Best Organic Tampons: Top 5 Sustainable Brands Most Recommended By Experts

As a woman, having to worry about your monthly cycle can be stressful enough. Until recently, the options for feminine products consisted of standard pads, tampons, or liners. However, the market has expanded considerably to include more flexible and sustainable options, from leak-proof underwear to reusable menstrual cups. Organic tampons are just one option if you’re concerned about chemicals or worried about environmental impact. Keep reading to find out the brands that are leading the way in producing the best organic tampons to choose from.

If you’re wishing your hygiene products are better for the environment, you’re not alone. A poll of 2,005 respondents finds over half (52%) continue to worry about their environmental impact. The study polled menstruating respondents to examine the connection between using period products and recycling and how people generally approach their carbon footprint. Of those surveyed, 61 percent agree that they would prefer to use products by brands that prioritize environmental sustainability and care. 

Purchasing feminine products like organic tampons tends to be better for your body due to a lack of chemicals. Still, many companies also make fully biodegradable products, including the applicator. However, many don’t bother purchasing products from “eco-friendly” companies because they do not trust their claims. A new study finds most Americans aren’t buying what businesses are selling from an environmental standpoint. Seven in 10 flat out don’t trust companies that claim to be “green.”

Curious about which brands have a genuine commitment to sustainability? StudyFinds did the research for you! We consulted expert sources and compiled a list to give you a starting point for finding the best organic tampons. If you already have a favorite brand, let us know your pick in the comments below!

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Natracare organic tampons (Photo by Natracare on Unsplash)

The List: Best Organic Tampons, According to Experts


1. Cora 

Cora offers a modern, convenient subscription option so your tampons of choice can be delivered to your doorstep each month in the exact quantities you need. “Cora offers customizable boxes delivered right to your door every month so you don’t have to worry about how many tampons you have for the next cycle,” says Sustainably Chic. “Plus, with every Cora purchase, they provide pads & health education to a girl in need.”

Cora Organic Tampons
Cora Organic Tampons

You don’t have to word about leaks or extra chemicals when it comes to Cora tampons. “Discouraged by dirty cotton, Cora knew there was a better way to create high-quality products without harming our bodies or the planet,” writes The Good Trade. “Every Cora product is GOTS-certified, made with organic cotton in Turkey, and ethically sourced by workers in Slovenia.”

“The Comfort Fit Tampons are made out of organic cotton and come in various absorbency levels to suit your flow,” explains GreenHive. “They’re free from pesticides, dioxins/Chlorine fragrances or chlorine bleach which makes them perfect for sensitive skin! Cora organic cotton tampons also feature an extra layer (the security veil) made of Polyethylene, polyester, fiber to protect you against leaks.”

2. Lola

Lola is another affordable subscription service that allows you to select your absorbencies and quantity. “Lola Compact Plastic Applicator Tampons come in a wide range of absorbencies, and are also available through a money-saving subscription service, allowing you to save money each month,” writes Forbes Health. “Aside from tampons, the Lola brand offers heating patches for menstrual cramp relief, cleansing wipes and pads.”

Lola Organic Tampons
Lola Organic Tampons

If you prefer products with applicators, choose from BPA-free plastic or biodegradable cardboard. They even have applicator free tampons for a no-waste option. “All LOLA organic tampons are fragrance, toxin, and dye-free and come housed in BPA-free plastic or cardboard applicators,” says Sustainable Jungle. “If your definition of zero waste means truly no waste, check out their non-applicator tampons (and these zero waste hand soaps while you’re at it, because applicator free insertion can get a bit messy).”

“Prettily and discreetly packaged (extra brownie points!), Lola’s selection of dependable and organic tampons might be the most famous within the natural lane of feminine health products,” writes The Thirty. “Starting at $10 a month, you can customize your delivery subscription with the period products (and absorbancy) of your choice in addition to the frequency of your tampons’ arrival (choose either four or eight weeks). The tampons are 100% cotton and biodegradable with no synthetics to speak of, and they get delivered right to your doorstep every single month.”

3. Tampax Pure

Tampax is one of the most well-known brands in feminine hygiene, so it makes sense they would offer an organic option. Their organic tampons also come in different absorbancies. Tampax is one of the most trusted brands in menstrual care. The company now offers a tampon that’s made from 100% organic cotton, helping some long-time Tampax fans convert to this more eco-friendly option,” says Health.

Tampax Pure Organic Tampons
Tampax Pure Organic Tampons

Reviewers have found Tampax Pure tampons to be just as reliable and comfortable as the regular option. “Tampax’s Pure Organic Tampons were the winner out of every tampon we tested – organic and not!” raves Good Housekeeping. “These had near perfect absorbency scores with minimal shedding. Testers found them comfortable to wear, insert, and remove, especially liking the tabs on the wrapper for easy opening.”

“Testers who tried all absorbencies of both Tampax Pearl and its new, near-identical organic version, Tampax Pure, preferred these applicator tampons to all the other brands they used,” writes Wirecutter. “They praised the standard-size applicators, the relatively long and thick braided strings, and the uniquely sturdy, easy-to-open wrappers that made disposal of used tampons a breeze.”

4. o.b. Organic Tampons

O.b. organic tampons are very affordable for an eco-friendly option, and come in all your standard sizes and absorbencies, but at a completely accessible price. “Okay if price is one of your pain points when it comes to buying tampons, you have no argument here, sister,” says Scary Mommy. “They’re also organic – made from 100 percent certified organic cotton from tip to string and with a plant-based applicator free of BPA.”

o.b. Organic Tampons
o.b. Organic Tampons

The company boasts tampons that are completely sustainable. For a zero-waste choose the no applicator option, but if you do prefer an applicator, “92% of the applicator consists of plant-based materials. Not to mention they’re great at preventing irritation and dryness, and they’re so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing a tampon at all,” explains Health.

“Say goodbye to harsh chemicals like chlorine, fragrances, and dyes, and hello to a natural, healthier period,” writes Sustainably Kind Living. Plus, the True-Comfort applicator is up to 92% plant-based and renewable, making it the perfect eco-friendly option. If you’re feeling extra environmentally conscious, try the non-applicator organic tampons for even less waste!

5. Natracare

Natracrae tampons are 100% plastic-free, with biodegradable cardboard applicators. “Choose a tampon with a cardboard applicator instead of a plastic one for your monthly needs with these Natracare Applicator Regular Tampons 16ct,” says Grove Collaborative. “These Natracare tampons are biodegradable, chlorine-free, surfactant-free, rayon-free, and vegan. Plus, the applicators feature a round, petal-shaped end for comfortable, easy insertion.”

Natracare Organic Tampons
Natracare Organic Tampons

Besides being sustainable, the tampons are designed with cotton to be free of fiber loss while still providing leak-proof protection. “One of the most popular brands is Natracare which provides period products that are plastic free, made with natural materials, vegan, chlorine free and provide effective protection,” writes Green Hive. “Natracare organic tampons are made from responsibly sourced 100% organic cotton, are cruelty free with no plastic, rayon or dyes, and are free of fiber loss, so small fibers don’t shred.”

“A personal favorite (sorry, just had to throw that out there and break the fourth wall), these organic tampons from Natracare are some of the best and most well-known in the business,” says The Thirty. “They’re biodegradable, cruelty-free, chlorine-free, organic, and from a female-owned company. Oh, and here’s a fun fact; Natracare’s certified organic 100%-cotton tampons were the world’s first fully certified organic option within the feminine care industry.”

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