7 Must-Have Alcohol Subscription Boxes, Approved By Experts

Alcohol subscription boxes today are a far cry from the “Wine of the Month” clubs your grandparents might remember from the ’70s. From rare boutique wines to craft beers and unique spirits, these modern subscriptions are designed to be a personal bartender and sommelier wrapped into one. But each one comes with different perks! The best alcohol subscription boxes are worth the money, introducing you to new favorites each and every time.

Subscribers pay a monthly or quarterly fee and the spirits are delivered to their doorstep. They often come with tasting notes, cocktail recipes, and information about the producers. However, it’s important to note that the availability of these subscription services may vary due to regional regulations. Understanding the uncertainty that comes with choosing a new subscription, we have compiled a list of the best alcohol subscription services, as recommended by experts across nine websites. Have we overlooked a subscription that’s become the highlight of your gatherings? Let us know below.

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Two people clinking wine glasses (Photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash)

The List: Best Alcohol Subscription Boxes to Sign Up For

1. Flaviar

Treat yourself to spirits from around the world — with this top subscription box offering monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions. My Subscription Addiction calls it the best bet for hard liquor and spirits. You can let Flaviar make selections for you or choose the bottle yourself. Options range from whiskey and rum to brandy and vodka. You can also request some rare items, such as whiskey seltzer.

Top-notch service and presentation make Flaviar a top choice, according to Men’s Health, which says, “for spirit lovers, there’s hardly a better option.” The spirits arrive in a “test tube (looking like something out of Jurassic Park that should show up in dry ice).”

Don’t waste money on a big bottle of whiskey you may not like. Tasting Table says Flaviar brings small samples of multiple spirits to your doorstep. If you enjoy a sample, you can invest in a bottle. The service also offers VIP tasting events for subscribers.

2. MashBox Club

If you like hard-to-find spirits, this is the alcohol subscription box for you. According to Men’s Health, “This is a great club to expand your palate.” It also includes information on what’s in the box and how it got there. You’ll feel like a real insider when you subscribe.

Mash & Grape is behind the Mashbox Club. Tasting Table says this service “definitely pays for itself” due to the quality of the spirits available, including the Balvenie 14-year Caribbean Cask. Each bottle delivered is curated to your taste buds since you can choose the selection you want every month based on the spirit category.

Urban Taste Bud loves you can discover “rare, small batch spirits from artisanal distillers around the world.” When your box arrives, it will include three 50ml samples along with explanations and stories behind each blend.

3. Caskers

If you don’t drink often but still enjoy discovering new spirits, Tasting Table says consider a Caskers subscription box. Members receive two different full bottles of liquor every three months, so you have time to taste and enjoy. The company also offers a Pentire Adrift Non-Alcohol Spirit club offering non-alcoholic options.

With a subscription, Beer Connoisseur says you’ll not only receive discounts on full-sized bottles but also access to VIP events. Many of the spirits you choose from are “rare” and “hard to find.” Tasting notes and other educational materials are also included.

Esquire says with Caskers, you can either stick to American whiskey or sample whiskies from around the world. The magazine adds this box is perfect for “whiskey drinkers who know the up-and-coming distilleries, know the rarest age statements everyone’s hunting and know the innovations from the gimmicks.”

4. Taster’s Club

This is the longest-running online alcohol club, with options that include bourbon, whiskey, and scotch. My Subscription Addiction says you’ll receive a full-size bottle every month, along with an email that includes tasting notes and drinking suggestions. You’ll receive a subscription discount for pre-paying.

If you don’t know what type of bottle to get every month, Taster’s Club will choose for you. With the Stock the Bar option, Tasting Table says the company sends members a different spirit each month of the subscription.

Esquire says Taster’s club offers 11 different club options, each specializing in a different spirit. If you’re a rum person, you’ll receive only rum along with background info and tasting notes. If tequila is your thing, you can sign up for that option. It’s truly customizable to your taste buds.

5. Winc

This is the perfect box for wine lovers, at an affordable price. My Subscription Addition says the company uses a quiz to learn about your tastes and then sends selections based on your preferences. The website says the “service gets better over time as Winc’s rating system narrows in on your palate.” It’s best at offering unique, small production wines directly from the winemakers.

You’ll also have a chance to taste trending wines with a subscription to Winc. Men’s Health says the ones that arrive at your doorstep will probably be varieties that “someone online is freaking out about.” With the subscription, you’ll also unlock bulk shipping deals and be able to sample organic wines as well.

With Winc, you can opt to receive red wines, white wines, or a mix of both. According to Beer Connoisseur, you can also skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time.

6. Shaker and Spoon

Shaker and Spoon is a little different than the other subscription boxes we already mentioned. It is more like one of the food prep services like Hello Fresh. Urban Taste Bud says with every box comes recipes for 12 drinks and everything you need to make them besides the alcohol. You will need to supply that yourself.

This is a great option if you want to learn how to mix great cocktails. Men’s Health says this is “a good deal financially” and the samples they send make the drinks better. You’ll be the life of the next party.

What a great gift to give! Crate Joy says the ingredients focus on a specific liquor each month, to make use of a home bar. One reviewer says to expect “really interesting combinations and usually some ingredients leftover for another batch of cocktails.”

7. American Cocktail

American Cocktail is similar to Shaker and Spoon, but you can opt to have the booze included or not. Tasting Table says the ingredients come with the name of the bartender who created the drink and the inspiration behind it. If you don’t like the cocktail that’s planned for the upcoming month, you can skip delivery for that month.

Wow your friends with your bartender skills! My Subscription Addiction says each blend is made from natural ingredients and is low in calories and sugar. Once you get the hang of the concoctions American Cocktail sends, Men’s Health says you can “move on to other variations and riffs on the cocktail of the month.” The magazine says the items the company sends are of high quality.


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