelers 28, Cardinals 24   Steelers 27, Cardinals 23    Yes
SB 42  Patriots 38, Giants 30   Giants 17, Patriots 14    No
SB 41  Colts 38, Bears 27   Colts 29, Bears 17    Yes
SB 40  Steelers 24, Seahawks 19   Steelers 21, Seahawks 10     Yes
SB 39  Patriots 47, Eagles 31   Patriots 24, Eagles 21    Yes
SB 38  Patriots 23, Panthers 20   Patriots 32, Panthers 29    Yes

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  1. Trekker2 says:

    As a Bears fan I am not a fan of either, but the Chiefs are a no no to me, and I am not a SF fan, but a NFC fan so here it is SF 27 Chiefs 23 BOOK IT! The kid SF QB will over take a spoiled brat Chiefs QB!

  2. edearl says:

    Same model they use to predict climate warming.