Couch potato nation: Americans have spent nearly 500 hours on their sofas during COVID

NEW YORK — Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March, the living room has become a school, office, and even a gym for many American families. With so many people stuck at home, it’s not surprising that couches are quickly becoming the center of our universe. A survey finds this couch potato relationship has gone so far most Americans now think of their sofa as a quarantine companion.

The OnePoll survey of 2,000 people finds the average American spends two hours a day sitting on their couch. Since March, that adds up to over 448 hours parked on a comfy living room cushion. The nationwide shutdowns have even caused seven in 10 people to view their favorite sofa as a new best friend.

The study, commissioned by Article, reveals 61 percent are now using their couch as a work station during the pandemic. Respondents says it’s the main place to write and receive work emails each day.

Once the work is done, seven in 10 say their perfect night involves spending even more time on the couch. Over a third (35%) say they enjoy staying indoors binge-watching a Netflix series while 32 percent opt for reading a good book.

Some couches are also becoming kitchens and game rooms as 42 percent spend their nights ordering take-out and 35 percent are playing board games.

In some ways, the couch can become part of the family

For many people, their furniture has been there through the best and worsts times of their lives. Some respondents say they can’t even remember a time they didn’t have their couch to comfort them. Fifty-seven percent say their sofa was there for all of their major memories.

Despite all these great memories on the sofa, the survey finds it’s actually the bed more people would hate to see thrown out. Two in five Americans would be upset if they had to get rid of their bed. This just edged out the couch (36%) and a comfy lounge chair (26%). On average, the typical sofa lasts about seven years before it’s time for a new one.

“Since we spend so much of our time on our sofas, it’s important to invest in one that is not only comfortable and stylish, but is constructed with high-quality materials and designed to last,” says Article’s Product Development Manager Nicole Hunt in a statement.