Jonah Hill at the 69th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin in 2019

Jonah Hill at the 69th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin in 2019 (Photo by Denis Makarenko on Shutterstock)

Jonah Hill made his film debut in the 2004 film “I Heart Huckabees” and since that time he has gone on to star in numerous action, comedy, and dramatic films. Hill’s considerable range as an actor can be seen in the sheer differences between his most famous roles. For film fans that want to take a closer look at Hill’s catalog, our list of the top five best Jonah Hill movies could lead you to add a few of his classics to your watchlist.

From comedic gems like “Superbad” and “21 Jump Street,” where his impeccable timing and relatable characters stole the show, to his compelling dramatic roles in movies like “Moneyball” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Hill’s ability to seamlessly transition between genres showcases his remarkable acting prowess. With a filmography as diverse as it is captivating, Jonah Hill has solidified his place as one of Hollywood’s most accomplished and engaging actors.

Jonah Hill’s recent foray into directing has showcased his creative evolution and versatility as a filmmaker. With his debut feature “Mid90s” released in 2018, Hill ventured into the director’s chair, offering a poignant and authentic exploration of youth culture. This transition to behind-the-scenes highlights Hill’s commitment to storytelling beyond acting and his ability to capture the raw emotions and experiences of his characters on both sides of the camera.

In both his acting and directing endeavors, Hill has enjoyed financial and critical success as a result of his skillful approach to show business. Our sources helped us sort through his career performances to discover the best Jonah Hill movies. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!
Jonah Hill with Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Michael Cera at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards
Jonah Hill with Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Michael Cera at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards (Photo by s_bukley on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Jonah Hill Movies, According to Fans


1. “Moneyball” (2011)

“Moneyball” is a biographical sports drama starring Brad Pitt. This film is heavily lauded and was the recipient of six Academy Award nominations. Gold Derby writes, “Hill earned his first Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for this film but unlike with ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ this year his nomination was not a surprise. Hill had met all the precursor marks this year being nominated by BAFTA, SAG and the Golden Globes.

Moneyball (2011) (Blu-ray) on Amazon
“Moneyball” (2011)

“Based on the book by Michael Lewis, ‘Moneyball’ is a sports drama film that follows the general manager of the Oakland A’s, Billy (Brad Pitt), who is attempting to reinvent his team after he has an inspiring revelation. He plans to outsmart other ball clubs and lead his team to success. As part of his plan, he hires an Ivy League graduate named Peter, played by Jonah Hill, and the two of them begin to challenge old baseball traditions together. They start to hire unconventional and unwanted players, having faith in their talents despite their reputations,” explains Collider.

The Manual adds, “When Jonah Hill co-starred in ‘Moneyball,’ he was not known for his skills as a dramatic actor. He was a young comedian, and his casting in ‘Moneyball’ was undoubtedly an out of left field choice… As soon as you watch ‘Moneyball,’ though, you realize how essential he is to the brilliance of the movie. Hill plays a young statistician who falls under the wing of Billy Beane and helps him to reinvent how baseball is played.”

2. “Superbad” (2007)

“Superbad” is a raunchy coming-of-age comedy. Hill captures the vibe of that generation’s youth in this classic film. HNHH states, “Critics and audiences alike have given ‘Superbad’ rave reviews. The Los Angeles Times admired the iconic duo Laurel and Hardy-esque chemistry between Hill and Cera. Showcasing a balanced blend of humor and poignancy, ‘Superbad’ still stands out as one of the best Jonah Hill movies.”

Superbad [Blu-ray] on Amazon
“Superbad” (2007)
“‘Superbad’ is widely credited with launching the careers of its young and gifted leads. When you watch the film and experience the genius hilarity that is the duo Cera and Hill, you will immediately know why. Hill and Cera’s inappropriate, boyish comedy combined with their awkwardness as two high school nerds creates a relatable and yet over-the-top kind of funny that has become a hallmark of American comedy,” offers MovieWeb.

Cinema Blends adds, “While Cera has the comparatively harder challenge of playing the more refrained, mild-mannered character, Hill is explosively funny, playing up the heightened absurdities of this uncomfortable teenager in broad, outlandish but also appealing and entertaining ways. The results prove to be both exceptionally funny and unexpectedly tender — even gently moving. While it’s not the role that would turn Hill into a two-time Oscar-nominee, it’s arguably the most pivotal performance of his vibrant and increasingly exceptional career.”

3. “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2011)

This cinematic masterpiece from director Francis Ford Coppola famously employed Hill at a low rate as compared to other actors on the film. Allegedly, Hill accepted the Screen Actors Guild minimum rate in exchange for the opportunity to work with Coppola. ScreenRant writes, “The fueler of most of that depravity [in the film] is not Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort but his friend, Hill’s Donnie Azoff… Hill sells it all, making the character just the right amount of grating and self-absorbed, yet he’s never less than hysterical and magnetic. Critics liked a lot more about ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ than they disliked, and Hill’s performance was universally seen as a highlight.”

The Wolf of Wall Street on Amazon
“The Wolf of Wall Street” (2011)

Wealth of Geeks adds: “There is a reason this is one of the most award-winning movies for Jonah Hill to star in, and it is somehow one of his most unique, too. Telling the story of crooked Wall Street brokers in the 1990s, Hill somehow matches energy well with actors you wouldn’t normally expect him to work well with, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey.”

Far Out chimes in: “Hill is absolutely brilliant as Donnie Azoff, Belfort’s maniacal minion who treats him as the chosen one and follows his lead on the pursuit of fame, money and happiness. Hill’s dedicated acting makes him fit right into this crazy microcosm of Wall Street banking.”

4. “21 Jump Street” (2012)

This odd film is somewhere between a satire and a loving tribute to the Johnny Depp series that aired on Fox in 1987. This film couples Hill with Channing Tatum in an unlikely smash hit that earned over $200 million at the box office. Up Next writes, “Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star in this action comedy based on the 1987 television series of the same name. Though past their teenage years, a police department sends them undercover to an area high school to investigate a drug ring. The movie proves to be funny, fresh, and full of surprises with every scene.”

21 Jump Street [Blu-ray] [4K UHD] on Amazon
“21 Jump Street” (2012)
“The series was the story of a bunch of young-looking cops who go undercover and pose as teenagers to stop various crimes. The series played it seriously but this film version had Hill paired with Channing Tatum as two less than competent cops and was done as a comedy,” explains Gold Derby.

“These two officers meet their match with the devious high-school students and are faced with teenage anxiety from their past that complicates their investigation. They soon realize that high school is not the same as it was when they attended,” remarks Collider.

5. “This Is the End” (2013)

This film is jam-packed with celebrity cameos and has an unusual premise: the biblical apocalypse in 2010s Hollywood. “This Is the End” was written, directed, and produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Jonah Hill is one of many actors playing a fictionalized version of themselves. The Manual claims in their review, “Everyone is pretty close to perfect in ‘This is the End,’ including Seth Rogen, but Hill has one of the best parts in the movie… he also gets a full scene where he plays out a hilarious possession. ‘This is the End’ is a comedy to end all comedies, and Hill is playing perhaps the best parody of himself in the bunch.”

This is the End on Amazon
“This is the End” (2013)

“Consequently, gathering an impressive lineup of stars such as Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and of course Rogen himself, not to mention cameos from Rihanna, Michael Cera, and more, they [Rogan and Goldberg] provided audiences with a hilarious survival tale set in the Hollywood Hills. Hill’s over-the-top characterization of a possessed ‘saint’ develop[s] into a wild finale between him and the rest of the cast within this silly yet compelling context,” reviews HNHH.

MovieWeb states, “The film is an in-your-face comedy, using its star-studded cast in increasingly ridiculous situations to pull laughter from the audience. Hill shines as the over-the-top ‘nice guy’ who finds himself possessed by a demon, culminating in a sidesplitting showdown between him and his pals.”

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