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CHICAGO — U.S. politics continue to be a chaotic subject, and a new poll finds the majority of Americans are rapidly losing faith in their country’s leaders. From the ousting of the Speaker of the House to the mounting controversies engulfing the current president and his predecessor, over seven in 10 people say there’s no one they trust to save them from an end-of-the-world event. Such problems only push the so-called “Doomsday Clock” to tick closer to end times.

Established in 1947 by a group of atomic scientists, including the revered Albert Einstein, the Doomsday Clock serves as a barometer for humanity’s proximity to global annihilation. It is a metaphorical measure of humanity’s vulnerability to cataclysmic events, such as nuclear war, climate change, pandemics, or asteroid impacts. The closer the clock’s hands are to midnight, the closer we presumably are to a doomsday scenario.

According to a survey of 6,200 Americans conducted by, 71.2 percent of Americans say they have no faith in the U.S. government to save them or prevent a doomsday event. Even more unnerving, many respondents believe Doomsday could come within the next year.

Over half the poll (55.8%) think Doomsday will come in the form of a climate change-related catastrophe, while a third believe another virus will sweep the globe and a quarter of respondents fear the start of World War III. Another seven percent are betting on an alien invasion, while the same number believe 2024 will finally be the year zombies walk the Earth.

doomsday scenarios

When it comes to the lack of faith in the U.S. government, researchers found that this growing distrust appears to be a bipartisan issue. Researchers found that a staggering 82 percent of respondents in the swing state of Arizona don’t trust the government to protect them from Doomsday. Moreover, 43 percent of these Americans have stored up supplies for a potential disaster.

Following Arizona, the top five states with the least amount of trust in the government include Kansas (78%), Alabama (78%), Pennsylvania (77%), and Oregon (76%).

doomsday preparedness

As for what’s causing so many people to get ready for the potential end of the world, over 16 percent of respondents say social media and the content they consume on these platforms has convinced them to take action. One in 10 say watching the news led them to start doomsday prepping, while 7.7 percent cite their family and 4.6 percent credit watching certain movies.

Who is Doomsday prepping in America?

If you’re thinking of creating your own Doomsday checklist, researchers found that the most popular items people are stocking up on include water (41.2%), warm clothing (39.3%), and extra food (38.2%). Interestingly, one in five are making sure to have extra pet food ready and one in 10 think they’ll need some extra cash when the world ends.

To decipher which U.S. states are prepping for doomsday, surveyors examined the extent of Americans’ preparations and survival plans. A “resilient citizen,” as defined by The Prepared, can survive over 31 days without external aid or utilities. The study utilized this metric to assess the number of resilient citizens in each state.

Leading the pack, Nebraska emerged as the most prepared, with 51.35% of respondents indicating they’ve begun or are considering doomsday preparations. Additionally, 37.84% of Nebraskans are classified as resilient citizens, having stored enough provisions for at least a month.

Montana and New Mexico also rank highly on the list of states preparing for catastrophic events, with 50% and 47.50% of their residents, respectively, making or contemplating preparations. However, in both states, only 30% can boast the status of resilient citizens. On the flip side, Oklahoma appeared least prepared with a mere 28.38% of respondents indicating they’ve stored or intend to stockpile supplies. Idaho followed closely with only 29.41% contemplating preparations.

Interestingly, while Nebraska tops the preparedness chart, it also emerged as the state most confident in surviving a doomsday event. An impressive 64.86% of Nebraskans believe in their survival capabilities in such an event.

Diving deeper into demographics, the survey revealed that men are more likely to prep for doomsday than women, with 18.1% of male participants indicating preparedness compared to 8.8% of female participants. Financially, the majority of respondents invested between $1,000 to $4,999 in disaster preparations, with a few in states like Montana and New Mexico splurging up to $10,000. For those feeling the urgency to prepare, researchers emphasize the importance of storing water, food, shelter, medical supplies, and hygiene items.

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Survey methodology: conducted a survey of 6,200 Americans between the dates of Wednesday, May 3, 2023 and Monday, May 8, 2023.

*Please note the following states have been excluded due to less than 20 respondents:

  • Vermont
  • Wyoming
  • Alaska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Delaware

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  1. Travis says:

    All the prepping in the world won’t help you once the tribulation starts. But if you make Jesus your Lord and savior for his work on the cross what he did for you, and repent of your sins you won’t have to go through any of that.

    1. Vendicar Decarian says:

      Only Donald Trump – who is Christ Reborn – can save us in these end times.

      Tithe to him, vote for him, he is the return of God in the form of a Man.

      HolyWar 2024
      Prep for the end times.

      1. Plays Well With Others says:

        You calling Trump Christ is a despicable insult to Christ. Trump’s despicable love affair with Kim jong-un allowed his nuclear program to go unchecked for 4 years…..

      2. Bildo says:


        The Orange Massiah!!

      3. BoonieRatBob says:

        I Pray your post is sarcasm .

      4. Vendicar Decarian says:

        Impossible to tell the difference between sarcasm and Clown Car American reality isn’t it?

      5. JW says:

        So Trump is the anti-christ?
        Got it!

      6. glenn says:

        Why, Is it that you want Biden to finish destroying everything? Why did Joe wave 21 federal laws to commence building the border wall all of a sudden? He loves immigrants…..

      7. Dash_Riprock says:

        FYI it’s unwise to parody God or use him to mock other people.

      8. Ernesto Sportello says:

        That’s the funniest bullshit I’ll read today. The scary part is that you probably believe it. Cult much?

    2. Nobody Anywhere says:

      Praise Ahura Mazda!

  2. RICO says:

    The government will do what it always does in a crisis. It will name a panel of experts, study the problem, put together some plans and hope it all goes away before retirement.

    1. Vendicar Decarian says:

      American government is incompetent because Americans have decided to elect incompetent governments.

      You have only yourselves to blame.

      The world will be better off without you.

      1. TommyT says:

        When Biden and Harris is the best our elites can offer, you know we are doomed. Unlike them, Trump wasn’t chosen. He was the only one willing to stand-up to this stupidity.

      2. Derf says:

        Religious idiots, raised on fairytales and mythology, can’t navigate a technological world so they would rather it burn to the ground and go to their fairytale cloud place instead. Why don’t you all just jump off a cliff, you are so sure you are going to the happy place in the sky, WTF are you waiting around for?

      3. Glenn says:

        Shut up dude…. I’m sorry, you probably identify as an ahossle,

      4. Blupill says:

        your ignorance is astounding, yet comical too…..buffoon

      5. Scott Nudds says:

        Its worse than that.

        Religionists are trained from youth to lie to themselves about all manner of things, like the “existence” of their inviable sky fairy.

        Once they are comfortable with lying to themselves about one thing they are primed to lie to themselves about many, many other things.

        Willfully ignorant MAGAts are thus born.

      6. Survivormann99 says:

        So you’re saying that “religionists” are similar to climate change zealots?

      7. BoonieRatBob says:

        Correct ! Our Own Political Indifference put us where we are !

    2. BoonieRatBob says:

      Not True . They will Take full advantage … ” Never let a crisis go to waste ”
      THEY Believe Their ” Emergency ” suspends Our Rights and the Constitution .

      1. Vendicar Decarian says:

        “The constitution is just a piece of paper” – President George Bush Jr.

      2. DemocratsRjustmonkeys says:

        to bad these reports were from unnamed sources. there’s no evidence he used these words in public or private. more fake news…

      3. Anthony says:

        Funny you forget to mention that Biden wrote the Patriot act…who was Vp when the NSA spying scandal was happening…

  3. Sam Snake says:

    Not one mention of Biden’s corruption.
    This regime provoking Putin. The
    world alighting with BRICs. The threat
    of Chinese world domination ? The
    outsourcing of industry ? The wide
    open border to subsume the electorate
    and “fundamentally transform America”.

    Climate change is a neurotic obsession
    of the left. You’ve got your kids so
    terrified they can’t sleep.

    The ouster of Speaker was good for
    Republicans as he was a RINO. You
    lefties are shallow and myopic. Every
    day, a new crisis. Godless, authority

    1. Plays Well With Others says:

      You failed to mention Trump’s disgusting despicable love affair with Kim jong-un. For 4 years he allowed him to proceed with his nuclear program unchecked. Biden is no better but don’t give cover to Trump he’s just as bad

    2. Vendicar Decarian says:

      Only the God of the bible – Donald Trump – can save us from the evils of Baby Eating Liberalism.

      We must take our country back and deport all Liberals from this universe.

      Holy War 2024
      Only the anointed one – Donald Trump who is Christ Reborn – Can save the universe from the Baby Eating, Commie, Liberals.

      1. LiberalRjustMonkeys says:

        Obama was Christ to liberals….even though he killed US citizens….and you’re right liberals are baby killers at least you got that part correct….lol

      2. JW says:

        Thanks for giving us the very description of the anti-christ.

    3. Ernesto Sportello says:

      Considering it’s the Republican Party that’s actively trying to destroy our republic that’s precious. Cult much little putin puppet?

    4. Glenn Chaisson says:

      Amen, I say to you!

    5. David V. Schoenung says:

      Bafoon and his son are both criminals and should be locked up. You will never make me believe that Bafoon won that election over Trump.

    6. Ka says:

      You’re the man, not being sarcastic. One of a few that actually pay attention while everyone else goes to the beat of the drum the government plays. Stay strong brother

  4. Kime Mond says:

    I wonder what the results would be of a poll that asks 6200 people “How likely is it that you are actually a mentally ill, couch hugging, bubble dwelling moron”? Now that would be interesting…

    1. Scott Nudds says:

      It is clear that around 15 percent of Americans are mentally ill, and 50 percent of course have subnormal intelligence. Both properties are now heavily concentrated in the Republican party.

      The warnings being sounded for the last 60 years were ignored.

      Now America reaps the whirlwind of it’s ignorance and sloth.

      1. TommyT says:

        You guys put a dementia patient in the White House. Look in the mirror.

      2. derf says:

        You think its only 15%?!

        I marvel at the stupidity I see online daily, from Twitter to Facebook the depth of proud ignorance and blind loyalty is staggering and, the dumber they are the louder and more self-assured they tend to be.

      3. Scott Nudds says:

        Twitter and Facebook thank you for your patronage.

      4. LiberalRjustMonkeys says:

        Ignorant and mental illness are a liberal problem not a conservative one. there are more liberals self medicating and taking antidepressants by far… I feel genuine pity for people like you. It’s not your fault though you were probably raised in a single family home by a mommy who told you that you’re special….

      5. Logic Over Emotion says:

        Not a single prediction made in the last 60 years has come true for climate change. Only a fool would let someone be wrong for 60 years then suddenly believe them. And gee the Republican party is not the mentally ill ones- they are not the ones pretending they are something they are not – Trans, they are not bowing down and taking blame for something that was done 200+ years ago. Hate to break it to you the mentally ill ones are liberals.

      6. KIME MOND says:

        “Both properties are now heavily concentrated in the Republican party”? I’m hoping are just a simpleton that has no clue. What’s scary is that you may be serious. Either way you need to check yourself into a clinic.

      7. Scott Nudds says:

        KIMEMOND = Low IQ Conservative.

  5. Plays Well With Others says:

    It’s not a matter of IF but rather WHEN a nuclear device will be detonated in New York City. It doesn’t take a sophisticated delivery system to have such an event happen. Simply loading nuclear device onto a boat selling to New York harbor and boom New York City is no more. It’s only a matter of time till North Korea or Iran have nuclear devices and for that matter I doubt very much with the Russia would have any problem selling a device covertly to some terrorist organization. Trump with his despicable disgusting love affair with that tubby abhorant little dictator in North Korea allowed him to go unchecked. And Biden is no better in seeking to prevent these countries from gaining devices. 😕

  6. Joe Schmoe says:

    They cannot evacuate people from a fire. Whatever makes anyone think they can save the world????

  7. jack mccready says:

    Tomorrow ‘Study Finds’ will publish an article that shows 81 million Americans voted for Biden because they trust big government.

    1. Ernesto Sportello says:

      It’s easy to spot the mentally ill ones. They wear maga hats.

    2. Scott Nudds says:

      In 2024 Republicans vote for Trump because they want a small government telling woman they can’t have abortions and forbidding Americans from using birth control.

      1. Logic Over Emotion says:

        Yes because Republicans believe that a person should take responsiblity for their life and actions unlike Liberals that love to blame others and commit murder.

      2. Ka says:

        Trump already said he’s not for a allnout ban and there should be common ground…nuts you think killing babies after birth is good but keep it up. You’re wiping out hour own people

  8. Fred says:

    The US government has systems in place to protect the US government and no one else. The people of the United States are nothing but an ATM. You have no say in the matter.

    I really think we’ve never been closer to complete annihilation, thanks to reckless policy and the utter incompetence of our leadership.

    We are nearing the breaking point that has destroyed every great civilization in history.

  9. Donald Schryer says:

    The “doomsday” is waiting for us. If you haven’t noticed yet A system of objects has been fluttering around for many years now. It can be observed on a weekly basis at close proximity to earth and regularly it hides in front of our view of the sun. It’s spread out enough to be transparent. The effects on earth have shown since it’s arrival especially in the clouds. Linked to human ancestor-age they travel intergalactic. I have heavily observed the system and become knowledgeable to it’s architectures. It is steered by Planet Nibiru and it seems inhabited. They seem to be waiting and in no hurry to leave. They have conquered time and have built quite a brilliant vessel. They would love to find us destroying ourselves so that the inevitable final blow, by their passing system, can ensure wiping us out. IMO.

  10. Bill Adams says:

    Their track record with pandemics, where they used the crisis as an excuse to grab power and money, doesn’t give me confidence in their ability to handle any problem.

  11. Jason K says:

    If the people in Nebraska only knew that state is going to be carpet bombed by nuclear weapons in a WW3 scenario due to our stockpiles there, they’d move long before prepping.

  12. John Shewmaker says:

    This is unbelievable to me. Are you telling me that people don’t trust a man to save them who can’t ride a bicycle or walk without falling down? Impossible.

  13. Anthony says:

    Elections have consequences.I don’t fear dying in a nuclear war….I fear living through one.Having a president who is clearly not healthy mentally or physically isn’t a good sign.He can be convinced to launch first.

  14. Captain America says:

    LMFAO….. I figured THAT out over FIFTY YEARS ago!

    So, in the Immortal Words of Det. John Mclean…..WELCOME to the PARTY….PAL !

    1. RapidGeek says:

      Excellent reference… More importantly, it is a true telling of the State of the Union…

  15. Faison Peters says:

    And guess what. The God that so many worship will sent the Apocalypse, just like he has numerous times in the (not our) past.

  16. Dale Davis says:

    71% of Americans have no faith in anything at all because they have no clue what’s going to happen very soon. It won’t be the end of the world except for them. The bible addresses the future very well but if 71% don’t read it with a view to understanding it, then they will just have to deal with having no faith. Personally, I don’t care that they have no faith.

  17. Tom says:

    ALL of our government is corrupt. From POTUS to the small town cops enforcing unjust laws on We The People. I pray people see the separation, Dems and Republicans, Blacks and Whites. We have a responsibility to our children and a constitutional right to get our government back under control. I love all of you so does God. Plz learn to read between the lines of lies they spin.

  18. Igwampio says:

    Praise Ahura Mazda.

  19. edearl says:

    Ha, Government is the cause of many of our crisis.

    1. Vendicar Decarian says:

      Which ones?

      Enumerate them.

      1. Jamal says:

        Covid, Aids, homelessness, wars, economy collapsing… Need more?

  20. Sirch Epop says:

    Buried the lede. 29% of those polled thinking the US government is going to save them for apocalypse is the scary stat.