Gift-Giving Impaired? These People Make The List Of The Worst Present Shoppers

NEW YORK — Sometimes, when people say, “you shouldn’t have,” they really mean it! The most unwanted gifts people receive include diet plans, cufflinks, and soap on a string. A poll of 2,000 adults finds 75 percent receive up to seven presents each year — which they’ll never use. Friends, children, and colleagues are labeled as the worst present givers.

Bad romance novels, hankies, and aftershave were seen as other dull items to be gifted on birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. While 57 percent don’t welcome clothing of any kind being selected by someone else.

The research, commissioned by personalized book publishers Wonderbly and conducted by OnePoll, finds when reacting to an unwanted present, 27 percent graciously accept it while 17 percent pretend to be delighted. However, a tenth show no emotion and simply “do nothing” and 21 percent have even fallen out with a loved one over a terrible present.

Not wanting them to go to waste, 26 percent donate their disappointing gifts to charity while 14 percent adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” mantra by hiding them in the house. While a shameful one percent rewrap and regift to someone else, 22 percent say they have previously experienced this themselves.

Of those who have ever been given their own gift, 32 percent end up telling them but 31 percent decide to say nothing as they are too embarrassed.

“Giving and receiving gifts is one of life’s little joys,” says the brand’s spokesperson in a statement. “There’s a great deal of emotion in gift giving, the perfect gift can leave someone speechless while the wrong one can cause feelings of disappointment.”

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When watching someone open a present they clearly don’t want, 22 percent are filled with disappointment, while a quarter feel anxious and awkward when the receiver is disappointed. Nonetheless, 39 percent rate their gift-giving skills as “pretty good” with only four percent admitting they are “terrible.”

When it comes to great gifts, photobooks, gift vouchers, and something which has been made by their children have been voted as some of the best. Partners take the crown for the top gift-givers followed by children and moms.

When receiving these types of presents, 21 percent experience pure happiness, and a further 21 percent feel grateful. The study also found 77 percent prefer something that feels like a lot of thought has gone into it – with 70 percent agreeing personalized gifts mean more to people.

Nearly four in 10 (39%) say these types of presents show that an extra level of effort has been made and 25 percent believe it provides an emotional connection.

“Giving gifts a little more thought really goes a long way to the person receiving it, but also to the person who gives it,” adds the spokesperson. “Choosing a present for a friend or loved one can be really rewarding and when you get it right, it’s often a gift that’s treasured forever.”

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