Best Cranberry Supplements: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts For Urinary Tract Health

If you are making some healthy diet changes, try adding cranberries into the mix. Cranberries contain nutrients and antioxidants that help to keep your body functioning properly. An easy way to take advantage of the wonderful benefits of these magical plants is by taking one of the best cranberry supplements. 

Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before trying any new supplements. However, science is finally catching up to what many healthy, berry eaters already knew — consuming cranberries and cranberry products is a great way to prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI). A recent review shows women who consumed cranberry juice or took supplements reduced their risk for the condition by more than a quarter. Children halved their risk, while people prone to recurring UTIs because of medical interventions displayed a 53-percent decreased risk.

Why do these berries help with UTIs? Due to their high content of proanthocyanidins, which can help prevent harmful bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls. These compounds hinder the colonization of E. coli, a common culprit of UTIs, thereby reducing the risk of infection. Regular consumption of cranberry products or juice can contribute to maintaining urinary tract health and minimizing the occurrence of UTIs.

If you’re thinking of trying a cranberry supplement and aren’t sure which one to choose, StudyFinds narrowed down the choices for you. We’ve put together a list of the top brands from ten expert websites, to find the best cranberry supplements. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

A bowl of cranberries
A bowl of cranberries (Photo by Yulia Khlebnikova on Unsplash)

The List: Best Cranberry Supplements, According to Experts


1. AZO

AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Supplement scores high marks with reviewers. “Every serving provides vitamins C and E, as well as antioxidants, which support urinary tract health. This supplement may also reduce your risk of developing UTIs by helping to flush harmful bacteria out of the urinary tract,” according to Outlook India.

AZO Cranberry Pills
AZO Cranberry Pills

Roman Fitness Systems points out, “AZO Cranberry delivers 500 mg of Pacran per serving. It’s the equivalent of 1 glass of pure cranberry juice or 25,000 mg of fresh cranberries. As a bonus, you get 120 mg of vitamin C.”

Real Pak Foodies suggests, “the majestic part comes when you don’t have to worry about burning calories as this formulation is free from sugar and gluten.”

2. Horbaach 

Horbaach Cranberry Concentrate Extract + Vitamin C Capsules, “are naturally free of gluten, wheat, yeast, lactose, artificial flavor, artificial color, and are non-GMO,” according to FindThisBest.

Horbaach Cranberry Concentrate Extract + Vitamin C Capsules
Horbaach Cranberry Concentrate Extract + Vitamin C Capsules

The Blast adds, it’s “an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Each quick-release capsule contains lots of cranberry fruit per serving, as well as a dose of vitamin C for exceptional antioxidant protection.”

Real Pak Foodies suggests, “struggling with UTI feels like Eleven fighting with The Mind Flayer in ‘Stranger Things‘. Constant taking of antibiotics and doctor’s visits, but nothing is working for you. Your sleep and routine get disturbed and now you feel tired and angry. Well, do yourself a favor and opt for Horbaach Cranberry Supplement.”

3. Pure Co

Here’s an organic cranberry pill option that has many positive reviews. “Each serving delivers 25,000 milligrams of fresh cranberries, making it one of the highest-potency formulas available. Many people agree the capsules are ideal for sensitive stomachs,” notes BestReviews.

Pure Co Organic Cranberry Concentrate
Pure Co Organic Cranberry Concentrate

“The best part is that there are no unnecessary ingredients in the formula. Besides the necessary compounds needed to hold everything together in a vegetarian-friendly pill, this supplement is as pure as they get,” adds Advanced Living.

This vegan cranberry supplement gets its ingredients from local farms in the U.S. and Canada. FindThisBest points out, “these cranberry pills are certified organic and non-GMO, making it an ideal kidney health booster.” 

4. Nature’s Bounty 

Nature’s Bounty Cranberry with Vitamin C Rapid Release Soft Gel, “is a rapidly releasing herbal capsule supplement that offers you great immune support and aid in keeping your urinary system as healthy as possible,” according to TheFitBay.

Nature’s Bounty 
Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Pills

“Each serving of this soft gel has copious amounts of cranberries, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Cranberries help to maintain the integrity of the bladder walls, boosting urinary tract health in both men and women,” adds The Blast.

The Caribbean Views suggests, “Nature’s Bounty Cranberry is potent and powerful. Moreover, it is also the number one brand for supplements across the United States. It has the highest reviews in the market and comprises fortified ingredients, which make it an excellent stack of vitamins C and E.”

5. Puritan’s Pride   

Yoga Journal calls Puritan’s Pride One a Day Cranberry Capsules the most affordable option, noting the capsules contain “the equivalent of 25,000 mg of whole cranberry fruit, but is a lot easier to swallow, providing you with a convenient and quick way of fighting free radicals.”

 Puritan’s Pride   
Puritan’s Pride One a Day Cranberry Pills

Advanced Living points out, “Puritan’s Pride has also managed to omit those pesky additives that we dislike so much as well as any other unessential ingredients.”

BestReviews spotlight’s the brand’s Cranberry Fruit Concentrate Softgels, adding “besides 8,400 milligrams of fresh cranberries, the formula contains high-potency vitamin D3 to support bone health. The rapid-release soft gels are small and easy to swallow, even when taking more than one at a time. The pills are also gluten-free.” 

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