Best Soap Opera Couples Of All Time: Top 5 Lovers, According To Fans

They’ve made us mad, they’ve made us cry, they’ve made us endearingly hold our hearts as we watched their love stories, yes we are talking about soap opera couples. If you are a soap fan then you have your go-to favorite watch, or maybe you dabble in a few titles. Even if you aren’t a soap fan, you are sure to have heard of at least one of the best soap opera couples of all time. 

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Soap operas aren’t dominating our screens as often as they used to, but the unforgettable characters will dominate our hearts forever. StudyFinds went to 10 expert sites to come up with a list of the best soap opera couples of all time. Still, there are plenty of soap couples who emulate the romance some of us dream of. Who is your favorite couple? Let us know in the comments below!

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The List: Best Soap Opera Couples of All Time, According to Experts 

1. Nikki and Victor, “The Young and the Restless”

A seasoned super couple, Nikki and Victor have finally hit a nice groove in their relationship. “They seem to have sailed far away from their on-again/off-again ways, and it’s easy to see how they’ve improved over the years. They communicate well, keep each other in the loop, support each other, value their love towards one another (especially the Moustache), and place a great deal of focus on keeping the romance alive in their relationship,” shares Active Beat.

An unlikely couple, Eric Braeden’s megabucks character got a gander at Melody Thomas Scott’s exotic dancing at the Bayou and the rest was history. “We were as hooked on them as he was on her. Ever since, our hearts have stopped when the Newmans have broken up, only to restart, skipping a beat now and then, when they’ve gotten back together again. And again. And again,” offers She Knows.

While “The Young and the Restless” has been home to plenty of super couples, all are beaten out by the infamous Nikki and Victor Newman. “Even after three marriages, two children and a slew of grandchildren, Nikki and Victor have been known for their married-one-minute and divorced-the-next relationship. But life in Genoa City always brings the two back to each other, and in celebration of Y&R’s 40th anniversary in 2013, the couple got remarried for the third and final time,” shares Collider.

2. Bo and Hope, “Days of our Lives”

Bo and Hope were one of the 1980s original super couples. “Fans will never forget Bo rescuing her on his motorcycle from her wedding to Larry Welch or their romantic first time making love at the Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans. Despite their epic love which saw them through kidnappings, presumed dead experiences, and the loss of their son Zack, it was Bo’s determination to bring down the evil Stefano DiMera that eventually drove this couple apart,” offers TV Fanatic.

Bo and Hope’s romance was so special that they had a royal wedding. “This is one of the most iconic and all-time favorite couples. Their romance is the most beautiful and satisfying thing to watch. With three children, I wish these two were still together. Bo’s death was heartbreaking, and I know that Hope will never be happy with anyone else except Bo. No one can ever beat Bo and Hope Brady,” says Vocal Media.

In 2005, Bo and Hope were nominated for Most Irresistible Combination at the Emmy Awards and won America’s Favorite Supercouple award at the 2002 Emmy Awards. “In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Days of Our Lives, Bo returned after a brief absence and saved Hope from her new husband. But he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and in 2015, he died in Hope’s arms,” explains Trend Street.

3. Luke and Laura, “General Hospital”

Luke and Laura marry on November 17, 1981, in a lavish ceremony officiated by the mayor of Port Charles, with hundreds of residents. “Some may argue, and some may agree that there’s never been a soap-opera couple as compelling, controversial, or iconic as the one so memorably brought to life by Anthony Geary and Genie Francis. Though the Spencers went their separate ways in the end, we as well as they will always have Wyndham’s. Oh, and Beechers Corners, too. And the Wall of Jericho. And…,” says She Knows.

Some say that no other couple in soap opera history will ever compare to the legendary romance of Luke and Laura. “While the couple may not be together today — Laura finding love with Kevin Collins and Luke committed to Tracy Quartermaine — Luke and Laura’s relationship is one for the Port Charles history books. Their 1983 wedding garnered over 30 million views worldwide, and even Princess Diana herself sent the couple’s portrayers a wedding gift after the ceremony,” says Collider.

Luke and Laura’s romance had a rocky start, to put it lightly. But both fans and non-soap watchers recognize the name of this famous pairing. “Their 1981 wedding is, to this day, the most-watched episode of any soap opera EVER. Luke and Laura had so many adventures throughout General Hospital’s heyday (the Ice Princess! Dealing with the Cassadines!), cementing their legacy in soap opera history. Though they haven’t been paired romantically in many years, their ‘ship was so enigmatic and memorable that they remain one of the most popular super couples of all time, in any media,” says TV Fanatic.

4. Cruz and Eden, “Santa Barbara”

Marcy Walker portrayed Eden Capwell and A. Martinez played Cruz Castillo as the “Santa Barbara” super couple. “Eden was a beautiful rich high society girl and Cruz was of Mexican descent from the rougher side of town. Fans quickly became fascinated with the socio-economic background differences in the paring of the couple making them Santa Barbara’s most popular twosome. Writers were hesitant to pair the couple because of the previously mentioned, but both Walker and Martinez pushed for the couple’s relationship,” shares Screen Rant.

Eden and Cruz were unexpected lovers for many reasons. They didn’t even like each other when they first came into contact with one another. “Eden and Cruz were both actively pursuing other people. It wasn’t the norm at the time for the pretty blonde girl to fall for the Hispanic gentleman, so the racial storyline was somewhat historic in nature. They bucked it all and became one for the ages,” says TV Fanatic.

Although they had shared a romance in Europe years earlier, their fiery chemistry couldn’t be denied when they returned home to Santa Barbara. “They began an affair that blossomed into deep love. The super couple’s spectacular on-location wedding in Carmel, CA, was one of the highlights in the soap opera’s history,” explains Soap Hub.

5. Jesse and Angie, “All My Children”

Jesse and Angie were the first African-American super couple on daytime television and have been fan favorites onAll My Children” for over 20 years. “It was a typical love story of a good girl falling in love with a bad boy in a classic soap opera drama. Angie got pregnant but gave her baby up for adoption. She and Jesse kidnapped their son and eventually gained custody. Jesse killed Angie’s father who, secretly, was a drug kingpin. The couple’s fate ended when Jesse died from a gunshot wound, but Jesse was brought back in 2008 (about 20 years later),”  says Screen Rant.

Angie was a girl from a fine upstanding family. Jesse was a guy who was rough around the edges. “Jesse (Darnell Williams) and Angie (Debbi Morgan) overcame the obstacles between them – namely, Angie’s father, and Liza, who falsely accused Jesse of rape. They faced a surprise pregnancy and meddling parents but still came out on top until a bullet caused Jesse’s death to separate them,” offers Soap Hub.

“Although Jesse died on camera in 1998 and appeared as a spirit a few times in the following years, the character was brought back in 2007 with Darnell Williams resuming the role. It was confirmed later that he did not die after all,” shares Trend Street.

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