Super Bowl 2022 survey: Half of Americans want game moved to Saturday!

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DETROIT, Mich. — Super Bowl Sunday is a national pastime, but a stunning new poll finds many football fans wouldn’t mind if it became Super Bowl Saturday! The survey of over 2,000 NFL fans found 48 percent would like to see the big game move to Saturday. That would likely help out the 14 percent of Americans who call out “sick” the next day.

The survey, commissioned by MIBets, also found that 62 percent of football fans plan to watch the big game in their own home. Another 24 percent will head to a party and nine percent will actually host that Super Bowl party. One in 20 fans just head out to a local bar or restaurant to watch the game.

Even if the game itself is a dud, that won’t matter to the 12 percent of fans who simply watch the big event each year for the commercials. However, not everyone is a fan of all the entertainment, as 40 percent of football fans say the halftime show drags on too long.

Google gets a lot of funny football questions

With nearly 100 million people watching the big game each year, it’s safe to say not every single person tuning in knows everything there is to know about football. To see what people in each state are looking to find out before the Super Bowl, researchers analyzed 4,000 Super Bowl and general knowledge NFL-related searches using data from the Google Ads platform.

The survey found that the most popular question Americans have is “what team has the most Super Bowl rings?” The answer is a tie between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, who each have six.

Depending on the state, some Google searches get even more specific, with fans looking up who won the big game in certain years. For example, the most popular Google search in Arizona, Michigan, and Minnesota is “who won the Super Bowl in 2020?”

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(Credit: MIBets)

Not every football question is a winner, though, as the most common NFL-related Google search in California, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York is “how many quarters are there in football?” Let’s go over that again, how many quarters are there in football.

Other Google searches sure to hurt the feelings of some legendary players include “who is Tom Brady?” — the most common search in Texas and Washington — and “who is Aaron Rodgers?” — which is the most common search in the Packer quarterback’s own state of Wisconsin! Maybe that’s why he reportedly wants a trade!

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(Credit: MIBets)

It’s game time in Kansas!

As for which state is most excited for the Super Bowl, Google thinks the answer may be Kansas. Questions about when and where to watch the game appeared most often in The Sunflower State, including “what time is the Super Bowl on?” and “what channel is the Super Bowl on?”

Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Utah round out the top five states all showing a big interest in watching the final NFL game of the year. On the other hand, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and West Virginia show the least amount of interest, according to Google searches.